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by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

hey yo what is going on with my people the Chico army and those who haven't joined aka the viewers of the tube if you don't know by now my name is Tyler and your eyes just set themselves on the crypto channel that gets why this police

Union president of New Yawk decided to give this rant because you know what everybody's trying to shame us the legislators the press everybody's trying to shame us into being embarrassed about our profession but you know what this

Isn't stained by someone in Minneapolis it's still got a shine on it and so do this so do this stop treating us like animals and folks and start treating us with some respect well maybe you guys should stop a certain policing procedure

A policing procedure in New York continues to draw controversy this week as thousands took to the streets to protest the NYPD's stop and kiss program the policy which allows officers to kiss anyone who they think looks suspicious

Has been the subject of criticism from those who say it's a violation of privacy and a potential breach of constitutional rights New Yorkers who have been stopped often say the encounters feel extremely intrusive

Going through my pockets though on my stuff on the ground kissing me on my neck and face they pushed me up against the wall and starting doubling on my ear you know how we stop in mooch it's time for Chico crypto well today I want to

Dive into the world of defy or decentralize finance a buzzword for the next bull run which is on the tip of everyone's tongue I have been covering defy and the related projects for over a year now

After I Spartan DUP and dropped the crap projects I held tightly onto since the 2017 peak thinking they would rebound and since then I've been covering a series of projects some have done outstanding like chain-link you know

Bright energy web khyber network and a few others some fell flat on their face after stumbling around enigma but today I want to cover the project's who I still hold but haven't talked about for a bit as the

Teams have been building with their heads down getting the code out for some big releases thus there wasn't much to talk about with these projects but this proves why I believe identifying the solid projects that are building early

On with big partners and then just sitting back and holding while they build it's the best strategy in my opinion so let's get into the first project I would like to cover and many people have been asking me to talk about

It again for a while that project is AI exec RLC so why do I want to dive into RLC today well last week the project announced a timeline for version 5 of the platform with the big smart contract update coming in July and the big v5

Enterprise announcement coming in September so this summer and into the fall is going to be hot for RLC so we could wait around and see what they release in July and September or we could do what we do best and get out our

Research shovels and start a dig in so the earlier release the big smart contract update this has to have something to do with what I exec was chosen for last fall in October when hyper ledger Avalon was announced now

I've covered this before but let's reiterate it again because it's highly important from the release about Avalon Avalon began as a reference implementation of ee a's off chain trusted compute specification which

Sought to standardize how to farm out and reconcile workloads coming out of the EI specification discussions I exec was excited to build a heart disease evaluation prototype I exact also immediately dove into building the

Etherium components for Avalon's proxy model yep I exec is a major component of Avalon so what were they tasked with Avalon in doing well from the wiki in the section effort and resources I exec for contributors will develop aetherium

Smart contracts integrate P EE options that support most of the mainstream programming languages and native applications and improve Avalon ease-of-use for developers smart contracts that is what they're

Developing for Avalon and then in July we get a big smart contract update from AI exec what could this mean well just yesterday I exec decided to leave more crumbs about the July smart contract update and

It's all about privacy and interoperability tools for defy and then let's just see what a description of Avalon is from the wiki Avalon enables privacy in blockchain transactions moving intensive processing from a main

Blockchain to improve scalability and latency and to support attested Oracle's and then in march i exec put out this blog post about the smart contract update titled future proofing i exec smart contract interoperability and

Modularity and one thing that stuck out to me was a section i address predictability with create – it says i exec is present on multiple networks including assyrians main net the Gourley test net in our own sidechain bellick or

Switching from one blockchain to another can be a pain in particular when a smart contract address changes from one chain to another thankfully the create – opcode introduced as part of the assemble

Network upgrades can change that in addition to using Create – for app data set and worker pools addresses being the same across block chains it is something we plan to use for the deployment of the core contracts of AI exec crate – opcode

I'm sure you're a little confused but if you want to understand the importance of crate – then we need to see who is using it right now coin base custody is actually using crate to op codes and payment processing with us DC for coin

Based commerce and they explain its benefits unlike crate which uses ever-increasing senders nonce create – uses an argument specified salt this enables a number of workflows that were impossible or

Impractical before we can now simulate complex workflows completely off chain without needing to track any state beyond a self-generated salt we can safely interact with the blockchain only when we need to on an on chain

Settlement so coin base is working on crate – I exec is – to make communication between their side chain and the etherium a net swift and easy hmm now let's get into the meat of things so

I exact side chain because this makes things come full circle so in December of last year I exec released v4 of their platform which included the launch of a side chain from a blog post about the release IV for release will launch a

Side chain for interactions on the I exact network the sidechain is enabled on POA chains and bridges based on parody tech yes parody of Gavin wood who I have been talking about lot lately polka dot

Kusama parody substrate of which I exec has released a video on in March of last year titled I exec and parody substrate where lead smart contract developer Francois scape a 30 minute presentation

On their plan build working with both polka dot and substrate teams so is something cookin with this a bridge with create two or some type of technology for POA chain and even para chains from polka dot well in December after the

