Top 5 Best Plate Carrier & Chest Rigs for Ultimate Protection

by birtanpublished on August 13, 2020

initially designed as primarily protective gear for military and law enforcement personnel tactical vests have become popular items among a variety of airsoft players hunters preppers and survivalists

A tactical vest is a piece of gear that is going to add a huge amount of value to your job or outdoor activities the convenience of having everything you might need right there and ready to go is a huge

Advantage in any tactical situation you might find yourself in designed to provide a lightweight and breathable carrier for all the gear you will need in the field these tactical chest rigs include

Multiple storage pouches for magazines ballistic plates maps flashlights and more with that being said these are our recommendations for the best tactical vests on the market today that

Combine comfort high quality materials and overall best value for your dollar if we left off your favorite or you think there is a superior alternative to one in the list

Please let us know in the comments below the tactec plate carrier is the culmination of input from operators all over the world and addresses comfort range of motion and features an innovative design with

Lightweight materials the revolutionary extendable drag handle and quick release system makes this plate carrier another one-of-a-kind product from 511 tactical the tactec plate carrier features padded

Yoke shoulder straps with breathable aerospace mesh the interior features front and back airflow channels for the best in breathability the tactec plate carrier is designed to

Securely carry and position a range of front and rear plates while its innovative design provides an increased range of motion and comfort the laser cut micro loop web platform allows you to attach the

Essentials for quick accessibility the innovation continues with a low profile grab and drag handle that extends and allows for a downed operator to be dragged to safety with improved leverage

The carrier also features a quick release system which allows it to be rapidly removed by the operator or teammate the tactec plate carrier provides a new level of functionality

Comfort and fit and is available through 511 tactical and its full line dealers we're here in the patriot center and i want to talk to you today about the condor vanquish rs it's the newest plate carrier in the

Vanquish armor system line of plate carriers all right guys diving into this plate carrier as you can see there's a quick release system these are known as rapid open connectors

They're on both cummerbunds and both shoulder straps they're built to easily dawn and doff the plate carrier if you need to get it on or off in an emergency situation it's very easy to do

Also on the inside you still have your mesh pocket for side plates soft armor and as you can see it extends all the way to the end for soft armor protection

And to also keep that connector from digging into your sides another thing that i really want to dive into is the new shoulder straps so they're built in low profile shoulder straps

That actually have hook and loop straps built in for hydration or wire management for your communications also and as you can see just like all

The other laser-cut voss plate carriers that condor has in their line it comes with the condor proprietary lcs laser cut material also on the front it still has plenty of real estate for hook and loop to throw

On those cool guy patches or for configurability for any pouches that you may want to run now switching over to the back you have laser cut on the back as well and a real estate for those

Identification patches as well and a drag handle the vanquish rs also comes with removable airflow back padding and also there's the easily accessible plate pockets that has a built-in internal strap for

Retention as you can see here the vanquish rs plate carrier is still compatible with all of the previous vanquish accessories the vanquish rs plate carrier will

Accept medium or large plates of various cuts also the cummerbund will accept 6×10 soft armor or you can purchase separately the side plate pocket for hard

Armor options


So hey guys here it is finally the d3cr heavy a lot of people have asked for this particular chest rig to be compatible

With 308 pattern magazines so we built it for you we wanted to keep the same kind of profile as a d3cr light same mission concept it could be pulled out of go bags be put in the side door of your

Vehicle in the back trunk anywhere you can imagine um it still interfaces with play carriers out there like glossier mayflower and of course a lot of the other play carriers that you

Can modify to make the d3cr system work so nothing's really changed overall between light and heavy except the magazine capacity and some of the accessories that we added into it and i'll talk about those

You still got your handgun mags just like the d3cr light so there's consistency there for both double stack and single stack because we do have the rare earth magnet in the back of it so it'll

Suck the magazine down into it and hold on your mags if you run a slightly smaller one with the elastic on the sides we have a zippered gp pouch on the left side

So you can put whatever you need in there on the right side another zipper administrative or tool pouch if you what have you where it has elastic built inside

You can put your kestrel wind meters your gps's compasses or whatever you would need maybe it's more specific for the three platforms and sometimes if you're a sniper or support roll guy you can carry a little bit more

Uh specific equipment for that weapon system it even has a dope card clear top in here you can put maps or again your dope card for your rifle your optic we also have elastic built in on the

Sides of these for tourniquets or com cables or whatever else you want to stick in their knives and whatnot the d3cr heavy is just like the light as it pertains to the accessory kit the

Expansion line you can still throw the hangers on here and you can even put your handgun in here as well we don't make a double mag wedge for it yet

That's a lot of weight and ammo but if you need more ammo let us know we might build it for you as far as magazines that you can put into the heavy you can run scar mags sr25 or dpms

Pattern type mags you can run m1a m14 mags any type of 308 steel mag you want you can even put the the polymer mags in there from like lancer or the magpul lr mags so it'll pretty much fit the entire

Suite of 308 lineup of mags out there so as far as pricing on the d3cr heavy and availability it's going to be in these two colors for right now multicam and coyote pricing is 179 for solid color and 183

For multicam it is again compatible with all the expansion lineup so if you need to put the hanger and stuff on the bottom or the handgun on the back works the same as d3cr life you

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