Trends with Benefits – Streaming TV Wars

by birtanpublished on May 8, 2021

we need to get MTV's dan Cortese on this show but that has to happen is anybody interviewed him after that I don't know I mean that's something that feels like it's a good score I think so it feels like it would be but yeah we'll get to the bottom of that that's not what we're talking about today it's Muppets and costumes that's what we're bringing up there's what it was this is transmitted benefits this is our weekly round table tech podcast here Digital Trends where we bring you the trending tech topics and we analyze something we give you the backstory of

It we talk about where we're at now and we talk about where it's gonna go into the future and today it's straighting television are we in the golden era of streaming television with all these streaming television wars how many services do you subscribe to you we're gonna get into all of that actually that's a question I wanna ask everybody here I have to think about it myself so we're gonna be discussing all of that and where we're at right now but first off I want to say thank you to Indo Chino fine sponsor of this episode of trans with benefits and a special

Sponsorship means that you can get a suit for just three hundred sixty nine dollars at Indo Chino calm when you enter digital trends at checkout that's digital space trans says the clothing coming it's famous for their suits they're comfortable they stay cool and they fit great and that's 50% off the normal price and shipping is free so check that out thank you to endo Chino all right let's introduce our roundtable cast of characters here I'm Greg nibbler DUI right now so how many services do you subscribe to three three okay Netflix Hulu and HBO now okay all right

Yeah that's solid you know Amazon Prime though we used to have Amazon Prime the Amazon like screwed up and gave us a student account and never noticed for a really long time it was really great so we got Prime for forever and then they finally figured it out cuz now we're in our 30s and they cut you off I haven't subscribed I do need to watch fleabag though so maybe somebody will give me their password before I pay more money there you go all right continuing on that's the show thanks I am Caleb Dennison aka the whiskey mist

Aka chicken bone aka Stefan wow that was really hard to get out yeah I've been shooting video non-stop since like 11 o'clock yeah so it's yeah you know I know at a certain point it just starts deteriorating I got warmed up and yeah plateaued and now I'm on the downslope I totally understand that that can go one of two is either gonna be amazing or it's just a train wreck but either way that's it's good for this so we'll have to see which great Caleb goes alright and on the end out here I am Professor Prindle do the history

Segments here but today I think I'm gonna need some help because we have an actual like streaming historian historian you're trying to suggest that I am an elder statesman you've been covering this stuff ever since I started working at DT so you probably know things that I didn't even include in my little timeline here so I'm just gonna lean on you for some help as we go through all good all good yeah all right you may know some things that I don't know because it's been eight years and I've forgotten a few things alright yeah well I think the first thing that I'm

Gonna bring up might be something that you didn't know cuz I didn't know and I found it out when I was looking up digging into all of the history of just like we're streaming TV came from and I think it might be my favorite internet history fact of all time oh wow it starts with a nipple it's top best stories usually do start starting there so for those of you who saw the 2004 Superbowl you may remember what happened during the halftime show the wardrobe malfunction exactly there was a wardrobe malfunction during a dance bit with Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson

Which ultimately results in her boob popping out on live TV so at that time there's loop instead of breasts I just wanted a point I really would just wanted to say titties she loved the word tit for some reason the boobs felt more appropriate I have this like weird like self-censorship thing going on whenever I'm in here I can't really like to fully swear but I want to was bubbling right beneath the surface anyway after seeing the wardrobe malfunction this guy Joe Wade Kareem is like man I really want to see the replay of that

And like gets online and he can't find any clips so what does she do he joins forces with Steven Chen and Chad Hurley the founders of YouTube those three guys created YouTube because Joe head wanted to see Janet Jackson's nipple I was totally unaware that that was the case me to interview about it he actually said that dad was the fig that led him to create YouTube I mean that is amazing because that piece right there is worth this podcast that that right there you know you hear it is you know YouTube doesn't talk about that now internally they probably try to suppress

