Trans Am by Pirelli Esports Championship – Round 6

published on July 2, 2020

Josh surely is chasing that both he and

Kucera so far in practice were

absolutely in a world of their own some

half a second quicker than anybody else

in the field so it could well be early

and casera story yet again but watch out

for Ernie Francis jr he's only 19

points adrift in third position so it's

anybody's game

we've got Bridgehampton coming up and

we've also got lime rock to finish out

the year so it's been a really

interesting and then we go for real as

we go to Mid Ohio at the end of June so

look forward to that I want to remind

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that's where we'll be live streaming

when we go to Mid Ohio and if we

continue to do so many racing that'll be

there too but that is our modus operandi

so to speak all identical Corvettes you

may not might may notice so no advantage

for any of the drivers it does make a

difference though how many laps you do

and once again

it's that man Scott Borchetta who is the

teammate to Edward savatya who tops the

laps of 223 and that's a lot of laps

around spar I can assure you this course

one of the longest tracks on the Formula

One calendar and of course it's been the

site of many a 24 hour race and as well

as motorcycle 24 hour race I've actually

done a motorcycle 24 hour race here as

we look at Tyler Kucera

in the number four and Kucera obviously

lost the bet in the week because he

shaved his head I don't know what he

lost but he shouldn't be really betting

with Josh early because

he's lost his hair over it or he was

just he was telling us in the drivers

briefing he was just going for a bit of

a slimmer cut you know aerodynamics and

all with the camel stripe it seems to be

working for him

so let's just explain quickly on the

rules as we take a look at the

leaderboard led by Thomas Merrill –

eighteen point five so far bullshitter

really doing a good job well he's put

the laps in and now it's paying

dividends to nineteen point nine

Lawrence and white but we have one

qualifying session then we'll go into a

nine lap race around this famous circuit

and that will be followed by a reverse

top ten from race one into another nine

lap race race – so 16 races in the whole

championship so still plenty of points

up for grabs with three rounds and six

races to go and like I said at the top

just four points between Josh Hurley who

leads the championship and Tyler casera

in second place


incidentally Ernie Francis jr our

current six-time and current ta champion

but having won at Daytona and been

mister consistent he's out there too and

here is a great story for you look at

this one

man well career of Miami Florida

America's top single-seater driver in

Europe currently sadly was injured here

at Spa last year and this is his return

to the circuit that almost caused him

more problems than he could have

imagined he's getting into more problems

now as we as we speak

taking out the number 15 of cliff white

from Huntsville Alabama

as Tyler casera but this is a big moment

for one wild career to come back to spa

it may be in the virtual world but if

you don't think his mind is going to go

back to that sad day in f/2 when he was

involved with the ant on avail incident

so a very special day for him and he's

brought Pete Joe Toledano and Xavier

Gonzalez from Mexico two good friends of

his to support him in this race and we

welcome them too as well as some of the

other youngsters we've also got a young

Moroccan via Miami Florida as well and

that is Michael Ben Yehia a 19 year old


it's currently racing Andy racing at the

moment and delighted to have him on

board and I think what's gonna be

interesting is to see whether any of

these young sim races as well as


experts can take on Josh there he is and

Tyler Kucera and make an impact into

this race certainly Josh early will be

trying to stay out of the way of those

drivers get a lead and stay in that lead

with this being such a long track I

don't expect the racing to be that tight

if you can get away it will be a chance

for slip streaming through the camel

Strait and maybe through blossom or and

down towards the bus stop but generally

speaking I don't think

it's gonna be too tight erasing unless

you're are they able to go wheel to

wheel and use that slipstream we shall

see been a brilliant season so far for

Josh surely he's been having a lot of

fun with this and in the real world

as well as being a racing driver oh that

wasn't very polite as well as being a

racing driver he there's a lot of

coaching and teaching and Hurley just

slows down takes a little bit of a rest

bite catches his breath after that

little incident and now time running out

with this one minute to go in our

qualifying and Hurley has gone quicker

so far

216 six similar to his practice time is

Sara second 2:17 3 but casera knows he

can go quicker than that he may have had

some traffic in his last run but both

early and kisara in practice were in the

two 16s racino does his quickest lap or

two 175 and edwards of agent goes

second quickest 2:17 3 but still not on

the pace of early yet as we look at

right quiz

Carl right quest the Swede turned

American racing back in Europe he's

already been to Barcelona

he'd raced there I'm not sure if he's

raced here in the real world but he's

done a lot of real world endurance

racing so odds are that he has been here


and if he doesn't or hasn't he'll have

certainly done it on the sim one thing

that you can be sure is that even if

you're new to sim racing spar is on your

bucket list of wanting to go around it

always is the case I think Monaco Spa a

few others Watkins Glen our absolute

favorites around the world and I just

want to say talking around the world

thank you for tuning in to our a Trans

Am series we had over 200,000 viewers

last time out at Riverside for walk back

into yesteryear now there's early

Francis jr and currently in sixth

position are two 175 but as you can see

he is officially knitted

and there's wood going through poo on

these famous names of racing and finally

get to see Trans Am roar through the

forests of our den I'd love to do this

in the real world I'm sure I drivers

would too

