Top 5 Budget Smartphones 2020 – Under $300!

by birtanpublished on October 5, 2020

Couple of weeks back i did a video about the top five budget phones under 500 and a lot of you watched it a lot of you watched it enjoyed it and even bought some of those phones which is great then i did a a poll not too long after that and asked like what price phones you guys own and there's a lot of you out there with phones under 300 so i figured why not do a video about that seems like a good idea but i'm not going to do it alone i mean i don't know enough about those phones but i have a friend that does actually looking forward to this i

Haven't done a collab in quite a while so we're gonna do a little collaboration today as we talk about some of the best budget phones under 300 that you can get today and i'll tell you all about it right after this what up players welcome back and for all you new people welcome my name is travis and i do tech videos every single week and have a blast doing them if that sounds like fun to you sit back relax and enjoy the video anything i talk about will be in the

Description below but for now let's just get into the video now as i said the video i did with budget phones under 500 did pretty well but i actually saw a couple of comments come up time and time again saying that 500 and under isn't really budget so i did a poll and a large percentage of you have phones that are under 300 which kind of shocked me a little bit i mean you're watching my videos where frequently i talk about flagship level phones and i just want to get i want to get some value out there to

You so i went and teamed with my friend kevin breeze here on youtube he's really an expert when it comes to budget phones and we're going to talk about five different phones under 300 now all of these phones can be bought on amazon i'll leave links in the description below and also you can check out kevin's channel in the link in the description below he's going to go into some detail about each individual one after i go ahead and introduce them now these five phones were picked between me

And him i've actually reviewed one of them on the channel but most of these have been reviewed on his channel so make sure you check that out so let's just get into this for 300 what kind of smartphone can you get well surprisingly a lot of value now as we're in the 2020 there's a lot of technology that can be built into a sub 300 phone and two of these phones are from samsung who'da thunk it first up is the moto g power it's touting up to three days of battery life which is crazy

Because as a 5 000 milliamp hour battery again under 300 this is pretty nuts dual stereo speakers a 6.4 inch display four gigabytes of ram which by the way all of these phones have four gigabytes of ram so i might not even bother saying that anymore they all have the same amount of ram so just get over that by the way i like to mention the fact that that isn't really that big of a deal as a matter of fact i did a video very recently about a 250 super smartphone flagship level

Smartphone on this channel i'll leave a link in the description below and in the end screen these budget phones are a lot more powerful than you might think and most importantly this phone is only one of two in this entire list that is unlocked across all carriers that means cdma and gsm that means att mobile sprint verizon it doesn't matter they got you covered now a lot of these other phones are gsm only so this one and only one other one will work across all of those if you have

Sprinter verizon you can get one of these but you know what i think my man kevin breeze can tell you more about it than i can he actually has one what's going on everyone this is kevin breeze here and thank you travis for having me as a guest on the channel i've never seen so many plays on one channel so you've built quite an audience here travis now there are three things about the moto g power that really make this phone stand out to me the first thing of course

Is that really massive 5 000 milliamp hour internal battery and there are two main benefits with that very large battery that i could think of now the first benefit is probably pretty obvious and that is that you're gonna be getting very good battery life getting through a day or even two will not be an issue with this phone which is something that's very rare in general and especially rare with budget devices but the second benefit

With having a battery so large on this phone and this is something that is actually more important than you might think is that the battery degradation will not be nearly as noticeable now with any smartphone out there whether it's from apple samsung lg motorola it doesn't matter who after about a year or so you're going to notice that the battery on your device is not going to be able to hold a charge quite as well now that will continue to be the case here with the moto g power because

There's nothing different about the actual battery technology but since the battery already is probably bigger than you needed to be with this phone as time goes on and the battery holds less and less of a charge it's not going to be nearly as noticeable as it might be with another device that has a normal size battery so the point is that if you're looking to get a budget phone with the maximum level of longevity then i would say the moto g power is probably the best option for you because beyond the issue of potential

Slowdowns for me at least the number one biggest motivator for me to upgrade to a new device is because the battery doesn't hold a charge as well so again since we're already getting a massive oversized in my opinion 5 000 million power internal battery with the phone then you're gonna be set for the long term the second benefit with this device definitely has to be the cameras on here so we are getting a triple camera setup here with the phone we have a 16 megapixel main camera an 8 megapixel

Ultra wide angle camera and a 2 megapixel macro camera to take close-up photos and from my experience the quality from these cameras has been quite good especially for a phone in this price range and then finally the third main selling point for the moto g power in my opinion is the processor so i'm really glad that motorola did give this the qualcomm snapdragon 665 it's definitely quite powerful now it's not as powerful as a flagship processor like

