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Hey how's it going guys Jack and Matt here with the toy stereos and today we're gonna be testing the top five keyboards under $30 and they're all mechanical yeah mechanical keyboards and none of these claiming to be waterproof this time but first before we dive into

This let's hear a word from today's sponsor today's video is brought to you by G V G Mall an online marketplace to gain access to some really awesome discounted game keys and more specifically Windows 10 licenses and if

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Sponsoring this video let's get right into the video shall we alright guys you all absolutely loved that video that we did recently where we did the top five keyboards under $20 and there was one keyboard that was under 20 bucks it's

Mechanical but then the price went up and it was kind of a weird situation but I'm glad you all watch that video and gave us some feedback because we're gonna do a way better version of this by basically doing top 5 under $30 and

These are all definitely mechanical and they all definitely should be available so if you want to purchase any of these keyboards in the video links description down below they are affiliate links and they will help support us if you'd like

What we do so if you guys check out what we have going on on our table over there you'll notice we have one through five one being amazing three being you know decent middle ground and five meat man or just kind of the worst one I don't

Think we're gonna find any that we absolutely like hate but we are gonna rate them in order of all kinds of different stipulations we have everything from build quality to aesthetics just how the keyboard works

And pricing we even have a scale here to weigh like the caps and the keyboard and everything rindu all kinds of tests you guys are gonna really like this one we're gonna make it uniform this time hopefully so let's get right into it

Alright guys we're going to start with this beautiful one right here so Jackson you wanna first up your first impressions here my favorite part about this box is that it's it's literally a sticky piece of paper to put over the

Box many props to them for putting something on it so this keyboard here is the Eagle Tech mechanical keyboard and it's 104 key so it does have number pad which men are not a huge fan but we're not gonna really rate a

Keyboard base type has a number pad or not because some people really like that and we can't we can't dis that that's not fair it says it has a breathing backlit effect I don't know if it has anything else just it's blue backlit

With brightness adjustments and on off 100% anti-ghosting that's really awesome custom mechanical switches designed for longevity and greater durability and responsiveness and they're actually supposedly double shot injection key

Caps which that's pretty cool for a keyboard this cheap so let's go ahead and just open the box up cuz I think we've already done all the outside stuff we can so this eagletech keyboard was 2889

At the time of purchase of course these are subject to change but we assume that it'll probably stay around that price because this is no crazy high-end keyboard but so right off the bat this keyboard is actually a pretty nice like

Hefty feeling keyboard so the top of this does feel like it's either a aluminum or some type of steel and the reason I say this because you look right here this piece is bent and plastic usually would not do that unless it's

Been bent for a long time you say this one's like not really that Ben this one's like really bent so that is one little a little small defect off the back but it is cooled out that this keyboard seems to have a metal top of

Course the rest of the casing is just like an ABS plastic it does have two little feet on the back the key caps actually feel pretty nice double-shot injection let's go and pop one off so before we weigh it we're also gonna

Check and see does the keyboard flex and yes it does a little bit like I don't know if we can see this if I bend it really hard it does flex a little bit this metal top though kind of does hold it down and

Keep it from flexing let's go ahead and see what we have weight wise so we're gonna check with grams real quick and if it's like a stupid number we'll put over here pounds 970 grams let's switch that over 2 pounds so that's 2 pounds and 2.5

Ounces so that's a pretty respectable weight for a cheap keyboard like this a lot of you guys like really heavy keyboards so they don't move around on you plus they just they feel nicer as far as this switch goes it looks like we

Have basically a blue NACO if it's kind of like a kale boxed blue switch I'm not really sure what actual brand it is I'm sure it's a knockoff switch though alright so now we're going to go ahead and get to the

Part we're gonna actually plug this keyboard in alright so we have these really nice-looking blue light it actually is pretty bright I'm not gonna lie it looks pretty good let's see if we can actually change any of this yeah so

Go into the modes here it is gonna all be blue but it does have like all of the basic modes that an RGB keyboard would have it but it's not RGB it's just blue but I mean it's still cool though for a little over twenty eight dollars you

Have a keyboard that can do you know that's a cool gaming mode and everything so I mean honestly this is actually pretty nice it's not RGB some people don't like RGB those so I mean you know it's pretty good so the cable is

Actually a really thick USB cable it's actually thicker than most of them I see there's no pastor or anything so they just decided to use a pretty thick cable it's not braided but it does come with a velcro strap for cable management really

