Top 5 of the BEST Active Noise Cancelling Headphones into 2019

by birtanpublished on September 19, 2020

hey folks I'm Jimmy with Jim's review room and here's my list of agency headphones I've personally tested compared and provided videos on none of these headphones are sponsored nor have they ever sponsored my channel before so

This video is designed to help you make that purchase decision the whole Jim's review and brand is about doing so now keep in mind I haven't reviewed everything and if there's one that you think deserves to be on this list

Please come down below so others can see second this is my top 5 so I'm not going to go over every single detail so be sure to check out my links down in that video description that goes directly to my reviews as always I'll place those

Affiliate links that in that video description below click on those links for the most updated prices in real time you never know when these headphones might go on sale alright folks let's start with number 5 now this is the best

Deal the anti headphones with the most value these are these Sennheiser 450 BT NCS it's hard to find a very light pair of anc headphones anything from the low to mid 200 gram range will be the lightest wildly 290 grams and up starts

To get a little bit heavy on the head these weigh in at 238 grams now the sound signature is neutral balance and lean towards accurate surround than being bass boosted or bass heavy the only thing I really critiqued was

Needing to play these at 80 to 90 percent volume for these to become loud while most other headphones are usually around 80 to 70 percent volume the active noise-cancelling performance is impressive they're nearly if not

Identical to their flagship the Sennheiser PXE 550 s even though they don't black out as much as the number one spot you get very good active noise cancellation for the price the reason why these are priced so low sennheiser

Gives up on these special high-tech features like ambient wear and the automatic noise cancelling adjustments those are decent features but if I'm on a budget I also don't care for it also battery life is not bad I can surely

Live on this it's 19 hours with a and C on and 25 hours with a and C off the more expensive top-of-the-line are claiming up to 30 hours of use like I said the prices justifies it 19 hours is perfectly fine again these are these

Ten hazard for 50 BTS MCS now I know this might sound a little bit weird even redundant here but remember this is 100% based on my test it's another Sennheiser brand this is the PXE 550's these take number four and

When you hear the rest on this list it'll make sense to you that PXE 550's our flagship anti headphones and includes all the premium features that's ambient to wear automatic pause when you lift up your headphones thirty hours of

Battery performance touch controls and not to mention a very decent app so you can tune the audio to your liking the app alone surpasses what both in sony offers no not to mention these are stupid lights at 227 grams making these

Lighter than they boast QC 35 twos and I will admit although lighter they are not as comfortable but considering its price which is $249 it's somewhat justified plus you get all the fancy Tony Stark tech that I've mentioned earlier now as

For the active noise-cancelling performance this is why it's not in the top three the ansi performance does very good though and reducing environmental noises but the next three do cut out the air and your surroundings a bit better

If you want quality sound that you can adjust with its app great battery life super lightweight agency headphones and you're around that $250 price range these are the ones to get alright either the next one get ready for the best of

The best from here on up so here goes number three I'm handing this to the Sony here on Tuesday or some of you guys know them as the H 900 ends again links are in the video description for the most updated prices now these

Had better ANSI performance and blocking out noises than the previous Sennheiser's this does muffled down voices and especially the ambient air around you is it better than number one or number two on this list of course not

But when I tested the Huron twos they perform very similar to these Sony 1000x m2 which were Sony's flagship ANSI headphones at that time now you also get practically every feature on the flagships like transparency mode touch

Sensitive controls amazing battery life at up to 28 hours and now we get L DAC bluetooth transmission this is the best wireless transmission right now I know most might not be able to tell the audio quality that is but for the same price

As the others if not cheaper why not future-proof yourself right then the audio is a bit more colorful than a Sennheiser 450 BT NCS and better than these Sennheiser PXE 550's right out the box granted as I mentioned earlier you

Can tune those to other previous headphones to your taste now with the H 900 ends they're slightly above neutral being slightly more bass boosted and also using these at 60 to 70 percent of I'm for surely loud enough for me now

Several things to keep in mind these do sound leaked quite a bit and although the microphone is good for phone calls these do pick up background noises when you're chatting with someone on the phone now these are heavier at 290 grams

The white is distributed evenly though and doesn't feel too bad but they surely don't feel light either it's to be perfect in between the reason why they'd be to the PXE 550's is because of all the flagship features I've mentioned

Earlier the ansi performance is better and right out the box i personally preferred the more colorful slightly more bass boosted audio signature again these are the here on tubes

So number two man I really can't shake these I know they've been on my list previously I've been emphasizing comfort NZ performance high-tech features and audio quality the bose qc25 2 again hits almost everything on the head if you're

Looking for it no BS pair of headphones straight to the point and comfort and audio bose still kills it in the industry going briefly over the high-tech features you do get Google assistance in Amazon Alexa built-in and

They're great I love the feature and that's really about it you forego all the bells and whistles or ambient to where you forego those touch controls even their app is quite sparse but here's my experience although there are

No touch controls the buttons work perfectly fun and there's something about it confirmation click something about physical feedback that feels like it's guaranteed success now although we have

Viewers that might say well the bose qc25 twos don't have el dak apps X HD or even apdex wireless technology that we're missing out on the best audio experience but there's something special with the

Engineering at both these QC 35 2's have an audio signature that's very pleasing spacial and providing a lot of audio separation and depth compared to the competitors compared to the previous headphones on this list bow still

Provides a better audio listening experience much more detail letting you hear nuances and instruments and vocals now as for active noise-cancelling I know most of my fans hello a team of James review fans out there fighter mode