Launch of their own POA sidechain bellacourt they were attending polka dot meetups connecting the dots an introduction to polka dot Kusama and substrate and guess who was there oleg he commented below Fareed thank you

Very much for the great organization as usual and for reader replies thank you very much Oleg was great having you and the other eye exec team members there who is Oleg it's Oleg load agents key PhD and chief technical officer for AI

Exec again whom is all I gotta say will we see some big smart contract releases come next month I believe so now it's time for a short sponsored segment of this video supported by the awesome defy team over at argent wallet and like

Always that details of our agreement can be found in the description so why is this a perfect wallet to bring up right now well if you're an RLC holder it was just announced that you can now store manage and even directly buy right

Through the argent wallet and potentially coming soon the ability to stake your RLC right in the wallet so what is argent it can be considered the first smart aetherium wallet which has a focus on unleashing the true powers of

Decentralized finance defy and the first thing that should be on any wallets top concern and priority is security an argent provides that on a whole nother level they pride themselves on being the most secure crypto wallet with

Unprecedented security features like daily transfer limits recovery with no seed phrase and wallet locking and unlocking and it's all blockchain base so any can inspect it and have confidence in it

At its heart argent is a noncustodial aetherium wallet you're in control of your keys and transactions are impossible to initiate without your authorization but as we know with other custodial wallets Hardware like a ledger

And app pace like coin bases wallet you have to write down that security phrase keep it and remember it to restore your funds if you lose it you're shot out of luck funds gone for ever and that's complex for the average user they don't

Want to do that keep a seed phrase so argent has created a secure solution to make things simple a wallet can be secured through argent guardians which can be a trusted friend your phone your hardware wallet and even yourself

Through Argent's own guardian service argent guard so for example let's set up an argent wallet which I have included links for download for both Android and iOS in the description once you're through the very simple set of process

You just need to go to your profile and then security and go to Guardians as we can see Argent's owned argent guard is set up by default which is confirming with the email and phone number used to set up the wallet with aka yourself but

You can also add a guardian which includes friends and family and more options including mate amass and hardware wallets with friends and family you can add them through an aetherium ZRX address an ENS name or from an

Argent username but you can also add them from your phone contacts and then if you want to move to a hardware wallet like a ledger you can go to more options at Guardian and follow the instructions on screen for a ledger on a computer you

Go to security argent XYZ click on ledger connect it then scan the QR code from your phone which pops up on the computer screen so now we have argent guard our ledger and one friend as our guardians so if you lose your phone with

Your argent wallet and funds on it it plays out like this you can recover your wallet by downloading argent on another phone you then ask argent guardian service to send you a text and an email to confirm your identity that is factor

Number one and confirming your identity with the ledger os factor number two two out of three of our guardians the Guardian service and our ledger reached consensus that it was okay to start the recovery process but

What if we couldn't get the same number for some reason or lost that email and couldn't use that Guardian service well you could use the ledger and your friend as long as the majority in this case at least two out of three agree then the

Recovery process begins but also there is a slight delay with the recovery process funds are released in 36 hours so if there was a collusion attempts with the guardians the true owner can cancel the hijacking attempt

Pretty cool huh well Vitalik think so – as he tweeted about it an argent is only wallet who has this and it brings other benefits like instant wallet freezes and some awesome transaction protection features so security check what else do

They have like mention d5 they have many of the top defy protocols and D apps directly integrated into the wallet yuuna swap token sets pull together Khyber DSR compound and more so those defy features saving swaps lottery and

More right in the wallet so if you're looking for something a little more defy and user friendly argent is quickly becoming the industry standard and now the next defy pick of mine for the coming up summer is one that has another

Massive launch the release of v2 of their platform and you can hold it with argent – this is augur and v1 has been out for some time so what is augur it's a generalized protocol for creating prediction markets v1 in my opinion can

Be considered a proof of concept as it's not user friendly and it uses a fairly intensive trading UI with v2 they will introduce three open source UIs that will make augur more accessible to a wider set of market participants a

Revamped trading UI traditional sportsbook UI and a betting exchange UI so what will come out of v2 will be very interesting DIY fully decentralized and trustless derivative exchanges remember me talking smack about derivatives and

Applying them to the Bitcoin hash ray well with augur you take out that stupid centralized middleman like FPX exchange and a true market like that can be created that is good for the space with the launch of vici this

Summer and the November elections later in the year I see big things with augur as on their website they have a placeholder for the world's most accessible No Limit political trading platform decentralized Trump futures

Decentralized Biden futures decentralized vermin's supreme 2020 free ponies for all futures augur can and probably will have it all jokes aside I do see the outcomes in augur in relation to politics getting a big look because

Of all the voting manipulation that will go on eventually I see augur being used as a resource for elections and this year will be the proving ground so you guys with decentralized finance don't be swayed by the marketing tactics of the

Fakers the true projects they have built they are continuing to build and they bring tools that innovate not only in the cryptocurrency space but to bring those on the outside in Cheers I'll see you next time

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