Trans Am by Pirelli Esports Championship – Round 8

published on July 2, 2020





hey everyone and a warm welcome to the

famous Silverstone circuit in Great


I'm Jonathan green and this the final

round of our Trans Am eSports series we

are at the home of Grand Prix racing

this is where Formula One began back in

1950 and obviously now modern updates to

the new west wing have made Silverstone

one of the most enviable places to run

any body in motor racing knows

Silverstone and this though is the first

time the Trans Am in its 54 history 54

year history will run here we've had

seven rounds so far 14 races there are

just two to go to drivers going out for


three points between them and there's

only gonna be one winner two races a

reverse grid for the second race as

always and as always with me once again

is Ben sizzle Ben this is gonna be fun

just three points but this bore to it

than that because there's penalties yeah

I'm so excited to be here at Silverstone

actually Jonathan I'm at Road America

broadcasting the race at Silverstone and

I have the honour of being in the same

room as one of our racers Dylan Archer

and his dad Bobby archers just sitting

to my left as well watching this and how

much fun you know I don't think we could

have guessed seven eight weeks ago that

the championship would be this good and

this heated three points away and then

we're going in with Tyler Kucera I think

he's three points down right Jonathan

and yes it with a 40 kilogram weight

penalty due to an incident last weekend

at Bridgehampton with Ernie Francis so

Jonathan could explain everybody this

championship and what all is unfolded in

these seven weeks well like I said we've

had seven rounds fourteen races there

are 35 points to the winner and

seventy-five points for the weekend so

you can get bonus points we're watching

qualifying right now and we're looking

at the man second in the championship

three points down Josh Hurley of

Livermore California who's had a

spectacular run and he too has a hell of

a story


dillan Archer racing at Road America

funnily enough Josh early is teaching

one of our young trans and drivers in

still in single seaters he'll be at

mid-ohio next weekend at kent Vacarro

and he's looking after him but he's at

Pittsburgh International Raceway so he's

actually on the Pittsburgh's sim so

Hurley may not have a weight

disadvantage like this man number four

to cut Tyler casera but he does have a

disadvantage because he's racing on a

rig he's never raced before he actually

packed his perfect pedal into his

suitcase so at least he's got that but

he sent a picture on Twitter to show us

his setup and he seems pretty happy with

it and just watching practice earlier

today as we see Tyler casera come down

the hangar straight

Josh Hurley was not showing any signs of

being slow or at least impeded by the

fact that he wasn't using his own rig

and he's putting on a pretty good show

but this is Tyler Kucera

the man who leads the championship but

by only three points and as you

mentioned he has a penalty of 40

kilograms now I talked to him earlier in

the week and I said so how much is that

gonna slow you down and he said you know

what I think it's gonna be something in

the region of half to three-quarters of

a second a lap so he's really got his

work cut out he's desperate to get the

pole in this qualifying session and so

we will watch this battle between the

number three and the number for all of

the Great's of raced here at Silverstone

but now it's the turn of Tyler cut Sarah

and Josh Hurley and then there is not

just these two in the race there's so

many other guys because these guys have

got a lion's share of the wins there's a

lot of guys who really want to just

finish the season with a win

oh yeah I can tell you right now Dylan

wants to win this race but you know

Ernie Francis jr six-time champion is

always up there what I love about this

in sports

erasing with with Trans Am is there's a

group of 10 or 12 drivers that I feel

like anytime any one of them complain oh

we've really seen a lot of talent and

then the great thing about the

Silverstone all its season long we've

been talking about ending the season at

Lime Rock and I know that a lot of our

drivers have been practicing Lime Rock

for the season in dirt and then we had

to throw him a curveball due to

scheduling and we changed it the silver

stunt and now everybody had to really

learn this new track and we've seen some

drivers putting in almost 300 practice

laps at Silverstone this week yeah

that's incredible in fact once again

Scott Borchetta 299 laps he's done

around here I think you worked out

that's something like 600 minutes so a

full-time job doing the the the course

which is brilliant

but as we look at Josh surely he's up

against it but he has proven without a

doubt he did it last week

that it doesn't matter the circumstances

he is quick wherever he goes he's taking

quite some wide lines there I noticed

them through cops and as he came out of

the exit of Stowe as he goes into Vail

here this is a tricky corner and one of

the best places to overtake but the

exits tricky you come onto Club which is

the last corner here and go past the new

west wing or the wing as they call it at

serviced and the start-finish which was

revitalized in the 90s and then they

head as Kucera is now to the famous

abbey and farm curves which are flat-out

s is effectively and then it tightens

right up into village coming up now and

then you've got to get out of village

and into the loop to get onto the main

straight which is the Wellington

straight and here it is Aintree

and then you go a long run down the

Wellington straight and it's important

to get good Drive now there's cops

corner now this is gonna be a

controversial corner because you can go

very wide there and in the drivers

briefing it was brought up as to how

wide they could go and they're gonna

keep an eye on it put it that way let's

let's just say that I think most people

will know they can't you know go into

the fields and off to whittle bury but

they can

and they can go wide now and again and

they won't be penalized but as we

mentioned no penalties here because this

is the final round but time will be

added for those that break the rules or

are seen by the stewards to not be doing

it fairly but these guys have quakes

really well I think that's the one thing

that suppress me more than anything Ben

it's just how well and how clean these

guys have raised yeah it's been a great

championship and one thing I'm looking

forward to Jonathan is honestly of all

the people in the show today you

probably know the track better than

anybody so it's gonna be an even playing

field our announcer probably has been

around Silverstone more than anybody

racing in this series and it's gonna be

really fun to watch with us leveling the

playing field at the last minute and

sending everybody to Silverstone well

you're absolutely right I have done bike

schools with Ron Haslam around here I

have done car schools around here and

I've actually raced it and got beaten by