I'm gonna be joined by Ben Cecil he's I

think he missed his bus from from

downtown Spa so he's gonna have to walk

up the hill and try not to get too many

flags and too many miniature cars or

stop at any of the nice brew houses on

the way and certainly don't stop for any

of those mayonnaise fries those are

slowed down that's half a second a lap

if you start eating those I've been to

this circuit many times and we're

blessed because this is the first time

I've never seen it without rain they say

the people of spa don't get old they


always seems to RAM at some point in a

three-day weekend here for sure we may

get lucky though we've got two short

nine lap races and at the moment anyway

fingers crossed

super yen's has not turned on the water

fountains spa went through quite a lot

of changes in the last 15 years or so in

the paddock especially it was so cramped

they had to the old pits were on the

right here going down the hill towards

ride-alongs and Eau Rouge

and there is the famous Rouge it's so

frightening and there you just saw one

try but getting it wrong that that

concludes our qualifying and it pretty

much has gone to form there's the new

pit lane and to the left is where the

old pit lane was but it is Hurley to

166 who takes the pole position with

Tyler casera

to 169 nothing really in at point two

for two Edwards evasion did a really

good lap towards the end there to take

third then it's Archer racino Francis

the youngsters coming on strong Merrill

is seventh right twist eighth been a

here is in ninth position Benny yeah

here is really the one we should be

watching because he's coming in almost

as a ringer this weekend the 19 year old

from Morocco and Miami Florida in fact

his mother's from Belgium maybe he's got

a maybe he's got something we don't know

about here with a little bit of a

Belgian advantage tends his southern

JP southern in 10th in would Lopez

Borchetta Erin white and Lawrence that's

your top 16 no real surprises when

Manuel Correa and not showing as well as

he had in practice to 265 and he may be

just saving his powder or the race


so that's the qualifying at the moment

it is Hurley in pole position for round

six from spar Franco shop we'll take a

short break we'll be right back






cause your members in Monzon fall that's

the best I can do in French welcome back

to spar Franco Xiang in Belgium as we

get ready for round six of the twenty20

Trans Am by Pirelli eSports championship

Jonathan green and hopefully be joined

by Ben sizzle who's having to make a

long way up from the village of Spa and

I don't think he's got his high car so

he's gonna have to do the walk but we'll

wait for him but here we are we are

ready for what should be a cracking run

here towards Oh Rouge for the first time

Josh Hurley will lead them down the hill

for the first time and this first corner

is imperative to get right early leads

them Sarah right there with them and

Edwards of agent down the camel straight

for the first time nine laps at all and

now the jostling for position begins as

Hurley will try to hold them all off

serve agent in the Allred looks to the

inside as they come to lagoon for the

first time early on the inside and

kisara squeezes through yes blue goes to

number four on the number three and

that's the championship in action right

there Kucera four points adrift but now

goes into the leads of agent looking for

a way past as Hurley drops the second

place down towards pull on for the first

time and that was a really really

intelligent move by Tyler Kucera of

Mannheim Pennsylvania as they head down

into poo on so they sort themselves out

it's Kucera Hurley serve agent Francis

Archer Merrill racino southern ride

quest and would already the field

styling to spread out well that was a

really good move by Kucera

but now Hurley coming back at him as

they head down towards the back of the


into stab elope and this is a key corner

Stabilo because this is the long run

from here right at the back of the

circuit and it's basically flat out

through Corbeil port flare blow show

more and then down towards the famous

bus stop chicane where literally you're

going from 160 miles an hour down to

about 30 there's JP southern he's got

his own battle going on he's side by

side scoop launch come on you can't do

that in a Trans Am car but he did it


great racing into that famous chicane

then and that's a Michael bene then you

hear he was racing with that man from

Miami Florida via Morocco

I believe his mother I said she was

Belgium but she was a Consul General in

Miami representing Belgium so maybe they

pulled out the red carpet for him today

JP southern down towards Oh Rouge former

single seated driver and you saw a

little bit of air there as he headed up

the cable straight that's Nick Briceno

just behind JP southern 25 is lawless

Alan from noise California our ta two

driver young stop and coming side by

side and through goes out and Oh a

little bit of contact there and round

goes lawless Alan that was a bit of a

lawless move not sure if you'll get away

with that one and I'm talking about the

red car does that serve agent or was it

yes I think it was Edward Savage in no

it can't have been it must have been

Scott Borchetta because you could see

Edward serve agent here he is in third

position man from Dallas Texas who took

a win last time out at Riverside really

impressive he's had an interesting run

as Edward he swapped over the VR it made

him sick he took everything including

ginger they're trying to cure himself

from motion sickness that he had it for

four days hated it

but he doesn't look as though he's sick

at all right now he looks as though he's

in the throes of ecstasy going around

this very famous circuit out of Stabilo

and it's somewhat eerie when you are at

spa because you really are in the middle

of nowhere I say the forests of our den

but you take take a trip to the left all

right and you're lost in the woods for a

long time it's easy it's a cart circuit

in there somewhere down towards the

chicane let's watch as he goes from over

130 miles an hour and drops right down

through this very tricky last turn good

job they're not doing pit stops cause

it's also pit egg tree let's Nick racino

