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published on July 17, 2020

Jeff from home renovation here we are here to talk today about drywall tools and materials specifically over 40 different things that you should own for sure you might want to buy and a few things you might even want to rent to make your life as easy as possible to

Make a painful job for DIY ours rather enjoyable number one on the list of course is a knife no this is the Olfa HB it is the wide fat knife it has snap off blades which is number two you're gonna want a box to snap off blades now

Generally if you're buying a knife for the first time it'll come with an extra couple blades I did all of this kitchen and dining area here with one blade I still have a few snap off sections left the secret that cutting drywall of

Course is cut the paper don't stick your blade into the chalky middle on the inside and your blades will last a long time once you've got that taken care of you're gonna want to get yourself a carpenter pencil there's a difference

Between this and those little little tiny ones this lead is really strong really fat and will last you a long long time so this is what I use to mark my drywall in the category of tools you must own is a drywall knife because if

You don't have some of the most professional tools this will at least give you the ability to cut all the holes and rectangles and big angles and inside outside corners so that you can install your drywall this one blade here

Is a lot of teeth that go in two different directions so when you're cutting it doesn't have a lot of friction so speed is important right not how hard you're pushing and that is the secret to using that of course when

You're dealing with drywall a must-have is a mask not so much for when you're installing it but when you're sanding it so there are two mats that I would recommend one of them is one of these bad boys here mask like this is worth

About 60 bucks for a chargeable replaceable filter sorry on the end there are about $15 a pop but it will last you for months and months even if you're working in a regular basis this one here this is from mold X and I've

Got this linked on our Amazon page this mask is awesome it's a got the vent here okay so I can actually wear this I can actually wear this and still talk now I don't have a nose piece to pinch because it's built in this is actually formed

For your bridge of your nose this actually it's really cool right so you don't have to worry this has a much higher performance value than those mats that have the little breathable pinched nose thing on it

They're garbage right they're only fills are out about 50% of your air this gets up in the 85 to 90 range all right this is the ninety nine point nine nine but this is a pretty good substitute for occasional dust you can get about ten of

These things in a box and it's pretty affordable so I definitely want to get you a mask as far as the workhorse you definitely need a tape measure if you're working with metal studs make sure you get a tape measure has a magnet on the

End because then you can reach out magnet to the stud and then pull your reading if it's not a magnet any tape will do make sure it's high vis and it has a pretty decent stand out so that you can grab things across the room and

Then hold the tape tight to measure okay next two things go hand-in-hand you must have drywall corners I've never seen a room in my entire life that didn't have at least one corner on it so suggest you buy outside metal corners

Instead of the paper beads the paper beads are available it's more for situations where you don't have framing and you're floating a corner and you don't have anything to nail or screw to and just a pair of simple metal cutters

Like this aviation snips straight ones all right you can cut this corner with ease now you also need to install your drywall so you're gonna need the drill and you're gonna least need a Phillips bit I

Recommend these little gizmos here this has got a depth setter on it and you can get a package of two of these for like five bucks that's also on the Amazon Line being able to have a depth set with your screw is so important because if

You break through the paper you aren't actually holding anything and it will just cause you a lot of grief because when you mud it and paint it it'll keep popping and you'll get bumps and chips and it's a mess the other

Thing you're gonna need are screws all right regular half-inch drywall takes one and a quarter inch screw if you're using 5/8 drywall for any kind of soundproof application then I would suggest getting the one in 5/8 and if

You're going with a second layer the second layer will need a two inch screw if you buy your screws at a hardware store where you can buy a whole full and you buy by the pound you'll get twice as many screws as you would if you

Go to the hardware store where they sell it in a little plastic container just a thought a couple of pounds of screws here is 12 bucks a couple of pounds at the Harbor store and that bucket is 25 okay the other thing you're gonna need

And I think this is a must-have because this makes it possible for you to cut and measure your drywall it sits right on the edges and allows you to score straight lines with your knife I put that on my must-have list although if

You're a contractor you're probably going we don't do that where I'm from we just take out our knife take our measuring tape hold the knife to the side of the tape find the edge of the drywall and use my finger as a guide