Michael Schumacher my claim to fame to

be fair it was the British Grand Prix it

was the early 90s and we were on

bicycles so he took about 20 minutes and

I took about an hour and a half so I can

say I've actually raised Michael

Schumacher at Silverstone so that's not

bad yeah now that's a pretty good claim

to fame but look at the times now as

we're starting in three minutes left in

qualifying and it seems like a 2 flat is

the target of where to be but we've got

right Kristin Hurley just under two

minutes yeah this is really interesting

Tyler Kucera spoke to him earlier in the

weekend and he was saying that right

Quist is his is his hope if you will

he's told Mike was to go out there and

win the race because it might help him

in his battle with Hurley because right

Quist obviously has been very quick he's

yet to win a race though riot quest is

definitely one to watch out for as is

this man number 98 Ernie Frances jr

our six-time champion and while I'm

talking about Ernie if you haven't

downloaded the spra or the Trans Am app

do so now because you can catch up with

all the details on all our drivers all

of Ben's interviews and trans-am Tuesday

lots of fun star facts

and figures the history JJ O'Malley

giving us plenty of information on that

and of course we're going back to racing

for real next weekend at mid-ohio can't

wait yeah I cannot wait we've got a

great group we were looking at the

signup sheet for Trans Am but we're also

going to be there with SVR a formula 3

formula for international GT I think we

have nearly 400 cars joining us from

mid-ohio next weekend and you can watch

the races live on the Trans Am app

Saturday and Sunday we've heard the fans

they want to see practices and

qualifying and we're showing practices

and qualifying Saturday and Sunday

download the Trans Am app at the Apple

App Store or Google Play

now some movement here on the grid with

just over a minute to go as down towards

Stowe comes Edwards serve agent of

Dallas Texas and he's just gone third

quickest really good lapped by Edward

Tyler thought he was sandbagging because

he hasn't done a lot of practice but he

seems to be pretty sharp out there and a

59 8 by Hurley he started at just the

right time Josh Hurley goes to the top

now trouble for casera he's down in 4th


you really more than anything wants to

start on the second row or at least be

on the front row with early to get it go

get away well so casseras we're going to

pull something out the back here with 40

seconds to go here is your leader Josh

Hurley of California at 150 98 it's

been a sensational season so far for

Josh Hurley and he too looking for a

drive in the real Trans Am as is Tyler

Kucera so anybody who is impressed by

what they've been doing keep an eye on

these two because they want to come

racing both it in 2020 and 2021 and all

looking forward to that so just a few

seconds left and it's Hurley ride quest

that's your front row provisionally

serve agian and kiss Erica Sara we'll

start on the second row unless southern

no Southern's pitted Archer could go

quickest what's the latest on Archer Ben

it looks like he's doing well but Bobby

had to go back over there and get over

his shoulder he's now over his shoulder

he stopped watching our broadcast I

think to give a little bit of coaching

or encouragement but you told me that

you spoke to casera this week and he

told you about his weight penalty and

what he thinks that that translates into

seconds can you explain to the crowd

what you think that is yeah he's

basically got 80 pounds 40 kilos and he

reckons it could be as much as three

quarters of a second per lap and ran in

a two-minute lap that's a lot of time so

we're really gonna have to watch out

early getting away through traffic there

on his last run but the clock has ticked

down and it looks as though Hurley will

pick up the three points and that's

significant for pole position if nobody

stops early then he will have pole three

points and the championship will be tied

going into our first race a perfect yeah

I cannot wait for the start of this race

and it's been like this all season long

it's did they just keep going back and

forth with points and it's like that

throughout the field then we have the

next group of three or four drivers that

are super close some points in the next

group of three or four drivers and

everybody just keeps trying to improve

where they are in the standings

yeah it's pretty cool I'm really

impressed 394 a piece then Silverstone

is the setting the final round of the e

Trans Am series presented by Pirelli

then Sissel and Jonathan green about to

bring you the action here is

confirmation of the qualifying three

points to Hurley

equals up the championship we are dead

level going into the final round white

right Quist gets a front row start I

think that's his first serve agen casera

southern archer francis junior then yeah

here is in eighth position

Allen 9th and Nick racino rounding out

the top ten Borchetta a really

impressive run by Scott Borchetta I

think that's his top qualifying in

eleventh Accardo Winston Lopez Parsons


Ross husky and rich white down in 18th

place we'll take a short break from

Silverstone we'll be back in a moment






welcome back to the home of British

motorsport Silverson circuit in Costa

just outside the village of Silverstone

we're on the Buckinghamshire

Northamptonshire border it's a fine and

sunny day they've actually declared it a

national holiday because you don't often

get the Sun out in in here's your grid

we're about to go racing from

Silverstone right Quist on the left Josh

early in the black and silver number

three on the pole position and ready to

go racing it's a fast start here through

abbey and farm and Hurley needs to come

across to the right as soon as he starts

and not allowed right Quist to get

through serve agent in the red car just

behind the lights go on I've gotta like

to the way we go good start from Hurley

sensational start from Josh Hurley

chocks away as they say at the old World

War 2 RAF race field that is now

Silverstone but Hurley got away

brilliantly and now ride Chris will try

and challenge around the outside at the

very slow village corner and into Luke

all he gets a little nerve there and

goes wide survey Jim will try and attack

kisara is looking for position as they

go down but Wellington straight for the

first time good clean start

but then Hurley did it perfectly yeah

what a great start I've been super

impressed with Karl ride Chris this

season as he really tried to give it to

her Lee but everything is looks like so

far happening falling right into her

Lee's lap good start from savais jian

just behind his tire Kucera

nerves jingling now the points exactly

the same both men the leader of the race

and the man in fourth are on 394 points

there is also points for most laps led

so that's another accolade to go for and

another point for leading just any one

of the laps as Tyler Kucera putting

pressure on servation but meanwhile as

we go on board with Tyler Kucera through

tops slightly wide there by ride Chris

