Trans Am by Pirelli Esports Championship – Round 7

published on July 2, 2020

































































hello and welcome to the e Trans Am

series its round seven of the series and

we're going back in time again I'm

Jonathan green and today another special

event for Trans Am and the e Trans Am

championship as we take you back in time

to Bridgehampton which is one of the

great circuits of old sadly not longer

existing but during the 50s and 60s the

bridge as they called it was one of the

most feared and challenging racetracks

in America Stirling Moss once described

it as the most challenging course in

America and in the heyday of can-am and

Trans Am all the greats raced here at

Bridge Hampton and today we've got a

full field of young and experienced

drivers from our Trans Am series getting

ready to take on this amazing circuit

looking down at it now it's just off

Long Island or it's on Long Island and

it's part of the tri-state area and was

always very popular at its height some

80,000 fans would come to the road of

Captain and enjoy and it was part of the

Canadiens and the Americans loves to go

to a circuits like bridge Hampton and

most port and obviously Road America so

it's it's one of the jewels in the crown

south sadly it's a golf course these

days but as you can see the sea in the

background it was perched right on the

beaches hence all the sand from side to

side but that too is an issue because

it's dusty it's dirty and it's narrow

talkative which then thistles back then

how are ya I am doing great I'm so

excited to be here at bridge Hampton

it's so cool to look at this track

because we're like we did at Riverside

it's like we're in a time machine but

what's beautiful about this is you'll

notice unlike any track that we race in

modern days it's totally unsafe you know

they're automatic expenses basically

these guys are going into sand dunes up

hills into trees if they go off course

really fun to do this throwback and as

we were watching the laps Jonathan it is

a rough circuit so it's gonna be really

fun to see how they're getting traction

in these cars

we'll take around the circuit as we go

on – you could see in the top of the

center of your picture that is eight

minutes and 54 seconds now as we look at

Tyler Kucera our championship leader on

his out laughs he is in the number four

he is our championship leader with four

wins he has got the bit between his

teeth I watched the practice race that

we had on Thursday and he in fact won

both those races so David definitely

Tyler casera sporting an all new

completely shaved head for extra speed I

may add and he and Josh surely have

dominated what a great championship you

could never know when you start a neat

ryan sound transfers trap Trans Am

championship you could never know who

would be good who would be bad who would

be indifferent but it's been a joy to

see both early and Kucera dominate and

then our own six-time champion Ernie

Francis jr not far off each and every

weekend he's had a win as Ernie at

Daytona but the lion's share of those

wins have been to casera with four and

Josh Hurley with three yeah and you

Jonathan I don't know about you but I

have learned so much in these what seven

or eight weeks that we've been doing

this together and I never would have

thought and this just goes to my

ignorance how seriously our drivers

would take this and now they are

approaching this and our drivers

meetings like they would any race

weekend and like we're hearing every

week seems like each week somebody's

upgrading their systems are trying

something new and everybody it seems

like in our East series paddock is

taking this just too seriously or maybe

even more serious than they are their

real race cars well we take a look at

championship contender Josh Hurley from

Livermore in California and he's at a

rough time of it he's upgraded his

pedals to Houston belt

Oh finally got them got that right

there's Archer who won last time out of

spa but going back to Josh Hurley yeah

he's upgraded his pedals because his dad

now wants to go simracing happy watch

Josh go rat so he's giving dad the

perfect paddle and and he's he's

upgraded to the to the even more premium

stuff but Josh said he hasn't had a lot

of practice at this circuit doesn't suit

his style that much and sadly he's got a

an ailing dog at the moment sitting with

him buy his sim who has kept him up most

of the night he's not too well yeah it's

not been an easy time for Josh early so

we wish him well and we wish his four

legged friend well I did notice just

straight out the box when we were in the

driver's meeting I don't know if you

noticed this Ben but Allah sort of


a zit in Talladega Nights josh has got a

tiger in his house

so I don't know if this is his sphere or

he's using the tiger to get over his

fear or but it seems to be working for

me yeah he's like he's got a cougar in

his sim as that were you saying yeah

yeah I didn't notice that

wait it's funny because he sits in a

chair when he does the drivers briefing

in this cab literally just walks across

the top of the chair

well no surprise first and second is

early and Kucera and they're running

super close to each other just like they

have week after week

big news or this weekend I am delighted

to announce that we have a bona fide

IndyCar driver with us not just a bona

fide IndyCar driver one of the most

popular man in IndyCar on a daily is

joining us in Trans Am it's funny

because I had a conversation with Connor

in real life not on the virtual world

and said hey man you come because he's

always you know he's been one of those

guys he's got a great drive this year

with both Carlin and ed carpenter and

it's driving really well but he's been

you know he's been in and out of cars

it's never had the full full season he's

been racing Indy since 2013 and had a

very successful run before that in gp3

and so on but delighted to have him here

and I said you know hey you should come

out and try Trans Am and said I'd love

to I'd love to

so this could be a precursor to seeing

corner and a bit of muscle

all green Irish colors his father of

course Derek Formula One start I know

this but he's mom was a world champion

jet skier as well so he comes from a

very competitive family

so we'll be looking out for Conor Daly I

know those fans of twitch if you want to

hear something fun go to Conor to a

Lee's twitch because he he's a bit like

Lando Norris he's always got something

to say

there's always smack talking this man

doesn't do any smack talking Edward

sub-agent oh that's Scott Borchetta Wow

got some stories about Scott Borchetta

god it's had to get his second computer

of the TransAm championship now this is

a neighbor of yours then what's going on

down at che che porchetta well we've

been watching and I think of all of our

drivers in this eSports championship I

think he's putting in the most laps the

most practice laps that he may be just

blending through computers like he would

run through engines if he did that much

practice laughs like I think it was for

spar or one of them he'd get over 500

laps I was no nonot spark because that

was the too many laps but the tracks

anyway he wants to thank as we do main

gear who supplied him with another

