by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

What's going on everybody today we are looking at the top of altcoins of 2020 I do think there has been a major pivot point in the market not too many people are even talking about so what I want to do is take some time and go through some of the top off coins for

March 2020 that means you can make some money this month with these five Kryptos and by kryptos I mean coins and my coins I mean blockchain technology so check it out we will be right back after this quick intro let's go ahead and make this

Money like a pulse live from the USA helping you get paid

Every day this is the boats a big point the Cree step of Creek them it's your boy BK and if you don't like me you must not like money thank you for joining me everybody as I mentioned I got some coins that I think are ready to break

Out on the charts even though bitcoin is still sitting flat losing a little bit of USD that's a small thing – a giant is feel money to be made and that's why I'm on this video right now helping you to get paid if

This is your first time tuning in congratulations baby you are now rocking with the best my name is BK known as a crypto trader and I'm both these charts as you will soon find out

Every day I graced this microphone with my voice is another day you get the profit as a result so if you haven't done it jump on over to Boss a Bitcoin right now drop your email on the email list sign up is completely free I give

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Notified every time I drop a video is 100% free of the people for the people by the people helping you to make money right so here we go bTW see this is what bitcoins chart looks like right now I'm not doing a

Video on Bitcoin today but I will be dropping one this week so again you can subscribe to get that Bitcoin live price update you definitely don't want to miss it one of the most accurate you know I'm saying technical analysis of forensic

Forecasters out there so do yourself a favor join the money team come on in the doors are always open now this is the chart that I wanted to talk about right it's actually the total market cap chart insofar as the altcoins

Are concerned right so let's jump on over to it excluding Bitcoin BAM there goes it doesn't look like much right this like seriously the data that they give you on a training view is so so limited

It only goes back about a month at a time but you know sometimes all you need is a little bit right so we are zooming in on this thing right now again this is the total market cap – Bitcoin so what does that mean BK that means if we jump

Over to a coin market cap right this is actually the top I think maybe you roughly say like the top 100 because that's where you know 99% of the money is this is basically all of the all coins without Bitcoin included so

Basically what do does the all coin market look like remember I tell you the crypto market is like a beating heart you have Bitcoin on one side and the alt coins on the other and so if we just focus on the halt coin side a lot of

Times you can see what's happening or what may or will happen on Bitcoin side right and looking at this thing you know especially when you jump down to like an 11 you know I'm saying that's quick money quick money right take this thing

Off you can see that it has stabilized from that low that was a relative low and now we've got I got this channel right here right and if we were going to a freestyle on a fibonacci BAM look how easy that is right huh we

Literally bottom doubt between the 4 2 + 2 4 6 right and now we're trying to creep through and break through that 3 – right that is essentially 87 billion dollars in the market cap and so if we go back to this we see that the total

Market cap is 249 billion we can round that up to 250 let me pull up calculator real quick right and Bitcoin is roughly 150 yeah and again I don't know what coins are used to calculate that 89 because right now it's saying we

Have a hundred million in all coins but they're saying we only have 85 so again it's like maybe the top 50 top 100 it's not all of the off points but essentially eighty-five billion dollars worth so once we do break through that I

Think you will see a nice run from the alt coins and that may be happening sooner than later right especially when you jump down to a 33 this is the major intersection that you guys want to look for when deciding if a

Chart will go higher or lower right here right and this actually just crossed on March 2nd right so officially the alt coins have more positive energy more currency coming into them than they do leave it now keep in mind this this year

Has been completely horrible for the all coins we started at about a hundred billion you know over here 100 mb/s and now we're down to 85 down about 15% you know since the end of February but you know I'll tell you there's three parts

To any cycle break out break down flatline and I showed you on a Fibonacci that this was indeed the bottom for that cycle that started up there what comes next back and as soon as we break through

That little top right there is gonna be go time right let's see what else we can do a lot of times you can even draw like a quick trend line from there to there probably don't have enough runway we don't have enough yet that's a nice

Channel right we should be able to stay inside that channel I think and if we don't yeah we should be hitting this thing right around here that's the window that you're looking at sort of all coins to come back

Let's do this again everything's saying March 5th between March 5th and March 6 as late as this one which is the 8th so we would be looking at a nice little run here up to about 88 billion on the

Offline market on this next little pop it doesn't sound like much but you know that's across the board right so you're looking at you know average return of you know a hundred all coins being 3% if you have one of the best performing out

Coins you can probably be sitting high as 10 12 15 % right and so that's what I wanted to do in this video is actually give you a few of those coins real quick we will run through them the coins that I think are set up to run and make you

Some money in the market first one is going to be chain link link2006 right now up a hundred and sixteen percent in a little over two months crazy right crazy right and so this thing is literally just broken out

Again after you hit that level this is this is a new bull run since the third which is yesterday this thing literally just happened so chain link will be if the all coins continue to outpace Bitcoin which I just showed you it set

Up the new chain link will be leading that chart so you definitely want to have some Li n ku4 folio next up is aetherium this one now is actually on the other side of the equation so as chain link I just showed you broke out