It I'm pretty sure it's not in – welcome aboard package for new employees when they bring them on by the way here's the thing it's all about the titties that's really what kicked all this off was YouTube right that's where this whole timeline starts off so around like the mid 2000s is when internet that most people had was finally fast enough to do like decent video so around 2005 that's when YouTube launched and immediately people started using it to put TV and movies on the Internet and that's what we're talking about is just like streaming videos and dumb little cat

Videos and whatever but it like actual TV and movies right so that was the first way that it happened was people just illegally putting stuff up there that was pirated but then of course it progresses 2005 Apple kind of lets you download TV shows and stuff like that which is technically not streaming cuz it's not just right new thing but that was kind of that was recurse er that was like the first time that you could get movies and TV shows all apart from the internet you're watching this on your computer and probably not your mobile device at the

You know the 2005 was before he that would have been way through yeah yeah that was my phone for sure well in 2007 which is the next point on my timeline that's when we did get mobile devices and we had decent 3g and also that's when Netflix started offering its first streaming video in addition to the mail and DVD thing that they had going on which was their main business bottle at the time um also in 2007 was when the first Apple TV was introduced it was later that year which was the first Hardware that allowed people to watch internet TV stuff on

Their actual TV so you didn't have to use a mobile device or a computer I think the nice Apple TV was the first to that yeah I didn't either apparently they were which I guess that was back when Apple was still innovative 2007 they're like we're gonna make you know internet TV a thing we're gonna put computers in your pockets they were on top of it back yeah all right well then shortly after that 2008 hulu launched actually so that was like in addition to movies we get like traditional TV shows it was jointly owned by i think it was like NBC Universal which was like a

Bunch of different companies coming together and feel like we need to counteract Apple but at that same year we also get Roku which is kind of the answer to the Apple TV and it was just like a small scrappy little startup back then it totally was and it's funny you bring that up because for whatever reason trending on Google shopping was one of the first ever Roku streaming boxes like actually Matt Smith came to us he's like a I don't know if you know this but this thing is trending might be worth looking into I was like that does not look like a recognizable model

Number to me so I went ahead and and checked it out and it's like their original streaming box which is like as big as a Playstation 3 and with this really terrible remote doesn't look anything like Roku's do today at all and I was like wow that's a real blast from the past we have come a pretty long way especially like and just in the last decade ya know they're just like a stick of gum that you stick in yeah my important crazy yeah man well that was where they got started 2008 so then you know between 2008-2010 whatever that's when like

Smart TVs kind of started coming up and you'd started seeing a lot more TVs that had like app functionality so you didn't necessarily have to get one of those set-top streaming boxes that's what a lot of this like boom kind of happened I feel like Netflix continued to grow from that to point in 2007 when they you know started offering streaming video in the years following that they started adding all kinds of different movies and TV shows I think they liked they were like doubling their user base year-over-year through all of this it was just growing exponentially also around that time

Amazon starts offering video on-demand and if you remember Amazon changed the name of their video streaming service like every year from yeah right I still forget exactly what it's called right now that part of it they finally landed on Amazon Prime video which is which is a good one I hope they stick with that cuz we don't need another Amazon name for a while in 2011 it was Amazon Instant Video oh yeah and yeah that was when they were starting to stand up to Netflix and everything um then big turning point in 2012 Lillehammer the first Netflix I guess it wasn't an

Original it actually debuted on like Norwegian TV before then but it was the first exclusive on Netflix so it was like for the first time ever this isn't a TV show that you've watched before it's totally new and Wow available on Netflix Lillehammer was the realize that was a good show by the way yeah it was it's actually yeah it was great I enjoyed it shortly after that 2013 that's when we start getting into the ones that they like commissioned themselves they kind of realize it's pretty profitable for us to make our own in-house video versus