computer Thursday night in Nashville so

he's had 24 hours woe is me that

bullshit has gone for a little bit of a

wander here I don't know what happened

there I think he might have slipped his

hand off the wheel there as we go back

to Ernie Francis jr well I hope Scott's

all right Wow

well he's like we were saying you know

it doesn't have the catch defenses I

guess the tree branches become the catch

fences here at Bridgehampton well as we

try to allude to the other week in fact

we got a show coming out that will be

posted on our go Trans Am calm website

and of course on the app if you haven't

downloaded it yet please do but we did a

shadow with Scott Bell shadow and he

very very kindly showed us around his

truly amazing car collection got Bush

Etta well known in the music business

very successful in the music business

with big machine and he is here

representing big machine vodka another

one of his add cries but that crash I

just saw that then that's got the

beginnings of a country song right there

I mean well shed her in the woods for a

chapter that mean I can see it being a

number-one hit somewhere in Nashville

we've only brought this jr

warm south wealth on the side of the car

and I saw an article on go trans I'm not

talking about how he's looking forward

to going back to the real world

and finally been we can talk about that

we are going back to the real world you

this week and me in two weeks yes so

excited we're gonna be with trans-am

series at mid-ohio we're gonna be

broadcasting live streaming both days

Saturday and Sunday we've gotten a lot

of feedback that our fans would like to

see the test days and the qualifying

with TransAm so we are giving that to

you at mid-ohio

which would be june 27th and 28th make

sure you download the Trans Am app it's

available at the Apple App Store or

Google Play

get the Trans Am app and you are gonna

get a lot of great footage from mid-ohio

which is always one of our most

competitive Trans Am we do yeah you

don't know what's so cool about

streaming is you know you know you can

watch it anytime you don't have to tune

in live and in fact if you miss it if

you're busy if you're taking the kids to

basketball whatever you doing just come

back to the app start it when you want

to go and to be honest we get we get

just as many views outside of the actual

race weekend as we do

so I highly recommend it bus you can

look up what's going on with the stats

and where the championships going a

little bit of info got some great

interviews Ben's than a bunch of

interviews and I've done a few myself

during this period of lockdown if you

will it's been interesting learned a lot

about our drivers and fascists I was

laughing said to you Benny you know I

don't think I would have got to know

half of these drivers as well at a race

weekend because they're busy you're busy

they're racing you're in the booth so

we've had a chance to to learn a little

bit about this man from Mannheim

Pennsylvania he's a a Miata expert Tyler

Kucera interesting story if it is gonna

be a duel between early and casera but I

do think ride quest Karl ride quest

another California will have something

to say about that he's white house man

between them yeah I just saw that one

226 though as we get down to the

checkered flag it's gonna be nip and

tuck Early's put in his best time a one

225 ride Quist of one twenty two point

six fastest flights of agent one twenty

three point one and so he's right there

is Edward sub-agent who just literally

got here last minute I don't think he

took part in the practice cuz Sarah

though one twenty two point nine he's a

couple of tenths off but at this very

fast track and that is something that

you notice straightaway is how quick

it's Bridgehampton circuit is

another new boy Ben yeah here in 11th

place from Miami Florida and the name is

Moroccan descent

his father's Moroccan and his mother was

from Belgium thank you and thankfully we

had him along last week so she could

help you out did you get out of spar

okay I did it took a long time lots of

different talks with different

ambassadors and everything but I am back

in the United States and happy to be

here at Bridgehampton well good I'm glad

glad glad that's the case been Sissel

getting into trouble with the locals at

spa but you know you gotta be careful

when you're in the Forest of Arden yeah

all the roost

Stowe that's qualifying and it was a

good qualifying session too but

interestingly laughs the man who says

he's backs against the wall is putting

those new Houston Bell pedals to good

use because the fastest man around the

famous bridge Acton circuit is Josh

Hurley and interestingly enough Carl

ride quest has stepped between our two

arch rivals and it's gone second

quickest 515 for Kucera

ray needs to be on the second row a

twenty two point nine nothing wrong with

that serve agent a winner already so

we've got guys have been right at the

sharp end all year's neat casino yet to

have a win but he's right there in fifth

place could it be here archers had a win

young Archer got a win last time at its

par he's 6 on the grid JP southern

another 18 year old is in seventh


twenty-year-old Devlin DeFrancesco is

eight Conor Daly steps in the karlon and

ed carpenter IndyCar driver is ninth

fastest and he's out qualified our


that is good kudos already by Conor Daly

who is a pretty decent sim driver but he

doesn't have the sophisticated setup

I've seen it been a year is in 11th

place Accardo Parsons surprised to see

Parsons camera Parsons that far down in

13 for chatter is in 14th place –

despite that a towards and Vacarro

rounds out our top 15 so that's

qualifying we'll be back with the first

of two races here

in round 7 of the e Trans Am

championship stay with us




welcome back to Bridgehampton circuit

one of our yesteryear circuits

Bridgehampton race circuit was one of

the most popular circuits certainly one

of the most challenging back in the 50s

and 60s and Bridgehampton on Long Island

New York a beautiful place for a race

circuit but that's why it attracted so

many people was literally just outside

of New York and we get ready now for our

first of two races a reverse grid for

race two of the top ten but we start

with a very interesting grid seeing car

ride quest getting his first front row

start alongside second in the


Josh Hurley um come the lights the first

time here at Bridge to Acton in many

years out good nights away we go 14 laps

at all and the wheel spin Hurley gets

away well casera got a good start but

can he get past right Quist he wants to

get past as quickly as he can because

already early it's pulling away down

that first corner which is flat out in

5th gear on a regular lap but this the

opening lap will sort out my men from

the boys so to speak I can say that

because Michelle our only female

competitor not racing this weekend she's

hopefully coming back to Lime Rock next

weekend we head down milestone straight

and into turn four for the first time

Josh Hurley followed by ride Quest

Kucera good start from serve agent

southern has got a head of racino Devlin

DeFrancesco also moving up the board as

is Francis jr he's up to eight daily as

nine stays in holds position then a year

is up to 10th place he's got ahead of

Parsons good start good clean start and

