Top 5 LG V60 ThinQ CONCERNS (and Unboxing)

by birtanpublished on September 3, 2020

It's Josh uh Vergara what's going on everybody I hope everybody is doing well right now and yeah we're gonna do our best to still try to plump out content I know I myself FL a little bit be motivated with all of the news that's been going on but I am back on it and

Hopefully I'll be able to bring some stuff for you to watch while you may or may not be stuck at home thankfully something new came in and this is something that is pretty highly anticipated at least by me of course

We're talking about the LGV 60 think you along with the dual screen case which is in its own box alright so this particular bundle is one that you could get on a number of different carriers here in the US the one that I'm going to

Unbox is the t-mobile version and there is something that I wanted to present here in this video ok so you might know about a certain segment that I do on my channel called top 5 complaints basically it's just me talking about the

5 things that I feel like people might end up talking about or thinking about when they use a phone like this on the daily I thought about doing one with this particular device but then I had a thought about how to structure it

Alright so we're gonna do an unboxing but this time I'm gonna talk about my top 5 concerns about this particular phone mainly because I haven't used it on the daily yet so I'm going to present the five things that especially from the

Hands on I thought about when he came to this phone and then we'll see if they actually pan out in my final review and maybe I'll do a top 5 complaints later on to see if things are actually different from what I expected them to

Be so let's go ahead and get started with the unboxing and along the way I'll just present one-by-one my various concerns this is an unboxing though I need a little bit more room so let's do this real quick alright cool so we are

Ready to go I'm gonna go ahead and flip the dual screen case aside for a moment and this is going to be the first concern that I have the fact that this is the only version of the phone that's available right now compared to a lot of

Other manufacturers LG is opting to have just one version of the phone available and they're gonna be a few different reasons later on that that concerns me but this first one is just in terms of pure availability so with that said this

Box that I'm about to open is basically going to be the one experience that you can have there's not going to be a bigger version there's not going to be a smaller version and as far as size is concerned we're gonna talk about that in

A little bit there you go kind of a top tip here don't throw these away you could have a lot of microfiber cloths just sort of lying around somewhere put them in every bag that you have and right now

Especially in the times that we're living in at the moment it's important to keep your phone clean so you could use something like water and soap or disinfecting wipes those are obviously more ideal but microfiber cloths like

This you might have a lot of them put them to good use okay so I'm gonna go and put that over on the side and then we can get to the phone itself now it's a little tab here okay so I could pull the whole thing out

This is kind of a large device like I called it a chunker in the hands-on video but let's see okay so we have the white edition of the phone and that's pretty much okay there was a really cool looking blue edition

Of this device that I kind of wish I got but this white one not too bad either I find it funny that they have this little warning here the devices back cover and battery are non removable this is something that we're kind of used to I

Mean we were the last time we had that I think was the LG g5 so oh that's funny that they still have this sticker on the back this is a really nice looking device and I'm looking forward to using it it's a little bit big for my taste

Which is my next concern so the size of this phone is the reason why I say having only one version of this device is maybe not ideal for some people if you're one of those people that wants to have a smaller more accessible device

There are plenty of other smart phone lines that also have other versions of the same phone just in smaller screen sizes and thus smaller form factors not the case here and it only gets compounded when you put it into that

Dual screen case which we'll get to in a minute manuals and a sim tool that sim tool I'm going to need in a second so I'll put that right here here's your Quick Start guides and your documentation I'll put that site as well

And here we go we have the charging cable and a fast charging brick 25 watt charging I like that they put the 25 watt charging like very front and center obvious prints not fine prints not something you have to go searching for

This tells you 25 Watts that's what you get from there we have the CDC cable and I don't think there's really anything else in here which I will admit is a little bit of a bummer because this phone is the one that has a headphone

Jack right now there are plenty of other flagship devices that are doing away with the headphone jack LG is still going in on it with the quad DAC installed so it kind of sucks that there are no headphones in

The box it would be nice to actually provide something for the user so that they can take advantage of that high fidelity audio dual screen case this one might be pretty simple so let's just go ahead and undo some of these things here

You have to put like one of these weird stickers on here that like breaks apart as you try to take it off like you might as well see void all across it right now all right finally got it out so let's get take a look at this slide this thing

Out and there it is alright so that would be the dual screen case this is where the other half of my concern about the size of this phone comes in it's because the dual screen case completes the experience of the v60 thank you but

Look how big this thing is I mean just take a look at this case like it already is going to add much more thickness to the phone it's nice that there is a bit of like a rubberized plastic on the back so it's a little bit easier to just like

Hold it it's not going to slip about too much but once you get this thing open oh there's more stuff inside QuickStart guide we'll get into that later and then here you go there's a magnetic connector so this is how we're going to oh okay

That's kind of nifty that's how you're going to charge the device while it's in the case this might be easy to lose so I'm kind of hoping that LG is going to have this easily replaceable and not for a large cost of course the main reason