had a good run has Nick and I was asked

before this spa race who I thought might

come to the front and come to maybe

challenge some of our leading men and

racino was one of them and he's

currently an 8 there he is just going

through a source and down the hill again

and as I kind of expected the field

starting to spread out a little bit but

Hurley has got the advantage by 06

over-serve agent and casera has built on

his lead overall and he's got half a

second but that won't be enough at this

stage to stop early from catching I'm

sure it only needs a bit of traffic for

Tyler Kucera

and things could change dramatically

lawless Alan's got back and going again

he goes through a Rouge and for those of

you have never been to spa it is quite


imagine Circuit of the Americas and

effectively double it in terms of the

hill the lifts and the fact that you are

flat out it's not like you get to the

top as in Cota and then slow right down

at the apex you are flat out all the

through all the way through Oh Rouge and

then there's the longest straight coming

after that so it's a key component of

this circuit

so lawless Islanders got back going

again he's down in 14 it's now battling

with Boris said and Boris one of the few

drivers who's actually been to this

circuit he drove here did some testing

here and it's also driven it and some of

the endurance races back in the day a

little bit of damage there too one of

the pink cars was that Doug Winston

maybe down in 17th position in the 39th

there's second place Hurley now the

championship playing out right in front

of us as Kucera and Hurley and I just

get the feeling where Tyler casera he's

cut all his hair off for this weekend I

was alluding it to it earlier as we go

back with Hurley and we'll see the

maestro at work now as he comes down

towards the chicane

now this chicane here is one potential

overtake there's another one coming up

now after the start finish at that

source you've got to be tucked up closer

than he is right now

another idea is to get a slingshot here

and start building on a move right here

when I say slingshot go nice and wide or

use as much power as you can early on

yourself in as Hurley is doing behind

Kucera now down the hill and then at the

top of our ooze pop out maybe not too

early because you might lose a doubles

potential slipstream but this is exactly

what Hurley's doing and look at the air

he got there early now lining himself up

for a run on Kucera

he's tucked in right behind in the

slipstream now as they head down towards

Lake whom classic spa racing the casera

is mindful to it and brakes very late

until a command doesn't give early the

opportunity and now Hurley will try to

build again and there's a couple more

places maybe 12 and 13 coming up where

he might have another pop but this is

great racing and you can see they're in

a world of their own these two pulling

away from the rest of the field then

you're here you just got a glimpse of

him there and his own battle in the all

blue and black there he is

young 19 year old it's got another 18

year old JP southern who's just

graduated high school in front of him so

it's the youngsters battle and then nick

racino he's a little bit older than both

of them

those three going down towards puan here

comes Briceno nicely done on the inside

of the entry to pooja and he's through

on and you're here and he's now gonna go

in pursuit of this man the number 61 JP

southern through campus corner and down

towards Stabilo


back in the days of likes of David Hobbs

and many others this was a road circuit

genuinely street circuit and it was much

longer in fact and there's all sorts of

war stories of people going off course

and into people's fields and hitting

barns and hay bales and all the rest of

it a little safer these days but it's

still very treacherous a little bit of

damage to Scott Borchetta well both cars

I think Doug Winston and Scott Borchetta

scars slightly damaged and that's a

shame because I know that Scott

Borchetta was really looking forward to

this if he's done something like well he

has done over 223 laps in practice

leading up to this race and given that

that takes a good couple of minutes it

it's a lot of time on the server's we go

on board now with second place Josh

surely going up a Rouge and this is that

view look at that completely unsighted

as you head through that and now he's

just not close enough at this time what

he'll try to do I quite like the

position he's in now because you might

just be able to get to a slipstream

before the corner but not this time

so Hurley will have to wait but I think

he's biding his time because he knows

that really is only gonna get one real

chance to overtake Kucera and make it

stick and then hope it's towards the end

of the race so that Kucera all JP

southern and racino in a battle JP

southern losing at and racino going

through a racino up the sixth place now

and I'm a it still there in eighth but

seven drops down to seventh it comes

back on the inside good racing look at

this side-by-side for the pair of them

as they head down the hill and racino

has got the better line but doesn't hold

it JP southern says no thank you

and this is cracking racing down towards

Pugh on again this is a flat out fourth

gear turn and all that messing about has

allowed young Michael than a year on

Miami Florida to catch back up with

racino and now challenge him


I've just heard that Ben's been arrested

that's not good he didn't pay for his

beer as he was rushing up to the circuit

so hopefully the authorities will let

him go we can get him back up to the

commentary booth then I told you not to

mess about when you're on when you're on

vacation like this not good

gonna learn the ways of the Europeans

gotta finish your beer you can't don't

slap it flip it down anyway Sarah is

still put and the gap has come down

slightly Hurley it's doing a really good

job of reeling in Kucera but without

doing anything too dramatic that's a

very wide line for white as he goes

through the third member of the big

machine vodka troop and Dylan Archer

spoke to Dylan just before the start of

the race and I was asking him what are

the tricky parts of the circuit what