been already you started getting a feel

for this track yeah this this track is

probably the fastest that we've been to

each corner and notice that the

undulation and the

changing of the altitude but also the

pavement just seems really rough the

other thing I love about this track is I

don't think any of our drivers must be

the first track that I don't think any

of our drivers have been to in real life

so it kind of evens the playing field if

you watch all right this is really on a

terror right now in second place well

you'll see the speed now I hope we go on

board because this is such a flat out

they come under the Pirelli bridge here

and along the start/finish to go under

the second bridge the bridge Hampton

bridge which chur I believe still

survives actually but it's a golf course

now but under this bridge watch this as

they come on to the main straight the

first corner is flat out at over 160

miles an hour watch this

so you're diving downhill and it's off

camber going in plenty of dust and dirt

going round as we see Cameron passes who

didn't have the best of qualifying zyv

had but Cameron pushing away I've told

him he's got to do the national anthem

at Lime Rock as we go on board with him

the number 88

Cameron Parsons who's really enjoyed to

see championship

got a chance he races on the west coast

so he's looking forward to getting back

into action himself and he's got Nick

racino who's a good buddy of his in fact

I think they train together

so that's that's that's pretty

interesting is that hit him and racino

erasing against each other on track as

well as they are look at him all linus

turn these – I don't think Recinos

trying to get past racino looking for a

way past his body

Cameron Parsons took good start for this

phrase but it's still early and the gap

between Hurley and ride quest has not

changed it's still 06 of a second so

Karl ride quest doing a good job of

keeping our championship contender

Hurley honest casseras still there and

he is right there with right quest so

good battle at the front way you can see

it for yourself there's the top three a

little bit of a distance between serve

agen and forth but is that is that got

the makings of them today do you think

your buddy you know I don't know we

didn't see him in practice but he likes

new track so I think he's gonna do

pretty well it's pretty comfortable

right now seeing what happens ahead of

him the top three but I can't figure out

what happened to Bill and Archer Dillon

Archer fell back the 13th he's now and

12 but he started near the front he must

have gotten hit or punted or something

dignity fell back to 13th pretty quickly

well I'm getting some info some Intel

I've got my I've got my Intel spies out

this weekend Lynn is Reiki Singh

fantastic stuff Devlin DeFrancesco

holding up a whole field of races

including Daley who has got a new rig I

said he didn't have the best of setups

but he's got a brand new rig from a is

this week so daily means business and he

just tweeted out that he got blocked

everly and he has full respect for that

so there he goes let's go racing boys

love it daily in the thick of it in the

green hand whack

Scot nineteen-year-old benya here behind

him there he is in the number nine

Daly sits just behind him there's Archer

Archer currently in 12th place of racino

oh no and Borchetta going up the bank

well at least he didn't end up in the

woods as he did last time Wow

horrible Schecter Lonesome Dove today

I'm fortunately been in the woods in

practice and now he just got booted off

Hurley though continues to lead and just

does the fastest lap of one twenty two

point seven so Hurley in race mode for

sure he says he hasn't had the best of

preparation looking after his ailing

four-legged friend who's with him right

now but giving him full support so

Hurley is gonna try to do this one hog

he was watching on is a faithful watcher

on the sim and you've got a you've got

an assistant in your sim don't you yeah

there's a Jesse James my dog is in there


boost with me here in Tennessee watching

the races it's a big Edwards of agent

fan as well so he's rootin for Edward

yeah he says what he likes about this

mister cos is it's rough at least that's

what he said that's all I could work out

what do you say that's that's a good dog

I like that thanks back we got Archer

well ignore that back down the hill and

you mentioned the undulations you know

undulation and different elevation

changes in this practically hey Dad

what's the hairpin good racing Archer on

Daly Archer up the inside

Dillon Archer get in there son the other

18 year old the future Trans Am star has

just shown a top IndyCar driver the way

to go in trans and nice work

number 32 former winner Archer one last

time out for the first time and you've

mentioned is pedigree is dad watching

him still yeah you know I talked to his

dad a couple weeks ago and I'm gonna be

in the room next weekend announcing the

Lime Rock race with you but in the room

with Dylan because we're going to be

racing if Road America and Bobby says

that he likes to sit on Dylan's bed

watching over his screen and telling him

what to do and possibly Bobby raced in

Bridgehampton or who came to

Bridgehampton but to have your coach

Bobby our church is not reminded and

we're excited because that the wheels

are moving and we think the Dillon arts

or maybe in a TA 2 car in 2020 well that

would be really exciting news and force

the archer name synonymous with Trans Am

a couple of generations of archers have

raced that Tyler Kucera Kucera still in

third place there is nothing between the

top three this is probably the closest

start we've had to any of the races and

spar was brilliant watching them die so

full position I missed you there man I

could have done with you in the booth

then because it was nip and tuck but

this one looks as though it's gonna be

the same early trying to put down some

quick laps and trying to see if he can

gap himself with getting towards the

halfway point of this first race and I'm

looking at daily in tenth position

remember if daily and state endl there

abouts he's gonna start the second race

in pole position quite an accolade

now with that new rig Conor Daly could

be a factor in this one yeah we just got

word from the Conor Daly

I hope it's his people that he just put

it out that he needs a spotter in this

uh in this race that's pretty funny yeah

yeah he's got none of the luxuries of

IndyCar at the moment that's for sure

so what strategy here Jonathan effort if

you're casseras sitting back there in

the third place are you trying to get by

are you just happy with staying in third

place and some hope and that something

happens ahead of you it's a double-edged

sword because Kucera has got a six-point

lead but you get a six point lead with

75 points up for grabs of a weekend

you're not gonna sit back and say okay

I'll take third place

I think casseras just got to go for it

first and foremost he's got to get past

right quick that takes less points away

from him because obviously the further

down his stair finishes the more ahead

Shirley's gonna be if he can't get past

Josh early I mean ultimately casera

needs to win the race and he won the

first two practise races as I mentioned

so he's no slouch around here he's got