but that's okay as we head towards the

famous maggots Beckett's Chappell

combination very fast and these trans

out cars using all their muscle for the


third gear through here I look at the

over stood casseras getting on cold

tires as he comes out of chapel down the

hangar straight toward snow corner

casera fighting it hard and look behind

him is both Archer and Francis jr

what's the latest with Archer Ben Archer

he's nowhere there white knuckling it

he's brutally with five being in a lot

of traffic and really this could not

unfold better cuz ride quit sense of

agent could be two of the toughest

drivers to pass for casera to get back

to two battling with Hurley one-on-one

well there's a real battle going on

arched it's got southern jr behind him

and just behind southern jr JP southern

is Archer benya here is their – Allen is

ninth racino 10th they're all going for

position what a great race into cops

they go and there's nothing between them

really close stuff and Dillon Archer

putting on a show he's got dad's company

the real estate I hope they're selling

lots of real estate at the moment

because they'll need it because we're

hoping that Dillon will go racing for

real after this he's just 18 years of

age excuse me

he's 21 he was just two days ago 21

years of age so he's a form of Carter

but we want to see him in Trans Am good

too good to see him here during the

Trans Am a championship boat and

actually say Archer brothers esports

comm there you go

on the back wing there if they dive into

the LA field complex fruit Brooklyn

Sandlot field and past the BRDC there

was a bit of controversy complaints from

the BRDC evidently the noise of these

muscle cars was rattling the windows and

a quarter and causing the odd gin and

tonic to spill and the BRDC members were

a little aghast at that they haven't

seen these muscle cars before but

they'll get used to it

but Hurley leads by one point nine

seconds now serve agent putting pressure

on ride quest to casera holding station

still in contention in fourth position

Francis jr rattling away the van from

Florida in fifth and then it's southern

Archer Pena here in eighth and an Allen

and bull shatter moves up to 10th place

Scott Borchetta up into the top ten

that's really really impressive by him

and he said to me in an interview a

couple of weeks ago all he wants to do

is finish one of these races in the top

10 and I think he's got a chance to do

it here as the man in front of him just

went why that was Allen making a mistake

and wouldn't that be a story and then

you know Scott he surf he hails from

from your part of the world right yeah

he's a Nashville Tennessee huge in the

music business and the thing I know

about Scott you know we said he put in

almost 300 laps of practice the guy is

always working whether it be race cars

and music business he's a huge

philanthropist opening up and donating

the new Children's Hospitals in

Nashville all the time I don't think the

man sleeps well he certainly hasn't

slept this week because he's been on the

he all that was right well that was his

teammate serve agent making a move there

on right quest almost pulled it off as

they go through this very slow section

down through Aintree and onto the

Wellington straight but right Quist now

is in trouble as we go back to casera

who's got the pair of them just ahead of

him as they go down the Wellington

straight we're back on board

with Tyler Kucera now and now you can

see this straight on the right-hand side

the PRD see they'll break how up here

and then dive into the left hander into

this lovefield complex through


then into the right-hander Love Field

and then opening these muscle cars up

through wood cut here we go second gear

third gear now opening it up to fourth

gear now and it's flat out all the way

through the old pit complex to the right

there down towards the famous coxed

Michael Schumacher broke his leg at the

exit of here when he went straight on

from here but you can see it's very fast

it's about 160 in our Formula One car as

ride Quist again goes very wide there

but he's using all the track and more

fifth gear now for casseras he dies

through the complex into maggots now


gotta get good drive out of

Apple here and Chapel gets you

slingshots you effectively here onto the

back straight the hangar straight as

it's called and that takes you down to

Stowe which is still a very fast over

125 mile an hour corner in Jonathan I

think we should cover the fact that

right quits and salvation are between

Hurley and Kucera who are fighting for

this e series championship but you know

there are racers and they don't want to

do anything to affect the championship

but they also want to have the best

finish that they can have well don't

forget honey Francis jr is third in the

championship fourth in the championship

at the moment is that boots evasion and

JP's sub is only seven points behind him

so there's a there's a battle there as

well and likewise Nick racino and Dylan

Archer nine points between them so

there's a lot of guys out for a lot of

reasons to get as many points as they

can yeah and Jonathan if you don't mind

you're gonna have to explain to this

ignorant American what the BRDC is ah

British racing drivers Club it's a

privately owned circuit and my good

friend Derek Warwick is the vice

president Damon Hill has been the

president but Silverstone remains today

a private entity it's not a government

owned or conglomerate it's his private

club and so you'll see sometimes racing

drivers will have that BRDC sticker

either on their hats or on their shirts

and it's a very very elite club and to

get the Trans Am here yeah we appreciate

them letting these v8 they don't see

many huge be eights like this well of

course the last time the Americans

roared in to Silverstone was back in the

days of World War II because this was a

world war two airfield and that's how

Silverstone came to be it is effectively

a disused airfield and in 1950 they

turned it into a Grand Prix circuit and

the first ever Formula One race was held

here at Silverstone so it's become

synonymous with British racing for sure

but it's got a huge history and anybody

who has anybody has raced here you name

it Hawthorne Senna crossed the lot and

now it's a chance for Tyler Kucera or

Josh Shirley to make his name as they


once again towards Stowe corner stone

named after the school just about a mile

in the distance over there a really

really nice beautiful school laid out

there and yeah a lot of history here and

it's a shame bit of bad news the traffic

was bad coming in a lot of people

bringing their vipers and their Mustangs

in and sadly that the roads just too


to get these muscle cars through so

there's been quite a delay of getting

everybody into the stands today

yeah and it's such a technical track

watching it and I think I did get to do

a few laps on Dillon archers sim and

this is really difficult it is really

fun and I can see how it'd be so

addictive the race craft is almost the

same but it's just a whole new skill set