does he enjoy says he enjoys the camel

straight it's car ride twist as well but

you said there's a few places that are

still it's one of those tracks I don't

know how many times you've been here or

whether you've done a 24-hour race here

this is one of those circuits that

always has something to learn for you

there's never anybody that says yeah

I've conquered spa I know exactly what

I'm doing

and if they did I wouldn't believe them

Carl ride quiz heads towards Oh Rouge

half way past the halfway point now of

this first race one of two races here

inspire you see how the car gets light

and almost as a wheelie over the top of

the hill there as they come to the top

of a Rouge and now early dialing in on

Kucera and this is gonna be a really

interesting lap because casseras mirrors

are gonna be full of Josh early

Pennsylvania versus California Hurley

using all the track and more as they

head down into who haunt a long long

left town that's basically a double apex

seems to go on forever and then down

towards turn 13 which is a tight

right-hander third gear through here and

Hurley now will try to build towards

Stabilo coming up in a moment and again

tuck himself behind late break into

Stabilo that's exactly what he does and

again a double apex through here now

this is where he's got to be good

they've got to get good drive out of

this corner now onto the back straight

past the old farmhouse and then it's the

run down to blanch the one which is flat

out all the way down through here and

you can see the speed as we look back

from casera

there we go flat out through blanch them

on wonderful pictures here great stuff

done by UMG boys and talk motorsport and

that's another opportunity for an

overtake that Hurley isn't close enough

to as they come through the chicane and

onto the straight again I wonder if

Hurley's just gonna save himself for one

lunge and one lunge only because some

ways with that long camel straight I'm

not sure you want to be leading you're

almost a little bit of a target and

Kucera knows it he's the man with the

pressure on him at the moment and he's

got a drive faultlessly

Hurley knows it early right now is just

putting enough pressure on try to force

his Sarah into a mistake and he's looked

but he has to try

to make that run item yet and you can

just seize almost holding station I

think you could get closer

he's waiting probably until the next lap

or the final lap which is risky business

but the way these two have fought

throughout the season they know each

other's game so well in fact they've

been finding out in discord just how

similar they are in their approach to

racing and like I said this but a bit of

smack talk Josh early was telling me

earlier in the season he just watches

practice until somebody beats his time

he gets on that's four or five laps

beats the time and then jumps back off

so you might see when you get the lap

charts that he's got the least amount of

laps but he's literally foxing people

and when somebody gets a false sense of


Josh Hurley jumps back on and goes

faster it comes right quest but it's the

pressure on the 34 of would really only

one line down this hill though there is

an overtake in the pool arm but you've

got to be right there and he's not just

close enough at the moment here we go


right quest had a good run at parcel

owner has had some good runs all the way

through as we look at Thomas Merrill

currently in fifth position and the

mistake there I only Francis jr and

that's allowed Thomas barrel to get on


the HP shooters 81 going for it now in

our current ta champion and Francis jr

just got one wheel off and it slowed him

down we go on board with Merrill here he

comes through plancha ball that's a

risky move flat out and he's done it

that is great driving absolute

commitment there as Thomas Merrill goes

up to fourth place Ernie come Francis

jr knows his best hope of getting past

is to try now

and Ernie not happy with that couldn't

make it happen in it's the HP tuners

number 81 of Thomas Merrill who gets

through into fourth place here in the

closing stages are back to start the

penultimate lap now Ernie Francis jr

will have more time just about to try

and get back at him and if he stays

where he is now he may just get him down

the camel straight there's JP sub and

currently in six racino then he out here

in eighth position then Archer ninth

wood is tenth right twist 11th fine

Allen Lopez Busch after in the top 15

another good result for Scott especially

without damage to the rear wing there so

to stay in the points very impressive

now it comes Josh Hurley and he's going

for it now I can't quite do it at the

end of the camel straight and he's

running out of time now

so Hurley getting desperate and casera

doing a brilliant job of staying cool

calm and collected here in the woods of


no rain anticipated Kucera doesn't have

to worry about that he's just worried

about the torrent behind him that is a

massive storm called Josh early and

these two have gone wheel-to-wheel

all season long

and I think they've got a lot of respect

for each other's driving as well they've

both been very clean and that's no mean

feat when you're racing Sims learned a

lot about sim racing in the last six

weeks and it's fascinating that there is

almost a bubble you'll hear the race

director talk of a bubble around your

car which you don't want to get any

closer to the opponent because you can

literally get in that bubble and pass

both of you out out of the track and

that's what exactly what Kucera is

trying to avoid right now is southern

and racino as we go back on board with

Nick casino chasing down the young 18

year old JP southern southern of course

coming from Formula three and formula


beautiful sand it goes through the

forests and now he's got a run boy he

thought about it maybe you should try to

break him into the chicane because he

tried to casera but it didn't work

racino now pops out to the inside that's

more of a textbook overtake it's far

because you'd really can't come back

after that overtake and unless you make

a mistake Atlas sauce that is the move

made so Nick racino has recovered well

there he thought about it at lunch

tomorrow changed his underwear and then