And continued to break out aetherium has taken a break right so one thing you can do is always tell you three parts to any cycle break out break down flatline what comes next break out literally just that easy to get paid I

Don't want to go into too much of a technical analysis on a lot of these coins because you know I don't want to make this like a 30 minute dissertation well you should be able to get some nice gains in March on if at least up there

2,800 all right F is looking very good and because of fear IAM looks like it's gonna go up that means the rest of the altcoins should benefit as well as cerium is like the bridge between Bitcoin and the alt

Coins as the ERC 20 network is one of the most common networks built on four new blockchain technology if and when a theory 'm beats Bitcoin that is usually indicative of a market increase for the crypto market outpoint market altogether

So f is looking strong next up Tasos right it's almost the exact same setup as aetherium except this one is looking a little stronger because now we have the 7 over officially over the 231 and when you have two lines flat the 77

Roughly in the 231 and it breaks up it'll come back now and then take off right and what I like about this one is has already got this top fresh in here so that's gonna be the new price target for the run right and that's gonna put

You north of 3700 Satoshi so again we're looking deep into March but this thing could possibly get as high as 37 38 3838 50 right in there right Tasos is looking very strong for this market given the conditions of you know

Continuing increase of the altcoins I talked about this one a lot but that's only because it has been making money a lot see our o crypto dot-com a lot of you guys if you're new to this channel you may be unfamiliar like when is

Crypto calm what is what a CRO well it used to be MCO which was Monaco and they actually bought it and converted it made it a whole new standalone product – we're now jump over to uh crypto comm you know

They built all this digital infrastructure is basically a standalone crypto exchange with a debit card associated like a front loaded prepaid debit card so you can literally store your Bitcoin on this app and also use it

Anywhere these except that it's an amazing product I strongly recommend you look at it you know make it tap awhile at top of mind for the money you spend on a day-to-day and by the way the boss method says that it is time to get paid

With crypto calm right now we're at six hundred and fifty satoshis but guess what that's for man a double top what's happens when we break through that is we usually go up to the next level so if this was resistance right here once we

Break through that that's at about 670 satoshis we can backtrack this real quick we'll be running to 685 between 685 and 700 somewhere up there right it again it doesn't seem like a lot but I just showed you to all coin market is

Expecting to average 3% you know you could get somewhere between seven as high as 12% on this next run between three two and four six you're sitting at an easy seven you know and if it literally takes off and and does another

Big cycle what what it did you know earlier this year if it does part three of that you'd be looking at 13% like a boss last up are the in Raven coin baby this one has done a complete you know a complete cycle basically break out break

Down the where it came from and in a flatline you don't see that too often in the crypto market a lot of times it'll break out and break down and then sit on one of the differ Fibonacci levels but this thing came

Almost did like a complete reset but when you look at the bigger picture this is why I love you know charts like this it's literally like a beating heart like baby baby baby young-sam and so you can almost pulse it

To do the exact same thing right energy continues flowing from which from the source from which it came so raven coin is setting up to have a very very very successful March and we can go as high as up to that point which will give us

13 percent and that's what I'm saying if the rest of the market is averaging 3% you can do three four five times that amount if you have the right coins right and so what I'm telling you right now is this is your chance not only to learn

About some of the top crypto blockchain startups in the world but also sign up on boss of Bitcoin for the profit package right only let me see only one of these coins that I gave you today is on the profit package for next week what

The profit package is is every seven days I'd give you the top seven coins to swing trade in the market it's coming out on Friday right today is Wednesday so you got two more days to sign up and make some money you know starting next

Week I've seen this list out on Friday to a group and one of these coins only one of these coins is on that list now I think these are some great coins for Mart but they might might not be the best coins for you know that's the

Second week of March right or the third week of March or the fourth week of March right and that's what I tell you trading is much better than modeling because when you trade you can compound the interest and the gains that you make

In the market exponentially right and so that's what's the profit packet is it stops I'm coin swing trade every seven days check it out on boss of Bitcoin calm while you're there please join the free crypto trading communities we have

Trading view being one of them I'm going to be posting one of these charts on my traitor view page you can follow me in real time Bibi Kelly 1203 on trading you just click this link right here to also be in this

Description in the comments as well and then the Facebook group 20,000 of my best friends have come together seven days a week keeping each other empowered in and profit in the marketplace this is where we have a free crypto trading

Community where people help each other just making money in the markets man so come on in facebook hash tag one Bitcoin come on in and doors are always open and that's all I got people it's time to get paid baby I think March is not done

Although Bitcoin may have a pullback I think if that money leaves BTC it should run downhill into these altcoins and so that's why I'm making this video hopefully you enjoyed it if you did again make sure you subscribe hit that

Thumbs up button and if you think I missed the chart you know let me know in the comments what other coins you think will have a really big March what I'll do at the end of the month I'm going to pick somebody from the comments that

Leaves a coin that had a great performance and you're gonna win some free BTC compliments of me right so thank you for watching this baby it's that time of the day signing out boasts bully BK no matter where you stay brazil

Debate or california hey all the way back out through jerk money good night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time hit that thumbs up button for player one time do that for me if you appreciate

Mine till we meet again stay cryptic y'all it's like a boss

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