Nice thick USB port over here so the cable I would say is pretty decent it looks like it's about a six or seven foot cable so for the typing test we've clipped the live real dues for every single one on to the actual keyboard

Cable so that we hopefully have like a decent distance here but it's going to start typing pulling up stuff all right so there's your typing test hopefully it sounded decent enough definitely a lot of springy noise definitely a lot of

Bottoming out noises but now let's go ahead and put it on our rating system over here so this first one just because we have nothing else to compare it to yet I think we're gonna go ahead and just put it in the middle for decent I

Mean I'm not gonna lie I don't know what the other one's gonna be like but this one has actually kind of impressed me as far as build quality everything goes I guess we'll just put it like that sure we'll find a better way to do this but

This one is under the category of three onto the next one your next keyboard I don't know what it is I got this beauty so this ladies and gentlemen is well if I've opened these before so sorry I

Cheated but this right here is the 22 dollar special the hi dong mechanical keyboard so this ladies and gentlemen came at 22 bucks and you know in the last video we had a keyboard that was like under $20 it was fully mechanical

Is really weird this is kind of the same thing I don't know how long this is actually gonna stay at $22 it may go but it actually comes with a lot of weird things now into the unboxing it's basically a full-size keyboard

Attachments assume in on this we have more switches which there are only one two three four five of them blue switches which are kind of weird but considering the keyboard doesn't have blue switches they're supposed to be

Black switches which is like a linear switch but we're you go ahead and unbox this real quick and we'll get some first impressions on the build quality we have the keyboard right here we're gonna go ahead and talk about the case material

It is actually just plastic it's a hard plastic though and in terms of flexibility we can do some flex right here it takes a lot to really get it to flex I mean it will flex later right there but I mean in terms of like build

Quality it was pretty rigid the back is entirely plastic as well as it's like textured plastic back with two flip-out feet which do look much sturdier than the other keyboard we just looked at so that is a good plus if you're interested

In that we'll talk more about the cable later but I'm actually kind of impressed with the cable right now so we're gonna do next is see exactly how much this thing weighs we should still be on pounds so we'll go ahead and drop this

Down real quick it's calibrated I came to tell it is yeah a lot lighter so that's one pound 14 ounces the other one was 2.5 so the aluminum on that made that keyword probably heavier against considering this is all plastic and a

Lot more hollow you know it's decent but the build quality can't complain it does not feel like it's super super cheap so we're gonna go ahead and pop up a key cap here okay we'll just take this arrow key up and then there it is there is

That black switch we talked about it basically is a linear switch we'll get a quick little test real quick you probably I'm going to hear it that way right now but the typing test you'll hear it more it's smooth feels like a

Heavy linear switch like a heavy red switch I don't know that's a good thing because linear switch is supposed to be like really easy to push and have that fast responsiveness but I mean it feels decent now these are supposed to be hot

Swappable because it came with this switch remover tool which I've done this numerous times it is quite difficult I'm assuming it's hot swappable but I could be totally wrong it breaks it pretty all right there we go oh yeah

That's hot swappable so it wasn't soldered in so that's a good thing I guess so we really wanted to we could just pop one of these blue switches in which makes no sense whatsoever but maybe it feels wrong but okay

There we go we'll see if that still works after we put it back together but hey which is really confused somebody and leave a blue switch right there um but yeah blue switch I hope that goes this way he's really confused somebody

If you want to but I mean the black switches are different normally the budget accountant keyboards you just see blue switches all the time and that's really cool to see something different now of course we got to do is plug this

Thing up and see what it looks like I have no idea I think that's actually supposed to come with RGB backlighting so this could be the only one that actually has that we actually have some keyboards in this lamp that have no

Lighting at all so we're gonna be interested to see what this looks like when we turn it on but it looks like we have those we're definitely RGB lights and everything yeah so it's on white right now let's see if there's a

Different mode mode one two three mode 1 mode 2 mode 3 interesting I mean that's like this I don't know how well it picks up on camera it's not super bright but it has like a white fade effect I have yet to looks like is it moving I can't

Tell yes it is it's changing yeah that mean that's technically our very oddly it's very dim incredibly dim I don't know how I feel about that so let's see if there's any other Mo's there's like a little like starry night effect mode 8

Is another wave so I mean it has modes but I mean it's not anything crazy you're not gonna want to get this for the RGB it's not absolutely insane to where it's a major selling point now to go onto the cable we have a braided