did it the chicane after all here comes

JP southern Atlas sauce can't quite do

it there now southern last lap we'll

have another chance at camel straight

want to know where Josh early is though

because here he is we're going down the

cattle straight for the last time Josh

early he's got a chance he's got a run

on Tyler Cass Aaron and this is surely

the only and one time he's gonna make

this move he's forced to the outside

Kucera driving brilliantly and early

can't do it a Sarah holds on but he's

not giving up just yet now he's gonna

try every which way and they're both


so Josh surely knew his best chance was

at the end of the camel straight into

Lake whom tried it what was left out

hung out to dry by Tyler just holding a

very good race line in the middle of the

track that's excellent racing at Spa and

now Hurley just backing off a little bit

he'll try and build up now for these

last few corners to get to the back of

this track and try to see if he can get

tucked in behind him at Stabilo

which will be coming up too very soon

indeed two corners to go and then just

one long straight back there's the

Karthik circuit to the right and now

through Stabilo now he's got to get good

drive out of here he makes a little bit

of a twitch of the mistake and that

could be all it takes

butkis arrow to be home and dry here

comes the number four he was four points

behind Josh Hurley when they went into

this race it's been a classic between

the pair of them but Tyler casera has

been faultless he's driven with his

mirrors he's had four eyes quite

literally one looking forward or two

looking forward to looking back as he

had to and he comes up to the last

chicane now and as long as he doesn't

make a mistake here he's home free early

will take him and keep him honest but

it's gonna be the car boat act sponsored

number four who comes to complete spa

and a excellent victory and one he will

remember for a long time to come

especially if he takes home the trike

and trophy that's been a really really

excellent run but of course both of them

now we'll start ninth and ten for the

second race

but at the checkered flag tyler Kucera

does it in style we're watching as to

where Francis comes across the line here

he is now

he will finish in fifth position just

behind Merrill serve agen gets on the

podium again

Edward serve Aegean there's still an

archer rounding out a top-10 finish in

ninth just ahead of ride quest wood will

finish 11th Porsche after is gonna get

up to 14th there's his damaged car and

he just got ahead of Doug Winston so

those two I was asking Doug would stand

earlier in the week he who he likes to

battle with and he said he's had some

really good runs with Scott Borchetta

and it looks just like done it again

because porchetta is 14th Winston 15th

Allen just ahead of them Boris said 17th

using his track knowledge getting up

there into the top 20 Kent Vacarro

another single-seater

my stroke down in 19th position and a

shout-out to one man well career coming

back to spa after that horrific track

and with the lighted he's come to join

us racing in Miami Florida right now as

he repairs his broken leg and we're

delighted to have him on board the

formula 2 driver and there's Kent


the number 26 another single-seater man

the racing in the states currently and

he will finish 18th

thanks for checking flag now it's Kucera

early and Saavedra and that's your top

three from race one reverse top ten for

race two and I'm heading down to the

police station see if I can get Ben out

and bring him back up to the commentary

booth but it doesn't matter well he'll

be fine you'll get they'll feed him

confirmation then of the result

congratulations to a great run on the

massive pressure or Tyler casera

of Pennsylvania he takes the victory but

just half a second ahead of Hurley who

had one go down the camel straight until

their khumba couldn't quite pull it off

serve agent takes the Merrill Francis

racinos southern

and and higher in eighth position Archer

right first would fine lawless Allen who

got turned around but managed to get

back to 13th place Borchetta 14th

Winston White said Vacarro white

litovsky in 20th position one manuel

carrero 21st Lopez and Paula Dana

Palladino his two friends who joined

this weekend so they've all finished

linus turn with each other probably have

a bit of fun out there are Cato and

Lawrence not sure what happened Cameron

Lawrence but not where he should be

so that's the first race in the can

we'll take a short break here in Belgium

and we'll be right back with more from





welcome back to spa Frankel shop in

Forest of Arden in Belgium it's a

beautiful location and thankfully no

rain today that's a very unusual time to

come to this part of the world without

seeing some rain but we have had the

police raining down on young been

getting in trouble but I'm glad to say

my wallet is lighter but I in fact with

my cohort mr Ben sisal are you there

yes I'm here thank you so much say we're

not gonna let me out but you vouch for

me so thank you well what I did was I

actually called Michael and his mother

who is a Consul General in Miami for

Belgium and she sorted things out oh

that's good well whatever you did it

worked and I'm happy to be here I did

get to see the race and what a race that

was and I have to say our two top guys

are now absolutely tied going into this

race Jonathan that is excellent news and

you can see they are ready to go for

race two a reverse top ten remember and

that means that Archer is on pole

position in the number 32 on come the

lights out go the lights away we go and

it looks as though archers got away well

right quistis going well to Archer in

second place up the hill and up Oh Rouge

they come and it is Archer in second

place right Chris leading everybody

jostling for position for the first time

a nine lap race but the fast man are in

ninth and tenth Hurley's ninth Gesserit

tenth let's see if they can make up some

spots coming to their Combe for the

first time but it's right where so

leaves them nick racino on the outside

in the old purple 33 somebody getting

turn around one of them is Nick casino

now Casino it may as well have been a

casino cuz the fleet lottery so Nick