Licensing stuff from other networks or whatever and then putting it on our platform so 2013 we get house of cards and orange is the new black which was like this boom like this huge aha moment like hope rabbit's been six years yes since the first house of cards and orange is the new black that's crazy yeah man it's time warp right well yeah then it's kind of off to the races my list just tapers off at this point because you know well I think we all remember like most people remember the anchor back to like house of cards and oranges and new black where

To juice point this was like the first content that you could only see on yeah and it started looking a lot like what HBO had been doing for a while you know because HBO I don't remember when it debuted but I remember us coming out on HBO a while ago and then you had the Sopranos wire and the wire and that was I think people got really excited about that kind of content it ranged well outside of your NBC or ABC or CBS doing their miniseries which were universally terrible right and we were finally getting really quality content with like no ads at all no ads and no FCC

Restrictions and you were just like clamoring for the next episode show time was kind of doing that they were right yeah same time and stars I believe we're all kind of doing that around the same time yeah and I think that that is when the streaming TV area started influencing the more conventional over-the-air TV so like AMC's like okay we better do like The Walking Dead you know and bad yeah Breaking Bad and and and all of those things and yeah and so it changed the regular TV landscape and now it's it's starting to eclipse it which we'll get to in a second right but

Well I mean it's it's that content side of things that really was the huge driver you know of house cars I remember I subscribe to Netflix because of house of cards cuz I heard enough people talking about it I'm like alright this sounds really interesting fine I'll do it and before that I hadn't actually subscribed to that I was using other people's accounts sometimes but actually paid for it myself for because of that because of all that stuff that was driving there and and looking at it back then too the other thing that was huge

Is talking about how we all hated cable everybody edible you had to pay a gigantic 2016 around or like 2000 I don't know 14 or so I'd say that that one like cord cutting was super in right and like people were extremely tired of all of the live television or the like reality programming I think everybody was getting super exhausted of that at that same time yeah the the need and their request for really quality high-end content was like you know fiercer than ever at that time then also like if you just bailed from like cable or whatever you could go to

These streaming platforms they didn't really have ads like you had a few right like yes but it wasn't that bad they were way less it was just like maybe one or two and the net didn't have any and it was like wow I could just pay like what was it like eight bucks a month yeah yeah and with Netflix it was all on demand I mean they brought the binge and that kind of changed the way people watch TV that's a great yeah great point the bin yeah binging and and so and now even even even now we have some people leaning into the whole bin jabal content thing and then other streaming services

Refuse to buy in and they release stuff episodically like Apple TV plus is releasing many of its TV series episodically Disney Plus isn't even the same thing with the mandalorian you don't get it all at once so the only way you can binge that stuff is if you're willing to like stay away from the water cooler ignore the internet no spoilers and wait for it all to come out and then go and and watch those back episodes and catch up to everybody else which sounds like a terrible idea yeah so they kind of force you into it

If they're gonna release it episodically you're probably going to follow it episodically yeah but and I feel more months but they also have to have something really good for you to stick around that long because people are really fickle because how many of us have canceled subscriptions if HP oh I've gone back and forth several times like I don't like any shows canceled well now I like this one read subscribing it back yeah and so if they don't have something that's gonna hook you week to week then you know maybe they're better off just having a whole

Bunch of bin jabal content just constantly putting new stuff out which seems to be the Netflix model yeah of just spending billions of dollars on content and whatever it is some of its good something so bad too but it's but that's why when you go onto your Netflix account you always see something different go yeah I'm going through there well let's talk about that like as far as the content itself like with all of these different services and all these different platforms you know and I know this is something that Caleb's certainly knows a lot about but there we

In in the are we in the golden era of content when it comes to streaming television like what's your opinion on that oh yeah absolutely thanks umm if you call the golden era being inundated with more great stuff then you could possibly watch yeah then totally there's there's lots of amazing content out there now it's unfortunately spread out in a bunch of different places and it's costing us more to get at it which actually can we can we go in Reverse really quick for us yeah because we started talking about the whole cord cutting movement let's go back we forgot

