Top 5 Camping Gear Essentials You Must Own

published on August 3, 2020

if you're an avid camper who heads into the great outdoors frequently spending money on quality camping gear that's going to last you a while is worth a bit of extra money but finding the best camping gear is not

An easy task which makes upgrading your equipment a real challenge from shelter and warmth to cooking tools we guarantee even the most experienced outdoorsmen

Will find something on this list that enhances their adventure seeking whether you're staying on a campsite with friends or heading into the wilderness alone

These clever camping accessories will help you enjoy new levels of comfort and fun outdoors today we are taking a look at the spark plus camp stove now even though it's tiny it has a

Really powerful burner that helps you quickly cook great meals at camp so the first thing you need to know is that the spark plus runs on butane as opposed to propane like a lot of other camp stoves

Butane is lighter than propane which makes it easier to transport and it can be found at many outdoor stores and online so it's a great option for camping there's a built-in compartment that

Holds an eight ounce fuel canister so it becomes an all-in-one package that's ready to go as soon as you get to camp just snap in the fuel and you're ready to start cooking

No attachments required and no need to make space for a bulky propane canister as you can see it's incredibly compact and portable but it still packs plenty of power it has one 11 500 btu burner that allows

You to cook fast so you won't have to wait around for things to heat up and it has built-in double wall wind protection here on the sides so you don't have to worry about that flame going out like all eureka stoves

The spark plus has built-in simmer control which is great because it allows you to cook things like chili pan seared steaks or make the perfect pancakes it's like cooking on your kitchen range at home

Which is pretty incredible considering how small and portable this thing is the other great thing about this design is that despite the small size it allows you to use up to an 11 inch pot or pan the only thing you don't want to do

Is use a pan large enough that's going to cover the fuel compartment here otherwise just use whatever pot or pan you've already got as you can see here it has built-in adjustable feet so it's incredibly stable no matter where you

Set it it also comes with this great carry case which makes the spark plus even easier to transport so if you're looking for a stove that's powerful and easy to cook on

But you don't want the bulk of a traditional two burner the spark plus is the way to go at just 5495 it's a great solution that's easy on the wallet and a joy to use at camp

The three-position event chair from gci outdoor is comfort in a compact package with its patent-pending slim-fold design the chair folds flat and takes up minimal storage space

To open push the sides of the seat partially down and flip up the backrest insert the backrest frame into the body of the chair and push down all the way on the sides of the seat

The three position event chair supports up to 250 pounds and has a low to the ground seat height of 13 inches for added comfort it features a unique three position reclining backrest

And a fold out table with beverage holder when it's time to pack up disassemble the backrest and fold it into the seat then simply fold the chair using the patent-pending easy fold technology

And carry it with the attached handle portability and comfort make the three position event chair a must-have for outdoor festivals camping road trips picnics and any

Outdoor activity our new aurora camping tent offers room for the whole crew with generous interior space balancing high quality materials and durable design all wrapped into a fun

Camp vibe for a freestanding shelter that's competitively priced and built to last featuring vibrant colorways and angular patterning reminiscent of mountainscapes aurora delivers joy to every adventure

From the backyard to the mountainside aurora's unique design supports nearly vertical walls offering users significant sitting room and overhead space coupled with a symmetrical floor that spans a category

Leading 52 inches wide by 88 inches long aurora 2p easily accommodates two 25 inch wide pads so multiple users can spend extended tent time relaxing or sleeping comfortably in either direction

Oversized doors on both sides make it easy to get in and out of your tent and tuck away nicely into door jamb pockets aurora's sturdy weatherproof floor starts with a durable polyester fabric

Keeping you cozy and dry throughout the night while a single seam construction ensures greater longevity quality white nosia mesh sidewalls balance privacy and significant airflow for temperature

Control while keeping condensation and bugs at bay tonally matched overhead mesh adds color and fun to your adventure and blends into the sky for better visibility of the stars at night

