TOP 5: Best Vlogging Camera 2020

by birtanpublished on October 4, 2020

The best vlogging cameras need to be portable enough to carry all day deliver excellent video quality and offer the right combination of audio connectivity and screen design that make it easy to capture polish YouTube ready video picking the right camera to suit your style of vlogging requires some thought a pocketable option is perfect if you're creating quick in the moment recordings while a mirrorless or DSLR model might be better if you want higher production values or more creative options for your content how do you figure what will work best for you in this video we're breaking down the best 5 vlogging

Cameras on the market this year based on price performance features and situations they'll be used in we'll be taking a look at cameras in every price range it's whether you're looking for the best portable vlogging camera or the best mirrorless model we'll have an option for you so if you're interested in finding out which vlogging camera will be best for you stay tuned as always all the links to find the best prices on all the products mentioned in this video will be in the description below so for the most up-to-date information along with updated prices be

Sure to check out the description the products mentioned in this video are in no exact order so be sure to stay tuned till the end so you don't miss anything we'll start with the canon g7x mark 3 our choice for best compact vlogging camera as good as the latest smartphones are there's still plenty of reasons to use a dedicated vlogging camera like canon $700 g7x mark 3 even if you're more on the pro side and normally use a bigger camera with changeable lenses there are plenty of situations where something a little more compact would work a little better

The g7 X mark 3 weighs in at only 10 point 7 ounces and is small enough to slide into your pocket comfortably a new sensor is in place that supports fast readouts and add some high-speed capture options it also has a good zoom lens and 4k video that delivers crisp detail for connecting external audio there's a microphone input which is great for vloggers and lets you use a clip-on or external mic bringing up the on-screen menu gives you quick access to photo and video settings as well as control over the in lens neutral density filter all menus are navigable by touch and you can

Swipe and pinch when reviewing photos or pick a point of focus just by tapping on the screen the touch screen tilts up and down and can even face all the way forward for belfies it's bright and crisp with a 1040 K dot resolution for powering connectivity the g7 X mark 3 includes Wi-Fi and bluetooth so you can connect the camera to your smartphone to transfer images on the go and you also get micro HDMI USB C and an external charger to replenish the battery and in a new development the g7x mark 3 adds a feature that's ideal for vloggers live-streaming to YouTube after logging

Into YouTube and a few clicks you'll be streaming video from the camera directly to your YouTube page the portability and performance of the g7x mark 3 make it perfect for vloggers on the go looking for a compact camera and pushes the envelope just a bit more with live streaming to YouTube next we have the GoPro Hero 8 our choice for best action vlogging camera the GoPro Hero 8 is one of the best action vlogging cameras out there and at around $300 offers image stabilization and amazing video quality in a rugged waterproof body this small go anywhere vlogging

Camera gives you 4k video at up to 60fps and if you're shooting action the hero 8 provides excellent image stabilization on both land and water since it's totally waterproof and can withstand being submerged up to 33 feet and GoPros definitely targeting vloggers with some of the hero eights features like time warp emotion time lapse which is pitch perfect for social media it can also record a 9 to 16 orientation for Instagram stories and snapchat videos and for Vell fees a new front-facing microphone has been added that's okay in a pinch although using an external mic

Is still a better way to go the hero 8 is minimalist in design the power mode button is on the left side the record is on top and those are the only buttons the camera does support voice commands as well so you can say GoPro start recording and it will the rear screen is about 2 inches diagonally with a 461 K dot design it's enough resolution to show the view from the lens with good detail and to render menu text crisply video quality itself is top-notch in 4k mode you can shoot up to 60fps and video is captured using a chi VC compression at a high bitrate you can also shoot

Stills at 12 megapixel resolution in RAW or JPEG format and for scenes with difficult lighting HDR capture is always an option the video quality of the GoPro Hero 8 is excellent with stabilized 4k footage at 60fps and it's built tough with a waterproof design that lets you take it anywhere making it ideal for vloggers looking for an action cam now we have the canon eos m50 our choice for great value for dollar vlogging camera if you're a vlogger that likes the features and versatility of DSLRs but want something a bit smaller and lighter then a mirrorless camera maybe

More up your alley at around $500 canons EOS m 50 is a popular mid-range mirrorless camera that's fun approachable and versatile enough for video shooting the Canon EOS m 50 is an entry-level mirrorless camera that features a 24 megapixel aps-c sensor with a sensitivity range that runs from iso 100 – 25 600 and can be expanded up to 50 1200 with its digit 8 image processor it shoots 4k video at up to 24 frames per second including the ability to take 4k time lapse footage and pull stills from 4k footage on the back of the EOS m 50 you'll find a touch screen