when he laps and looked very quick I

spent a lot of time on board with him

during the practice race and he looked

very comfortable indeed but he has done

all season so to answer your questions

we go back to Parsons as he fights with

Daley I think casseras got to get past

right question he's gonna do it soon but

at the halfway point of the race several

of the 14 gone and this battle surratt

is this daily versus Parsons daily in

the green just the head or Cameron past

and soon probably getting quite a thrill


an actual bona fide IndyCar driver his

father of course Derrick daily famous

Formula One driver I remember watching

Derek in the early days of growing up

great driver and a good man

so Bridgehampton flat-out 160 miles an

hour through turn one and turn to then

down towards bouncing over the curves

their daily getting into trouble as they

dive into turn three millstone quarter

fourth gear and then down the millstone

straight towards turn four fantastic

circuit I'm really loving this I say we

bring all the all circuits back I think

it's great yeah I do too it's really fun

to watch and it's really neat to see all

the drivers preparation because they

don't have the data or they don't have

the laps here to go in to so they just

have to go into this really raw and just

some of my herd head watch some

historical footage to try to get

something but that doesn't do much with

these modern cars and the speeds that

they're going he comes Archer he's

having a go go on Archer I'm Ben you're

here the 19 year old and Archer doing a

really good job of driving safely fast

and doing good overtakes and clean

overtakes and that you know he's only 18

and he's just got past another teenager

at 19

then I am from Miami Florida I wonder if

he could be a future play out maybe but

I tell you what archers coming up on


and there is a bit of a rivalry started

between Archer and the DeFrancisco

brothers so we're gonna see if he's able

to cleanly make a passed or if they're

gonna go at it here at Bridgehampton

yeah we've got a real combination of our

regulars in TransAm and we've got a few

ringers that have come in because they

love sim racing and the DeFrancesco

brothers are a couple of those ringers

Devlin I know quite well he is currently

an FIA Formula three although he hasn't

turned a wheel yet but he'll be going to

Austria and will be part of the ostia f3

grid as the lone Canadian there's an

American Logan Sergeant also racing in

FIA f3 we've had Juan Manuel Korea the

American from Miami informative – he

raced here at tranzact

and he may come back for the last race

but Devlin good to have him on board and

his brother Lachlan who's a little bit

younger actually Lachlan kart racer at

17 but a big sim races so we've had both

of them involved but I think Laughlin's

got a lot of weight and I think has

decided that it was too much weight for

him to be competitive but back to casera

he's starting to make a move now as we

look back from Carl right Quist

and it's interesting though I was

wondering watched in the slap is casera

faster than a ride quits but just can't

get around him and is that what's given

the gap – Hurley or are these two guys

just struggling to keep up and Hurley

just got this track on lock I don't know

yet yeah I think it's a perk of a

combination you can see the gap for

yourself there Hurley pulling away the

gap is exactly 17 seconds

but I think it's the latter I think the

casseras being held up by ride Chris and

he just can't find the best place to

overtake and it's hard to work out I

think you did the hairpin where we saw

Archer make that move on Daly that's the

place that I think would be the most

obvious he's coming up to it fairly soon

to left-handers and then down towards

that position but I don't think he's

close enough he's not far away so here's

where I'm talking about he's exactly

thinking what I was thinking here until

the hairpin would be the best base but

you can see right Krista's got it

covered off now the next opportunity for

Kucera is down this east straight it's

called now this is the long straight

down towards the last complex which is

known as earn arts corner or Arnett's

corner which is the last corner and

potentially getting stuck behind as they

go onto the main straight that would be

my advice for Kucera was to try to tuck

himself it go down the main straight and

then make a move perhaps into turn three

that's the next obvious overtake but

that's a very fast corner too as we go

back with Walsh Etta who's managed to

regain some positions having gone off

he's down in 16th position at the moment

got him do a shout out for Scott he was

very graciously showing us his

collection but I asked him what his

ambition was in some racing because he's

actually new to Trans Am – in fact he

and Edwards of agent did their first

real test of ta – at Eagle Canyon this

week and Edward there to help him out so

he's going into the real world of TA to

racing having been a group 6s VRA which

you can tell us all about so has Scott

got what it takes to go ta – do you

think yeah I do a lot of our group six

guys have kind of migrated over to TA –

and are doing really well but knowing

Scott he has gotten so fast so quickly

and he has taken this racing very

seriously and he's one of our fastest in

group six which is our most competitive


and I think he's gonna do really well in

pH too knowing just how hard he works

and studies the art of racing when the

our onboard weakest arrow we can see

what he's struggling with now we'll see

where he's faster or slower as he comes

onto the main straight this is perfect

we're on board with Tyler Kucera

the championship leader by six points

he's currently in third position

they crossed the strip now and head down

to the ominous first turn and as you can

see he's off 165 as he heads under the

bridge now flat out in sixth gear and

it's is really scary stuff this is turn

three where I said there might be an

opportunity the next one is to the next

right-hander it's a third gear

right-hander that leads on to Echo

Valley and casera will look for maybe a

way past here but again he's not quite

close enough so into Echo Valley they go

through staying in third gear up to

fourth gear for a moment up next it's

all uphill into the left hander but

again Kucera not near enough as they

head back up the hill through six and

seven we look back from ride quest he's

doing a really good job of hanging on to

this looking in his mirrors and driving

as hard as he dare now through eight and

nine and the next opportunity for Kucera

will be at the hairpin but again you can

see for yourself he's just not close

enough here comes the hairpin


you can hear from riding on board with

write quests how he's off the gas as

they go through the apex of it I said as

early as he can for this East straight

the final straight here at Bridgehampton

but as time runs out the clock ticking

down is Josh Hurley doing a really good

job or putting in the laps and a mistake

by right quiz there on the exit of the

final turn will surely give casera a

chance down the main straight this is

his best opportunity in the race and

he's gonna take it they're side by side

as they come down towards the first turn

this is gonna be scary he's done it oh

great stuff tyler Kucera

