Top 5 GAMING MICE Under $50

published on August 2, 2020

Hey how's it going guys jack and matt here with the toaster bros and today we're going to be reviewing the top five mice that are 50 or less dollars these are some of the most popular mice that you can get right now and they come with a wide range of different features

And we're going to let you know what we like the best but before we get into that let's hear a word from today's sponsor today's video is brought to you by nvidia and their geforce now streaming

Service stay tuned to later in today's video to learn more about it thanks again to nvidia for sponsoring this video now let's look at some mice shall we so all the mice you see here like we said

Are under 50 and they're all extremely popular mice so you should be able to find them on ebay newegg amazon we'll have links in the description down below for all three sites likely because it's hard

To find stuff right now so we're going to be measuring some of the attributes of these mice first the way and then some of the dimensions of it for those at home who want to know

Specifically how this mouse might feel in the hand and then also just give you a quick general reaction as to what we think of these mice because some of these i use like this one i use at home and

Here at the office i know zack uses one of these mice over here and yeah we're just going to give you our general impressions and try to keep this as short and to the point as possible but

You can probably tell that the length of this video if we actually did that so we're already three minutes in yeah let's go ahead and start working on this shall we okay guys so the first mouse that we have here is

The cooler master mm711 so it's very similar to the 710 except this one actually has rgb it comes with a pmw 3389 sensor it's a thousand hertz polling rate four millisecond late and seeing 16

000 max dpi it has a really awesome soft braided cable which is really great especially for playing a lot of games and whatnot so you don't have a heavy cable dragging around

It has omron mechanical switches and also onboard memory so let's go ahead and see what this mouse weighs right over here with the magical scale so we're going to do this without the

Cable on most of it 58 grams 58 grams which i think is literally exactly about what they advertised might be you know a couple grams off but good scale over here it's a really lightweight mouse and now let's go ahead

And take some measurements so guys if this video does good we're gonna opt and get a actual micrometer or digital caliper we have one at home but we couldn't find it so

You know we're just gonna use a tape measure for this so don't make fun of us but we have about five inches from the end of the mouse to the end of the mouse so lengthwise it looks like four i guess

You could call it like uh with we have about i'd say like two and a half two and three quarters and then we don't really have a way to measure the height very well

I'm going to say it's about an inch and a half tall at the ho the tallest point so pretty comfortable mouse um just for personal opinions now it's a good looking mouse it has rgb and it's super lightweight

And honestly you would think that these little holes wouldn't be very comfortable but i don't know they're kind of nice they help your hand keep very airy so you're not getting all sweaty and getting your

Gamer goo on side of the mouse this mouse is breathable so this mouse as far as rgb goes has a lot of rgb we have all this glowing we have the logo glowing we have the mouse wheel glowing a lot of rgb even shows through the

Sides really lightweight we have two nice little macros on the side here dpi switch also very grippy scroll wheels so that's not going to be slipping like crazy so overall i'm really digging this mouse

All right guys so as you can tell we have two mice here mainly because these mice are pretty similar this is the model o and model d from glorious now the model d

Is a ergonomic mouse so it's not any bit different than any other mouse out there it's just more contoured to your hand so it is much more comfortable while the model o is an ambidextrous mouse so if you're a

Left-handed user you can use it with your left hand without having some weird thumb rest that is causing any problems so let's go ahead and unbox these real quick now let's go ahead and talk about the

Specs real quick of these mice they both feature the pixar 3360 sensor a 1 000 hertz polling rate in less than 07 millimeters of liftoff distance 4 milliseconds of latency and a 12 000 max dpi which is kind of

Ridiculous but they both also feature a very soft braided cable which is very popular amongst these really lightweight mice and they do have omron mechanical switches which is a pretty popular

Switch for a gaming mouse nowadays they both also have onboard memory so you can use their rgb software to show off the rgb that these things do possess which we'll show later in a well b-roll session so we're going to

First start off with is the weight so we're going to turn on our handy-dandy scale right here make sure the cable is off this is the model d and it comes in at what are we looking at here 66 grams 66

Grams now this mouse is known to be a little bit heavier than the mm7 111 ram 710 so this was to be expected let's go ahead and try the model o real quick 64 grams and there you go not a huge difference within margin of

Error i would believe but yeah this one being ambidextrous makes it easy if you are someone who's left-handed you can use it left-handed so this would be an obvious option for somebody who is left-handed so first up

With model d with our very scientific method here the length is about six inches like pretty much six inches right there and it just shot across right there so we'll do the width two inches give or