Right and you cut like that I get it I don't suggest a homeowner doing you some drywall work on the weekend is going to be very proficient with this technique so do yourself a favor and get yourself a square because that will help you

Immensely and if you want to see how that is used we do have a video outlining all the details of how to use that tool and all the options available we'll put a card up here with a link in the description as well you can go and

Check that one out now that takes us to a place where now we have our drywall installed almost one other thing I'm going to suggest is some kind of foot pedal because when you're doing drywall we put the ceilings on first and then we

Hang the second sheet nice and snug up against the ceiling then we put the bottom sheet on and if you're in most places in the world the second sheet of drywall even after its installed has a bit of a gap so you put this underneath

That drywall like a foot pedal and you can step on it and lift your sheet up nice and snug this kind of a snug joint right here allows you to have a nice easy finish if there's a huge gap it adds an extra step adds extra material

Adds extra time so for five bucks you can have this lift your drywall it also acts as a rasp so when you cut your drywall you can clean your edges up if necessary kind of a handy tool to have now that leads us to taping and then

We're gonna be done with the must-haves in just a moment paper tape if you have paper tape you can tape anything inside corners outside corners but joints factory joints you can do

Anything with this stuff okay you got a half paper tape you also are going to need a four inch knife because that's how you apply the tape that's how you do your corners that's how you apply your mud on all your inside corners okay and

Then you're gonna need one of these a ten inch by four inch straight blade not the curved ones straight okay and if you want to watch our video series on how to tape you can also click that link check it out in the description below but we

Got a taping serious set aside for you to show you my system for homeowners for taping which is foolproof it's not like what you've seen on TV i don't use really weird tools these two ana hawk this little flat piece of aluminum pan

If you have these three tools you can tape like a pro I'll show you how in the other video now now that we've got the ability to measure and cut and install and tape wow that's everything you need to know the only thing that's left is

Sanding still a big fan of the radius 360 I have it on my extension pole okay so nice and simple nice round head it's got a spongy core and this will do a nice job of finishing and changing the texture of the mud to be very similar to

The paper so after you have primed you don't see the difference and then when you paint your walls will look amazing now moving on options that's the must-have what you could have is different tape you can have regular

Fiberglass tape okay you could have ultra-thin fiberglass tape that's right this is available in a thinner version so when you're taping your butt joints you can now use fiberglass instead of paper if you

Prefer because fiberglass you can install with a quick set mud and then you can get your second and third coat all in the same day so if you're doing a small space using ultra-thin fiberglass tape on your butt joints allows you to

Finish the job much quicker you also have fiberglass tape for what areas they also make a mud just for what areas although if you're doing a shower and you're using green drywall board just keep your colors the same green

Drywall green tape and don't use mud in the shower I always suggest using a cement user use your tile cement when you're taping with this in the shower and then we also have from fibre tape the

Flexible corner bead this is the cool product because you can just cut off the piece that you need ready for this it has a joint here already made okay and you just fold your corner instant outside corner and it gives you a nice

Beveled edge right very similar to a metal corner bead in this situation okay now this is kind of cool just to have in the box in case you ever need it right it's that last minute I gotta roll the corner bead right here just in case what

Are your like three feet short or you got a tricky spot you can peel that you can apply the drywall compound stick it in use your four inch knife press down the edges and then fill in from that Ridge and it's strong enough that you

Can actually use your metal tools on it and treat it like a metal corner bead that stuff is money in the bank if you ever run into trouble but I'll be honest with you my favorite is right here when

Now this is very similar okay this one also Falls okay the difference is this one folds into a bunch of different angles both directions okay yeah where that tape won't do that it will only do an inside

Corner this one does outside corners and now this is an interesting cardboard compound and the backside of this here has got a texture on it so it really holds the mud incredibly well so you can

Make an inside or an outside corner right that would be an inside corner you just fold it the other way be an outside corner done you could do 45 corners you know like those old houses with the sloped ceiling you can set this up so

It'll go here and then on an angle and then what happens is this corner right here inside it actually it fits the corner of the knife okay see that and it's a guide and you can scrape that nice and tight and then when it's dried

You come from the other side and you get a perfect corner hence the word this is called perfect ninety it's amazing and if you are in creative situations having a box of that around is really really really handy now we got all the verbs