Cable it's just really cool actually this cable is well braided will be a little bit more durable than some other cables and also the one thing I like to point out is that has routing on the back so you can route your cable one

Direction if you have like your computer on one side just keep things a little bit nicer with cable management so that's actually really cool so last thing right now would be just to put this thing up in word and see how it

Types okay so where this ranks on our scale of one to met we're probably gonna put this at number one right now because well it is

Definitely better than this one right now and it comes in to $22 price is a big selling point for a keyboard and well at 22 bucks if it's still twenty-two bucks it is definitely right now our number one option but we still

Got three more keywords to see if it can dethrone it be hi dong let's go ahead and do that real quick what's next on the list we got a keyboard from our friends over a gigabyte oh yeah so we didn't even know gigabyte like made

Keyboards honestly so this is a gigabyte force K eighty-one it also has a number pad it does look to be in a full keyboard but it does look like it's a little bit smaller we're just kind of weird like the picture just makes it

Look small as far as the box it says it has gaming red switches which I'm assuming you're like oughta me or something like that just Red's I mean they look very basic they're definitely not cherries but it says that they're

70million key pressed lifespan they're there where is the stinky caps because the key caps are laser etched to ensure the keys are not easily worn out from prolonged use and it also has also the 100% anti-ghosting so let's go ahead and

Get this thing open so this one does come in at $29.99 so this is like one of the you could call it the top budget ones you know it's right at the edge of 30 so let's go ahead and get it out of the box this was actually really heavy I

Think it's gonna be the heaviest one yet now and I was totally wrong but it's one many smallest ones like actually pretty long has very large lettering and I feel like it's a little bit bigger than normal which for some people they might

Really like I mean I don't mind it these definitely do you feel like Reds but they feel a little bit heavier than Reds like if you like Reds but those are definitely harder to press in a regular red it's almost like they're non lubed

Reds if that makes sense like there's not they're not super smooth but they sound good I mean they're they're actually really reasonable the plate on top of the keyboard which we had a better way to tell but I think it's just

Plastic and there has to be weights in this or something because I mean like to feel this this is heavy your god like that's actually boy I think this is gonna be three or four pounds which is what a lot of people look for in a

Keyboard you know we have actual rubber feet on the bottom there you know anti slick and everything which is really nice and the back of it you know is also applies to commit asides everything's basically plastic on it as

Far as flex goes this thing has like almost not I mean has a little bit but just the other ones that we've done so far barely any flex actually popping off a key cap okay there's really goofy looking red

Switches they actually don't have like a clear casing they're just like a black plastic casing so reading the actual switch these are actually kale switches so that's that's actually been a cool that we have a actual name-brand switch

On here and see if we can actually get this back on alright so now it's time to do the actual weights s let's go ahead and set this bad boy on 2.5 2.5 why I said like three or four okay so this one being a su-25 is actually the same

Weight as number three on the list so as far as weight goes we're actually kind of tied on that one as far as pricing goes this one is like a dollar more so I mean yeah that's that's something so as far as lights and design go this one

Does not have any lights this is one of the ones that is not RGB no LEDs or anything so for some of you that might be like an instant turnoff for us I mean I would say I do like a keyboard with lighting but I'm not gonna solely you

Know this is keyboard just because doesn't have light some people hate lighting you and I mean so they'd rather spend money on an ice cube or this one does have you know decent like name-brand switches and everything so

That's really good but I mean you know once we should get this thing in the responsiveness is really good I mean it's also probably been pretty good with the other ones as well and then lastly before we do the typing test the cable

Is once again like the first one that we did it's just you know non braided and everything but decent thickness and everything it's pretty stiff and you know what to worry about it doesn't like it's gonna break instantly so that's

Good alright alright guys so now that we've you know gone through and typed I'm just gonna man we have to think about this this one does actually have you know good read switches which I like so I'm thinking number two for now are

You thinking number two I always thinking either two or three we could always move keyboard as well I think in terms of the keyboard overall yeah but if somebody like it could be tied because someone who runs

Lights I'm thinking maybe what's going to put it on too but we might end up moving both of these down if we have a better number too so right now guys the hi dong the good

Old high dialling is number one with the gigabyte keyboard in second and the Eagle tech with third we have two more to go let's see if this thing changes up at all well we have next oh yes this one red dragon company guys yeah

We've worked with these guys before so this just so you know has no lighting as well they made sure to know this I'm assuming they're reusing the same box just for quality persons because there is a version with backlighting but so