About what that was supposed to be about that was imposed to be ala carte TV I don't care about the Hallmark Channel you know what I mean yeah I don't right you know good point I'm not watching Little House on the Prairie right now I don't need that channel and there's a whole litany of other channels that I don't like the History Channel yeah channels because if I suggest HGTV is for bozos then everybody's going to get pissed yeah but this is the whole point everybody has their channel they like I don't care about all people wanted to do was get what they wanted and pay for

That and not pay for a bunch of other crap that they wanted the big thing was ESPN was like the most expensive channel for cable operators to carry and so basically it took all these other little you know chintzy channels to just kind of fill in the gaps you know because they were spending so much for HBO they started inflating their channel packages and charging a lot of money for them so you know the the thing was I'm paying for stuff that I'm not watching and this is not a good value and I just want to watch what I want to watch and when Netflix and Hulu Amazon Instant Prime

Video-time like that would that seem like the promise yeah was that we were finally good and and it's what we wanted you could you could you could stop using cable maybe get enough sports with an antenna connected to your TV if that was you know legit for you and and be pretty satisfied with everything that you were getting you know eventually we got sling TV that was 2015 that was my next bullet point yeah please a big deal because that was really TV ala carte I remember you were super stoked about it when they debuted it like CES right and it was

Like finally TV your way you picked channels you want you only pay for the ones you care about and that's it and I think that was kind of the golden era of streaming right you could you have to pay a bunch of money for a bunch of stuff you didn't care about you could zero in on exactly what you wanted and it was cheaper than cable yeah which was which was the dream yeah that's what we all wanted you if you if you really wanted to watch I like those Breaking Bad episodes and The Walking Dead episodes you could do that you didn't have to wait for an

Entire season for them to finally show up on Netflix you could watch them right along with everybody else so and it cost less than cable so you could get away with a couple of streaming services and sling TV and that was all you needed and really at the time it was only costing 40 or 50 bucks you know so if you took your cable subscription off of your off your service list and just got your internet you were still well under what you were paying for cable and you're probably pretty happy with the experience you were getting yeah yeah and that was the Golden Age of streaming

Okay that was things were we're great back then you got as soon as as soon as Sports showed up on a streaming platform like sling TV before ESPN plus and all the other and the Fox Sports Network independent apps that you could pay independent subscriptions for it was all bundled into into PS view rest in peace and sling TV and a handful of others and and yeah that was that was great now we're in the golden age of content which is wonderful that's there's so much wonderful content out there but the problem and we can just leapfrog right into the next issue is

That it is so spread out right now among so many different services and the idea of like saving money is gone now yeah and it and that's that's another one of the issues I mean even watching all of that it's an issue but I mean just thinking about the major players Hulu Amazon Amazon Prime video instant now whatever Amazon Prime video Netflix you know you have all your basics right there but then you have Disney Plus come in and you have Apple TV Plus yeah HBO max you have the peacock Network I mean I guess there's CBS all access to it's in there they've got a couple of shows

That are pretty good I mean and every other every network seems to be coming out with their own streaming platform to where now like you said to get all of this content it's probably I haven't done the math on it but I bet once these prices started everybody's doing these really low intro costs like Disney Plus is not gonna be $6.99 a year from now there's no way it's still gonna be that price here's another telling thing there was a while there where I wasn't pirating a damn thing hey no Torres I didn't need to I got everything I needed right there

On demand in most cases and I was just great and then we got to where we are now and I'm just like I can't afford all this stuff and I just don't want to miss that one show but I'm not gonna pay $8 a month for one show so I'm not saying that I'm pirating I'm I'm not paying $8 a month for one show but I'm still seeing the show I think you're not alone this legal court of law is what you're saying well that is true though I mean that's that is actually I mean let's talk about that let's weigh a lot of people actually watch streaming services