Take um and then the height which is not very scientific either we're going to call that what does it look like right a little over two at the max height well there you go

A little over two of the max height so i'm assuming it's probably very similar over here so we're looking at about three in terms of width length is about six about the same and then this is probably pretty

Identical so about two yeah it's a little that one's about two and a half two and a half closer yeah okay okay so yeah those are basic measurements of these mice

We'll go ahead and plug them up real quick and check out that rgb now these two mice as we mentioned are very similar the rgb looks pretty nice this was actually programmed to purple right now because it's the mouse

That zacks use here at the office but um yeah this one's white this one black you can get each one in white or black if you're interested the button layout is very similar on both mice we have the two macro buttons

Right here the dpi switch and a texturized mouse wheel so you don't slip on that mouse wheel yeah same thing over here with the other version of this mouse but overall very impressed with these mice

They are some of the most popular lightweight mics you can get the braided cable is awesome it's pretty much like it's wireless and yeah very impressed with this one

Let's go ahead and check out the next mice all right guys so the next mouse that we have is the razer viper mini and i'm gonna be honest it's been a long time since i've touched anything razer

So let's get right into it so the razer viper mini has a pixar three three five nine sensor a thousand hertz polling rate one millisecond latency and a maximum of eighty five hundred max dpi so a little

Bit lower than the other ones nice soft braided cable it's not quite as lightweight as the others but this also isn't a super lightweight mouse and then it does have razer optical mouse switches so

It's basically a proprietary switch it does have onboard memory for performance settings but not for rgb the software is known as not being the greatest because a lot of game is detected as anti-cheats

So keep that in mind because it does have a lot of bugs and it can crash things but we are going to weigh this mouse because it actually is fairly lightweight and it's supposed to be razer's kind of

First lightweight mouse wow so that's actually supposedly lighter than the glorious ones which is so something that i did not expect is that this razor mouse that has no holes or anything drilled

Into it is lighter than the glorious mice so it is a little bit smaller we're actually going to measure it now to see how much smaller so lengthwise it's only about five

Inches i believe the glorious ones were about six width is about two and a quarter two and a half so definitely a little bit smaller on width i believe and then height oh yeah that's about

It's about an inch and a half tall so here i'll show that to you guys so it has a much more low profile tube which is within reason it's called the viper mini so of course it's going to be

A little bit lighter weight let's go ahead and plug it in and see how the rgb looks so for the razer mouse we just have a singular point of rgb so it's a little bit boring it's just

The razer naga logo which is actually pretty typical of razer so i mean as far as like the feel and everything goes with a very nice kind of textured finish it's not like the other ones where they're nice and

Smooth and once again just like all the other mice two macros on the side we have the singular dpi which i actually like this dps which is very small so it's not very easy to hit

Accidentally and then once again very nice textured scroll wheel which seems to be a general consensus of all the most popular mice so now that we've looked at the razer viper mini let's test it out

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Definitely give this a shot if you have a laptop like this and want to play games like apex legends and be a real gamer like jackson because we all know he's the realest of gamers so the first and only wireless mouse

We're going to be testing in this round up is the g 305 from logitech now one thing to point out wireless mice have come a long way in terms of getting really awesome performance compared to wired mice there

Really isn't that big of a compromise anymore when going with wireless besides the fact that it does add weight because of the internal battery so let's go and open this up so one thing about this mouse is the fact that

It actually uses a battery which looks to be a double a battery so that's kind of a downer i probably would have preferred to have it actually be rechargeable which is understandable if you do get a rechargeable battery it's

Probably gonna be bigger and way more but anyways let's go ahead and put this back on and yeah this is the mouse it's uh pretty standard let's go ahead and run over the specs real quick

Now this mouse comes with the hero sensor with a thousand hertz pulling rate one millisecond latency and a 12 000 max dpi it does not come with a cable as i mentioned it only comes with this little

Extender for the wireless adapter which is uh kind of a bummer i would like to see a cable so if for some reason your battery dies you can just plug the cable in back to your wireless mouse and still use it in

Wired mode which is normally what happens with wireless mice nowadays it does come with omron mechanical switches and on-board memory which the software that logitech provides is average but it may contain

Some bugs again with any software nowadays there could be some bugs but this one is average at best now let's go ahead and check the weight of this mouse no cable to get in the way set it right there what we looking at 96

Grams this boy is definitely more hefty than the others and i could tell that when i first picked it up with the battery inside you're definitely gonna add some weight so if you're looking for a truly lightweight

Mouse this is probably not the mouse for you but it is still relatively lightweight so it depends on what your standards are and if you've used something like an mm710 or other mouse that we've tested in this