just wits back in because he knew that

he wouldn't be able to go through that

160 mile an hour turn side by side so he

whipped across on right quest that was

classic Trans Am racing that was and you

know I've been really impressed with

Carl right push throughout this eSports

championship because he's always up

there up front but he always seems to

make good decisions he knew he made the

mistake getting onto the main straight

and he he didn't make a mistake putting

both of them out as Kucera came across

him and now it's we're gonna see if

kisara can catch up to Hurley but I

don't know he's not there quite a bit

yeah the gap is two seconds with two

laps to go and so it's gonna be a

mountain to climb here at Bridgehampton

all the greats from Stirling Moss Bruce

McLaren the Bruce and Denny show came

here back in the seventies can-am very

famous here as was Trans Am so though

all the greats Dan Gurney you name it

all raced here and now Bridgehampton

revived by the e Trans Am by Pirelli

series and we're delighted to be here

that's for sure so a little further back

there's stuff I carried out in the

number-5 good to have him on board he's

been a regular down in 14th position

battling with porchetta as you can see

just a head porchetta now up to 13th

positions so Scott's done a good job of

recovering having been knocked out it

wasn't his fault I may add

it's got Pichette up

wanted me to give a shout out to main

gear who supplied him with another

computer we mentioned it in qualifying

Scott turbos Jetta has done more laps

than anybody else and I think he's used

more computers than any of us I was just

watching the virtual or more and when

the big boys like Simon Paz you know and

Indy 500 winner broke his steering wheel

in the middle of the 24-hour race and

had a spare rigs sitting his bedroom now

that that that's preparation I don't

think Scott had that much preparation so

yet you have to make the phone call and

get main gear in now he's under pressure

well this is early Francis jr and

Devlin DeFrancesco this is a good battle

and that's the battle for sixth and

seventh and Ernie's got his hands full

now of the youngster the 20 year old

from Canada is all over the man from

Florida the six-time champion so this is

a real good battle and try as he might

Devlin can't get past Ernie no but we've

got some drama up front because it looks

like it was right Chris holding back

Kucera just a little bit this Kucera

and second place did get fastest lap so

a couple of more laps I think he would

have gotten them but now that we're

closing in on the end of this race I

think it's gonna be really tough for

casera to get early well officially the

time is down to one point eight two

seconds but Hurley it's just gonna water

it's great great reaction by Hurley a 23

his fastest lap and a 23-3

romp Kucera so they're both putting in

their fastest laps in the closing stages

here this is the final lap here from

Bridgehampton round seven of the Trans

Am by Pirelli e-sports championship Ben

Sizzlin Jonathan green bringing you the

action as Ernie Francis jr our six-time

22 year old champion is holding off the

20 year old from Canada

Devlin DeFrancesco this the battle for

sixth place remember

Ernie Francis jr third in the

championship at some 38 points off Josh

Hurley at the moment and Kucera leading

the way now this should level up the

points if not give Hurley the overall

lead but sarah has achieved one thing

that I said he had to do and that was

get second he can get fast right quest

it was an absolutely audacious move into

turn one didn't think it was possible

but he made it stick all because ride

quest made one mistake out of the last

corner and that's all it took dr Lee

will be looking in his mirrors but he's

comfortable and he has been all raced he

was fastest in practice despite not

having the practice time and despite

getting used to new equipment but Hurley

doing what he's done all season long and

he comes towards the checkered flag and

Josh early it's gonna win his fourth e

championship race and retake the

championship lead what a way to do it

what a way to bring Bridgehampton back

and Josh early as we look at southern

coming to complete in fifth place behind

Edwards of agent and there is

JP southern crossing the line in fifth

Oney Francis does hold off to

DeFrancesco to take six place he

Francesco is seventh Vidia here is in

eighth position than marcher winner at

Spa is ninth racino drops to 10th

Parsons 11 Daly in the end there is oh

somebody getting in trouble that's

Kucera doing a bit of a celebration no

doughnuts here been but plenty of sand

to make some castles with oh that's Josh

early celebrate excuse me well he told

he was a clean opening remember he

complained in drivers meeting that

whenever he's won a wreck donuts and we

don't show it so now showing us don't

know fair enough he's gonna burn out

that motor though the virtual mechanics

are gonna be virtually unstoppable Emad

let the junk then that was a really fun

race to watch us so on it would be here

at Bridgehampton in what i'll you know

we've calling a throwback track but this

definitely is a throwback track it looks

like nothing that we race because of the

modern safety features and tracks these

days and it was fun and again it seems

like our top guys always show up week

after week yeah no question about it the

guys that have been at the front for the

sharp end of this eat Trans Am

championship affair week on week that

ends our first race and remember if

you're new to this we have a second race

coming up in just a couple of minutes so

don't go away

and it'll be a reverse top ten and I'm

just reminding myself of where the top

10 were but we'll get confirmation of

that in a moment but I think Daly won't

be far off the sharp end but yeah that's

that's Bennet was one of the most

thrilling races and that overtake into

this corner coming dad the hill was

pretty darned impressive here we go that

confirmation of race ones results early

with the win casera second request

survey jian southern francis jr

DeFrancesco been Yehia in eighth Archer

and racino so racino will start pole

alongside Archer Dave Lee is in 12th

position so he will start there and it's

gonna be interesting so what do you

think now you know the grid line up for

race two bent real quick oh I'm gonna

say you know expect Dillon Archer to be

up there at front as well as racino but

you know who

been really impressed with we don't talk

about much as JP southern I can't wait

to see him in a TA 2 car this year with

Stevens Miller but he's doing great in

this eSports good coal for a podium in

the next rites we'll take a short break

we'll be right back

from Bridgehampton after this






welcome back to the e championship trans

I'm Z transom ship presented by Pirelli

as we are at rich Hampton where you say

well you may not have heard of it but

it's up there New York State on Long

Island or it was back in the 60s in the

Golden Age as we call it of Trans Am

racing and certainly in the can-am and

Trans Am days of the late 60s and early

70s this is where the action was some

80,000 people would crowd in to this

spit of a race track and I say that

because it really is on the sand dunes

as you can see and it was a classic

place to go racing and Stirling Moss