Is like Adrian was saying earlier borrow somebody's password services even that's not working anymore look at what happened with Disney plus which is mmm the big talk right now right just there are so many ways to access Disney Plus you can just watch it through the app it's seven bucks a month or whatever through a number of your Roku Amazon fire TV smart TVs yeah I owe s phone Apple TV app or whatever and that's the thing you can also through Apple TV you can subscribe to it through Apple TV pay your subscription to Apple and you get Disney Plus through your

Apple TV app okay which is an interesting way of doing it's dizzying yeah but then now I'm really gonna mess with you then you could also bundle it with Hulu so if you have a Hulu subscription you can add Disney Plus to Hulu you can add HBO to houla Showtime to Hulu add stars to Hulu so now Hulu becomes this portal unfortunately sorry Hulu the worst one to access all this streaming stuff because the user interface is terrible video and audio quality for anybody who cares about that also stinks Amazon Center portals but hey but they

Start throwing bundle pricing at yes and now all of a sudden all Hulu is is a new cable company and that's what it is you know we're starting to contract back like are we're gonna see this contraction on everything um there's a couple of other things I know we've there's so much to talk about with we probably should have put this up into multiple episodes but looking at this right now like you said there's so many services and then now we're getting these bundles we're coming back to that same thing but what's gonna differentiate any of these services is

The content and that's where things like the syndicated programs were you seeing these companies paying 500 million dollars for the office because that's what people want to watch going back to some of this old stuff and and it's it's crazy to me you know that that's what's going on like like friends got four hundred twenty five million dollars how awesome must have been to have like a bit part on friends nice checks in the mail I mean it's friends really that good for twenty five million dollars I enjoyed it at the time but exactly but Pete but

People want to binge it Seinfeld getting a bunch of money closing how much the Big Bang Theory got insane amount but I mean it also made an insane amount of money it's like all the check lorisha but how how is that even sustainable if you think cuz they're saying that maybe Big Bang Theory could be a billion dollars well they're just like passing them back and forth like hockey pucks so like they're only paying to hold on to them for a couple of years at a time it's not like oh here's this ownership in perpetuity it's yeah every time they pass want ownership over to a

Different you know platform they pay more money for it so yeah those those creators are yeah taking out great is there any one old show that you would pay money to subscribe to the service for because they have it like the okay peacock has the office will say would you have to subscribe to that because you have to watch the office know is there any show that you would do that for trying to Rack my brain but honestly I don't think so yeah yeah but also like can maybe not steal it okay yeah that's something is that no I would absolutely not not that you asked me Greg but no I

Am no I would absolutely not pay for any one particular show yeah actually I already said that so maybe that's why you work it out although that's the thing I love about H you know HBO and those like really specialty writing services like they own that stuff and that's what I'm going back for it yeah the only one that I could see doing that for is Brando's I do love watching The Sopranos and yet max-heap for sure he's going to have it yeah that would vary and they're gonna have Cartoon Network shortly yeah exciting but how let's let's look at

This bigger picture because they know we're starting to run low on time like with all of these services everything out there and there's some bundling that's going on it's not gonna be sustainable for all of these there's no way they can spend at this rate and you know a billion dollars every year for an old show I mean some of them maybe can last for a long time I suppose Apple if they wanted to they could they can hold out but they're not gonna be making money and eventually if you're not making money are they gonna do it or or do you think it's sustainable to have

All these services are we gonna see a contraction like where do you think this is gonna go how is this all gonna end up there five years from now yeah it's just gonna be an online version of cable where we have these sundel services did awesome antennas we possibly can and you're gonna buy content that you don't want and I don't mean to be pessimistic it's just like there's there's only so many gigantic media conglomerates right right ventually they get they're getting into bed with each other Disney is in Hulu as is and be universi Universal which is also Comcast and and a couple

Of others they're already in bed together with this Hulu thing then you have these major broadcast networks that are fracturing out going in two different directions I think ultimately what we're gonna have is like eight streaming Giants and they're all gonna want between seven and ten dollars a month and add it up and you're paying like 80 90 100 bucks damn to get access to this which sounds a lot like cable however I will say if there's any silver lining to this dark streaming cloud it's that you you get access to way more content and it's not linear it's not