Some of the features that it does mention as this this is actually you know what never mind this box does not make any sense because it does say an LED backlighting but this version is no light no light whatsoever so you know

What we're gonna ignore that but basically what it is it's actually a 10 keyless keyboard so that's the first keyboard that we've had this thus far that has no number pad so that could be a selling point or a turn-off for some

People so keep that in mind as I open up this keyboard it does come in at twenty eight ninety nine for the price point which is again below thirty dollars but is creeping towards the top of that $30 price bracket again we had that high

Dong at 22 99 which if it's still 20 to 99 is actually a good buy so as we open it up here you are greeted with a white keyboard yes this is an all-white keyboard which is totally different from the rest of them it actually looks quite

Nice we'll open it up right here and have a look at it now I can kind of give it props for having an all-white keyboard cuz it's different and not having backlight I mean it's not the end of the world because it's an all-white

Keyboard the finish looks pretty nice doesn't look super cheap like some all-white finishes on like computer cases and things we've seen recently looks pretty good so in terms of flex this thing is solid like oh my goodness

This thing is like really solid I wouldn't even worry about build quality with this thing you could probably kill somebody with it if you really wanted to they flip it around to the back we do have to flip out feet which I can get

Underneath them are pretty solid to feet always good no cable routing though which is kind of a boo but in terms of key caps we'll go ahead and take a key cap off somewhere take the I like have to put WASD on the key caps for the

Arrow keys interesting we have pretty decent key caps doesn't they might be double-shot they don't really advertise what the specific key cap is and then in terms of switches these do have Auto mu blue switches

Which we care more in the typing test later but we have seen these before in other keyboards odda mu is a pretty popular like key switch maker for like these cheap mechanical keyboards so they're actually pretty decent switches

If you like blue switches but again it's very popular amongst these budget McComb keyboard companies to just throw blue switches because they normally think it's the most popular because that's what the average consumer likes the

Clicky clicky now we're going to weigh this thing I'm thinking this thing is not gonna be nearly as hefty is the other ones because it's a 10 kilos but we got 1 pound 12 ounces not too bad not too bad for a keyboard like this but

Again it's an keyless is a little missing like a majority of the keyboard so now that we had this all put together we do have to mention again that this does not come with backlighting so we're gonna move it over here plug her up and

You're not gonna see any backlighting so just keep that in mind or we could be totally surprised and lied to and they're gonna be backlighting so we'll see there you go the keyboard is plugged in again Mac lady no backlighting oh

That mean it looks fine it's a nice looking keyboard in terms of the cable which we'll look at on first impressions it's well kind of Plain Jane nothing too special about it it's an all white non braided cable perfectly fine

The cable routing is kind of a in my opinion really nice to see cable routing on like keyboards okay so quick typing test sounds like any blue switch keyboard can't really say much else about it this keyboard is gonna be kind

Of limited by a couple things one it is not hot swappable so you're stuck with those blue switches comes in at $28 so if you really want blue switches this could be the keyboard for you free 110 keyless this can be the keyboard for you

But in terms of ranking it's gonna be kind of hard because it's very nice you've got a really want a white keyboard you've got to really want blue switches so on this keyboard so in terms of an overall selection I don't know man

I think it probably ranks I'm leaning either three or four I don't know if this is technically better than this one without the backlighting but I'm gonna put it at four it is a really well-built keyboard

We might do some moving around the end this is definitely a cheaper built keyboard but it does come with backlighting so if that's a selling point for you go for it but there are a lot of people who really like 10 keyless

So this could be three if not one for some people so for now don't get mad at us we're going to put this at four and we will adjust as needed after looking at the final keyboard but I feel pretty confident with the selection right now

So I got a little bit of surprise here this one comes with a mouse hello thanks for choosing habits so this is a very familiar brand this is actually one of the first companies to like ever help us out and like send us products or

Anything which this we paid for this one but we have not worked with him in a long time but it's made in China but have it's actually really popular seller and Amazon they've actually been around for like a really long time now I mean I

Remember seeing him back in like 2014 so they definitely been in the game for a while the box really says like nothing besides here because I'm seeming they use the same box for a lot of different products and keyboards but so this one

Is $29.99 so keep that in mind but you're also getting a mouse with it which honestly I think is they like a huge selling point for a lot of people this isn't really the greatest you know like comparison since this one does have

A mouse with it because really you could look at it like maybe the keyboard is only worth $24 since you're getting a whole freakin Mouse with it so I guess we're going to pull out the master so you guys can see it but obviously we're