to learn to drive these tracks yep as we

drive with JP southern 18 year old he

just graduated high school and is going

to be attending Purdue University where

he's studying mechanical engineering and

marketing now there's a smart fellow

don't you think

yeah and he's had a really good showing

with this for Stevens Miller racing in

ta2 and he's had he's done really well I

expect to see him at the top sometime

soon with our eSports next season well

what I love about JP southern I'm sure

John clack at the president of Trans Am

agrees with me I've been watching JP 7

come through the ranks of carting he was

a national Carter champion for many

years he then moved on to formula 4 and

formula 3 and effectively he was on the

road to Indian he still hopes to do that

but Trans Am he said was the most

effective and professional field ahead

of him he couldn't quite afford to keep

going on the single-seater route so he's

come to Trans Am and we welcome him with

open arms we have a lot of Xfinity guys

and truck races and guys and KNN guys

who are 18 I think of Christopher Bell

and a few others that have come through

and are now driving in the country so

Trans Am is a really really good

learning ground because the competition

is good the professionalism is good and

it's good for young and old so to speak

because you've got guys who are in their

40s 50s and then you've got eighteen

year olds 17 year olds and the like been

a year just 19 years of age

is and he is from Miami Florida well to

add to it now Jonathan was leading the

fifth lap Hurley is now guaranteed two

bonus points for leading the most laps

in this race

yeah and he's looking for Gabby's

created three point two eight seconds

and he's racing hard at Pittsburgh

International Raceway I told him to call

JP southern the man you're looking at

right now is all over

earning Francis to do because JP of

course is sponsored by the Pittsburgh

circuit so a good connection there and

so he's probably helped him set up a sim

or at least talk to the right fellows to

help him out but now southern in the 61

is all over the back of Bernie Francis

jr earning our sixth time champion at

22 another fantastic story for Trans Am

hasn't left the series since he began in

he's won and in fact next weekend he

heads to Mid Ohio where would you

believe it been Francis is unbeaten

there Wow that is yeah that's quite a

statistic now he hasn't always raced ta

there he's done gone through the ranks

of our championship which has five

different categories but that's a pretty

impressive record and of course next

weekend will mark the 31st year of


and trans arms connection and I'll be

talking to JJ O'Malley our historian

about that as we head out into the real

world but I have to say I've really

enjoyed this a chance and championship

it's brought the community together

we've got some great racing out of it

UMG and the guys at top motorsport put

it on a great show for us look at the

graphics it's so realistic it's like

being there as we look back at southern

from Francis Jr and JP all over him as

they head through the maggots Beckett's

chapel complex big grandstand there

great place to watch the racing and I'm

the roar of these Trans Am cars will

probably scare the golfers over at

whiddleberry Hall just across the way

there now jpg look into the outside now

it's a right-hander he looks to the

inside under braking can he do it

Oh brilliant stuff JP do it son

that was great stuff from JP southern

well there can you overtake it

Silverstone that's where you do it at

Stowe corner in fourth gear nicely done

you know that was really nicely done

because it looked like he was trying to

bait Ernie thinking he was going one way

and then took the other way and Ernie

knowing he can only do one basically

blocking maneuver basically needed to

heat the corner to him so it's good

racing my both drivers yeah very good

indeed Josh surely still leading casera

still fought so early with the advantage

here as we look back from Southern at

Francis jr now Francis jr under

pressure from Archer I think you should

go over it seems you're in the same room

and give Archer a nudge and tell him to

have a look up the inside at Stowe

corner coming up having said that then

yeah here is right pair with Archer as

well so this is really good racing seven

of the nine laps gone

and don't forget been reversed top ten

explain why we do that and how that has

really given us some interesting racing

oh it changes everything because if

you're sitting back there like eight

through 12th position you're now

fighting for tenth position for the next

race because it flips the grid so

whoever finishes in tenth place right

they go up the first place and so right

now could Sarah its fourth he's probably

needed stay in fourth he wouldn't want

to fall back but if he was eight he

might want to fall back to division josh

Hurley's plan is going absolutely

spot-on at the moment he's got the bonus

points for leading the most laps he's

got three points for taking the pole so

he now leads the championship because

Sarah knows it now at the moment pole

position will be Allen for the next race

is Francis Junior again starts to make

away and see if we can get past southern

this is not over is it I talked about

Archer making a move but Francis is

coming back at southern and just behind

benya here is right there as well this

is really good stuff yeah it is it's

really good as we got a six-time

champion Ernie Francis jr with a rookie

last year JP southern hopefully a rookie

in 2020 with Dylan Archer and then

coming with us with just the esports at

been Yehia and they're a really tight

group as Francis take a JBoss does it

back at you my friend yes so great stuff

from Ernie Francis jr oh look at this

excellent Gore JP he

answers over the kerbs loses a bit of a

mentum and Francis is trying to hold him

off through Woodcote here they come for

what they battle onto the Manning

straight again southern goes wide grabs

it all together Francis holding him off

as they head towards the very very fast

cocked corner flat out through here in

fifth gear southern trying to get past

him as they come towards the complex and

really there's no way about oh I say

there's no way I would take it as

southern goes for it as they come out on

to Chapel who a nerd sugar got forced

out wide but it looks like he's able to

hold on to it

this is really good racing and just one

more lap to go after this and here they

go down the hangar straight this is

really fantastic stuff

and southern trying everything he can to

get past Frances he done it once he's

got to do it one more time and look at

that through Coe spent a year on Archer

Archer in trouble give him a nudge pen

I'm trying that he is over there working

white-knuckling it we've had to turn off

the air conditioner here so it's gotten

quiet hot and he's feeling we'd the pool

to Don and Asim I think he does Pena in

the number nine the blue and black has

done a good performance he only joined

the championship about halfway through

and he's only 19 years of age so he's