racino gets turned round but did it he

also involves some of the top men in the

championship I'm not sure just yet let's

hope that Hurley and

Kucera have got through Frances was was

knocked out in some of that it looks

like Ernie Francis dropped down to 16th

I think he and racino got into it and I

think the Sarah was you know what casera

was also involved he's down in 13th

position Hurley has survived to eight

very surly so drama in teen at the

beginning of this and as you rightly

point out Ben they are neck and neck on

points and now this trouble

Early's not out of the woods quite

literally here in spa because look at

the traffic he's got in front of him

and there's if you want meryl who's no

slouch he's got woods evasion

and in facts of agent is holding off

hurley at the moment serve agent of

course on the podium last time out as we

look back on the HP tuners thomas barrel

number 81 great backward-looking shot to

see the car speeds they're going through

the forests here


well somebody going wide is that Doug

Winston it was

and here comes Kucera he needs to start

making moves quickly he's got one man

well Korea in front of him and for those

of you don't know that name TransAm wise

no he's a formula 2 driver in fact he's

America's top formula 2 driver and

probably the closest American to formula


but sadly recovering from a horrific

injury that he had here at Spa in the

real world in Formula two last year and

he's chosen this weekend to effectively

get those demons away and I'm delighted

for him I hope to speak to him

afterwards and see how it went for him

but I think he's just taking his time

and taking a sunday afternoon walk he

doesn't want to get in the way of the

championship at through ghost casera

Carrera will follow him hitting a little

bit of a slipstream from Tyler casera

but there's what's in front

Ward career comes back at him good

racing but loses out Oh get sideways

since spins at around one man well well

he got everything right then it all went

horribly wrong then you can see there's

a lot of traffic up there now for Tyler

kisara to deal with


he's not been arrested again I haven't

got any money left so all eyes on Josh

surely he's currently in seventh


but casera is the one we've also got to

keep an eye on he's down in 11th place

having been down in 13th position and

all that Kucera wants to do now is just

stay as close as he can in position wise

to Josh early here he is again Kucera

two of the nine gone


he's got number 89 it's got Borchetta

ahead of him

and repaired that wing has Scott which

is good news for him

the mechanics got to work in the break

well there's only Francis to do bouncing

over the kerbs ernie down in 16th

position and that's not a usual place

but then again one thing I know about

Ernie Francis jr is if he's in trouble

he'll sort himself out look at what's

going on in front of him really dicey

battles that they come towards the bus

stop Francis has got to be careful not

to get itself involved that he had to

take avoiding action Doug Winstone

raking very late and Francis almost lost

it there but he recovers well and what's

great to be on board with only Francis

jr as he took the avoiding action and

everybody putting in fastest laps that

right quest 2:17 now that's right Chris

Archer southern that's your top three

then you hear is in fourth position than

its Merrill serve agian and early

casseras made one more place up he's got

bullsháá to next and as you can see he's

coming alongside Scott Borchetta as they

head into Lake whom he hasn't made it

stick or hottie

yes tyler Kucera well don't think they

touch but either way or shatter got the

worst of that and I think he was trying

to give him room and that put himself

off but Scott Borchetta

probably realized it was Kucera and

realized he didn't want any piece of it

one of the things the driver said in the

drivers briefing was that remember

there's a championship going on nobody

wants to get in the way of Palika Sarah

and Josh Hurley and remember when they

started this race they're on equal

points for races to go after this how

exciting is this they are currently 7

for 8 on the road early a few seconds up

the road from this man Tyler kasseri

hasn't got sight of him yet but he

surely will as we go back with this

battle for third place

southern and been a year through the


there is the Moroccan Florida Oh was he


just hit hit the wall I think it took I

think he for the goal and no I think

he's out well there's some ghosting

going on there but there is Edwards


he's in six place at the moment that's

early in seventh now how far back is

Caesarea you almost just got a glimpse

of him there but it's uh it's about

three seconds early Scott but with this

traffic in front of including this man

here the big machine vodka sponsored

thirty eight of Dallas Texas

Edward serve agent this is not easy at

all because this is the whole field in

front of Hurley so unlike the previous

race they are not spreading out there is

less than a second between the top seven

that's incredible

there is Hurley at the back now Hurley

needs to use the camel straight

that's his safest and most obvious way

to get past this traffic what he doesn't

want to do is be slowed down and allowed

Kucera who's just done his fastest lap

to catch up

it's not close enough as they come

towards Lake whom this time seven eight

and nine you can see as we look past and

look into the rearview mirror of fire

casera I'm sure he's did the same looked

in the mirror to see just exactly where

Kucera was and he was there where as we

looked back down the camel straight we

couldn't quite see Kucera so he's some

distance away but this battle is raging

on this is great stuff and JP southern

is just ahead of this but this battle is

and you hear Merrill serve agent and

Hurley no real room for an overtake

through here

right to see these flame breathing

monsters Oh Sam

never before in our 54 year history have

we raced here but hey it's a new era

it's a new time for racing and 2020 will

be remembered probably for one of the

most extraordinary starts to a year the

whole planet let's be obvious and it was

great if you weren't in our previous

broadcasts I want to put a head heads up

