Journey to Krabi, Thailand Tubkaak, Slikhaar Vlog

published on July 3, 2020



hi guys thank you very much for tuning

in on this episode it's a block from

Thailand because last week I went on

vacation a family vacation without

little daughter Amy so a Rasmus I've

recorded some nice stuff would you like

to see it of course I've been looking

very forward to see where it's going on

in silence and I still have your bag

here all right I recorded a little bit

so let's check it out

on the laptop and then I'm looking

forward to hear what you think we just

arrived to crabby here in Thailand and

this is our driver good morning the

weather here is very nice consider that

it's about 1 am in the night I

understand why she's sleeping here this

morning in Thailand


I mean already love this guy it was very

sweet and he took us to this very nice

car and you could lean back the seats

like a real first class I can see it

looks like a first class tour bus yeah

it was a little bit scary it was first

time traveling with without baby

everybody I think it went good


that's a nice little we arrived to the

result after 45 minutes of fry the

weather was amazing and we've got a good

breakfast because we arrived very early

at the hotel and as you can see here

it's their hotel is nice high ceilings

and a lot of light and stuff that might

be all five meters to the top of the

ceiling yeah

and I'm really very to have a little bit

of sleep because we have 18 travel hours

got a little cute bed for him easy cute

yes it's chilling out and also we have

huge master bathroom two sinks

and one of the three features as well we

have outside so every morning for six

seven days I wake up and have a swim in

the pool


get left what do you think I like it I

need to go sometime do the thing about

the pool I think the pool is realized

stay tuned we'll follow up with a lot of

nice video view from the car while hot

cops we saw it


then we have a sunset it was to be

honest one of the greatest sunsets we

had in a long time always on the

structure that was very good and and

even in the sunset have 31 degrees

Celsius so I think the track to record

addresses but you know it's it's not

never the same as in real life so what

happens here we're having a great dinner

it's Thai food it's a Thai and it's cool

Tom Kha right I think that's what I'd

like to tell you that this is some of

the things that makes me the most happy

and that's because all the hard work and

regular basis you need to pull the clock

and the legs and it's just wonderful and

then background you can see Sarah she's

taking some product pictures of you up

on Instagram as well yes so yeah it was

nice saying hi you're from Thailand

Bobby I'm showing you a little bit here

from the snapchat oh sorry I only did

one snapchat because people are not

using that thing anymore

then for the Americans watching now and

choose to read Fahrenheit 89 degrees

what is it for vote I'm Kok Kok yeah

it's for for the chest and shoulders

need to look buff and take care of my

physique while traveling it's important


how important is it I don't know it's

nice to exercise a little bit when

you're laying flat on a Sun bed all day


yeah I'm Eli Emil I saw you did some

steps where you're encouraging people to

hit the notification button why flag

yeah because we like people to get a

little bit of a notice when we want to

do awesome video because you spend a lot

of time doing awesome videos so it's a

shame that you miss miss out it's like

back in the old days it was just like I

need to subscribe the channel and I'll

get the news and notifications but


yeah well beyond the notification squad

also because they like it

some guys they run a boat trip to Hong

ayah and the weather here is amazing

about a little bit snuggling to it while

the little one is sleeping


Sayla has the steering wheel when I'm

tightening a rope – so he could steer

the the boat


well that's saying that I don't bring a

beer – but oh five some nice sunglasses

you got here yeah I just bought the van

around yeah and their brain you I just

bought them before actually it was kind

of in a rush I saw them in the store

window and I was just thinking to myself

that was prayer you only need to get

them you need to get and then I went to

the store and then I was like that's too

pensive but I think at least it's one in

two hundred and fifty one shining it's a

little bit cloudy but the temperatures

up there 33 degrees so that's good we

are on the way to the room and yeah it's

amazing it feels like we are in the

forests machine

and then the coffee Hecht you need it's

a very small cup I used to or doubled

filter reuse the bullet in the chamber

there we go again

so these sunglasses they are limited

editions this is one out of two hundred

and fifty one and the brain here I don't

know how to pronounce it Jacquizz body


the extremely limited


there we go brought the zero psychic I

like that because it has very nice

fields of the hair here in the humid

weather and the detail shambles prints

and a good amount of natural oils the

sidekick or even original psychic you

like to travel with us many travel size

products as possible because gives more

weight to the suitcase to bring

something else and here's the gold

digger fragrance it's a new product we

are working to go there so my favorite

combo is these two


the hairs on point the girls there's a

lot of human in here

all right now to the pool area it's the



Sarah baby's having it


she said I just just put her in the

water and then she puked not too much


and there was the secret secret button

you can get a spot yeah that was the jet

engines going on about coffee but also

they have this nice coffee machine with

the capsules I'd like to give you the

top tips that you need to know about

when you're traveling to countries where

there's a high humidity we should always

rinse your hair fruit with a good Shambo

I'll recommend detox chamber and also

the skyline shampoo as well because the

bridge the skyline chambers friends is a

little bit more but also you need to add

the conditioner afterwards then you have

nice full eNOS and I've repaired the

hair a little bit so that's good because

you get a lot of heat from the Sun and

after you do that then you should

definitely going blow-dry your hair with

a sidekick spray

I used a psychic zero here in the heat

it has very great volume and if the

texture hair and have a Nancy fresh to

it but the normal side kick as well it's

also very good get a lot of hold and

texture to the hair it's very nice

because the hair stays up is very nice

to use the pre styling because if you

only use wax then in the heat here you

don't have the base so the hair might

fall down flat like this Susie my hair

it's staying up and have been out for

about three hours having a good

breakfast and also a bit of Sun oh it's

knocking at the door alright just got

fresh bananas so that's why you ordered

bananas yes it was the room service

I'll put them there and then back to the

hair tips all right and when you apply

the hair wax I used to go digger right

now we're working on the fragrance line

for yes top-secret fragrance have

products and I'm very excited about it

so we're coming up with them a perfume

line here it is but we have a special

launch where we will add it in a special

fragrance it would be toilet hair wax

yes it'll be like it's it's it's it's

something that it's never seen before

mmm it's um it's so Hanks so strong with

so good fragrance that you will not

understand it with you oh no I'm looking

in the screen while talking so I'm so

for that looking directly into the

camera anyway then use a fair amount of

wax it's not you don't have to use that

much I'll say I use about this much it's

when you scoop it out like this and the

rest can get in my hair oops okay

also protect your eyes there's a lot of

you we in the air drink a lot of coffee

I don't have to do with that but I like


so I'll get a one cup for myself as well

also they have a very nice team out here

I will show you but right now forgot to

load it and also this place has pretty

good room service you can have heat say

you can have Thai food I like Thai food

and my favorite is si but here at this

place you should definitely go for the

pizzas in the evening they are awesome I

have to say it's not too bad I love it

here I don't want to go home what I'm

leaving tonight so it is too bad I have

to get back so the last day I wanted to

hear whether people would like to see a

blog or not and I figured out that over

80% wanted to see the book so here we

have it that was a really nice block you

have here Emil oh thank you rest I think

it's very nice to get home from a

vacation and then being able to share it

with everyone because it has been such a

good thing for you

Francisco and fern I hope you like it

hope all of you life and please give it

a comment down below you'd like to know

and provide a certification Pol Pot's

and the internal in cases waterfalls and

we have some good news because we would

like to throw out the competition where

you can win a gold digger wax and the

pre styling spray retinas give me we

don't have it here but you know what I

mean the free styling spray sidekick

serum or psyche please rise and come

section down below what your favorite

travel destination Archie you guys you

guys decide

if you need to

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