Top 5G Stocks to Buy (Part 2)

published on August 2, 2020

The initial 5g networks on online in 2019 but this massive project will include a ton of cooperation and investments from so many different categories from semiconductors to small tech companies to equipment infrastructure and even real estate the

Even better news is that there is going to be a ton of opportunity for us a little investors out here to get our share of the big 5g pie this is part 2 of my top 5 G stocks to watch and in part 1 I covered the 5g companies you

Can consider in this semiconductor category in part 2 I'm going to reveal the top companies in equipment and infrastructure in part 3 I'll move on to real estate and the ETS that are loaded with the top 5 these socks that you can

Consider and I'll also reveal the 5g stocks that are personally invested in so when you subscribe to my youtube channel make sure to click on that foul notification button so you don't miss out on my next

Stock analysis videos we're going to queue in the atria and while we do that head over to the comments section and tell me which 5g category are you the most excited about they can't wait to hear your comments we're gonna queue in

The intro let's go hey guys I'm Canada yelled three-time author and the founder of invest even movement the March to jump on in order

To take control of your financial future and to make your money work for you I analyzed hands of assets every single week for our premium investment group members or the fake members so if you'd like to know how you can get three

Months of free pick membership make sure to open up a new browser and type and learn that ambassador without comp or / yes register your seat for my next upcoming free masterclass and then come back here so that we can get into the 5g

Stocks alright we're analyzing the top 5 g stocks in the equipment and infrastructure category the largest cap company in this category is obviously Apple so although so limited in scope 5g

Networks are already here and the only issue apart from living in a compatible location and being a compatible network is that you also need a 5g enabled phone – so most phone makers have now released

5g devices already but we're still awaiting the first 5g and they build iPhone the word on the street is that iPhone 12 pro and pro max will be 5g and with a standard iPhone 12 model sticking with 4G another possibility is that

There will be a separate version for 5g a lot of people think that that would be unlikely to be honest with you there's just too much rumors around when the iPhone 5 G will be launched and you can take a hint of when they launched their

4G network so with how much they liked in comparison to other phones but I kind of feel like their release of 5g may not be the best thing to base our investment strategy upon for Apple in other words Apple has so much other stuff going on

Right now to make or break for our investment decision so for example Apple fans say that between graters smartphone penetration in the emerging markets and repeat sales to current customers Apple has plenty of opportunity to reap the

Rewards of his iPhone business regardless of 5g Apple's iPhone and iOS operating have consistently been weighted at the head of the pack in terms of customer loyalty engagement and security which

Bodes well for long-term customer retention and the thing that Apple is still innovating with introductions of Apple pay Apple watch Apple TV air pods each of these it could drive a lot of revenue but more crucially will help

Retain iPhone users over time so what certainly is one of the most hashed rich companies in the world it still has some critics when it comes to its stock Valley for example some bear is to say that Apple's decision to maintain a

Premium private pricing strategy could help fend off gross margin compressions but could limit unit sales growth as devices could be unaffordable for many customers if Apple were to ever launch buggy software update or a safar service

It could diminish the firm's reputation for building products that just work so we're just now expecting Apple to work and if it doesn't people are gonna be quick to criticize it Apple ai this is very interesting it's

More secretive compared to Google they publish their research openly so a lot of people believe that Apple may have a harder time recruiting AI talent although they did recruit ian Goodfellow in April 2009 teen who is one of the top

AI people another thing that people worry about Apple's recruiting is that its company's culture has suffered since the jobs passed away and it's not as empowering to work there anymore and if you talk to anyone who works at Apple

You probably know that that's the best place to work at anyway so recruiting remains a challenge and when you're looking at a stock you really want their team and management to be on top of things and with Apple that sometimes is

Neglected looking at the technical analysis as you can see we've been following Apple for a very very long time and the interesting thing about Apple's price action is that every time it reaches a peak a jury traces so the

50% almost the 50 per second Fibonacci trace in the level this has actually become more severe as Apple's price reaches higher highs so for example when it reached the new highs at the time the all-time high

Around 230 it retraced back to the 61% of Minaj retracement level then again when it reached the new highs of 322 it retraced while the semi to actually retraced the 50% it actually did touch upon the 61 person who might retracement

Level right now it is actually moving towards the next resistance level that I've identified at around four hundred and five dollars and from there we could see yet another pullback when it comes to its price so for that reason I've

Identified by limit orders for Apple if you don't have any Apple you could consider getting into it i bakr in micro price just to have some exposure because you also don't want to miss out if this pattern doesn't repeat itself but if you

Already have some Apple shares and you want to add on to your position at optimal prices you could consider setting buy limit orders if the price reaches 405 and it starts going back down then you could consider setting

Your buy limit orders at one of the key Fibonacci retracement levels which include well 361 330 to 306 and then we move on to the 38% for measure a small level here at 287 Apple pays a dividend payment of 088 percent yield which is

