Toyota, Lexus AC Compressor How to Replace Part 1 of 2 Camry ES300 Avalon

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

Today on Brian's mobile one we're working on a one Misbah that's three liters at 95 Toyota Camry v6 so we're going to be working on the AC compressor when you look at the AC compressor one of the tell-tale signs is everything's rust-colored and then there's some shiny

Glossy like it's brand-new black stuff that black stuff is a compound that goes in the electromagnetic coil for the clutch once it shorts it gets really hot and it just goes to crap all that stuff melts out and then you know that you

Need a new AC compressor clutch Brian's mobile one unfortunately you have to take the whole compressor out in order to get the clutch changed out because you're right up in against the frame rail there whenever you take the AC

Compressor out you're going to have to pull the lines again make sure you get a shop to pull the refrigerant out of it this line blocks this bolt so you got to take the line off to get the bolt out do they get a compressor out to get the

Clutch so in order to get everything out what I do is disconnect the negative battery terminal here pull out the alternator here and the reason why is if you touch this it's just like touching the positive terminal so if you're in

Touches this and anything else that's metal in the engine compartment the Sparky Sparky Sparky Sparky so we're gonna get all that out of the way and then that will give us an egress that's not a bird that's a means of get out for

The AC compressor follow along at home and let's do this one other thing we just wanted to show you that pinstripes you're back in it's like the Prohibition era and mobster soot fashion but we've got a belt that bypasses that AC

Compressor so that could get here means it's made him a little bit contact but good enough it's just kind of fun because you got these nice little corduroy stripes and it's beautiful as far as getting the belt off everything's

Done here with the tensioner you can see the long bolt back there so you undo the pivot here make it loose get this one loose do the cowboy boogie let's do this Brian's mobile one so now that we've got

The battery undone without it shocking anything shorting anything breaking anything so it pulls out off give it a little wiggle a little wiggle always let your conscience be your guide to pinch this guy this way and just kind of got a

Do it blind on these and the reason why is you got this and it says push which is funny because it's like upside down and backwards where you can't see it but that causes it to release and then this guy here if you look at it it's got a

Little tab you can just flip out this way and pop it open just open the door and let it out I want to make a move sound as I do that that's just a little too cheesy corny for this cool once that's free and out of the way we're

Just gonna go for it you'll notice that I kind of turned up so that I didn't take that kind of rap music move to turn up if you don't get it if you use an impact on this one on the bottom you can get trapped against the side wall or

Against the HVAC lines given that we're trying to fix it and make it better not worse we're just gonna be careful with that and make sure that we don't mess it up my favorite tool for that is to do a stubby gear inch it's kind of one of

Those things you do by Braille it's just because this is so hot to touch my hands in there doing this bowl to my couch everything's disconnected doesn't matter because make you get wet a lot of people get wet causes evaporation that cools it

Off really quick and then you get your hand in there without having to have medical assistance every time it rains on the highway every car on the highway is getting wet or at not industry-standard for cars to be tested

And built to be this way people would get killed every time it rained all this dirt in here comes waterborne as required – they'd be sitting ducks to be hit I don't know there's wives tales in every aspect of every kind of thing

I'm sure rocket scientists have like wives tales things that well maybe not then because they're smart but certainly in mechanics people have all kinds of stuff that they're really communities of powder and misinformation and fear in

Place of all right now looking at the AC compressor it's like yeah that's pretty doable we can get that out I did not grab the cap that goes over the nut for the positive output from the alternator no it's a lot easier to get so this is

The wire that gets the clutch to come on you can see some of that glue that we saw on the outside here and on the forefront that's like I say that's just the resin that goes around the coil so it doesn't short you can see that that's

A mess and then when you go to roll this I mean it's just a coarse and binding and stuck there's your problem go get some more spend rinsing the belt was what was melting so we'll just put in one of those on remember this ball I was

Burning my hand when we're pulling this out of here so this is the bolt that goes in the bottom here like that so you got to watch out when you have this I'm done it can flop around you're like does it go this way does it do it that way

Best thing to do look at the witness marks it'll tell you which way it goes you can see the line right there and there look on the other side it's just the bolt marks as for the bracket on this fine animal you can either pull it

With this one together or you can pull this off first it doesn't matter but there's a nut here and a nut here and then you've got a bolt here then you got the bolts on this side you just got to get those pulled out so this bracket

Here you got to move out of the way to get to this bolt you don't see this bolt that you will meet up so now that I've lifted this up it's really easy to see that both of these need to go lean into it