got raced in real world TransAm ever so

this is quite a thing to take on not

only sim racing but also the big muscle

of these t8 cars and that really

impressive actually problem then I am

the fronton junior as diet and he's got

through and now as they head through the

complex and now back onto the back

straight then a year we'll get a chance

at having a popper to southern and the

best opportunity is after this bridge

coming into Stoke corner we're onboard

with him now and here you look mad

towards the inside and try to have brake

stubborn and that's what he does and

he's done it

well Sutherland knew it was coming and

he gave him the room but that was a

clean good move by Pena yeah it's been

really impressive he's had a really

impressive last two laps racing cleanly

southern thought he could come back at

him and he still is he's still thinking

it and he's done it

Oh JP great stuff I've never seen this

much overtaking at Silverstone this is

superb into cops they come final lap now

if race won the final rounds of our e

Trans Am Championship presented by

Pirelli and this is a doozy it's been

this way we've been to spa we've been to

Laguna Seca we've been a road Atlanta

we've been to Daytona and we've even

been back in history to Riverside and

Bridgehampton it's been a fun-filled

eight weeks of racing and it's been

pretty intense but right now if the

pendulum is swinging towards Josh early

at the start of this race early and

kisara were on equal points but it's

certainly not over yet we've got a

reverse grid so these two

early and casera will start 8th and 10th

and the looks of things so there's gonna

be a lot of work done by both of them

and that's where it's gonna get critical

if the start of the second race will

prove to be possibly the winning

championship lap yeah an archer and

racino are going to be starting what 4th

3rd and 4th if it finishes like this and

they're battling out in points right now

as Bobby Archer goes to his trailer to

get a cool shirt for Dillon yeah no

kidding early on his way there's the gap

you can see it but Hurley is in a world

of his own the number 3 is way out in

front as he comes under the Trans Am

Pirelli bridge for the last time on his

way to victory Josh early racing from

Pittsburgh not at home in California

it's been a bit of an up-and-down week

he's out teaching and coaching at the


Pittsburgh so he's had to borrow a sim

which luckily Pittsburgh International

Raceway thanks to them have given it him

so we'll give them a shout out because

Josh Hurley is on his way to victory he

comes out of the final corner club

corner and Josh Hurley is in the club

they might ask him to be in the BRDC as

he wins at Silverstone for the first


Josh Hurley of California wins another

race in our each and our championship

Kucera crosses the line in 4th place

good job with that weight penalty and he

does make good – your points there

if beat 30 frantic you cross the line

and fest who beat the battle with stuff

its donuts and brilliant stuff Josh

surely not to be outdone

you'll get I'm sure the BRDC won't be

very happy with that yeah how are the

British gonna take these very American

pampas donuts it would say it's just not

crooked so never mind

he'll take he'll take he'll take them

all out to dinner I'm sure by the time

the third pints gone down at the pub

nobody will remember

and not winter coats and points

gentlemen well as far as I can see well

there's no question Hurley

leaks the championship now because they

were on level pegging so I would have

said that gives I'll have to check and I

didn't see anything that would take

points away I didn't know not our

broadcast showed that there was any

dirty racing by anybody of consequence

so it looks like it's gonna be Hurley

having the advantage going no question

so as we look down on Silverstone and it

goes back to silence again it's just the

Sheep you can hear in the distance now

we take a look at the results of the

first race won by Josh Hurley who now

leads the championship he picked up all

the bonus points for pole position most

laps led

and of course winning the race and so

that has definitely put him in the top

seat I'll tell you what if you'd have

been around in World War two they'd have

had him as a Spitfire pilot the way he's

driving brilliant stuff so calm

it's a Silverson a great race you know

about it confirmation then of the result

of race one Josh early of California

wins again and takes the championship

lead can't ride quest of Sweden takes

second place serve agent of Texas takes

the Kucera of Mannheim Pennsylvania

takes fourth and it's France it's jr of

Florida v southern in six

venya here in seven Archer racino and

and Borchetta just outside the top ten

he's got one more chance to get into the

top ten with all the day is over we'll

take a short break we'll be back from

jolly old England off this





welcome back to Silverson circuit in

Great Britain as we look down on a

beautiful sunny day here

Wimbledon getting ready and of course

this is the home of British motorsport

many a great race has been held here in

fact the first ever Grand Prix held here

and I'm dutifully informed that Hurley

now leads the championship by 429 points

to casseras 417 now just in case there

are some penalties that is provisional

but it does mean that Hurley is in

absolutely the box seat now to go all

the way and take the championship here

in England the grid is formed up but

it's a reverse top-10 which means this

man Alan is on pole position and it's

also a chance for the number 33 racino

yet to win a race to go for it and I

know having spoken to him he will be

here we go off we go

good start from Molina's Alan gets away

very well indeed nicely done and racino

did not get the start he wanted Archer

got away well

Archer up to third place he's got Pena

here alongside him but Archer squeezes

through brilliantly done by the

youngster the 21 year old after third

place now he's got a chance of a podium

he is a race winner southern comes

alongside for a moment just dagger a

little tab there they touch for a moment

but I think something's got through he

has betting you're here coming back

Francis goes wide divisions in the mix

all sorts of trauma Huli try to know

though early Burley putting a bye kiss

for girls and made him cry

wow that is just incredible stuff

somehow Hurley avoided that the loop

early buoy and manages to keep going

that was a big moment and look who's

behind him

Tyler Kucera water finished we've got on

our hands because that was a massive

moment but Hurley there he might need a

new cool suit or some new overalls after

that yeah and that was ride quest

spinning and we don't see there very

often from ride Chris he must have been

hit by somebody yeah I think he did I

think they all went wide at the corner

at Aintree and I think there was some

touching there and reikus got turned

around Ben I hear is okay he's behind

racino who got away well he's in third

place but it's a sub

in second now I'm leading the way really

impressive indeed yeah and you know I

don't know what the strategy is here you