Not that much but considering how valuable this top share is the more shares that you have the more of its dividend payment you can also collect earnings are coming up on July 30th 2020 so we could see a little bit of a

Volatility then and if they missed expectations we could see the retracement happening right there and then Apple is one of the largest companies in the world with one point six to four trillion dollars in market

Cap so oh no I'd say that Apple is bound for further growth regardless of 5g but if you'd like to add it to your portfolio you might want to consider setting lower buy limit orders so that you can buy at a cheaper price next 5g

Equipment company is Samsung also known as agent zero zero five nine three zero dot KS listed on South Korea's stock market now if you're not in South Korea actually getting your hands on Samsung stocks is pretty tough

American investors can't buy Samsung stocks shares the way you typically buy it through major US exchanges like Nasdaq and and why I see is that individual shares of Samsung stock must be purchased either over the counter as

A pink sheet stock which means your purchase isn't regulated or on the Korean exchange krx which entails opening a South Korean brokerage account now Samsung's OTC over-the-counter symbol is SSN LF so most investors

Prefer not to go that route and for that reason one of the easiest way to actually buy samsung stocks in the us is going through an ETF and it will cover in part three of these series but right now let's take a look at Samsung

Individually because even if you do go with an ETF you want to make sure that it has a heavier holding of your favorite stock compared to those that suck right Samsung's market cap in South Korean currency or one is 356 trillion

Won which is roughly 300 billion dollars so significantly smaller than Apple's market cap it does pay dividend payment which you may not be able to get a hold of if you're investing in the ETF and its earnings are coming up on the same

Day as Apple on July 30th so we could expect a little bit of a volatility around then Samsung's 5g phone is already out but I mean the thing is 5g infrastructure is not yet built so having a 5g phone it's kind of useless

But you know what it could do for a great marketing my sister swears by Samsung phones but she always ends up buying an iPhone because of lack of customer service Samsung fans say Samsung is maintaining his technology

Leadership in memory growing sales of memory semiconductors to unaffiliated customers has been great for the company a robust sales growth of a system LS I of saundra including LED could continue now

Samsung bears say Apple rules and that in era smartphones with larger screens and more more capabilities some people have sorry to question the continued usefulness and viability of computers and yet grabbing them backing away from

Personal computers market Samsung is actually doubling down having you reduced several new lines of laptops now that is up for debate this could actually be a bull or a bear argument now I'd love to hear from you which

Device would you rather use iPhone or Samsung Galaxy and well 5g is out will you switch why head over to the comment section and let me know and while we do that let's get to the technicals to see the price action of Samsung so here I'm

Looking at Samsung's price action this is quoted in South Korean Won as you can see samsung's price has generally been on a growth category with some volatility along the way it lags behind Apple shares price after the club

At 19 as it has not yet reached the old time height of the previous all-time high levels so for that reason the Korean market price may not actually be a bad place to start investing in Samsung if that is your a cup of tea

You're looking at this on the weekly chart so applying the cocoanut retracement levels actually also confirms the fact the Korean market price is at an important psychological level if you prefer to buy it at an even

Lower price and if you're okay with potentially missing out on buying Samsung altogether you could consider setting your buy limit orders add one of these key psychological levels which fall on the 38 percent fifty percent

Sixty one percent of 90 tradesmen levels respectively again since Samsung has had a reputation of consolidating in the past there is a higher potential first price to retrace back down to any of these levels in the medium to long term

If I were to buy the Samsung stocks I probably would not keep it long-term I would set profit targets at any of these levels based on the Fibonacci analysis the 78% of 61% and 50% maximum and then I'll conduct another analysis

To see where Samsung stands globally again normally how I conduct my strategy is that I get in and out partially meaning I don't get all and at one specific price and I do that just to mitigate my risk the next 5g equipment

Company is something that you may not have heard of and is Corning this is behind the scenes company and before it gets turned into a high tech speed Wi-Fi signal 5g data actually needs to travel along the wired Internet just like other

Data and that's where fiber optic cable comes in handy and Corning GLW the better in glass and ceramics in manufacture is a top fighter even as they deploy new radio towers many telecom providing 5g also need to be

Thought their back-end networks with high speed cable so Corning is a top supplier for many of those companies and it also is getting into small cell antenna space partnering with Qualcomm which I covered in the part 1 of my 5g

Video series to supply in building network equipment to help solve some of the problems 5g signals have in penetrating solid surfaces Corning has a market cap of 20 point one five billion dollars it has a long dividend payment

History at three point twenty eight percent yield which doesn't hurt here either and its earnings is coming along the same time as those for Apple and Samsung end of July or beginning of August now this is all great but what is

The optimal price to buy corning if you're a fan Corning's fans say the ability to create thinner larger glass substrates substrates substrates substrate warnings fans say the ability to create thinner larger glass