Like time stamped it's not like tune in at 9:00 to catch the latest episode right your mama's anytime I just want you to be the voice you can pick what you want to watch when you want to watch and so it's nice I'll do make Lumet has gotten better it's yeah that aspect is great and we don't you know what we do need to call the cable company to come out and fix it that's true well honestly you don't gift of all yeah unless it's your frickin internet connection watching in which case your cable company is probably still involved yeah well the Xfinity is always gonna be

In there somewhere but but yeah I mean I I think I think you're right i think that prediction is right where it's going to that contract there's gonna be the ones that can afford it and it just like everything you know it's a Wild West kind of right now but now everybody's getting into the game so it's what's Disney enters it's you know it's that changes things the picture quality is better to streaming picture quality is better than cable yeah I like out light years and their cable is just struggling to catch up with the 4k thing and I believe you're gonna hate me for

Saying this but like we're moving on to a Kay here pretty soon in like six or seven years 8k is gonna be normal it's yeah seems so stupid but no matters these streaming services are delivering on the whole they're delivering better picture quality and sound quality than cable ever did and in fact like with Disney Plus if you want to see certain movies in Dolby vision and Dolby Atmos and 4k like Disney Plus is the only place to go for it they're not putting that out on Ultra HD blu-ray anymore the disc is definitely that's the other

Thing nobody's talking about is the disc is definitely going away because you were talking about The Sopranos early right mm-hmm would you pay a subscription for a year-and-a-half to get at The Sopranos or would you just buy the box set and put the disc in every once in a while that's true too one cost you a whole lot less money yeah and has a really good picture in audio quality the other one is way more convenient and I suspect most people are gonna lean towards the convenience yep that's exactly what what I would probably do even though logically the

Other way makes sense yeah yeah I don't even have a DVD player anymore do but it's like in a like a cupboard and you only take it out when you need it when you have to watch that goodwill yeah right John you could say you had it just because it was like you know we had a couple movies there was like I'm not gonna get rid of this sweet set of like the Lord of the Rings extended editions yeah man so kept that and then bought a $7 DVD player just so I could watch him occasionally well to finish up drew we didn't ask you how many subscribing

Services do you think did I ask me and my girlfriend it's like four four of them I think so yeah so we got the she's got Hulu HBO bundled into the Hulu Netflix and then Amazon okay Caleb Netflix Amazon and Hulu right now honestly Hulu just for Handmaid's Tale yeah and I'm thinking rethinking that whole thing now and then I also gets link TV but full disclosure I have a reviewers account I don't pay for that right if they were to strip that away from me don't you dare DISH Network by the way stripped my sling TV away if they did

Though I would probably pony up and and have that because they have a cloud DVR there's still enough shows out there on those networks that I want to watch so yeah I mean right now for me three-three are necessary and once kind of a bonus Hulu I could probably take it or leave it yeah who knew I don't subscribe to you i Netflix HBO right now because there's a couple shows on there that I really like Amazon because it's wrapped in Amazon Prime and Disney plus I got Disney Plus what it what's that like sitcoms and things like

That you know like Brooklyn nine-nine yeah the good place for a while that's true watching late night shows like the TV like SNL and Fallon and Kimmel I just watch them on YouTube then they make a lot and they cut out all the fluff and I just get the funny stuff you're right I mean so that's what it's come down to now yep it's gone from Janet Jackson's nipple to the funny stuff of from Jimmy Fallon God well we're out of time so I want to say thank you to everybody who tunes into the show live we are a podcast though too so the audio version

Is available to download each week is a different episode each week different topic we cover some cover all kinds of different things last week was tick tock before that it was tech horror stories for Halloween so you can check out all those episodes where ever you get podcast so that's important and he would give it a rating and share the show and all of that stuff and I think that's it for this week we'll be back next week with another episode

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