Top Secret Cryptocurrency Private Group

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

what's going on everybody outs back with
another video and today it's gonna be a
little just update video guys nothing
serious I just wanted to show you guys
some analytics on my channel see that
this community is being built um
step by step slow and sure you know it's
been a long time coming but you know
community people are responding people
are commenting people are hitting me up
on Instagram asking me for stuff and I'm
happy to help everybody and accommodate
everyone that's actually why I'm making
the purpose of this video this is the
purpose of this video is basically I'm
making a selected top-secret
cryptocurrency group okay
and no scammers if you are a scammer
please do not join this group or I'll
permanently ban you or if you try to
sell services or do anything sketchy in
this group I will ban you and it's gonna
be on telegram if you don't know what
telegram is basically one of the best
services when it comes to having these
types of private groups and it does
support blockchain technology and and
they have looked at up to two hundred
thousand members it's just the best
group possible I know a lot of you
probably don't have telegram downloaded
all you have to do is click the link in
the description below and it'll take you
to the website to download it's very
you should have telegram anyways just
because of how good it is and then you
can start joining other cryptocurrency
groups as you can see here I have other
cryptocurrency groups that are joined
but I wanted to make this you know group
for my channel specific the people that
really watch my videos the people that
support my channel so what I'm gonna be
doing is I'm gonna be giving giveaways
and this this group only there's gonna
be specifically for this group and it
could entail you know free Bitcoin the
giveaways cañon tell me setting up a
cryptocurrency trading strategy for you
for free it could be you know just a
consultation call for an hour
basically all types of giveaways cuz I
know you guys are serious that's why you
join this group in the first place you
know but as you can see here mamillus of
subscribers have been going up this
channel is gonna take off eventually
you know estimated earnings is going up
it's not a lot but you know I'm getting
a lot of a lot of new subscribers a lot
of people watching my video
look at this video this one has like
70,000 views look 72 K views can be
reached 100 K soon I ranked number one
for coinbase so these are gonna be a lot
of coin cryptocurrency enthusiasts
there's gonna be Internet entrepreneurs
and stuff like that of course but this
is like the crypto gang and it's you
guys know I love cryptocurrency
that's that's primarily my main focus so
called it crypto gang you know you got
the group here called crypto gang I'll
update the image eventually but I want
it again to make this so that we can
have a focused group of people that are
all on the same mindset so because
there's so many scammers out there man
look at these comments sometimes like
avoid this so I'm glad I'm making this
video to avoid this look at this random
links you know god this is just a
regular link but like people look look
just got secured three bitcoin transfer
to a blockchain account like god license
trust to verify from this random email
address dude and then you see how they
take out the period so that people can't
and in like a whatsapp number so so the
Google or the YouTube algorithm can't
catch them like this is all scam guys
like I can't delete all of them there's
no way YouTube takes out like half of
them and I cannot just to look at this
thanks to Chris my weekly bills have
been taken care of but this is all scams
do not get involved with this and this
is why I'm making a group also so that
people can you know get real deal advice
like not nothing that's if it's too good
to be true man don't trust it for guys
commenting on my video talking about
he's gonna give you free Bitcoin what's
the come on it's pretty straightforward
so yeah guys again this is a super top
secret group click the link below join
me I'm gonna be making more and more
videos for you guys my channel is going
crazy and like I love YouTube as you can
see like I just love YouTube you know
I'm coming up on like what almost 5000
subs at ten thousand and I'm gonna do a
fat giveaway of some Bitcoin or
something like that so tell your friends
you know if you made money in the past
support my channel tell your friends you
know so I can get all these
cryptocurrency people together so we're
educated for the next boom because you
know it's around the corner guys
the big next boom is coming let me show
you look it's altcoin season I'm gonna
be making some altcoin videos very soon
look at this stuff
90% in one day 45% neo was taking all I
got top 5 all coin pics video coming up
soon I just recently bought and put a
whole bunch of money in some uh clothes
I got uo s look I'm making some money
right now do you guys have some
do you are you making money cuz this is
the time to do it this is literally the
time to start making some money I got
Raven coin and I've done you know a lot
of research guys have been in this for a
while I originally came above
cryptocurrency by investing in e theory
I'm showing you exactly where I invested
in a theorem so you know what I'm
talking about here right here look ten
I bought a ridiculous amount of a theory
I'm around here and around here and rot
here is when they partnered with JP
Morgan boom
we are gonna find the next etherium I
think I have it boiled down to one coin
I'm going to talk about it but I'm not
gonna talk about it to just anyone so
join my group go below I'm also gonna be
posting my update videos in that group
so you guys to support my channel okay
like I said this is cryptocurrency
community guys oh one more thing before
I go if you do want to support my
channel without having to pay for
anything because I don't like sell
anything except for the shilajit which
is speaks for itself I don't talk about
that it's not really supporting me to
support in your health but what you can
do is when you go to my videos all you
have to do it helps me rank let's say
like by the way if you haven't seen this
video it's phenomenal darkweb scamming
go watch it now alright so yeah you are
a scammer I'm not a scammer though but
look all you have to do to support my
channel is use all the buttons share it
to your Facebook
when I say share it to your friends
don't have to literally go find a friend
of like hey look at the zero know just
click share go to Twitter go to Facebook
and if you have any of these things just
share them the more buttons you use the
better it is for my channel like my
video comments I'm not asking for favors
guys this is only for people that
actually like my baby you don't like my
videos and dislike it you know it's not
a favor like I'm just looking out for
you guys been doing this for free for
the past two years I'm just not making
money so I want to make a community I
want to help other people make money
okay the only way I can do that is if I
could do this full-time up you guys you
guys know I'm not doing this full-time I
have another job so if you support my
channel I get to a certain point within
the next year I could really start
putting up some serious content you guys
know people on the internet Cap'n
they're not talking real stuff I'm
giving you guys the real deal no spiel
like I always say I'll give you the full
business plans from start to finish to
tell you how to do it you know I'm
trying to be down to earth as possible I
don't want to be greedy man well I think
you're gonna undercut me I really don't
care I Know Who I am as a person I'm not
insecure that's why all these people on
the internet just giving you 30% of it
and then they want to sell you a course
or something so you can get the rest of
the knowledge no I am NOT insecure if
you want to execute my plan
hit me up let's do it together I am NOT
greedy and that was the purpose of this
channel when I first made it I just
wanted to be super down-to-earth and
show you guys the real
because there's so much lies on the
internet that that's literally why I
made it man I hated it I hated it you
know I've gotten scammed a couple of
times so that's why I made this channel
so if you support my channel do me a
favor like this video if you don't leave
a constructive criticism comment below
let me know what I did wrong subscribe
for more video updates and like I always
say you guys know and finish it for me
you will get left behind catch you guys
in the next video

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