Top 5 BEST Bluetooth Speakers for 2019 !

by birtanpublished on September 19, 2020

Hey everyone welcome back to another video I'm Jimmy with Jim's review room and here are the best speakers so far that I've tested on the channel for this year I'll break them down into different categories as every speaker will be a little bit different for your taste

There simply isn't one speaker to rule them all it has always been transparent none of these speakers are sponsoring this video all products in this video are ones that I've conducted a full review on so if you want to see an

In-depth look please check out those links in the video description and last but not least my affiliate links are also in that video description click on those for the most updated prices in real time you never know when these

Things might go on sale now first up let's talk about the best budget please with speaker so this year there's been a number of brands budget brands that have been testing from anchor to amaze to trivet etc some of these speakers look

Like total knockoffs of the big brands at times but the one that has been consistent with a quality product and the one that provides the closest audio quality to the big names out there has been dass more specifically the models

The boss sandbox sandbox pro in the sandbox XL this is possibly the best value if you simply just need audio and the prices range from $30 for the smallest one to the biggest speaker which comes in at around $70 again my

Links are down in that video description for the most updated prices now authoring comes with splash resistance and the better life goes from good to pretty decent and besides these sound box Pro which does come with LED lights

And the ability to pair to those speakers together at the same time the other speakers really just nothing special and I'll be frank about that if you're looking for a budget speaker and are afraid of raspy sounds maybe the

Plastic feels cheap near the battery doesn't last as long through my testing the DAW speakers are made with metal grills and if there are plastics they don't feel cheap or hollow which is very important now when I tested the

Batteries the batteries do last up to what they claim they claim 12 hours 12 hours and 10 hours for the biggest speaker now when I tested this against big-name brands out there it don't sound exactly like them they don't have that

Little magical touch that make the big-name brands shine in their own way but can say the dose sounds closed again some people just need wireless audio and the honestly don't need the rest so why

Bother paying for more well let's move on through the next one here number four so number four it's the smallest bluetooth speaker that you get in regards to audio quality and size it's the bose micro now although the you you

Wonder boom was on my list so was the sony XP 10 even the JBL clip three now all those were good in its own way but the micro if you can get it for $80 or cheaper check my links in the video description the bose provided the best

Audio signature while retaining its ruggedness this is IP 7 certified which means it can be dunked into water but being transparent the only thing I would caution though and sadly doesn't float so don't drop this into the poor

Especially that Lake but you get voice prompts that tells you which device you're connected to a strap on the back felt much more versatile compared to the competitors the competitors have a smaller latch or a new ease case it was

Just simply a loop the micro was all around much more practical and functionality and that's one of the biggest reasons why it was on my list now better life and the funny thing both even amidst this on their website is

Somewhat short at 6 hours when I personally tested this at 50% volume I did however achieve 14 hours worth of use that's insane so at the end of the day if you're looking for size with the least amount of compromises and the

Audio I'm telling you they both micro is be solid choice alright moving on to number three so what about best audio at home one that you leave plugged into your wall but still have Bluetooth capabilities now with these type of

Speakers they usually sound much better and more full since they're bigger and because they have a continuous supply of power instead of having this speaker built around battery efficiency I'm giving this to the Harman Kardon onyx

Studio for now the five was released but it wasn't as impactful on audio and I think 99% of my male audience said it looked like a purse so that was kind of shot down pretty quick here but yes the Onyx to do four hands down get that if

You're on the fence it's rich sounding and very full when I tested this against my Sony X between an DJ extreme the clarity is still there and it's great but it also confirmed the base on the attics studio for was much

Deeper thumping make me mad my head a little bit more with the music that I'm listening to the studio for does have a built-in battery it's only rated at 8 hours and with my personal testing I only achieved 6 hours and 20 minutes

That's the best but keep in mind this is more so to be used with its wall adapter last but not least it's probably the price I've seen these as low as $135 or so but I think they're usually averaging 150 it's a great deal again my updated

Prices in the video description so the runner-up was perfect for rock music classical and more instrumental tracks that goes to the Marshall speakers and they're pretty damn unique check them out just want to give them a quick shout