The snapdragon 865 would be but the 665 certainly will get the job done for the majority of people out there so i would say this phone really is the full package as far as giving you a very practical form factor with practical features as well there really are no gimmicks with the moto g power and it's really a nice device for someone that just wants a good reliable phone next up is the samsung a51 and i have actually reviewed this on the channel leave a link in the description below

Uh this is a great phone actually was one of the best selling phones for samsung this year really great value for money now some of these phones come in under 300 and some even under 200 it just depends on when you catch them on sale so you might find some of these for really cheap of course the updated prices will be in the link in the description the a51 is kind of their mid-range of their mid-range somewhere in the middle middle and you get a huge screen with the a51 a 6.5

Inch screen of course with quad cameras 48 megapixel 12 megapixel five megapixel and a five megapixel with flash of course your selfie camera is 32 megapixels again four gigs of ram and four thousand milliamp hour battery now the one thing that's really great about all of these phones all of them have huge batteries 4 000 milliamp hour is the minimum in a couple that have 5 000 and of course you're getting that glass stick back the samsung quality you're absolutely used to

Kevin what else do we need to know about the a51 the samsung galaxy a51 is officially the best selling smartphone in the world for 2020. let's take a pause and take that in seriously though this phone has been a top seller for samsung and for several very good reasons now there are three things about this device that especially make it stand out to me the first thing is that we're getting a 6.5 inch super amoled display here on the device so it's gonna be really good for

Consuming content whether it's videos social media browsing the web everything is gonna look really good in this large display and you're gonna get very good viewing angles as well in addition to that the actual design here of the phone is very similar to samsung's latest flagships we're getting very small bezels all around and we are getting a hole punch for the front-facing camera so despite this being a budget device it doesn't look like one it really does

Look like it could be potentially a flagship the second benefit with the galaxy a51 is how much storage we're getting here with the phone now this device features 128gb of internal storage and if that's not enough for you it also supports microsd card expansion this device features more internal storage with its base model than the iphone 11 does at its base model i know pretty sad right but shout out to samsung for giving us a lot of value here

And then finally the third highlight i'd like to point out about the phone is that we are getting a quad camera setup on the back again continuing along with samsung's design trends they've really been focusing on this year we do have a rectangular camera module so we have a 48 megapixel main camera a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle camera we have a 5 megapixel dev sensing camera for portrait mode and we have a 5 megapixel macro camera

Another cool thing about this device as well is that you can record video at 4k at 30fps now i remember not too long ago 4k was a feature that you could only get with some of the latest flagship phones but now it's trickled its way down into budget and mid-range devices now if you don't want to spend quite that much and you still want a samsung phone the a21s is a newer phone hasn't been out for very long and has some pretty darn good specs as well this thing is rocking a 6.5 inch display of course four gigs of ram

Four cameras topping out at a 48 megapixel for the main a headphone jack baby let's go and a 5 000 milliamp hour battery this thing is going to last you all day and a half now most people that'll be buying a phone like this are probably going to get two or two and a half days out of it for 5 000 milliamp hours bro that's a lot that's a lot of milliamp hours as travis mentioned we are going to be getting a very large beefy 5 000 million power internal battery

With the galaxy a21s that does put it at the same battery capacity as the moto g power now i do want to point out that not only did the a21s launch very recently but the a21 launched very recently as well now both of these devices do share a lot of similarities however the a21s is a better value in pretty much every way now the regular a21 is being offered a variety of different carriers and that's probably where most people that get this phone are going to be

Getting it at but what's cool about the a21s is that we are actually getting better cameras we're getting a bigger battery and we're getting double the amount of internal storage at 64 gigabytes but i would say that with the a21s the big battery is certainly one highlight another highlight definitely has to be the large display at 6.5 inches now this display is pls tft so not quite as good as the super amoled that we're getting with the a51 but it's still

Going to be really good for viewing content due to how large it is and honestly it still does look very decent now of course i always prefer amoled over anything else but i could certainly live with this another cool thing too about the a21s is that we're getting four gigabytes of ram and we're getting the samsung exynos 850 processor now in every situation the a51 is a better choice than this phone but you are going to be saving at least a little bit of money and then having the quad camera set up with a 48 megapixel main camera

An 8 megapixel ultra wide angle camera a 5 megapixel dev sensing camera and a 5-megapixel macro camera are always great as well it's certainly really nice to be able to have all these different cameras on here on the phone so that you're able to experiment with them and really take your mobile photography to the next level in my opinion i feel like if you find yourself using many of these camera features quite a bit then you'll be able to justify potentially getting a flagship in the future now i'd imagine that many people

Out there will be completely satisfied with the cameras on here anyway and for the most part the enhanced camera features that you're gonna be getting with flagship phones like the s20 ultra and the note 20 ultra for example are really for that small group of people out there that really have extremely high expectations and really want the best of the best but i feel like for the vast majority of people out there a device like the h21s will certainly serve their needs and they'll be very