described it as the most challenging

circuit in America so we have a reverse

top-ten grid for our second race of the

day Nicholas II know in the old purple

and black 33 will lead them away but

will Dylan Archer beat him to the first

bridge or will it be a bridge too far

I'll get my movie slogans in here we can

go on go the lights

let's go up I'll kill the lights and

away goes racino and Nic racino dives

off the line but Archer I think got away


archers got away better than racino and

he's alongside already and I think he's

just nudging ahead but this is where it

gets tricky because archers got a slot

back in and he has done nice work by the

young teenager and already Devlin

DeFrancesco is that serve agent or

bullshitter going wide somebody's gone

off in one of the big machine vodkas

he'll need one after that

who was that and I can't tell I saw that

it was ride Quist which is surprising

but I can't tell who was oh yeah it must

have been some agent cuz he's back into

18th place right now well the big news

is casera and by the way the gap between

Oh Francis T there was no gap there and

if Sarah said see a Jap Oh Bernie

Francis junior getting nervous back

there from Tyler Kucera but he casseras

got a championship to win and he's ahead

of Hurley who's got his own problems

right now

Hurley fighting with Ben Yair who has

been very aggressive of late and the

young 19 year old does not want to get

in the way of Josh early and Hurley

knows all too well he does not want to

get mixed up in a midfield battle but he

can now see Kucera clearly because he's

got a head and he's got casera in his

sights just ahead there's right quest

coming through on Ben a year so right

quistis through he's making his way

through the field Conor Daly just behind


down the main straight there's different

chesco he's got a head that was a good

start for him DeFrancesco he's up to

second place and here comes right quest

right quest got away and now he's under

pressure again then yeah here trying of

course side by side with him goes to the

outside goes to the inside great racing

my quest hold him up meanwhile Hurley up

to six plates with Kucera in fear dozen

the man you said could get a podium he's

in position to do so he sports at the

moment JP southern good Corbin there he


yeah this isn't a really fun second

place how did he do that

or is he devil it DeFrancesco sends it

wide and fat goes Southern having made

three places up and look at this battle

down towards to happen they come when we

go on bald with hurly-burly because it

is just that he gets past racino on the

left-hander he's now got Kucera in his


but Devlin DeFrancesco is the Joker so

to speak he's a little Larry his old

DeFrancesco and he is not involved in

the championship chase and in the

drivers briefing they were told some

merrily not to get in the way of the

championship fight that hasn't been the

case in race one we heard race control

getting rather irate yeah and I hate to

add some drama here but I've got to say

Josh Hurley now has a two point lead

over casera who's just in front of them

and I think both of them don't want to

have DeFrancesco to have to pass just

historically yeah he's he's uh he's done

some things to make some people angry on

the track so it's heating up right here

as our points leaders in this

championship series come up to the

person that they probably most likely

not want to pass well if you remember

last time out at Spa

sadly Josh Hurley was hit from behind

and was taken out of one of the spa

races which is what lost him the

championship lead and he'll be all too

aware of that casera though lining

himself up they're both tiptoeing almost

gingerly up towards the Kimora sponsored

DeFrancesco just a 20-year

every single Sita expert and has been

racing in Europe for a lot of his career

hasn't gone the indie route but he may

still do that and he's trying to get

into Formula One and following the

footsteps of Jack Ville nervin Jill

Vilna before that and of course but look

at the gap that that's given Dillon

Archer up front now yes as our two

leaders try to pass DeFrancesco Dillon

archers just running away with over a

three-second lead right now well this

could be Dillon are just second when he

won at Spa and there's not been too many

winners we've now had four wins Pacifica

Sarah full wins now for Hurley won at

Daytona for Ernie Francis jr won at

Riverside for Edwards of Aegean and

Archer of course winning ax bar

Cameron Lawrence winning at Road Atlanta

as well


so still Kucera and hot Josh Hurley both

our championship leaders behind Devlin

DeFrancesco who does he get out of the

way there I don't think so

well Tom I know it is getting alongside

him but I don't think I said that he's

not being polite in fact he's not

getting out of the way and now he they

get him by the way into the woods Capote

welcome to Trans Am young man

that was well to be fair I thought it

was race director I'd actually give the

benefit of the doubt to the girls JC

because they were faster then your

thoughts on internet

Franchesca leave that up to the

professionals but now they're dealing

with lap traffic already this early in

the race so it must be quite must have

had some problems and now they've got to

get past lap traffic and they're really

tough circuit to pass yeah so and you're

absolutely right and they're coming up

on that lap traffic I think that's


and yeah you're right now they've got to

be careful and they've got it and this

is where it becomes tactical this is

where it becomes very tactical indeed in

fact that's white sorry mr Karpe but

it's rich white in the number one yeah

he's in 20th place as you can see her

lease alongside theirs frisina that's

right quest look like Chris quest using

a pic yeah nicely done right Chris goes

through Karl right Chris to California

can't quite do it all in one move and it

was all his own fault because he was

pushing hard away he goes sadly rich

white who couldn't handle the pressure

sadly and under pressure from the

leaders coming through and gets a little

squirrely and I think takes himself out

but casera building now ahead and away

from Josh early just what casera wanted

in this race a little bit of breathing

space between himself and Hurley

yeah but Jonathan we were talking before

these races began today and you called

Dillon Archer to win one of these races

and now he's three seconds ahead of

Kucera do you think Kucera can pull up

and make this a race I if I know casera

and he's an engineer at heart I think

he's gonna play the odds here and I

think he's gonna be sensible he's not a

hothead is Tyler casera he's been so

determined and dedicated to this e Trans

Am championship I really do think that

either Josh early and Kucera up

obviously deserved the overall

championship meanwhile look at this

daily in France is battling it out for

the top ten daily just ahead of ernie

francis jr using rather interesting

braking maneuvers nothing francis will

get by him here I just heard that on

Twitch can't are saying that he's still

not got his head round driving a Trans

Am car well don't worry Connor when

you've got a weekend off come and join

us we'll take you out get you some help

and you could do the real thing with us

that would be a real thrill yeah that