Display that's hinged at the side of the body and can be angled through a wide arc of positions to suit pretty much any shooting angle there's also a built-in electronic viewfinder with a 2.3 6,000,000 dot resolution to help you compose your shots or videos exactly the way you want and there's a bunch of connectivity options including Wi-Fi NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy that enables a low-power constant connection maintained between the camera and a smart device for seamless transfer of images if you shoot lots of action and sports you'll enjoy the 10 frames per second burst

Modes whether shooting JPEGs raw or combination of raw and JPEGs and for video shooting you'll get great results whether shooting in 4k or 1080p and you can control the m50 using the camera connect mobile app for Android or iOS it's easy to set up compose the image on your smart phone and then fire off photos as well as change other settings like the ISO and drive mode self-timer mode battery life will give you 235 shots or about 85 minutes of video shooting the canon eos m 50 is versatile and delivers solid results whether you're a beginner or enthusiast level of

Logger the eos m 50 is hard to beat in terms of value if you're interested in updated pricing on any of the items mentioned in this video be sure to check out the links below prices update on these products almost daily with sales and general price drop so if you want to find the most updated information check the description if you find this video helpful please help out the channel by giving this video a like and tell us which product caught your eye in the comments below this brings us to the DJI Osmo pocket our choice for best portable vlogging camera if you

Prefer something pocket portable and extremely simple to use then the $300 DJI Osmo pockets compact form factor will help you look much more skillful with a camera than you actually are modern vlogs take a lot of precision and patience to shoot and that's where a camera like the Osmo pocket comes in over the past decade YouTube vlogging has developed its own style of cinematography with beautifully framed time lapses serving as frequent scene transitions between brief monologues although this is designed to create an

Impression of effortlessness its execution is anything but the Osmo pocket is packed with features that are designed to help simplify shooting for the modern vlogger at its core the Osmo pocket has a 3-axis stabilized gimbal that delivers smoother results and appears professional even when you're operating without the help of a tripod it's also got more advanced functionality like support for time lapses and motion lapses that make the other staples of the vlogging genre far easier to capture it shoots an HD or 4k resolution and once you've captured your

Footage you can offload it using a USBC cable to your PC or export it directly to your phone with the DJI memo app it feels solidly built but it's not waterproof and you're definitely going to want to protect a gimbal mechanism if you're vlogging in more unstable environments you'd probably want something a bit more robust like the GoPro Hero 8 DJI Osmo pocket does a great job and is compact and easy to use and delivers good video quality with smooth stabilization it even does an excellent job at action vlogging as long as there's no threat to the camera from

Water or other potentially dangerous environmental factors if you want a pocket vlogging camera that you can simply use on the fly then the Osmo pocket hits the spot last we'll be looking at the sony alpha a 6400 our choice for best mirrorless vlogging camera for action vloggers and independent content creators looking for a top-notch camera at around $900 the sony 864 hundred performs like a dream it's still image quality is very good and it's 4k video is even better and it's 180 degrees screen and I detect AF are perfect for single handed video

Capture the sony a 64 hundreds aps-c mirrorless format delivers a solid of size image quality and depth of field control and is sold as a body only so you'll need to supply a compatible lens it does include an in-body pop-up flash an electronic viewfinder and a hot shoe which is great because you rarely get all three in a mirrorless camera the small pop-up strobe is mounted on a hinge so you can pull it back with your finger and bounce the light off the ceiling to get softer more even illumination the 3-inch LCD touch screen offers 921 K dot resolution and flips

Forward for belfies the electronic viewfinder is an OLED panel with 0.7 times magnification and 2365 K dots squeezed into its small frame the a 6400 includes a wireless connectivity and supports Bluetooth NFC and Wi-Fi it's easy to transfer images and video to your phone and once you've got the two devices connected you can tag or send photos from the camera or browse content on the memory card using your smart phone remote control is also available complete with a live video feed to your phone screen there's also a 3.5 millimeter microphone input along with

Micro HDMI and micro USB 2.0 ports battery life will give you 360 shots using the e VF or 410 using the rear LCD and for video you'll get about 2 hours of continuous recording time as a vlogger you'll appreciate the sony a 64 hundred speed sized autofocus system and 4k video resolution if you're looking for one of the best mirrorless cameras for vlogging the a 6400 can handle anything you throw at it and should be top on your list alright guys that's all for now if you enjoyed this video please go ahead and leave a like if you're new to the

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