by birtanpublished on August 5, 2020

it's no surprise that side-by-side utvs are really taking off as they are safe easy to handle and great for cruising with friends the utv industry is on fire with new

Models hitting the ground at a seemingly unending pace manufacturers are paying close attention to their customers and how they ultimately use their products and are using what they learn

In current and future production but choosing the right side-by-side that offers the best quality versatility and overall fun can be overwhelming because there are so many great options

That are currently available in this video we'll be taking a look at some of the best side-by-sides available on the market today introducing the all-new razer xp-4

1000 the ultimate in high performance multi-passenger riding carving the dunes pounding the desert conquering mud holes cruising the trails this machine does it all forget about

Taking turns xp4 1000 lets you bring the whole family along for the ride if you believe off-road adventure is meant to be shared this is the machine you've been waiting for

We took the unbeatable combination of power suspension agility comfort and customization that defines the all-new razer xp-1000 and engineered it into the ultimate

Razor experience for four the rear passenger cab is a true second cockpit it's plushly appointed with water resistant bolstered seats

Easy to operate quarter doors ample leg room angled foot rests and a long list of innovative convenience features to help give all your passengers a ride to remember

Xp4 1000 is packed with the industry leading performance you expect from razer the 107 horsepower pro star engine with ultra flat torque curve ensures crisp powerful acceleration

The all new suspension components are specifically engineered to handle the added weight of second row seating bigger needle shocks oversized springs and massive travel all work together for a smooth controlled ride

And the 16 position clickers on all four corners make dialing it in as easy as changing passengers all four seats are mounted at floor height to ensure a low center of gravity

For unsurpassed four-up agility while the ultra-rigid tubular chassis and extended wheelbase maximize suspension performance and keep handling

Razor sharp xp4 is purposefully designed to accommodate a complete collection of innovative accessories that make it easy to trick things out your way the all-new polaris general xp 1000 and

General xp 41000 the ultimate off-road rec utility vehicles an uncompromising combination of performance versatility and capability taking general to the next level

General xp 1000 delivers unstoppable performance with a wider stance and a stronger chassis for the confidence to push harder and tackle the unknown class leading

Power for faster acceleration and unrelenting capability the biggest stock tires in its class for superior traction and control and high clearance a-arms to deliver ground clearance without equal

So you can rise above obstacles when it comes to versatility the general xp-1000 is in a class of its own with premium walker evan shocks for optimum control industry-leading suspension travel to

Tame ugly terrain and new high-intensity long-distance led lights to push beyond the darkness the general xp 1000 delivers a ride experience like no other bring everything you need and more with

600 pounds of cargo capacity a 23 liter tilting rear box integrated cab storage and 1500 pounds of towing capability updated ride command group ride allows you to track and connect with others

And premium rockford fosgate audio delivers unrivaled sound off-road the all-new general xp 1000 introducing the all-new ranger crew xb1000 the new standard for six-seat utility like its three-seat

Brother it's packed with over 100 owner-inspired improvements to make it more rugged more refined more ranger

Crew xp 1000 raises the bar on rugged no matter how you measure it it beats the competition in power towing ground clearance and suspension travel it's got the most horsepower and torque ever found in a six-seat utility side by

Side a stiffer one-piece chassis provides a sturdy platform to help it handle the industry's largest payload it effortlessly tows 500 pounds more

Than its closest competitor and crew xp 1000 leads the industry in both ground clearance and suspension travel now let's talk refinement designed to maximize

Comfort and cargo capacity crew xp 1000 has ample room to haul six and all their gear the all-new interior features an industry-leading 19 gallons of in-cab storage when you want more room to haul

Large equipment inside you can flip up both front and rear seats there's even a new under seat pass through so you can securely stow longer gear on the floor of the cab

And to keep your most important cargo comfortable there are thicker plusher seats front and back and more cupholders than places to sit for the ultimate in refinement there's

The all new crew xp-1000 northstar edition it's installed heating and air conditioning with front and rear vents keeps everybody comfortable while the ranger proshield cab system

Keeps dust out three times better than its closest competitor introducing polaris general four the world's most powerful most comfortable four-seat crossover

Class leading comfort for four starts with premium bucket seats all around you get the most rear shoulder and leg room along with a cab full of conveniences like center consoles 12-volt chargers

And cup holders not to mention the most secure front and rear doors of any sport utility side by side hit the trail and you'll instantly discover that the industry's most

Comfortable cockpit rides on the industry's best suspension it's got unmatched ground clearance an extended wheelbase and premium walker evans shocks made

Exclusively for general four and general four is packed with the same hard charging high-performance dna as the two-seat general a class-leading 100 horsepower pro star

Engine a high performance razer chassis with front and rear sway bars and the industry's best high performance all-wheel drive top it all off with best-in-class torque

And payload capacity and you truly are ready for anything after five years in the making and countless hours of testing we are proud to bring you the completely reinvented

Ranger xp 1000 more rugged more refined more ranger

more rugged means more power it hauls the most pulls the most we gave it the most suspension travel and the most ground clearance

More refined means more comfort the most driver conveniences in the cab and we gave it the kind of fit finish and attention to detail you've come to expect from your truck this is the newest ranger that makes it

The hardest working smoothest riding side by side in the world let the copycats copy and the pretenders pretend we have more of everything that matters

To people with a job to do in ranger country the all-new ranger xp 1000 more rugged more refined more ranger


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