High quality pre-bent aluminum alloy poles keep weight to a minimum while a crossbar and arching main pole further increase volume at the head symmetrical pole design grommeted webbing and easy to use pull clips make

For an intuitive and fast setup every time constructed of a durable coated polyester aurora's expansive fly is there to protect you when a storm rolls in and protected strut vents at both ends

Ensure proper ventilation and prevent condensation and additional guy out points allow you to secure your tent when the winds pick up two vestibules and two roll back doors

Allow for easy entry various configurations for different weather and generous areas to stash your gear aurora includes a footprint for added durability and a duffel storage bag for

Easy pack up each end is equipped with a gear pocket for essentials and a light pocket turns your headlamp into a tent lantern at night providing a pleasant glow through light

Diffusing fabric for adventurous pups aurora can be accessorized with our newly designed paw print which snaps into place to keep your four-legged friends cozy and your tent

Floor puncture free for adventurers looking for a versatile and inviting camp tent that features high quality fr chemical free materials and design features that even the most seasoned

Camper will appreciate aurora provides a cozy fun shelter that is perfect for car camping yet light enough for backpacking all at a worthwhile price the rustic look of cast iron matched with its

Long-lasting construction has a rich history in outdoor cooking cast iron is designed to distribute heat evenly making for faster cooking without having to manage the heat source or rotate the pan our cast iron frying pans

Are just as much at home on a campfire as they are in your kitchen use our frying pans to cook everything from eggs and bacon to steak and veggies without sticking perhaps one of the most versatile and

Frequently used pieces at the campsite is the cast iron dutch oven whether you need the stability of a dutch oven with legs to bake biscuits or a cobbler down in the coals or prefer a flat bottom design for cooking on a

Grill rack we've got you covered with a variety of different sizes looking to fry crisp veggies sear a steak or cook some asian cuisine look no further than our cast iron wok

The even heating of cast iron is also perfect for pizzas giving you a crispy crust and locking in all the delicious flavors our pizza pan can also be used as a large skillet for cooking hamburgers

Pancakes steaks and more all of our pieces now come pre-seasoned and ready to use cast iron is a staple for the outdoors but is frequently used for indoor cooking as well

Whatever you plan on cooking next stansport has you covered this is the scorm 400 headlamp with a super robust fully waterproof housing and an amazing feature set with high lumen output

The storm is a premium headlamp that's ready for any big adventure i'll walk you through the features on the storm 400 starting with the three lenses that were specifically designed to meet a wide variety of lighting needs

The main distance beam was optimized for active situations and throws light up to 100 meters on a high the second beam is our proximity beam which provides a wide diffuse

Light output and is perfect for time spent around camp and while reading our third beam includes a multi-color led for times when preserving your night vision is necessary and enables you to

Select either red green or blue depending upon your specific night vision preferences the storm headlamp utilizes brightness memory to come on in your previously selected mode

And brightness setting to turn on press the large main button on the top of the headlamp once our six setting three led battery meter located on the side of the front housing indicates the level of battery life

Remaining you can brighten and dim the light within any mode by holding down the main button release when your desired level of brightness is reached

If you want maximum brightness at any point just tap the right side of your headlamp to engage power tap to easily switch between your multiple lens options we've added a secondary mode selector

Button to switch between the red green and blue leds hold down the mode selector button and the headlamp will cycle through each option

In order to use the strobe option at any point double-click the main button in whatever mode you are in will strobe while in strobe mode you can utilize powertap to access an sos feature powered by four

Aaa cells the storm can run off the included alkaline batteries or can utilize rechargeable nickel metal hydride or lithium batteries as well our digital lockout feature safeguards against accidental use

When stored in a packer pocket to lock your headlamp while it's off hold down both buttons for 3 seconds to unlock hold down both buttons again for 3 seconds

With our most robust fully submersible waterproof rating of ip67 each storm headlamp is individually tested to ensure waterproofness and operation at one meter depth

For 30 minutes with multiple woven elastic headband options available you'll be sure to find the perfect pattern and color combo to fit your style


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