Done new okay here we go let's talk tape because you don't have to just pull it off the roll and have it hanging around this is a great little tool an applicator for the fiberglass mesh and the way this works is you start

Here and it's just on a roller and you can just press it into the wall run down to the corner the other thing it does is you can pop this corner up pop the wheel out now watch this remember I showed in another video how to use mesh corner in

The tape in the corner sorry alright look at this mess tell me that isn't brilliant done now for everybody out there who is hating on me in that video you can't use mesh in the corner

They didn't make this because you can't right the reality is if you're gonna use mesh in a corner you got to use the right mud that takes us to the next product we're gonna show sheetrock 45 huh because I live in Canada and I have

Sheetrock company all right we also have CGC we have certainteed we have a lot of different drywall manufacturing products out there so the the brand name is not as important as the number 45 there are a lot of companies making a 45 minute

Mud which is rhetorical because this usually takes them longer than that for it to actually dry but if you add some hot water it can be done in 40 minutes if you have well water I can be done in 20 minutes but the point is this that's

A quick setting compound it's got a chemical reaction it bonds to the mesh and the drywall incredibly hard alright and it does not tear and crack if you use ultra ultra purpose mud or regular purpose mud or machine mud with that

Mesh tape you're gonna have a problem but with the 45 it works amazing the other tool you might want to have is this this little gizmo here you can put your paper tape in so that if you're working on a ladder you just set this

Bad boy in your pocket and you have access to a paper tape you can cut it check it in finish let it go move around grab it again and it's right there ready to go handy-dandy okay moving along things you

Might want other than a metal corner I grabbed this from the drywall's store the other day and what this is is an inside corner intersection okay and they make the pieces just like the metal corner beat out of plastic and they they

Join together kind of like Lego it's awesome so you can stick these on the wall and have perfect rounded corners okay you don't have to go to the square corner you can go with rounded corners that's an option as well I'm not a big

Fan of the rounded corners but they do make tools now for putting on the outside so it's a rounded corner outside corner trowel and they make all of these little gizmos here now so you can get really nice

Finished corners that aren't going to crack when they first came out with rounded corners we've got a lot of tiny little cracks around but nowadays with this little convention here your crack free it's the way to go now when you're

Installing your metal corners a lot of people use screws it drives me nuts purpose this demonstration I'm going to show you this look here's a screw and here's a drywall corner bead now right no there's a row of holes in a corner B

And then there's a rows of exterior holes that's where the fasteners go not down the big holes in the middle all right when you put your corner bead on the first half an inch that you're got there material wise as other drywall

There's nothing there to fasten to you always use the fasteners on the outside of the bead but the difference between the screw and the nail is when you put the nail on its flat the screw always has a raised head it's not designed for

Use with the corner bead okay so when you're putting that on you want to go to the store and buy a box of these drywall ringed nails and that is the secret success which means you'll need a hammer but no big deal

Everybody's owns a hammer and then you just tap that into the framework and you're good to go you won't have any problems next on the list a knife that's right you need a second knife because if you're like me you're gonna lose the

First one halfway through the day so I have two of these bad boys okay more options lazy low this is for put throwing a line on your wall okay and this is for every time you have a scenario where things

Aren't square you can drop one of these lines down and have a point on your wall or on your ceiling that you can measure from to help make sure that your cuts are perfect now that's a trick to learn but honestly if you're gonna be doing a

Lot of drywall or you just don't like having big gaps everywhere that you got to fill pache by that now if you do have to fill and patch some big gaps or you have damage you can always buy this stuff

This is amazing now this is just a fiber fiberglass mesh it's quite thin it's a little bit more a little more dense than the fiberglass tape but this stuff is awesome so you open up a door and you get a

Puncture in your drywall all you do is add some compound and you can stick this over top of the dent alright if you have an old house with plaster cracks okay then all you do should pull out your kills you spray

Down the plaster crack add regular drywall compound over top for that once it's dry stick this on top of that and you can tape that in and make your wall brand-new again now while I'm here I should do this

Next tip you can't just use regular compound over that you want to spray your kills on that brown paper first that'll seal up the paper so that when you put the compound on it it doesn't end up bubbling which is a great point