Is for you guys they know Bose has been dethroned for AMC performance but bow still blocks out more of your environment than number five and number four on the list and either equal to maybe a little bit better than you Sony

Here on Tues that's how good bose is hands down they killed it in comfort they killed it in simplicity for cat6 they've nailed it with its punchy yet detailed audio signature that's pleasing to most not everyone but most people out

There as for comfort though these are the best again hands down space-age feeling lightness and I'm not exaggerating the ear cups themselves are very much recessed and giving the most room for big

Those earphones gives me the least amount of heat buildup or ear sweat on those hot summer days that's nasty but these are the most comfortable anti headphones that I ever used and yes even better than even number one spot on the

List the last stuff these headphones had accident phone call capabilities for my voice it sounded very clear but like most other headsets these do pick up a lot of background noise QC 35 to better life is rated at 20 hours which again is

Surely enough in my opinion but the competition is offering around 30 hours as a side note I know I'm shooting here since it's my top 5 I'm adding this extra at headphone in here this is technically not on the list because it's

More of a splurge item but check out the VN o h9 eyes they're expensive as heck but man the looks the minimalism the craftsmanship and the choice of materials they use are amazing not to mention the audio quality is equal to

Boast not to mention the re behalf replaceable batteries ANSI performances around my Bose offers as well but I just wanted to throw that in there as there's just an amazing except they're not officially on the list because of the

Value they provide performance but the price was a little bit high alright so here goes number one get ready so let's give it up folks to the Sony 1000x em threes that have found in an

Airport vending machine no I am not joking these were sold out everywhere upon release and luckily stumbled across them during a layover so but anyways these are priced at $349 and is currently the best anti headphones that

You can buy with all the bells and whistles at this price point there's ambien to wear touch sensitive controls we have l deck which is the best in quality wireless transmission we have USB C which is future proofing your

Headphone connection in which all the previous headphones mentioned earlier doesn't have you also get 30 hours of battery life 39 hours if you don't use a and C let's not forget class-leading fast charging no one else is doing this

10 minutes on the charger and you get not two but five hours or the performance and right now I'm sorry I sound like a Salesman right now but Sony did great they set the bar so freaking hide that other companies I would assume

Next year coming around the corner it's gonna be tough for them in other areas they might be might not be the leaders in but Sony still beats most of the competition for example regarding weight Sony finally slimmed down to 254 grams

Not the lightest in the world here and an album that not as comfortable as the boats but 254 grams beats majority of the competition the only nuances that I do wish were better the automatic ANC which is when you sit down and see

Performance turns up to maximum and then when you get up the headphones automatically lowers down the AC an AMC performance so you can hear your surroundings for safety that was somewhat finicky I just left it at max a

And C everywhere I went though and second not sure why Sony did did not address this that is but you can't pair more than one device at a time when I get into the office here I have two unpaired for my phone then repair it to

My computer over there it's not really seamless so some can let that slide some can't I understand but for me the following overrides all the shortcomings SUNY's active noise-cancelling performance is

Hands-down the best on the market currently I thought Bose did an amazing job and that was it Sony came around and holy freak it makes the bose sound like an SI is only half way work and that also it's no exaggeration the

1000 xm3 blocks out much more ambient noise around you from fans wind noise voices around you too even the background music at your favorite coffee shop there if you haven't heard my boast QC 35 2 vs 1000 x m3 video definitely

Check it out the samples I'm going to search for the name then type in gyms review room in the youtube search bar and you'll see it now the audio signature on the 1000 XM theories is impressive it's different but very much

Favorable for most I will admit though Sony doesn't focus on being detailed and high-resolution in its audio signature that's why I suggest Bose but Sony does provide a very punchy basic experience that makes pop EDM than hip hop music

Sound much more impactful alive in your face kind of audio that is even watching movies with this it sounds just so much more immersive those explosions holy cow if you're on the fence they're 1000 X m3s are hands-down worth a try now to

Look at but definitely worth a try put them on give them a go to experience how well their anc works and how immersive the audio signature can be so again check out the full review just search up any one of these headphones and then

Play some gyms review at the end to find my comparisons last but not least here kind of a bonus section if you guys have watched this far along I wanted to give you two runner ups that I have experience with that's worth a mention

First up these surface headphones had great anc performance beating bose at times and not as good as Sony though but because of all the plastic that they used on the headband and also the ear cups the limitation on Cortana the low

Better life and the fact it wasn't as comfortable Microsoft didn't make it on a list if I were to rank these it would possibly be seventh place to be fair they're also the Bowers & Wilkins P X's are one sexy pair of headphones which

Has such a unique look here this did have some techie features but compared to others not so much the audio sounded similar to the bose QC 35 2's which was great and also the anc performance was similar to bose as well so it wasn't the

Best but still pretty reasonably good also the P X's were not as comfortable for long-term wearing the better life was good rated at 22 hours but again still not up to at 28 or 30 elect me competitors and

Again it all comes down to that price as well these retail for $399 but I think they dropped it down recently to 350 again that's why it's now imma listen I probably place that six so overall let me know what you guys

Think of this list please let me know why you chose either team Sony or team Bo so whichever headphones that you have I know there's many Sony fans out there since their recent release but give us a little bit more detail help others out

There within the gyms review room community I know there's some I haven't reviewed as some from audio technica I wish they would respond back to my emails for god sakes but there's also the neuro phones and the Adobe

Dimensions which I'll test later this year sorry folks this was long enough please help support my work no sponsors on this video all I ask if you can like comment subscribe and add me on Instagram you guys take care I'll see

You guys on the next one bye

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