know the Hurley gonna press on but

without trying to take too many chances

with casera right behind him but look at

the field of cars the thing would have

to work through to get the first place

that would be nearly impossible feat and

I tell you what with lawless Island

leading away another youngster that's

been part of trying time for a couple of

years now but he's still making his way

up southern just 18 years of age Ben

you're here 19 so it's really great to

see the youth coming through and being

so strong now we kind of expect them to

be good on Sims we'll see if they can do

it in the real world if mid-ohio

you haven't got the download yet and

taking the app you should because we're

going racing next week for real yeah

longus allen was actually our ta –

Rookie of the Year in 2019 in heat just

impressing the TransAm drivers with his

talent yeah no question about it I'm

gonna keep an eye on racino he really

wants this he's in fourth at the moment

he's got venya here

just ahead of him there's Archer just

behind and then comes Hurley

early and Kucera locked together in

battle in sixth and seventh at the

moment they've got Francis jr behind

them in a Parsons ninth and serve agent

Edward serve agent who's had a really

good run in these eight rounds and 16

races it's been ever constant and I

think he's got one race win and really

impressive stuff Cameron Lawrence is

another man he's not racing today but he

got a win at Road Atlanta and the rest

of the wins really have been between


and early

I'm bored now with Francis as he heads

down the old streets I said the old

Street because they that was where the

pit complex was on the old version of

the track into cops corner flat out in

fifth look he just drops down to fourth

on the traffic turn in there but that's

very quick that's over 130 miles an hour

through there then comes next it's


map maggots fifth gear going into there

then you hard on the anchors and it was

funny listening to Archer say oh it's

very similar to kotor well go to was

design on this exact complex yeah it was

funny listening to dylan because he

would saying that if you get one turn

wrong you don't miss that turn you miss

the whole next second yeah we get

everything just right it's a very

technical course yeah it is it's a

flowing course but it's deceptive

because it's 36 miles long so once you

get out of the flow you could lose maybe

a second second and a half by just

making one mistake that we just cannot

get back in the lap time that you've got

so it really is interesting look at this

it's really going off here in our

southern back in the battles again he

just got nudge foiler turns right JP

does a pirouette at Woodcote not often

seen that before

that'll give the crowd a thrill but it

won't be what JP once lawless alan does

a 203 – he's putting the pressure on the

gap is 03 my own casera

ghosting a man in front of me booyah

surely and casera now will basically be

just trying to beat early in one race

remember Kucera carrying the extra

weight early on a Sperry


yeah there's been drama a week after

week in this series but what I love is

it's been a great series to watch all of

our drivers are having a great time the

camaraderie and our virtual paddock has

been really fun to watch but now here we

have the youngsters really showing these

drivers how to do it with lawless Allen

up front Ben yahia and then just fun JP

southern but JP southern I would expect

him to be in the running for the 2020

Rookie of the Year in PA – yeah don't

forget the results at the end of this

will be provisional we expect to call it

that way but the stewards will take it

good oh here comes Kass air around the

outside of early Adam ah superb knee

down out of wood coat and into cops they

come Sarah is past early Wow good racing

now what you may not know is these two

have been discussing tactics on discord

all week they've actually become good

friends and they're very similar in

their approach to racing both of them

coach both of them want to race in Trans

Am for real and both of them have really

shown a really really good

sim expertise over the last few weeks

but that was an excellent overtake at

Woodcote from Tyler Kucera chose his

moment well and through he goes on his

archrival more battles here benya here

in the number nine gets turned around by

the 25 both cars go off and that's a

real shame and that was lawless Allen

who's gone from leading to being spun

around so it to the lead goes Archer pen

don't get nervous

Manning is leading it was funny because

I saw Bobby archers hands going up and

he was trying to silently cheer because

Sara and Hurley have worked it they were

in seventh and eight through a really

tough field to pass and somehow now

they're up the second and third place

with Dillon Archer up there with a

pretty good lead at second and a half

ahead of Kucera Kucera shaved his head

two rounds ago and I tell you what he's

getting some aerodynamics now even with

the extra weight he is flying benya here

still fighting he's got serve aging

behind him and ride quest by the looks

of things no in fact that's Parsons so

all sorts of battles going on venya here

though the 19 year old looking back to

serve agent right yeah how did ride

Quist get up to sixth place he dropped

down to like 12th after that spin

JP sevens got back going again look

there he is and he is now weeping his

way through traffic as you say that is a

brilliant job by Kucera and early to go

second and third to think that I'll be

on the podium the social distance podium

I'm at but yeah great stuff and they're

all expecting to head back to London

after this for a night out at a Playboy


yeah and this weekend actually casera

and Hurley are racing from the same

state which hasn't happened yet yeah


so watch up the 21 year old and just

explained Ben I mean you were talking

about his dad but he's not just a dad he

is also a transient legend that's the

whole family

yeah Bobby Archer TransAm legend lots of

different race series legends his

brother Tommy Archer Trans Am and race

series ladies and Tommy's actually done

laps at Silverstone and both of them

Bobby's been over Dillon shoulder

helping them out watching them coaching

him as best he can and then Dillon gets

on the phone and calls it to Uncle Tommy

for suggestions on how to handle

Silverstone yeah that must be

nerve-racking having you tax Sonny right

over your shoulder while you're racing

not easy not easy at all but he's doing

a good job now let's have a look at the

look like at times I think Hurley and

kisara are trying to work almost

together to try to catch up with a man

leading Archer Archer and the massive

pressure he's got been calling the race

just over the other side of the room

that can't be fun either

and a whole bunch of people watching in

the press room at Road America as the

spra gets underway at Road America and

of course will be going to Mid Ohio next

weekend so join us then if you have to

downloaded the app go for it now as we

take a look at Scott Borchetta in the

thick of things Porsche after 12 but