to the likes of three-dimensional

services and Kari hit and many many

other country companies including Tyler

casseras company who have been making

PPE equipment for the poet 19 recovery

so hats off to all of the Trans Am

drivers and community now where it's

Hurley's spill at the back of this group

as they come to a source and he just

guys got through on Edward oh he barges

his way through and Edward Sebastian and

super yen's might have something to say

about that meanwhile look at this

everybody getting into it and Hurley

loses out against us of a gym but he'll

have to run on him

down the camel straight here comes

Hurley on serve agent he made a move at

the source and I thought he'd made it

stick now he's got the run on him and

he's got the better line as Josh early

and survey Jim will have to give in or

does he he keeps his foot in does the

Texan is only a Texan would oh they

touched that's the whole championship

early just about escapes and look who's

coming Tyla casera

right there with him now and I knew this

could happen because as Hurley got into

a battle with Edward serve agent he's

just allied casera

to catch right back up meanwhile as more

battles going on between then you're

here and Merrill who don't give a jot

about what's going on with Hurley as

they're in their own battle right now

meanwhile right quest we haven't seen

him hardly but the Swede is some half a

second up the road from Dillon achos

having a splendid day here it's far what

a race this is turning out to be and

like I said at the beginning of the show

this championship on a knife edge right

now now I think it should be just as

close when we finish it we've got four

more races after this we're going into

the unknown again for the next round and

then it's to Lime Rock with a

championship decider

and back with number 68 there is one

Manuel career we spending a lot of time

talking about it quite rightly as the

young 20 year old from Miami Florida I

mean back from serious injury would you

believe it he's driving just with his

left foot right now because his right

foot which he had to have effectively

bone growth to grow his leg he lost 10

centimeters seven seven to ten

centimeters of his bone from that crash

at Spa and they're rebuilding the bone

now so he's all clamped up and so he's

trying the same with just his left leg

but pretty impressive say he is where he

is he's currently just outside the top

ten behind bullshitter in 11th place and

ahead of lawless island they're still an

archer second place man but you can see

ride quest just ahead of him and JP

southern not that far behind so we've

got a good battle here at the front too

far from over with six of the nine laps

done Kucera does the fastest lap or two

seventeen point 183 at the perfect time

he's still behind early but not that far

behind as we go back quite rightly with

the leaders to see if Archer can take a

pop at Wright quest right Quist but a

lot more experience of driving the young

Dylan Archer who's what we call a future

Trans Am star and of course his father

and grandfather very famous names in the

world of Trans Am so we do hope that

mini Archer becomes a mini-me he's

sponsored by a family name realty


as we go back with our leader ride

quests and Archer all over the back of a

bus at the perfect time as we saw a race

one you've got to be really careful when

you're in second place you want the lead

you've got to choose your time and if

you choose too late as Kucera as early

did with Kucera it's really only one

major overtake and I think you should go

for it on the penultimate lap just in

case you need a second run and archers

looking to do just that

he's pounding him his knee as they come

towards Stabilo now he should have a run

on him down towards the bus stop what he

should do now I think it stuck himself

in it himself as thin as he can get his

best slipstream as he can get that

little bit of extra horsepower to give

him a slingshot as they come towards the

bus stop and then just chink out to the

inside let's laid plans of mice and men

it's easy from here in it that he goes

to the outside can't quite do it now go

see inside the switchback nicely done

he's side by side as they come onto the

main straight and this is for the lead

of the race ride Chris knows he's in a

battle now right Chris the Swede holding

on there side by side as they come down

to this sauce something's got to give

and this has been perfectly run by Dylan

Archer water classic overtake maneuver

three corners to do it but I think Dylan

Archer may have got this but that comes

right west and here comes southern into

the battle down towards Oh Rouge read it

everyone up they go and somehow right

Chris holds on and now it's a three-way

battle and surely now right Quist is

absolutely to target because here comes

Archer but Archer is gonna be on the

outside he's gonna try to go to the

inside great stuff Archer goes into the

lead here comes southern Archer takes

the lead from right quest here comes JP

southern whoo teenagers take it on the

vastly experienced this car white Quist

fantastic racing here at Trans Am and

that southern wants pie

but Dylan Archer leads the race could he

get his first win in Trans Am the Archer

brothers sportscom on the back of the

real wig and he's already starting to

build on that lead as he comes through

puan you can see the gap for yourself

it's got about a half a second maybe

just over now on ride quest who's got

his own troubles with southern he's

trying to defend from southern meanwhile

early and casera are a second away from

each other six and seventh on the road

more drama to come from this one and

there's battles all the way through then

a year and Merrill still going at it in

fourth and fifth early holding off


sebastian hasn't recovered from that

incident he's down in eights as we go on

board with JP southern atestado

fifth gear 150 flat out you can see he's

on the rev limiter as they go through

blonde sham on now look at this casera

early because Hurley's got traffic

hurley does not want to be battling with

Merrill right now and he's gonna get

past barrel he does so and that's a good

good move by Josh early and that could