would I love when we have we had Paul

Tracy with a hpa2 series until Elliot

came and raced with just a couple years

ago at mid-ohio I big names of racing

coming racing ta 2 or in ta and they

just have a blast with us I want to get

Willie T back in a car he just down the

road from me we'll get him we'll get him

going look at nests great racing

three-way battle Francis gets through on

daily serve agent looking for a way past

as well serve Asian in the 38 Allred and

he gets past Daly to or does he they're

side by side as they go under the bridge

and into the left-hander Daly's got the

better line through here but serve agent

makes it stick nice move by Edwards

serve agent a winner already in this

championship and driving mightily

Edwardson beige and of course the coach

to Scott Borchetta

and like I said they were testing their

TA to car just outside Dallas at Eagle

Canyon last week and really excited by

that news getting to know Scott this

week and looking how to determine the

years to go and do the real thing and I

say the real thing spra

it's certainly the real thing but to do

the rough and tumble of TA to no mean

feat delighted to welcome Scott

Borchetta to the fold and you'll be

taking on the likes of Edward when we go

back to the real world now halfway

through this race Dylan Archer has

checked out

DeFrancesco has been decommissioned

Jonathan I just heard Tom got word from

John Claddagh the president of Trans Am

with this whole thing together with us

with his esports that if it finishes

just like this with Kucera and second

Hurley and third that they will go into

the last round at Lime Rock tied for the

lead in this eSport and Josh Hurley told

us weeks ago in in one of the race

briefings one of the drivers meetings

that he may not be able to make the Lime

Rock race because of a prior commitment

but he's gonna try and I'm guessing now

if they end up like this he's gonna try

really hard to make it I know Josh early

he's gonna be in the championship a lot

of our drivers are in the movie business

like Tommy Tracy and Scott Borchetta in

the music business I tell you there's a

Hollywood script here on re trans and

championship if that is the case that is

gonna be fantastic

now your boy southern just saw him in

sixth place there he is

crossing the line now in the number 61

he's currently in sixth he's got some

work to do if he's gonna make that

podium but never said they never in this

particular racing as they dive through

turn one again and now Edward sub-agent

eyeing up a chance to go over take Ernie

Francis jr it's trying to force him

into a mistake as they go through –

coming up – three down to third gear

here it's like dab on the brakes and

then back down the mill side straight

millstones straight excuse me then it's

Kohler Center corner coming here this

right-hander fourth gear and into Echo

Valley which is slightly uphill and dies

then into the left hander foxed he'll

overlook as it's known good place for

the RVs as you can see on the right

there and then they dive back uphill

through the woods again

iving downhill again towards the happen

well Kucera is closing the gap on the

leader right now Dylan not sure but then

Hurley is also just slowly closing the

gap on casera so eight laps into a

fourteen lap race this could get heated

up there in the podium well they've been

fighting hard for the last seven weeks

and there's been a lot of laps and a lot

of work put into this and here comes

early Francis jr on Parsons he's got a

run on pass and Boston gets out the way

of both of them quite rightly good

driving by Cameron Parsons on the last

corner there lets them through goes a

little wide to give them plenty of room

and now Francis serve agent can go at it

as they cross the strip together

flat out fifth gear here and they're not

letting off much going down turn one as

we go back to right Chris currently in

fourth position there he is the gap to

Hurley in third now this would be

interesting if ride quest can get past

Hurley which there's no reason why you

wouldn't want to a because it's a podium

and he hasn't had many of those in fact

has he had any I think they did early on

but a couple of races ago he had a lot

of weight and finished

I think fifth place with a ton of weight

so he is a really good sim driver

yeah Reich was currently ninth in the

championship so he wants all the points

he can get you're absolutely right he

did finish on the podium in Barcelona

there you go

we've been all around the world we

started at Laguna Seca look at ride quiz

he makes a mistake dad he's gotta be

careful to hold it all together he's

lost all the impetus he made there on

Hurley and that's a real shame we saw it

firsthand the director yen's doing a

brilliant job super yen's as I call him

it's been on the money as have all the

talk about a sport guys throughout this

season I want to big thanks to you mg

and talk motorsports for hosting these

events for Trans Am never easy with 30

professional racing drivers some of

which have got a lot of Siddim

slim skills some of which dope which

serve aging using all his skills Theo

side-by-side with Ernie Francis jr and

something's gonna give it to turn one

they are side by side serve agent just

squeezes through or does he

back comes early Francis jr at two and

it's just a slight mistake by the man

from Dallas Texas I'm but it's still

coming on to and the milestone straight

they go into color santa corner look at

this bad side by side maybe what I love

about this Jonathan oh these are mutual

fans of each other ad works of agent

loves watching Ernie Francis and the TA

class and Ernie has loved watching Edwin

in the vintage group of group six at the

front with this Corvette and now they're

racing against each other in this

eSports giving each other the room and

the respect but not giving each other an

inch well this is incredible I'm just as

I say that a slight touch from Ernie

Francis jr and I have to say that was

not intentional I do not think that

Ernie for any one moment thought that he

could do something special there I think

what happened was the IDI may have great

late earlier than Francis Judy was

expecting but either way both of them go

off in what was a tantalizing run

towards the line and sadly it's come to

blows but I say racing incident there

I'm not the race director though

meanwhile Tyler Kucera marching on

towards well in fact I say marching on

look he's taking the gap down 29 I said

he was gonna settle the second place

what do I know

Tyler Kucera from Anaheim Pennsylvania

on it very much so the former me

Ackerman and making a name for himself

in Trans Am and he still got a chance to

beat Archer here with 11 of the 14 laps

gone he's right there there's Hurley in

third place he's two seconds off it and

I don't think he's gonna try anything to

you Eero ik but you never know Tyler

Kucera can cross possibly see the

opportunity to get some points up on

early and Archer already a winner

last time out still a long way back is

Archer Dillon Archer just the 17-year

old but we're expecting him to go racing

next year did you say yep I think so but

you know that something about Tyler

casera always seems to make the smart

move but the gambler in him has to think

if he can pass Archer and put Archer

between he and Hurley