Happy with it next up is the blue g90 pro now this just came out and blue's been around for a long time selling budget phones some are hit then summer miss this one's a hit starting out with a 6.5 inch display 4 gigs of ram 128 gigs of storage 48 megapixel main camera with a wide and a macro camera as well now blue again has been hit or miss but my boy kevin has a lot to say about this phone it's brand new and i trust his opinion on this so it's

In the list because it's one of the ones you should consider kevin take it away blue is back at it again with yet another budget device and this one is one of their most powerful phones yet this is the blue g90 pro now i did get this device very recently so i do want to use it a bit more before giving you my final thoughts about it but i'll tell you what so far so good and in addition to that this phone has quite a bit about it that actually makes it pretty unique the most unique thing about the blue g90 pro definitely has to

Be the processor inside now this device features the mediatek helio g90t processor and look i know everyone has a little bit of a bad taste when it comes to mediatek because they didn't create that good of processors in the past but they've really come a long way in a very short period of time and the helio g90t is definitely a very good example of how mediatek is really redefining themselves now if you didn't know this there's actually a small list

Of different processors that work with fortnite and the helio g90t is one of them so despite this being a budget phone you can play fortnite on here and blue is very proud of that in fact on the back of the box they actually have the fortnite logo if you can kind of see it right there and yeah that must be a very major selling point that they feel is important with this phone and i totally agree with it as i'm someone that does play fortnite quite a bit so it is very

Exciting that you can play fortnite on this device now i know there has been some controversy involving the fortnite mobile app as it has been removed from the google play store due to some disagreements when it comes to in-app purchases but one of the great things about android which really comes in handy in this situation is that you can easily sideload fortnite if you want to go that route in fact you can go over to the epic games website and directly install

Fortnite to put it here on this phone so if you're into fortnite and you're looking for a budget device then the blue g90 pro is certainly one that you might want to put on your list another interesting thing about this phone is the color it does come in purple so you don't see too many smartphones that are available in purple so if you like that color that's another good thing about this device this phone also gives us a really beefy battery as well it has a 5100 milliamp hour internal

Battery actually giving it the largest battery out of all the phones featured in this video it's pretty interesting how the mid-range and budget phones seem to have larger batteries than many of the flagships that have come out recently now we're getting micro sd card expansion with this phone which is of course a great thing but we're also getting 128 gigabytes of internal storage so that's quite a bit of internal storage as well so this phone really is

An excellent option probably the best option of the devices featured in this video when it comes to gaming because by having so much internal storage you'll be able to install a variety of different games even large games and it's going to take a while for you to really fill up that storage so i definitely recommend considering the blue g90 pro and lastly a phone from lg lg stylo six baby let's bring a pen in the game you know

I'm a galaxy note fan so i love the s pen and we're gonna give you a phone here for under 300 it comes with a stylus it's the lg stylo 6. the lg stylo 6 is definitely a very magical phone and the main selling point with this device really has to be the stylus now the stylus this year actually features a new design where it features a click in click out design similar to the way it is on the various note phones so you know the stylus itself definitely is not nearly as advanced as what you're

Getting with the various galaxy note devices but that makes sense because this phone is significantly more affordable now you can use the stylus for general navigation on here but they also have a variety of different apps here as well that are specifically made to be used with the stylus so if you are looking for a smartphone with a stylus but you're not looking to spend too much then the stylo 6 is certainly a device that you should consider now in addition to having the stylus

There are some other benefits with this phone as well that do make it stand out from the various competition this device features an extremely large display in fact the display on here is 6.8 inches now perfect timing for this video because i did get the note 20 ultra in today and you can see here's the two phones and they're pretty much about the same size so it's not like with the stylo 6 you're getting a smaller phone because it's more affordable

It's literally the same size as samsung's most expensive note device now the biggest limitation in my opinion with the stylo 6 is that the processor is not too powerful here with the phone but there are plenty of other advantages to make up for that and i also like that we are getting 64 gigabytes of internal storage here with the phone as well but it's been a pleasure to be here on travis's channel today to offer you some of my advice and my opinions regarding these various affordable phones

But let's have travis summarize everything that we've gone over in this video thanks kevin that's my dude i appreciate you very much check them out link in the description below but let me just tell you there's so much value under 300 right now you can go out there and get a phone that's going to last you a day and a half a 5 000 milliamp hour battery there are thousand dollar phones that do not have a 5 000 milliamp hour battery now if you're watching this you don't know what

That means it means all day battery life you can tweet and instagram and tinder all to your life and you never run out of battery you're going to be fine but the value is there leave me a comment below which one is the one you want to pick up today here under 300 budget smartphones thank you so much for joining me now by the way if you haven't seen my under 500 it's actually right here and i have some other videos right over here so make sure you check those out as well

I'll see you again real soon peace and love

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