he's got a chance of a top 10 that's all

he wants

got a chance to do it – he's got two

guys in front of him but someone behind

him who's that

Wallace Allen that's lawless Allen

trying to make his way back through

maybe Borchetta can maybe follow Allen

who is probably the quicker of the two

of them as we look at a notch and look

at the gap casseras coming and coming

fast this is really heating up halfway

through this final grand finale here at

Silverstone couldn't be a better venue

and we've got a race on its young Archer

against casera and early yeah we saw the

last race the same thing happened late

in the race and Dillon Archer was

probably a little bit too polite and let

these guys go by but I know that he

really wants a win here today at Road

America and Silverstone at the same time

with the two champions right behind him

well you went down to his pit between

races and you spoke to him and you told

me he was disappointed off of the first

race yeah he was disappointed and Bobby

was a little bit disappointed but they

knew where they could make up time and

it looks like they put a good plan

together well are chuck doing a really

good job of holding off for the moment

Kucera and Hurley and I think that

Hurley is not a battle with Kucera

because there's a chance that one of

these three could win the race and I

would love to see it go all the way to

the final lap and I think it's going to

question is now where would you go make

your Overman overtake Kucera did a

brilliant overtake on Hurley here last

time out yeah go ahead

no I was gonna when we get a break Tony

Perella sitting right next to me want to

ask him about this eSports but we got to

stay onboard right now without its razor

good to have tony burello of course who

runs the spra if you haven't been to an

SP RA event it's one of the finest

things you could ever do in motor racing

a fantastic display of hundreds of

vintage cars and they really push them

through their faces every weekend Tony's

done a great job and got everybody going

again at Road America and we will

continue through the rest of the summer

and autumn hunt which they come Tyla

Kucera all over Archer now as they head

past the PR DC quick wave to the ladies

in the BR Disney liquid

that's casera hits the back of Archer

here comes Hurley

well Archer if he wants to aware of

Caesarea is now through LA field and

Woodcote they come whoa what a race that

was a great save by Archer and as soon

as that happened and I saw his wrist

just snap that wheel really took him I

don't know how he held on to that but

now you know you got to think that

Hurley's just hoping for something like

that to happen again

yeah and Kucera is recovered well too

because that could have put him in

trouble as they go through cops again

flat out towards the maggots Beckett's

left and right fifth gear down to third

now for the tighter Beckett's and then

back on the muscle power for Chapel onto

the grass goes Archer he's made a huge

mistake at Chapel and he should pray for

forgiveness because Chapel has undone

him Chapel has undone him and he won't

be singing to the choir after that one

what a shame but Archer somehow holds on

well a gift from the gods you might

think maybe in men I'm watching over his

shoulder and this is such a physical

track he is just really exerting a lot

of force on that wheel trying to keep it

together he's looking at his mirrors a

little bit there's so much pressure on

him right now well I've never seen

anybody make that big of a mistake a

chaplain recover but he's done it how

I'll never know but that was really

excellent driving by the 21 year old a


I bet Bob's having a having conniptions

right now because it's all going on and

now they rebuild again

seven of the nine here comes Hurley in

third place Francis junior in Racine oh

that got their own battle going on in

fourth place so it's all going on here

through this Francis junior in fourth

place he's really going on with racino

who really wants a pop at the sixth time

champion but Archer recovers well his

heart must be going I don't check go get

him a glass of water at least BAM

well I'm here with Tony Perella majority

owner of Trans Am and he is scratching

his hands he's nervous Tony when this

whole code with 19 thing happened you

and John were able to put together this

esports thing have you been impressed

with it oh my god

the Navi and honestly this job baby

Plaga to pick the cradle that is shown

me these missions are these guys are

working this as Italy a you following

that's part

nice I love it thanks Tony he says it's

definitely be part of our future moving

forward so that was really cool and I

know Tony's loving it cuz he's over here

nervous with me yeah talking to the

future Francis Jr's future just took a

different turn because while he was in

fourth place in battling while Tony was

talking we saw that Francis Judy was

actually on the grass so a mistake by

Francis jr from fourth place has

changed the battle there and now racino

goes to fourth place right Quist is back

up to fifth despite spinning so a great

result for Carl right quest of Sweden

and California and here is the battle

for the win though looking back from

casera this has been a view he's been

looking at throughout most of the last

eight weeks and it's Josh early all over

him yeah I've been really impressed with

the composure

we have from Dylan Archer here and he's

been working up weekend trying to make

sure that he's in a ta2 car in 2020 and

I don't see why he can't be he's

obviously the talented driver he's got

some great coaches great teams and I

expect to see him in 2020 and I hope to

see Kucera and Hurley in 2020 because

we've been nothing but impressed with

the talent in this eSport series know no

question about it and if you look at the

lap times – I mean we got onto the 59 –

drivers got in under the 2-minute mark

but right now they're all dead on two

minutes so they're almost pumping in

qualifying laps in the race and that's

pretty impressive especially from Kucera

carrying that X rate down the street

they come this is going to be important

for Josh Hurley can I get a slipstream

here two big straights the hangar

straight and the Wellington straight and

then into Brooklyn's and de la field and

then opening up towards Woodcote which

is where Kucera made his move last time

will you have a girl go Archer here

don't think he's close enough this time

as they come back onto the main straight

and down flat out up to fifth gear now

down towards cops

flatout in fifth now going to fourth and

I'm bored with her Lee smooth is you

like really nice and impressive and

slightly wide thereby casera on a

different line and he's lost a little

bit of ground to Archer there and this

is very important stuff now this is

where Archer made his mistake on the

exit of here and into Chapel it doesn't

do the same again just avoids the grass

this time Kucera going slightly wide

down the hangar straight they common

under the bridge very fast down here

over 160 miles an hour the roar of