that's just more points lead going into

the final round of this championship

with Dillon Archer is fighting Kyle

right quest for a top ten Cameron

Lawrence not racing this weekend he's in

8th position and Nick racino having

problems in that previous race so

there's a really good opportunity here

for Dillon Archer to win this race and

go back-to-back and move up the board

but as you can see casera closing in bit

by bit

and now there is absolutely nothing

between them as we look bar back down

the wwr chat brothers comm wing of

Dillon Archer he's in trouble he is in

trouble by ksenia and I just got word

from DeFrancesco that he is really

hoping that the stewards look into that

incident where he was punted into the

woods and right now DeFrancesco saying

that Kucera is to blame so this thing is

just heating up with drama Jonathan

clearly his phone still working because

he's out there in the woods texting race

control I love it March on his way but

can he hold off Kucera

big party plan in New York City tonight

at 1:00 on the nightclubs course I'm not

old enough to get in

your regular place I think been yeah

it's called McDonald's yes well known

it's Scottish restaurant know it well

yeah oh yeah it's very famous we will be

holding in court nasarah trying

everything for the Cabo Tex sponsored

number four as they come on to the main

straight again cuz Sarah winding himself

up for a go at Archer Archer will be

looking in his mirrors a 123 won by

Archer ease up the pace a 123 for biker

Sarah he too is up the pace and Hurley's

gone quicker

here comes Hurley for a last run at this

13 of 14 laps gone and Pearlie is the

fastest man out there everybody putting

in that quick laps now with the lower

fuel load wow this is really heating up

and I just got word from Race Control

that they are looking into the incident

so even after this race finishes there

may be some more things to come out but

what do you think Jonathan you think

Kucera can take Archer here I think he's

gonna have a go because Hurley's on a

rep to literally in the distance there

as we go back onboard with Tyler let's

take a look as he goes uphill now the

next opportunity for a real overtake and

we saw early Francis jr getting in

trouble just here now in fact it was

just here under that braking spot there

and where he hit into the back of serve

agent but the next overtake is possibly

into the hairpin here but as you can see

just not close enough at the moment what

he needs to do is get good Drive here

hit into fourth as soon as he can

and he does so now and then get through

that gearbox to tuck himself underneath

we've seen him go around the outside at

turn one before will he be out or

daesh's enough to do it again I wonder

early is coming though time is running

out onto the main straight they come to

start a final lap nothing between the

leaders great stuff just like spa here

we go again cheer versus two casera

the teenager against the more

experienced 30 year old and look how

close they are flat out and Archer in

trouble now Kucera hits the dirt for a

second that'll lose him a tenth but it

hasn't not lost him too much as they

dive through turn three here comes

casseras got the line now into the next

right-hander good stuff from Kucera he

surely got the line and he

goes through takes the lead brilliant

driving by Tyler Kucera who will take

the championship lead going into the

final round if he can hold this lead

here in the final lap ban your call is

it gonna be Archer is it gonna be Kucera

I don't know I think Archer was even too

gracious there I think Archer knows

what's at stake here and he's trying to

be a really good gentleman racer so I

think he kind of gave Kucera that corner

just knowing what's at stake and but

Jonathan I just didn't get word from

John Claggett that in honor of the

throwback he says he's taking us to

studio 54 tonight brilliant and then

down to Holland for the Cotton Club

Conger wrong we'll be having a laugh

so Tyler casera he's having a laugh he's

having a great time here at

Bridgehampton and Tyler casera one of

his home race is effectively the man

from Pennsylvania are not far away it's

gonna take the checkered flag away from

Dylan Archer what a weekend of racing

Archer won the first one Tyler Kucera

wins the second one early will come

across the line in third place to keep

it honest for the final round at Lime

Rock ride quest takes fourth place

racino the man you're looking at now is

fifth then comes southern in six then

you hear is in seventh position Accardo

in eighth parsons ninth and edward

sub-agent after that dust-up with Daly

there is is tenth with Conor Daly and

welcome to the Trans Am Conor Daly and I

say for all the transient community

anytime you want to throw you your legs

into a trans amp car we would love to

have you my man great that he could show

up for this weekend Donuts then here at

Bridgehampton it's party time

on the beach here in Rhode Island

well done Tyler he deserves that wow

that was just a great overtake and I

agree I think Archie was being sensible

you didn't want to fight for that corner

but Tyler did the right thing he chinked

out it was very similar to like whom at

Spa where if you've got that inside line

you really can't do much about it if you

can get alongside before the corner and

that's what he did to great over tapes

from Tyler casera his Racecraft second

to none in this championship yeah that

was really fun to watch and like you

said early one race one Kucera race wins

race two and I think unofficially if it

stands like this

kisara goes in now with a plus four

points advantage going into our last

round at Lime Rock which doesn't give

him too much of an advantage that could

easily evaporate within a couple of laps

so no one's counting their chickens and

no one's crossing the road great race

great weekend congratulations to Dillon

Archer and to Tyler casera they're our

winners today and that means to Tyler


extends his lead but not by much is you

quite rightly point out casera then with

the win ahead of Archer in second place

Josh Hurley in third and right quest

Recinos southern venue here in seventh

position Accardo a Parsons and serve

agent and then Conor Daly in 11th place

and he does beat Ernie Francis Junior

that's good fracking rights for a man I

hope you're on twitch right now telling

everybody you beat the six-time champion

and fought for it well done fine

litovsky winston Borchetta white Vacarro

Lopez and Devlin DeFrancesco violently

texting on his phone from the woods yeah

I did get a text a group text from

everybody though that Dylan Archer was

the first to congratulate Tyler casera

said it was great racing with you so the

camaraderie that's happening in this

East forwards paddock is just like the

camaraderie in the TransAm paddock well

thanks for everybody tuning in around

the world me and Ben are off to New York

City to party hard but before we do that

I think we'll have a trip down to the

stewards for a quick lime soda and a

listen it in on what is going on because

it's far from over

one more round to go in our a TransAm

championship that will be at Lime Rock

next weekend

same time same bat Channel from me

Jonathan green see you then












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