Out there as well as they deserve some praise all right folks let's get into number 2 so who has the best 360-degree audio it's the Bose Soundlink revolve plus the smaller evolve for some reason that maximum vomit got quite raspy and

Distorted but the Plus model there's a nun getting the bigger one you're going to get room filling music plus a very deep resonating bass experience for a 360 degree speaker you places anywhere in the room in the center of the room

And wherever you walk there's no dead spots make this great for entertaining now with the revolve plus you get some drop resistance and a speaker that's splash proof if you want something absolutely rugged or waterproof in

General for the pool or for strapping it onto an ATV and getting mud all over it I will look into fugu Yui and maybe even some of the braathens speakers for rugged speakers that is but keep in mind you do lose a little bit of audio

Quality on those for the revolve plus battery life is rated at 16 hours this has voice prompts for a battery life and connected devices the revolve plus also has stereo and party mode available for you to pair two of these speakers at the

Same time folks this is the best 360-degrees speaker on the market from my personal testing so alright folks here goes number one now with everything I've been testing and it doesn't matter if it's new or old

For some reason JBL kills it this is hands-down the best overall audio experience from the JBL foot for which I have right here to the charge for to the extreme to when these speakers were refreshed more specifically the charge

For in the extreme to their audio signature didn't change too much and if you own any of the older models I'm talk about the charge 3mb extreme one I've said it in the review and I'll say it here again I'd rather have you save your

Money towards your Lambo or whatever it is rather than upgrading to basically the same thing again and I thought the competition was going to destroy these older speakers or Eve the new speakers a charge for in the extreme to because

Shoot they've been out for a while the audio signature is the same basically and these other brands keep coming out with new models every single year so when I tested other speakers to compare it's crazy to say JBL still sounds the

Best and I know I was a big fan of Sony here I love the xB 20 X B 30 X B 40 and if you can still find those I highly recommend buying those for the audio signature but the newer xB 21 31 and 41 there's just so much bass that makes the

Mid-range recessed I want Sony to sound great but considering they didn't even make it on my list this year sucks JBL wins in the audio category for best sounding portable Bluetooth speaker and the other competitor is the LG X boom PK

3 PK v PK 7 they looked great but the audio doesn't beat out JBL so the flip for the extreme 2 has the most features like the speakerphone option you able to change that play button to enable voice assistance like Google assistant and

Siri and with those two speakers they're going to flip for the extreme 2 plus T charge for there's this thing called JBL connect plus meaning you can pair over a hundred these speakers if you have them mix and match if you want and have them

All play at the same time they're not to mention just only charged for and just on the extreme to you're able to use those two speakers like a power bank and plug them into your phone empower them hopefully I didn't confuse you just yet

It has a word of caution again looking out for you guys the JBL charge for ally gets rid of the speakerphone option you can't go back on a song but you can only skip forward with those physical buttons and at least at the time of this video

Google is in Siri does not work it's not an option to select within its app that's up to you if you use any of those features that are missing if you need those features definitely look out for the

Charge 3 if those are still available now if you can forego that you're getting you're still getting a waterproof speaker that is able to flow you're getting decent battery life you're getting portability and most

Important of all you're getting the best audio quality compared to the competition with no frills no gimmicks just good audio now when I compared this that JBL speakers are the only ones that gives you some sort of depth or

Dimension it doesn't sound just like audio is just blaring at you but that soundstage is ever so slightly better than the others being a little bit wider having audio separation that somewhat distinguishes the background and

Foreground for you guys not to mention the punchy bass hits the nail on the head for a portable Bluetooth speaker it's not deep not droning yet not too light either the voices are also very bright still slightly forward for you

Guys and on all three speakers flip for a charge for an extreme two I never had any kind of ear piercing listening fatigue experience overall if you're on the market for just playing good audio a playing good speaker that's

Mostly ruggedized JBL is the way to go all right folks hopefully you enjoyed this video please let me know which speaker is right for you be sure to follow me on my personal social media accounts at jimmy loom

Official and if you want all that techie stuff follow jim's review room alright guys I'll catch you guys on the next one bye

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