Top DeFi ALTCOIN for this PUMP!? Binance Fears It…

by bigr10published on August 1, 2020

hey yo how’s it going with those addicted to this channel the chico army and any newbie a viewer of the two let me first introduce myself as tyler

The host of the crypto channel where it’s always safe to land right here with us in our backyard you know how we clinch our bung hole it’s time for

Chico crypto you want to know who else is clinching their bung holes centralized exchanges who have had the power in the crypto space since trading began with mount gox and now they are starting to realize

That they may just be losing that grip of power decentralized exchanges dexes and swapping protocols are here and if you couldn’t tell they are surging in january of 2019 total dex volume

Was just 40 million dollars last month june 2020 15 years later total volume was over 15 billion dollars and the beauty of all that volume is it’s freaking real by real people with

Assets in their control not fake wash trading on the exchange by bots controlled by the exchange and where you gotta trust that exchange with your assets which exchange after exchange after

Exchange has proved they are no good at that so let’s just visualize that fear of centralized exchanges back in january of 2019 when volume was just 40 million for dexes

That was just 011 of centralized exchanges volume the over 15 billion done last month that was 21 percent of the total centralized exchange volume the trend line growth of dex volume

Versus centralized it’s a steady one up and in my opinion will only increase in the future so let’s just use the most popular swapping protocol as an example uniswap this entire month of

July is doing over 20 million in 24 hour volume with the past four days being between 50 to 60 million 24 hours now we’re not going to compare unit swaps volume with any of the centralized

Exchanges who are 100 known to do fake wash trading and all that baloney with tether let’s compare it with an exchange a big one who has real volume like coinbase yesterday coinbase’s real trading volume

Was about 232 million and unit swaps was 60 million that is over 25 percent of coinbase’s volume done on uniswap and that is worrisome for coinbase as they have hundreds of employees

And a ton more overhead to produce that 232 million uniswap has maybe eight or nine distributed employees and basically no overhead and that is exactly why coinbase decided

To invest in uniswap in early april coinbase put out this blog post coinbase usdc bootstrap fund invests in uniswap and pool together from the post it says

In a little over a year uniswap has grown from zero to 31 million well now 60 million of liquidity now has exchanges also known as pools for well over 880 tokens usdc

Bootstrap fund has provided 1 million dollars of liquidity to the usdc and ethereum pool so do you get it uniswap is a protocol the only way to invest as of right now is to provide liquidity which even

Coinbase is doing pumping up their competitor and already bending the knee because they tried to get into the deck space already in 2018 the brian armstrong announced they acquired paradex

And the post said we’re thrilled to announce the acquisition of paradex a relay platform that will allow our customers to trade hundreds of tokens directly from their wallets after making some product

Enhancements we’ll initially offer this experience to our customers outside the us and eventually to us customers well i wonder what paradox is doing today the volume

Zilt’s not a zero none it was a failure a massive one and this failure of trying to get into the dex world as a centralized exchange isn’t limited to coinbase but the tether addicted

Chatcoin casino binance 2 the binance decks much hype such failure checking out its 24 hour volume chart it’s been under 1 million for most of this month and just recently is barely getting over 1

Million dollar 24 hour volume so uniswap is doing 60 million binance dex is doing 13 million that is just 21 percent of uniswap’s volume the binance dex is a failure why

They didn’t bend the knee to ethereum and tried to make their own chain and token standards which is a really really bad idea you better integrate with ethereum or get ready to be left behind so we are

Working on a decentralized exchange ourselves decentralized exchanges will be the future because all the developers are building with ethereum a recent report by lead block partners found that ethereum

Is number one for enterprise development controlling 27 share they control enterprise and then in the dapp space look at that control outlier ventures just last month showed ethereum

Has nearly eighty percent of total smart contracts built on it and over eighty-two percent of the d-apps built on it no other platform comes close but also from the outlier ventures report

We need to look at something the change in active developers the worst was eos then bitcoin cash then tron and cardano but look at the best who gained the most active devs in quarter two of this year polka dot

With a number absolutely surging since january 2020 i wonder why because they are not trying to leave ethereum behind but complement the platform and help it scale the smarter choice in my opinion

And this leads me into an opportunity i see which connects this entire video together going to the ethereum gas station we can see the fees are getting ridiculous between 45 and 43 cents which got daddy

Vitalik even tweeting about it transaction fee revenue is now nearing half as high as block reward revenue this actually risks making ethereum less secure because of andy posts a link

To a study now going back to the gas station look who is the number three culprit of transactions on ethereum uniswop with their users paying over 772 thousand dollars to use it

Now wouldn’t it be nice if there was a uniswap which had lower fees all the assets on it erc20 and the like plus assets from other chains and worked flawlessly like uniswap well

It’s coming with pokeswap which i covered recently and is why the token and network behind it the soraa network is one of my top recent picks and the players behind pokeswap

Put out a nice medium post just five days ago explaining it better than i can let’s see what they said nice headline d fight is eating c five and then a section on polka swap versus ethereum based x’s

Like uniswap in it they say pokeswap has the capability to go beyond the limits of current ethereum dexes with the opportunity to add tokens from the polka dot ecosystem as well as other blockchains to the

Exchange in doing so the traded pairs on pokeswap are not limited to erc20 tokens like other dexes but can be any blockchain that can be connected to polka dot like

Bitcoin they explain it will have lower gas fees because the corsora blockchain infrastructure uses hyper ledger ihora v2 which is more scalable than ethereum

Plus the overall polka dot architecture allows virtually limitless composability between blockchains so the economies of scale for transaction volumes can lead to lower costs on the more modern and

Scalable architecture and finally they explain on-time transactions which will confirm in seconds which gives you that centralized performance without being centralized so i’m sure

Many people will ask how does this look what is the soar network and how does their xor token fit in well this design of it shows it pretty well which consists of their hyperledger ihora which has the decks in it aka

Polka swap plus any other geaps and the bridge chain the soraa network encompasses all of this plus some including the substrate bridge parachain

And the soraa polka dot wallet now i said plus any other d apps well in the medium article in the source section explainer they say this besides pokeswap one of the main applications running on the soar network

Is a soraa decentralized economic system itself which going to their website they have a live functioning application for this the soar app and you can kind of think

Of this as a decentralized incubator for startups within the application startups and entrepreneurs pitch ideas and projects through the soraa ecosystem users those community users then decide on how to

Allocate newly created xor tokens by voting on projects that are featured within the soar app when you vote for a project you’re voting to allocate xor

For that project and if the project you voted for passes you also get some of the allocated xor as a reward and on their website we can see they have funded nine projects in total not

Blockchain based most of them they want to fund real-world goods and services from chester’s cherries to hotels to a winemaker in la and even moneta europeans payment system when you begin to realize that pokeswap

Is just one piece of the xor ecosystem which is blossoming and is powered by the xor token you see the opportunity cheers viewers i’ll see you next time


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