Why the dual screen case is so awesome is because it's a dual screen it is literally another screen that you can use for multitasking for even expanding certain applications and honestly just having two apps at the same time is a

Lot more useful than you might think you can have YouTube on one side and then answer your emails on the other first boot up and I'll talk a little bit about the last few concerns that I have oh there you go t-mobile you know as I'm

Going through this setup right now I will say just like I said any hands-on even though the screen is quite big the phone itself is a little bit thick it's a bit taller than it is wide so I am able to get to left and right without

Too many problems so yeah the handling is actually helped by the fact that there's also a sizable curve on the back so it's nice to see that alright cool so I'm logged in got my Wi-Fi going

I'm gonna go ahead and get more applications installed on here so let's talk about the next thing that is a bit of a concern for me on this phone the screen so I'm actually not talking about the size of the screen I'm talking about

The speck this is a full HD plus panel and it doesn't even have high refresh rate so the only reason why this is kind of a concern is because we're seeing other phones come out right now that have either quad HD resolution which LG

Originally pioneered and then other phones are prioritizing the high refresh rates the thing is this has neither of those and there was really only one reason why LG said or one of the main reasons why they said this is the case

Is so that they can have parity with the dual screen case the screen you get on here is going to be the same resolution so they were able to take the same screen double it up put it onto here that way it's probably a little bit

Cheaper to manufacture than these high refresh rate amyloids and now that we have these ready I can go ahead and show you the process of getting this set up so let's go ahead and pop this in you slide it into the

USB C port on the bottom snap in the top and bottom and then you get the ability to just hit this button it's a little on and off button turn on the dual screen and bam my next concern does have to do with the dual screen case itself mainly

Just because of some of its functionality now this front screen right here you can already see it it does provide you a little bit of info that's nice to have especially since you might have this thing closed most of the

Time but it would be nice if we could have a little bit more of a screen here to take advantage of what we already are used to in always-on displays even LG's own always-on display technology is pretty awesome because you can customize

It make it look a certain way so maybe for the next dual screen case I mean they keep making them so we can see some improvements in the future we hopefully will be able to see a little bit more here and especially you be able to

Customize it accordingly and the other thing about the dual screen case that we are kind of used to by now but it's still a bit of a concern is the fact that there's this huge amount right here in the middle that's going to cut into

Any display media that you have expanded across both screens I say this because this is one of LG's main features they wanted to talk about with the dual screen case this time around you can open up things like YouTube and expand

It across the entire screen that way you can get one big video across the entire thing unfortunately you have all of this in the middle here and I'll show couple of examples right now it's not the best experience so ultimately this

Is not something that I feel like will actually Sully my opinion of the dual-screen case because we all know that dual screen means 2 separate screens and it's all about multitasking but if you're going to look at this

Phone and you want to be able to have something more akin to like the foldables in the world at least in the expanded context well this is not gonna be it now in these top five complaints or top five concerns in this case videos

You would pretty much expect that the last thing I talked about is going to be the price but it's not one of my concerns here because it's actually a highlight of this phone if you get the LGV 60 thinkyou with the dual screen

Case bundled with it it still comes in at below $900 now compare that to a lot of phones that are coming out right now that are breaking even the 11 maybe even $1200 price points know the last thing that's kind of on my mind with this

Phone will just be the cameras for some of you out there that are looking for as many specs or as many high-end features as possible you may or may not think that this provides that because it has a 13 megapixel ultra wide the main sensor

Is 64 megapixels and then you get a depth sensor no zoom levels here no zoom lens I should say you're instead going to be digitally zooming into that 64 megapixel sensor but to be honest the one thing that I'm concerned about is

Something that I've noticed in all LG phones to be honest and that is more or less a lackluster front facing camera you get a 10 megapixel shooter on here and 10 megapixels doesn't mean that it's going to be like lustre what I mean is

That LG's processing tends to not really prioritize detail in selfie shots and that might actually be true for also video which I still have to test out and hopefully I'll be able to despite the fact that we're all social distancing

Right now honestly I'm just going by the track record right now and the front-facing camera is something that I might scrutinize a little bit more because it's something I've been wanting to see improved across the board on LG

Phones but with all that said those are my top five concerns at the moment as I unbox the LG's V 60 thinkyou with the dual screen case now you'll notice that I didn't really say anything about the experience of the dual screen case I

Provided some examples via video and b-roll on this piece but overall I'm excited to use it because there are so many different things that you can use the second screen for honorable mention concern at

The end of this video the fact that I have to say the entire name all together in every video that I do about this device well I'm gonna have multiple videos on this so look forward to like a gaming video so I can show you

What the dual screen is like look forward to a real world camera test which hopefully I will be able to go out into the real world and do that camera test then of course the final review from there though make sure you

Subscribe to my channel if you haven't already get into the comments section so I can hear your opinions about this particular device and how excited you might be for it and from there I'm gonna go ahead and call it on this video thank

You so much for watching and until my next video I would just remind you to enjoy your tea everybody

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