Substrates should support ongoing demand for larger LCD panels history of and commitment to research and development has enabled kerning to set the for innovation in the glass business and will allow to protect its market

Leadership position the ETA requirements from Internet of Things IOT 5g and autonomous driving should support the ongoing optical fiber demand which are all great but then again we have some critics to say high capital intensity

Will remain an obstacle to free cash flow conversion pointings exposure to consumer discretionary spending can cause the company's revenue and earnings to fluctuate significantly well it's a little may actually not be a bad thing

When it comes to buying its socks we'll talk about that during the technical analysis side of things and last but not least the display market could become a bigger issue so with all this if you're still a fan of the

Corning and you'd like to add it to your portfolio we need to go ahead and take a look at its price action as you can see Corning actually has had a little bit of a difficulty here it reached an all-time

High of 110 back in 2000 and then it crashed like crazy and ever since it's basically been consolidating in this tiny little wave it reached an all-time high level back in 2000 named him and it dropped and the new highs that it

Reached in 2019 is a little bit higher than the previous high here are the levels that I'm talking about 27 and 35 this was on the monthly chart now let's get to the daily chart to get a more medium term view Corning's did take a

Head during cope with 19 pandemic and it's now on its way back up to recovery but and it has not yet reached new highs of around 35 so for that reason the current market price just below 27 may not be a bad place to get started you're

Not the biggest fan of Corning's and you only buy it if it's like just the best price ever then you could consider setting buy limit orders add these sometimes we trace the levels at 24 22 and perhaps even 18 respectively now 5g

Boost Corning's stock shares above the recent highs if I were to take profit from Corning's after investing in it at an optimal price I would consider one of these levels 35 40 42 and 44 for now and then circle back and analyze a stock

Price again to see if I want to stay in it longer term now love to hear from you had you ever heard of Corning before this whole five ji-hye began still his truth I actually had him last but not least in the 5g equipment

Category is a small but steadily growing seeing a company that offers fiber-optic equipment and design services to communication companies Siana used the ramp up to 5g to pay down debt and to increase its cash reserves that's great

A special role Street analysts will only look at the financials most of the time as organizations update their systems to handle 5g this small firm enjoys a prime opportunity to offer both the engineering and the materials need it

Sanna has a market cap of eight point five billion dollars it doesn't pay dividend payments so for those of you who are interested in long-term fixed income this may not be the best soft being its earnings is coming up after

The earnings of the previous 5g stocks in this category beginning of September CNS fans say a growing network traffic and demand for bandwidth remain a strong tailwind for Siena's applications the company has a meaningful drivers

Including share games and markets like like career transport and web scale and the wave logic 5 DSP critics say Siena saw strong data center growth offset by weaker service provider demand and the Kouga the 19 could tap the brakes on

Data center growth in the second half of 2020 in issues with installation delays and capital expenditure uncertainty could likely SAP some obscene as revenue momentum in 2020 now what does this all mean for Cena's price action let's get

Into technical analysis see Ana's price action is kind of similar to that up Corning's and it topped out back in 2000's and then it crashed at the dot-com bubble burst and now is having trouble reaching the all-time high

Levels but on a more positive news it just broke above the 2008 eyes up 49 right over here the next high is that of 2005 which is just reach and is having difficulty breaking above so for that reason this level at 56 could create a

Resistance for Siena's stock price share and if enough bears jump on board we could see CNN stock price to drop again to one of the key support levels at 49 44 36 31 and even 24 which is a 61 person actually tracing a level now

Because Cena has been very volatile in the past any of these levels actually have a high possibility of reaching now since 5g networks are going to accelerate the potential of CNN stock growth

I could imagine stock price breaking above this resistance level at some point once 5 G's finally outs creating profit taking opportunities add one of these levels at 60 77581 and 87 now remember that this could take a little

Bit of a time those are not day trading strategies if you get into seeing a sock make sure that you have the patience to stay in it for the long term that does it for the top 5 G stocks in the infrastructure and equipment category

Not love to hear from you if you were to pick only one stock in this category which one would you pick and at what price will you buy I'd love to hear from you head over to the comments section and let me know as you know my life's

Mission is to help moms to take control of their financial future and to make their money work for you so if you have any moms in your life whether it's your mom your wife your friends lime anything I would

Really appreciate if you could forward the ambassador's mission to them and have them attend my free masterclass by sending them the link learn investor without copper slash yes please help us grow this movement it means a lot to me

We're seeing a lot of success in our community you were there to help all these people now if you're not a mom or if you're not a dad you're still more than welcome to join us but we'll only ask you to be supportive of our mission

By contributing and being positive in the invest IVA community again thank you so much for joining me today in this session of investiga stock analysis I can't wait to see you again in my next video part three of top five

G stocks in the real estate category as well as ET apps invest responsibly and remember the only path to true wealth is by making your money or it for you

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