Top 5 new features of the Nvidia Shield 2017

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

over at CES 2017 Nvidia showed off its
second generation $200 shield TV console
for what they claim to be an even better
experience for playing games watching
videos or even controlling your
household products more on that later
without wasting any more time here are
the top 5 new features on the brand new
shield the first obvious change would be
the $60 controller it's smaller lighter
and has no more touchpad and feels very
comfortable in the hand not just that
but the aesthetics of this handheld is
very abstract and unique displaying a
futuristic theme and has haptic feedback
and apparently has 60 plus hours of
battery life before it dies and has a
built-in microphone for Google assistant
which brings me to my next big feature
voice assistance by Google you can ask
basic questions like the weather flight
information play a song switch to a
program and much more
you can even control smart things around
the house but we'll get to that later on
we have seen this on the pixel Google
home vehicles and many more products but
now it's on your television set the old
shield will also get Android assistant
but it won't have always-on listening
unless you buy the new gamepad it's a
purse of its kind and there's no
escaping Google after this as mentioned
before the third feature is that it's
running the latest version of Android
also known as new gear this brings in
more compatible apps from the Play Store
Google assistant and new multitasking
menu and many more features Nvidia is
also planning on dropping the update on
the original shield as well so if you
have the original shield you should also
get all the new features it's really
nice to see that Invidia actually cares
about keeping their OS up to date as
this brings in a new experience while
watching your favorite television shows
the fourth thing is that this device can
also act as the smartthings hub using
Google assistant you can control the
lights adjust the thermostat check your
security cameras and much more during
their demo this feature worked just fine
and it was pretty amazing how well the
interface looked on the TV the final
feature that I want to share with you is
that it's the first Android TV to
natively come with Amazon video the
interface is great with all of Amazon
shows and movies at your disposal in 4k
HDR as well I'm not sure how they
managed to pull this off but this just
comes to show that this new shield is no
with that being said they're selling the
entire package for $200 which is not a
bad price tat for what this little guy
comes with maybe it's not a big enough
upgrade if you already have the original
shield as you'll be getting most of the
new features in an OTA update but for
those who are looking for an Android TV
this is probably your best bet

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