be the most important move he's made all

day in the Corvette because he's given

himself a little bit of space between

himself and Tyler Kucera as they come

towards the source and time running out

in what has been a fascinating run here

at Spa I'll tell all about it to Ben

afterwards and I'll make up all sorts of

stories and he you'll have to believe

them and Kucera goes to 16 6 he's really

up the pace now sensational lap that's

the fastest lap of the day I think

faster than his pole time that his

qualifying time for sure

Vicki did a 269 in qualifying and now

back to the front with ride quest Archer

and southern Southern's lost off a

little bit of time but what a race top

eight less than a second I've never seen

anything like this at Spa now I can ride

Chris come back he hasn't had a victory

yet car ride quest and this would be a

great opportunity

oh and Archer goes very wide but the

good thing about that corner is you can

do that same here as well

Spa although it's very tricky is

forgiving in a lot of areas like this

into turn 13 campus and 14 no room for

an overtake their possible overtake but

really as we saw before your best bet is

to duck under it's tableau and wait for

the chicane and that's exactly what

casseras figured of doing there but he's

running out of time he's got Merrill as

the human bollard effectively or the

Corvette Balad because he wants by and

he wants bad I anxiously you can see by

the lines he's taking he's getting

desperate as we go on board with Tyler

casera shaved his head specially for the


flat out through blonde sure mom doesn't



just a blip into sixth gear there for

the moment most of them actually on the

rev limiter in five as they come until

they come on to the bus stop and now

time running out though if casera is

going to make his move on Merrill and go

after early he's got to do it soon

meanwhile at the front

Archer under massive pressure this is as

close as Rai quiz has been the gap is

point three of a second as they head

down the hill towards O Rouge right

Chris will definitely have a chance for

an overtake down the street and a 2:17

six by Archer whoa look at this racy

now Hurley under pressure big-time from

and you're here

Manny jinx out and Hurley's got to be

careful here doesn't need to get

involved in this battle

you better just stand out of the way but

he wants to keep a buffer obviously I

know he'll he gets turned round boney

turns around and I don't think it was

anyone's fault

Lee's own where comes Tyler casseras

past and that has changed the complexion

of this race well there's a famous book

called lost in the woods by Bill Bryson

and I think that's just become a reality

for Josh Hurley because that has just

played perfectly into the hands of Tyler

casera meanwhile back at the front it's

far from over and our final lap right

Quist trying desperately to see if he

can stop Dillon Archer who's on his way

to take the family name to another

family victory but none of his fathers

grandfathers or any of the team I've

ever won expire I wouldn't have thought

young Dylan's gonna do it let's not just

jinx him here comes right quest he's got

one last chance as the 46 I don't think

he's close enough and that is absolute

desperate desperate times for Josh early

down in 8th position but I'd love to see

that again because I don't think anybody

touched him I think he was just too hot

until a cumin and spun himself Ram

either way Archer on his way to victory

into the chicane he comes and that's

been a brilliant run his overtaking and

his race craft way beyond his years and

sure enough it's gonna be Dillon Archer

who takes victory here at spar Franco's

shot as he dies in Tula sauce I'll write

quest second place and that's gonna help

cars championship hopes too especially

with Hurley finishing down in eighth

career is gonna finish in the top 10

down the hill they come as Kucera

and so Kucera does finish the race in

fourth position

here comes Hurley and he does finish the

race tonight so that has given the

championship lead to Tyler casera with

four races to go the championship very

much on a knife edge still after a

fascinating and enthralling spar

Franco's shop well they will be chatting

heavily in the brew houses of spa and

cologne tonight no question about it and

there is your winner got the family

emblem on the side of the car as well as

the forge live sponsorship and it's

donuts in spa

Tommy Archer on the side of the car and

he could be very proud with a young

nipper he needs to do more more


well that was an excellent run so

another winner camera Lawrence is one of


Ernie Francis jr has won a race Edwards

of agent has won a race Tyla Kucera and

Josh Shirley of won all the others but

now Archer joins the winner's list and

here he is so what a day and no rain and

no pen hey hope here's a check on the

results as quietness envelops the

Ardenne and everybody takes a deep

breath to confirm those results but it's

gonna be Dillon Archer with victory we

look down the famous O Rouge yeah you

know confirmation then Dillon Archer

with victory ride quest second southern

third Tyler casera that's the

significant one the man from Anaheim

takes fourth and I hear is fifth merrill

serve agent early career finishes in the

top ten and how about this Scott

Borchetta has done it he's told me get a

top ten and he's done it

he did 223 practice laps and it's paid

off Scott Borchetta of Nashville

Tennessee gets into the top 10 every

serve agent will be delighted with that

result as he's his mentor and coach

would Francis jr Allen racino Lawrence

Francis jr will be disappointed with

that 12th place Lawrence gets up to 15

Petoskey 16th Winston fine white Vacarro

white Toledano in 22nd place ahead of

Lopez and Forrest said what a day here

in spa Archer is the winner and Tyler

his Sarah takes the lead of the

championship and Ben Sissel is lost in

the woods

that concludes our coverage of the spa

race we've got four more races to go one

next weekend and the weekend after we're

going back to yesteryear next week and

then we finish it all off at Lime Rock

I'm Jonathan green join us next week for

more fun in the Sun of trans-am

















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