Because every once in a while especially when you're new with this drywall game you'll have a weird corner to be triangular or something like that you'll cut it but you won't have it in your mind to cut it upside down and backwards

So you're go and install it and you'll be like wow it fits but only if the brown side is down you can screw that in it'll work just fine but after you've installed it spray it with your kills oil spray okay and then you can use the

Drywall compound over to if you don't it's gonna bubble and peel that brown paper off and you're in for a disaster okay next thing you should have with you this is the wish list as the rotas it now

Remember you can cut everything with this but this makes the job flawless when you're installing drywall you don't get a perfect cut like that using a cutout tool and then sticking it on the wall but this could have tool lets you

Install the drywall then cut it out and it looks like that next to of it you don't need but you might want is this right here just a little bit from the wall this is awesome it's spring-loaded alright it's also adjustable and has a

Locking ring to set the depth now these little tabs here don't really fit in these drills very well I do have a tendency to fall in out but this one is made just like a regular drill bit and it locks in place it's

Also a depth setter so when you screw in your drywall it's the perfect depth every time and how you know that is the perfect depth is just before you put your mud on you take your tool check if you hear any

Clicking like well they're all done that way you're ready clicking trust me they're screws not deep enough and you want to have one of these to get this hibbett another shot that'll take care of that long as you can run over your

Screws without making noise you're ready to take the next thing is this clip right here it doesn't look like much but there's soundproofing hat channel that this gets clipped into you screw this to the wall and then you put on your hat

Channel and this is for sound absorption this helps to eliminate sound transfer from one room to the next and if you want a really good version of it right here the back bar here also has foam on it if you want to learn how to do that

Again card description check it out the next thing you might want is to go the next step up now you can buy this it's about 80 bucks comes with a cord you can get the three or four hundred dollar version and you can put your

Battery from your drill on it but really it only has one function installing drywall it's the same thing it's a screw gun it has the same adjustable tip a little different design but it has the same function the other thing that this

Drill does because it has a little spot down here a little switch so you pull the trigger you flick the switch on and it stays on and the motor runs continually and you put a screw on and until you put pressure on that it

Doesn't turn right so it's really quick you have it on its pistol grip you're always pushing straight up you use your last two fingers here as the trigger and you just set that up and you can just throw a screw on and throw a screw on

And just go all day long with this bad boy it speeds up the drywall installation process by about three times as much when it comes to setting the screws alrighty let me see one of the tools and tricks

To having her ha yes for mixing your mud let's move this out of the way you're gonna want to have a pail you're gonna want to have one of these mixing paddles mine's filthy but because it sits in water it still makes perfect mud every

Time and I have one of these slow mixer drills man if I had a dollar every time I saw suppose a pro in television not using one of these to mix their compound this is a heavy-duty slow-moving drill and it will mix compound without making

A bloody mess because when you buy it pre-mixed in a box you got to put it in a pail and add a couple cups of water and mix it up that makes it creamy and smooth and it makes the consistency in the texture is such that it reduces

Sanding it's worth the weight and goal of having this because when it comes time to sand and then do your prime check you're gonna thank me speaking of project you're gonna want to have trouble light grab one of these

That's on a 25 foot cord it runs about twelve dollars at the home depot right you throw in a 100 watt light bulb and then you can run around and you can put light from all different angles and checked it for all the imperfections

After you've put the primer on because once you've used your primer which that have high solid content the wall should be white and this will cast shadows on anything that's got not perfect then you can just take your 4

Inch in your hock and go around do touch-ups all day long and make it all look beautiful now if you don't have a hawk for your mud right we have a couple of options you can take a scrap piece of drywall

And you can put your mud on it this is my leftover 45 minute mud nice and hard which is why it doesn't crack when you use it with a match and you can work right off of here all right this is little oversized we get the idea or you

Can just about grab it anything else that you can find around your house throw a little mud on there and you can use it as this you can use that horn around doing your taping it's awesome now we also have one other thing

That you are gonna want to have this not a necessary tool but if you're working alone it becomes almost impossible to work without it and then I'm gonna show you a revolutionary new product it's gonna change your life forever when it