Video you might not be able to go to this one very smoothly but if you use heavier mice than this it might be a good upgrade for you now for length we're looking at about five and a half

Inches give or take more actually no nevermind let's try that again from like right about here we're looking at about five inches um the width is about i would say two and three quarters ish um and then

The height we'll do it right here what are we looking at one and a half so pretty standard all around it is a smaller mouse and i think it does compare more to the viper mini

Um i'm not a huge fan of this because well wired mice nowadays with those really lightweight cables are almost as if they're wireless like you really don't even feel the cable at all it doesn't

Hold you back but if you are somebody who really really wants a clean setup wireless is the way to go and i know this is a pretty popular option so definitely consider this one now this mouse being wireless it does

Not come with any rgbs it's pretty plain which is to be expected with a mouse that is on battery it would really be draining really fast if it had rgb on there but in terms of the button layout pretty

Much exactly the same as every other mouse we have the two programmable macro buttons here dpi switch and a texturized scroll wheel which is pretty much standard nowadays for all

These mice and you know what should we have even mentioned it i don't know but you know what we did anyways um yeah wireless mouse it's not for everybody there's a lot of people who might want rgb

And one have the ability to plug their mouse into their computer um you know these lightweight mics nowadays with their braided cables are almost as if they are wireless with how light they are and there's very little

Drag so it really depends on what kind of person you are and what your use case is but this mouse might be for you so what we have here is a steel series rival 3 which

A lot of you guys know steel series and a lot of you guys love them we're actually going to check out their best gaming mouse from ign so for the steel series we have true move core sensor basically a bmw

331 sensor a thousand hertz polling rate one millisecond latency 8500 max dpi actually has a soft rubber cable rather than the typical braided cable

Still series mechanical switches and on-board memory for performance settings but not for rgb so this one i'm going to take a guess that it's going to be a little bit lighter i think it's going to be in

Between the battery-powered one and the last one that we made 84 grams 84 okay so relatively in between so honestly i don't feel a huge difference

From like 67 to 84 you can somewhat feel it but i will say for the size of this mouse with it being a full-size mouse it does feel lighter so for measurements as

Always we have about five inches and like we said these are not exact measurements so they've all been like five inches for width it looks like we have about two and three quarters

Wide at the actual grip point and then for height i'll go ahead and shut the camera i know you can see there about one and a half yeah something like that okay so about one and a half so pretty

Pretty standard once again let's go ahead and plug it in and see what the roy g biv looks like so we have a really nice looking rgb the effect goes all the way around and as you can see the logo also glows the

Steel series logo nice satin finish pretty decent feeling hefty mouse we also have a dpi switch we have a really nice grippy textured mouse wheel so you're not going to be slipping on it and also two macros on the side for all

Of you gamers out there so we have now checked out the last mouse let's go ahead and see what we rated all of these alright guys if you've seen any of our top five videos we'd like to give a

General rating of what we think are the best mice in our opinions of course your opinion may be different but starting at number one we have the cooler master mm711 710 we really like this mouse i use it

Personally one of my favorite lightweight mice and just mice in general we have right here in a surprising fashion the razer viper mini because well

It's kind of like a lightweight mouse but also not having the cheese grater look that some people really don't like so you have that best of both worlds basically with the same cable so we're

Really impressed with this mouse in third place is the glorious mice nothing against glorious second and third is really close you could go with either or and it'd be a really good option

Uh but we absolutely love these mice as well and the last two right here are kind of okayish mice we have the steel series mouse which is well pretty basic compared to the other ones it doesn't have any crazy standout

Features it has a good sensor but that's about it the cable is pretty lackluster as well but again personal preference and last is the wireless mouse this could be number one for some people if

They absolutely want wireless because well it's the only one out here we really think that the versions that come with cables are a little bit better right now and

This one just seems to have too many sacrifices to make it a wireless mouse so how do i go ahead and go back over here real quick and wrap this video up so don't forget you guys can buy any of

The mice we use in this video on amazon newegg or ebay we'll have links for anything that's available in the description below they are affiliate links so they do help us out greatly if you like this format of video let us

Know in the comment section down below we like doing the keyboard ones we did a mouse video in the past but it didn't do nearly as well so we wanted to redo this with some more popular mice and see what you guys think

Let us know down below if there's any other things you want us to see us do a top five roundup of we'll be happy to consider it also don't forget to check out our other two youtube channels and also our

Twitchtv slash toasty bros don't forget to like comment and subscribe and we will see you guys in the next one goodbye nice mice myself a pile of mice boxes

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