Thank heavens were not in the Rust Belt it'd be a really hard thing things got low miles and been in the desert so lucky yes I'm gonna have to straighten house a little bit put that inside of there these go together with

That same bracket with that and this let's kind of organize them normally I would have them in a magnet dish but we've got a plastic idiot hood and that's where I want him so that's what I put them I'll throw this right up next

To it like it's underlining it or something I have fun with this I just kind of like making an art project of it now you're gonna have a real problem on your hands nope it gets it bam hits it with a vengeance or stops either one and

Doesn't hurt it at all naysayers and trolls thanks for your input comments help my channel I know this seems like a trade show stuff but these are secrets the things that I've come up with over years of doing this it just makes the

Job a whole lot easier so you can lock it down to where it's straight or you can pop it up just a little bit and it's like a little universal see if we can grab a win with this I'm not even in the right zip code so embarrassed let's let

Me Internet I mentioned how hot this car is auto repair video and people don't know what they're talking about and they don't want to tell you anything about how they're failing like you would in a job like this but we're just gonna leave

This in here for educational purposes so at this guy make sure that it's on really square we talked about rounding things off as a possibility with the electric branch right if you have this on a fastener and I'm going to

Demonstrate it for you right now and it's like that you're asking for a rounded off bolt or if it's like that I mean like even by hand that's gonna slip you gotta make sure that no matter what the rest of this is doing you got to

Make sure that that's all in there real square and that's accomplished by gripping the ratchet here not here and kind of creating some downforce on it so I'm pushing this way a long parallel access and that just makes it happy to

Just kind of hang in there so I've got my finger touching the bolts I can feel when I'm making contact but what's gonna happen what's wrong with this situation I've got sharp bowl ends in right at my knuckles

And I'm pushing on something that can break free so what's gonna happen is put some skin if I keep out up it's important to be able to spot that stuff before what happens there we go a little break on that I'm just getting a tattoo

That I'm working with a craftsman but I'm wishing I had a high tooth gear inch and make a big difference right here have a bought one yet holy crap that stuff I'm gonna try to getting a little lower on this if I can get a better bite

On it it's a little different feeling when you get in a pinch like this and the whole Internet's watching you and you got skin in the game oh there it goes yeah be careful with the hose be careful with the fan motor don't burn

Yourself on the exhaust manifold wow I mean this is like playing operation but you're the one that stands to be bleeding my glove like melted into the AC compressor yeah that's all I'm talking like a sinner sweating in church

I don't have Parkinson's I'm just ready to let go let's look at that how much damage did we do we did some damage on this thing but given it was the stuck as it was you might have done some damage anyway and most of its at the top is it

Rounded off or is it still a hexagon it's still a hexagon it's looking pretty good ish I'm a little embarrassed but given the corrosion factor it doesn't even look that bad I was hoping to be all white and make me look better but

That's what we got so we know we've got these fasteners at the top we've got this nut and we've got this nut but what about the bolt on the bottom this is why mechanics hate engineers there's an AC or a line that directly blocks at so you

Got to open the system by pulling this AC line apart and get it out of the way before you can pull the other bolt and that that leaves you wide open to get all kinds of garbage and crud and junk in there what are we gonna do find out

In part to stay in tune and it should be up on Wednesday bonus footage at the end so out brother that's what I thought if I if I come in and ask you I'm a little low myself I thought you're gonna sneak up on some

Antelope when that prop stopped yeah that was pretty fun huh so does he know you're out of gas how much do I have I've got you yeah I can go get you I got that trailer I know how to get here I don't know if there's a

Way to siphon gas out of that yeah as much I got let's just do that my whole tank comes off pretty easy just go slow don't bump that muffler this is fun I knew I was getting close you could not have picked a better place to run

Out of gas yeah yeah I was thinking that that have been gnarly dude I bet they get right to you and then turn around and run yeah I don't think they'd charge you much yeah that'll probably get me mad all right my friend that worked good

I've never I haven't done this in like a real scenario before I've done it on the beach you know just for the heck of it but that's cool well I'm glad I stopped that worked out fun I got you yeah give it a try buzz well so you have two prime

Hey wait those guys get in the air quick I am soaked if I got so much crap that I'm fiddling with

ooh my gut went it's all good man and so I turned around and then and then I was like I'm good I got this so then I so

Then I went flew around and I was chasing you guys sorry way high behind us and I was way high I was that's about I don't know maybe fifteen hundred feet from the towers and then I got wet

coming into land which was weird

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