TRON (TRX) – LATEST NEWS! – April 15 2018

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

we got some new Cintron so the first
news is about the reward pool the reward
pool was initially 1 billion dollars
that they were giving out to the Tron
community and development
now that 1 billion dollars has grown to
2 billion dollars so the taranta must
ended up on that they're giving away 2
billion dollars for the development of
Tron they are starting right away to
give away some of that money by having a
programming contest here are the details
application begins April 20 of 2018
developers can apply and participate
individually or in a team each team or
individual can participate in sign up
for 3 sub contests all development must
be based on Tron and should be one of
the following 3 application compatible
with Tron maintenance it could be for
the cold wallet hot wallet or block
Explorer you can find out some more
information about this on the Tron
medium the total reward pool is for 1
million dollars
so Tron has started right away to give
away some of that 2 billion dollars that
they promised to give away and they're
doing it for a contest to improve the
whole Tron protocol this is great to see
if you're a programmer and you support
truant I suggest you check this out and
get yourself some of that money the next
news is about the Tron migration from
the ERC 20 token network to the Tron
main net so beginning June 21st 2018 the
Tron team is saying that all people have
to do is to leave their Toronto concern
the exchange and the migration will be
done automatically you can confirm this
on their medium go to the Tron website
and there's a link to their medium on
their website the last news is about the
super representative elections for Tron
so when I initially saw this news I
really didn't care much about it but
reading through the article I discover
something incredible jool will be a
crucial month for Tron after the main
that migration is complete On June 21st
run will shed his identity as in here
see 20 token to become one of the most
competitive mainstream block chains in
the world perhaps an even more
significant more for Tron will be June
26 when we will hold the first Tron
super representative election to 27
representative will be selected to
represent over 1 million transfer
poorest and provide calculation and
validation for the network as elected
guardians from Tron Network they will
represent the will of the people and
will play
and trance feature governance structure
the June 26th super representative
election will also mark the conclusion
of the exodus phase and here's the
highlight right here a total of 1
billion 9 million 150 mm TRX what we
will awarded annually to 27
representatives there will be no
inflation on the Tron network before
January 1st 2021 and the Tron Foundation
will award all bloc rewards prior to the
date so that's a lot of money going to
these representative if you're
interested in some of this pool anybody
can run you can vote for anybody if you
hold Tron go on their medium read the
whole article and check it out that's a
lot of Tron a lot
Justin Sun also says that 34 billion two
hundred fifty 1 million eight hundred
eighty eight thousand three hundred
fifty five TRX will be locked in the
trunk foundation to be kept separately
from voting process for super
representative elections
Justin son said that he also participate
in the elections to be a front super
representative and right now a bunch of
the Tron partners are saying that they
want to participate so here's a quick
list of them the first person to throw
their name in the mix is ocn Odyssey the
second company is ant pool the next is g
SC the next is gift o was
thrown in the mix note capitals in the
mix and link VC is in the mix so those
are the companies that have thrown their
name and the mix so far like I said
anybody can put their name and it makes
to be a Tron super represent and if all
you have to do is hold some Tron tokens
if you want to vote you got a wholesome
Tron tokens and each one counts as a
vote you won't lose your Tron at the
voting it just classifies you to vote
that was the latest Tron news stay tuned
we got more Tron news to come we'll keep
reporting Tron news when there's
significant things happening in the
market you guys have a great weekend
this was km from crypto pedia if you
like the content hit that subscribe
button smash that like button leave a
comment below we got more news to come
more abuse and we out

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