Comes to drywall installation first bump boom last few things I want to show you this is for wet sanding okay yes you can wet sand drywall the secret here really is this this coarse plastic material on the outside you put this into pail you

Squeeze it like this to get the water out and then you can just rub the wall right and it'll get rid of all of the ridges and then help to work out the scratches then you flip it around and give the wall a quick wipe and then you

Wash it and you do the next spot now if you're doing a small repair in a finished basement room or a kitchen you don't want dust everywhere then you pick one of these up it's just a few bucks it takes a little bit of getting used to to

Be really good at it but once you're proficient with a wet sanding it'll change your life because then you won't have to do all they clean up afterwards and you want to have fine dust leaning on every surface in the house now the

Other thing is this these little plastic gizmos here are kind of cute I don't know why they made them are so bloody orange and over ages but the point is this if you're working alone you can put this underneath your drywall and then

Carry it okay you just set it down here you lift your drywall set this underneath and you put your hand on top and you can carry your drywall all by yourself this is a lot safer than having it up over your head and then

Bending down underneath the doorway as you're walking around right just carry it where you're comfortable this is only a few bucks and it might be worth its weight in gold even if you're working with somebody else we did it another

Video where I showed you how to carry the drywall again if your arms are sore or you're got elbow issues this is a great way to just hold everything nice and square reduces a lot of the stress on your joints and your muscles a great

Little tool to have all right now and of course I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you go rent a drywall lift especially if you're working alone if you're working with two people I still recommend it because it'll cut down your risk of

Injury and nothing slows a project down faster on the weekend and throwing out your back or tweaking your shoulder feel free to get it it'll cost you forty bucks a day no big deal it's worth the money because it'll

Speed up the installation it'll help make it flawless and put everything right where you want and you're not going to end up falling off a ladder or throwing out your back okay definitely worth it

By the time you're done installing your ceilings the old-fashioned way climb a platter and holding over your head most guys I know they don't do it on a regular basis are already exhausted and ready to take a nap so if you're gonna

Do your ceilings and have a nice successful productive day rent the tool and then take it back at the end of the day when you're done it's worth its weight and gold now I'm gonna show you the revolutionary product that's in this

Box bump-bump bomb and I'm gonna install it so you don't know how to use it too because once you've seen this you're never gonna go back to what you used to do so here's my new product here is a

Typical drywall exhaust area okay I've got my forced air coming through the wall instead of the floor because I love doing that because it blows hot air across a floor instead of up to the

Ceiling seems to make a lot more sense to me and I've got a product here that traditionally you would just buy a plastic or metal floor great stick it in the wall or one of those white plastic grills and screw it on and they all look

Like dirt well the folks at area vent have invented this this thing is freaking awesome now what I'm going to do is I'm going to install this then I'm gonna open up these dampers to let the air through and then

This is here gets installed as a decorative finish and it snaps into place when you do it right okay there we go and what what you can do is you can actually paint all of this great so once this is in place you can have all of

This painted and that's invisible to the naked eye here we go it fits in just like that now I knew that I was gonna be using this so I actually framed this whole thing out so that I could install you

Try doing this with drywall screws you will drive yourself crazy because this is of a thicker gauge steel and you're not going to bend that into the wall so blue-ringed nails are an absolute necessity in this situation don't try to

Cheat with screws it'll pick the drywall in process an absolutely nightmare it's the whole wall will be covered in ridges but if you use the nails you can do this with a couple passes of a four inch knife just demonstrate this

In a second all right there's my knife my premix Lud okay here we go now I am not using why not carry I probably should be okay I don't know when that is dry I'll be able to come by

With another coat smooth all that out and then if you paint with a sprayer you can spray all of that and leave this on the ground and spray it as well if you don't you can just install it and then hit it with the roller now if you're

Using a really wild color you might want to roll this separately and hit all these other sides but here we go we just stick this in boom there we go – now how sexy is that so if you want to know how to reach the folks at area

Check out the video description down below we'll have a link so you can go and buy these from their home line store and if you want to learn how to use the taping tools and learn the process for taping and drywall and finishing your

Own house they click the link here we got a playlist set aside with every step and every tool you're gonna need it's a really simple program made just for homeowners like you you can learn how to tape like a pro

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