TransAm in England as Archer dies into

Stowe at 125 miles an hour down towards

Vale very tight indeed possible overtake

it's available we've seen it happen with

southern casera though it's not close

enough this time ran time running out

though into club corner next what a

great race this is could we have

imagined this eight weeks ago what this

championship would turn out to be and I

think right before our eyes we're making

some future Trans Am careers with the

support series that's the future simmers

to even the game guys were saying look

they're really impressed with how clean

the racing is Tim Racing is quite

different than the real thing you go by

your seat in your pants when you're in

the real car

yeah whereas this is very technical and

the certain things you just can't do

that you would do in a real car and

obviously with things like netcode when

you get too close you've got to be

you've almost got to create your own

bubble around the car to make sure that

you don't actually come together with

another driver and that's what these

guys have done so well in the game

they're racing all over the United

States right now including Road America

where Ben is and each one of them has

their own setup and their own way of

going about practicing we've had a whole

week of practice here at the Silver Spur

Circuit we had a last-minute location

change just to rattle things up a little

bit but everybody went for it and

Silverstone well you couldn't get much

better than Silvester if the cops in for

the last time gotta be careful to keep

it tidy through here Archer on his way

to his second victory I'll try to

remember where he won was it sparked by

the second race of Spa yeah so this

would be a real accolade well he could

join Formula One after this he's won

he's already won spar and silver

that's pretty impressive now can pearly

have one more go at beating Kucera

that's really what this is about it's

about pride now early he's on his way to

winning the championship I think yes as

it stands right now if it stands like

this Hurley will have won the

championship by 10 points unofficially

gonna say obviously that's unofficial

we'll see what the Stewart's say

afterwards but I haven't seen anything

that's controversial in my mind there's

a few slightly wide moments but that's

about all there's been no jiggery-pokery

I don't think and I think that Archer

certainly has led right from the get-go

pretty much lawless Allen led early on

he then made a mistake and then Archer

picked it up and from there on in he's

never looked back and here he comes to

win was at Silverstone America and I can

hear the crowd in the press room bang

well you've got to go ahead Jonathan I'm

gonna bring them over I'm gonna give up

my headphones and let you interview him

as her doing his championship doughnuts

so we're crowning a champion we've got a

new winner like you said he's won at the

formulate he's just go to formula 1

because he's won a to formula 1 track

Josh Hurley is you're a trans iron

champion and the donuts are free for

everyone get your coffee and come on

down to the pits and join us Georgia

wins the race Hurley finishes on the

podium and Kucera despite the weight

puts on a brilliant display of racing

and the Archaea dynasty continues Tommy


and now Dillon 21 just two days ago

he's been practicing he's not at home

like everybody else and he's had to do

it the hard way but he's done it

superbly he didn't flinch when he was

hit from behind remember by casera

and he still kept going and that's

really what I want to talk to him about

happen keep in mind that he's here at

Road America as a crew for Jerry in his

Dodge Viper so he hasn't been able to do

much time practicing at Silverstone he's

been out changing tires and crewing for

one of our race cars but what a showing

from Dillon Archer but I'd especially

want to put out there Tyler kisara Josh


been very impressed with those guys what

a great championship run John Claggett

Trans Am series thank you so much for

doing this um ge supports but I'm gonna

get Dylan over here at Jonathan and let

you talk to him if you don't mind that'd

be great and I just want to remind if

you haven't downloaded the app don't

forget go Trans Am comm for all the


Amy Greenaway will be putting up

information there JJ O'Malley has got

the history of Trans Am each day on our

website we've got some great apps

there's confirmation then of the results

Dillon Archer with the wind

a superb wind too concerned and early

third as it should be

benya here a late comer to the series

but still in fourth place right place

recovered from a spin and takes fifth

racino six serve agian in seventh

southern francis junior at ninth knee to

recovered lawless Allen who led has got

a tenth place and another brilliant 11th

place by Borchetta Lopez Parsons Accardo

fine Winston and lost Otsuki in 17th

place so great racing in racing I'm here

with a very sweaty

Dylan Patrick like he's just getting out

of a race car he takes off his cool

shirt and now he's here to talk to you

hey brilliant staff Dylan first of all

happy birthday and secondly what went

through your mind when you were hit from

behind well I know he didn't mean to do

it on purpose because Sarah is a really

clean driver and I know do something

like that intentionally but uh my main

focus was just to keep the car under me

and try to stay ahead of him and then

going through the S section i I went

wide and decided I kind of had to cut

that corner which actually slows you

down quite a bit going through there but

um yeah I was just doing my best to keep

him behind me and I was able to do that

unlike last week so

well it's them the British press are hot

on your heels they're banging on the

door right now they want to know one

question are you coming to race trans I

am for real yes sir we'll be there right

that's the question we answered we

wanted the archer dynasty continues

Dylan congratulations have a great

weekend at Road America and great racing

really really good show thank you so

much happy 21st birthday Dylan haha Ben

final thoughts from you I don't think we

could have scripted

better eSports championship season

really great great racing for everybody

we've seen improvement every week and

that was just a lot of fun to watch and

I appreciate and honored to be

announcing TransAm races from all these

beautiful tracks I couldn't say anything

more than that it's been fantastic from

Laguna Seca to Road Atlanta to Riverside

and to Bridgehampton we've been

everywhere spa and now Silverstone and

Josh Hurley has conquered it all and

taken quite rightly our first e Trans Am

championship he will take that trigon

trophy and prizes of up to $20,000 worth

I'm told my thanks to John Claggett and

to Tony Pirela for putting this on for

UMG talk motorsport and everybody

involved in this fantastic slim each

championship it's been a lot of fun to

do my thanks to Ben sizzle I'm Jonathan

green if you enjoyed that why don't we

do it for real next weekend at mid-ohio

see you there







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