Not gonna stress much about the mouse we will plug it in so you can just see what it looks like you know in case you want to go this route right my doll gets wet in a hardcore over there guys alright so yeah here's the mouse before

We get in everything I'm gonna show you guys the mouse this must does have lighting on it keep that in mind too well plug it in to show you but let's go ahead and just talk about the main focus here the keyboard

Alright so straight out of the box this is a full-size keyboard once again we have the number pad pretty decent weight I kind of liked the chrome stripping around it now this one is all plastic we have plastic on the front back side to

Side and I mean overall the keyboard feels good I'm gonna guess probably in a way exactly two pounds let's go ahead and take off the usual so these switches actually say content on them I don't know if maybe this their own branding it

Could be I mean have it's a pretty decent and big brand so these are blue switches obviously oh they're not cherries or anything they they just say content so not really exactly sure what they are but they're blue switches they

Kind of sound any other blue switch yeah it sound like a little bit of a quieter blue switch they all have that really nasty bottom out I don't know if you noticed that Matt and all that nasty like when it

Hits it with like smacks hard to you yeah so this one obviously as far as we know is not hot swappable as well doesn't say it is this we're gonna assume it's not they don't advertise it an eight so we're gonna go ahead and do

The the wait here read off what we got okay so that's one point 10 ounces so we're a little bit under two pounds so you know it's respectable though it's definitely not one of the heavier ones but it's it's closed

As far as flexibility goes this one I think might actually be the most flexible keyboard so far I can actually kind of bend this one because it is all plastic and it doesn't have like a recessed plastic to it to make it more

Rigid but it's not like to the point that I mean I'm really struggling to bend it it's not gonna like break the keyboard in half or anything so let's go and go over here though and plug the keyboard in and see what we got

Alright so to go through some of the RGB modes it actually does have the wave as its its wave and Attis this just looks like it's just says standard like RGB it doesn't change or anything okay so this one's actually like a you know pulse

Mode wherever you type it kind of sends out a wave snake mode this is kind of just pulsating on and off RGB it's not very bright it's definitely not like RGB RGB it's basically like certain keys or certain colors it does not appear that

It really changes and then I don't know what I'm doing okay there we go and then we have like at like a snowflake effect or it's kind of following do you actually have a braided cable which is nice a lot of people you know prefer

Having a braided cable it's not anything insane you know it's still a decently thick cable with with braiding so we got that going for it too there's no cable routing anything like that of course so let's go do a quick typing test

All right so before we go out we're gonna go ahead and just see what the mouth looks like it's actually a smooth RGB effect I don't know if it can oh it can be changed look at that that's actually pretty good so I mean honestly

I almost value the keyboard as being like a 22 to 23 dollar keyboard than this being like I mean we did a mouse video where it was all they were under $10 right I mean this is as good if not better as most than my super reviewed

That were under $10 so for this coming in at $30 right now I'ma be honest like this is probably the best deal but the hi dong one has hot-swappable switches it comes with some extra mechanical switches honestly just the fact that

It's hot swappable the cheapest like hot swappable keyboard you can really build yourself is gonna be using probably a $30 PCB and that's just for the PCB so I'm gonna say that we're gonna knock the gigabyte one back put this at number two

With the mouse will kind of put that in the picture here in just a second I don't think the red dragon deserves five in my opinion but it's hard so we're making a very tough decision right now guys we're thinking about moving this

Kind of like a little bit no-name keyboard to the very end the reason being is because for one the build quality is it's nice that this one is actually metal it's like the only one had a metal top but that also leaves

Imperfections especially like where you can bend stuff and I can come in a back with my finger but we're actually thinking we're gonna put this at number five now keep in mind though don't take these tests to heart this is like our

Personal preference we were trying to keep like an open mind here but Red Dragons are really good brand and we trust it you know I mean this is a trusted keyboard so we would feel wrong putting this at the end you know what I

Mean and for some of you this keyboard would be number one and you know this one would be the last so it's kind of just preference this is what we think so you know let us know in the comment section down below what you guys think

What was your favorite keyboard and if you guys want to buy these keyboards once again links in the description down below they are all pretty decent options and based on our reviews hopefully you can choose a good one that works for you

Unless note there's any other good ones that we missed because there was a lot of selection on Amazon so hope you guys enjoyed today's don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and we'll see you guys in the

Next one goodbye the high dog coming in hot whoo

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