by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

we got some special needs both trunk
so yesterday Justin some did a
livestream talking about some of the
highlights of Tron the stated sin right
now and where it's headed in the future
the livestream was about one hour long
hatha was an English half of it was in
Chinese I'll summarize summarize it up
so you guys don't have to go through it
with some of the key points and key
highlights that he was talking about so
we'll go through them very quickly we'll
try to so first he talked about how Iran
has been building up Tron now has a
hundred employees working there Tron
some of them have been working for
Alibaba and Google some of them just
respectable companies have been around
for a long time and they have a lot of
experience in app development right so
these saying that they want to focus on
apps a lot no one's really talking that
in the cryptocurrency space and if you
want to look at something interesting
that he didn't talk about so if you want
like a crypto misto so that in the last
six months based on the github
development Tron is number five and the
most work done out of all the crypto
currencies out there
Toronto's number five and the most work
done out of all the crypto currencies so
that's telling you something right there
these guys aren't playing they're
working hard you know there's a lot of
foot around Trump but this is just fact
and over to in the last hour on coin
trends Tron is number three talk to
about cryptocurrency out of all the
crypto currencies out there so that's
some great news for holders another
important fact that just the Sun state
is that sean has ten thousand
transactions per second right now that
is ten thousand transactions for a
second that is huge
that is big if you guys want to know
what ten thousand transactions per
second looks like roughly
you can check this out right here here's
Rui blocks will compare to that right so
ride blogs is only 7,000 Tron has 10,000
transistors per second is Bitcoin this –
theory of light coin and ripple right
but this is only 7,000 right here these
all the transactions going through
patron has 10,000 Tron is a beast
Justin Sun also said that soon after the
maintenance launch in May they're going
to be transferring all the Tron coins to
the trunk
Chane right so their ultimate goal for
Tron is to decentralize the whole
internet first people thought it was
some entertainment protocol or whatever
but no it's just to decentralize the
whole internet so anybody can build on
Tron for anything pretty much they're
going after everything which is awesome
they're casting just a wider net to hit
more developers and hit a larger target
audience the Tron team is gonna work on
putting on more exchanges and increase
the Tron and Fiat pairs the reason why
they want to increase the Toronto fee
upper terraces to increase their trading
volume see because a Tron team doesn't
care so much about the price of Tron
right now they are focused on the
ranking of fun relatives for the coins
on corn market cap so their goal is to
put tron in the top ten over the next
coming month Tron right now sitting at
number thirteen so that's all they care
about is the rankings to the coins cuz
they know that the whole market is down
so you really it's gonna be hard to
focus on prices right now so over they
can get their ratings up relative to the
other coins that's what we care about
right now so that's what they're trying
to do right now with their team another
exciting news that just a son state of
Botswana was zero transaction fees yes
you heard correctly zero transaction
fees there's nobody else doing that but
eels so that's that's major right there
that's huge that's gonna draw a lot of
developers on the Tron network right now
and Toronto also have a consistent coin
burn over time
Trung will also allow every developer to
issue their own currencies if they want
so the way that they're gonna run is
that to develop to develop something on
Tron and have their own coins it's gonna
cost one thousand Tron for them to do
that alright so and these 1000 thron are
gonna be burnt over time so over time
when more developers build and develop
on trunk the holders and investors are
tuan are gonna benefit over time so it's
wrong to be using Java language mainly
to start off Tron right now has over 100
million users pwhile app user has like
30 million users the devs will focus
mainly on mobile because that's where
the majority of the Internet users are
another exciting and compelling news
that Justin Sunstein
is that Tron will be devoting 1 billion
dollars to the development of Tron so
this will go to community supporters
reward blogs wallet creators app
creators blog browser creators because
anybody developing on trunk will be will
have a chance to get some of this money
they'll be given 100 million dollars per
year so that's get really gonna
incentivize a lot of people to come
build on tron they'll also be
campaigning election for know developers
so people running knows to maintain the
network they will get block cores for
writing knows our rewards will be 100
million dollars for a year
that's huge USD of course and you know
the technical team came afterwards
talked about the technical details and
how to potentially develop on Tron I was
just more technical so if you guys want
to learn about the technical aspects you
can go to an interview if you're
developer like I said the maintenance is
coming in May and Tron does not care
about prices they don't care about
prices they just care about their rating
and how they're doing relative to all
the other cryptocurrencies as you can
see guys they're number five right this
is all the github grading all the work
that's done in last six months all right
so um people can talk what they want
about Tron but it's up there it's up
there and people doing the work right
Yoshio so number three but you expect
that from them from getting a billion
dollars right Tron I just came off from
nothing we're gonna end this with this
point right here throughout the whole
livestream just as someone was comparing
Tron death here you meant dis explaining
why it was so much better than theorem
it's clear to say that they're coming
after the second place bottom corner
market cap which is what they're saying
so if you're on hold are you're pretty
excited about this news they got a
strong team set up just to come after
this and a strong plan anyways guys if
you like the content hit that subscribe
button smash that like button cuz really
helps this channel and stay tuned we got
more reviews to come more news and we

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