by birtanpublished on August 21, 2020

What's up crypto gang welcome back to another episode of hacked crypto where we hack our cryptocurrency education and if you guys are brand new here we do it giveaway at the beginning of every single episode today's winner is 9 volt thanks so much for commenting on the

Previous video 9 volt I just sent you some crypto if you guys are brand new here like the video comment with your wallet address something about the video and don't forget to be subscribed or a chance to win now times are pretty tough

Right now times are kind of wild the time that I'm recording this coronavirus is sweeping across the United States a lot of reports are coming out in the media a lot of fear is going on in the stock market a lot of sell offs not only

In Bitcoin but just in markets in general and it has presented quite a lot of layoffs as well as just generalized fear around income the government's talking about putting in ubi with $1,000 a month and things like that thanks to

Candidates like you know Andrew yang running for president and getting that in the the message out there and I think that that's very exciting but what I wanted to do today on this video was talk about a ways that you can earn

Crypto during this downturn now we don't know how long the downturn is going to be going on for we don't know the severity of the recession that's kind of impending and been pending for quite some time but the moral of the story is

Is that you need to put money to work and look at this as an opportunity it is you know if you have just been laid off or you are seeking employment and you're trying to figure out what to do try and look at this as an opportunity to learn

And try and look at this as an opportunity to put money to work and earn whether that's a new asset class like cryptocurrency itself or you know NF T's or tokenized assets or digital assets of any kind trying to learn all

These different things learning a new skill it's it's an opportunity and it should be viewed as that it is scary and psychologically it's kind of tumultuous time for people and it's something that

You can take advantage of so what I wanted to do today was go over three of the top ways you can earn cryptocurrency in various different ways some that are more active than others all three of these ways I have covered

On the channel in the past but if you guys are brand new here and you are going through a difficult time just like everyone else is I think it's important to stay tuned and definitely stay till the end leave a like on the video if you

Guys like this video and it helps you in any way doing research and learning more and let's dive into the first one now there's a lot of different types of income that you can make now interest income is probably one that traditional

Investors are more familiar with and interest income just means if your money is sitting in an account it is accumulating interest and in a form that is making money because you are receiving interest at fixed income

People usually are receiving interest as a fixed income and I think that that is the number one way that I'm gonna go over right now as to how you can earn crypto during this downturn now crypto comm has been working with me for a very

Long time I've covered them a lot on the channel they have a physical debit card that is fantastic so you can top up your wallet that's a mobile wallet and you can spend at the store on grocery crazy thing is is with the green screen you

Can't really see this card even more than when I put it in front of the microphone but this is what the debit card looks like I've talked about this many times in the past and they are a patron of the community here at hack

Crypto so I wanted to make sure that I mentioned this company first not only because they're a patreon but because I believe in their ability to earn interest on your digital assets and if you're able to open up an account on

This platform specifically you can hold your tokens you can stake tokens which means it's just basically like a certificate of deposit where you're holding your currency on this wallet and it is giving you access to discounts

Like cheaper newly listed cryptocurrencies and I think that there is a massive opportunity for a lot of people out there to earn cryptocurrency by just literally holding the crypto on this wallet so very intelligently crypto

Calm when I talk to them about their earn program what you need to do is you need to stake their token their MCO token and that will then allow you to unlock various different thresholds for what

You can make while you are staking your currency on the wallet so you can make up to 8% in many cases on the wallet and 8% if you guys are not running that quick math just like what I'm doing right now in my head is if you are

Staking a hundred dollars then that makes you eight dollars in a year and that is an eight percent return on that interest now if that money is sitting in your bank account right now you are going to be earning less than one

Percent on that so if you had $100 sitting in a savings account you're going to earn less than a dollar and that is a huge Delta between those two and this presents you with an opportunity where if that number is

Larger sitting on the crypto calm wallet earning and you have staked tokens on there you have the ability to earn eight percent on that cryptocurrency you are then you know let's say you're doing $10,000 as savings and staking you're

Then gonna make close to $800 as a return and that is a pretty substantial amount per month that's close to $100 per month and that is that's not chump change for anyone out there but it is an opportunity and I wanted to present the

Earning because this is completely passive you're literally just putting it on a wallet and watching it earn now there are a couple of other ones and I've done a video on this in the past that I will link in the description

Below so you guys can check out some of the other potentially collateralized loan aspects and borrowing aspects the crypto comm and block Phi and some of these other platforms have tried to do but in my opinion hands down for earning

Interest on these various different tokens that have I believe they have over 40 tokens listed on the wallet it is a massive opportunity for people that are just holding alt coins and Bitcoin and aetherium and things like that to

Just Park the money there and if you need it in the event of emergency you can take out some of that interest that you've accumulated and you can use that to purchase with groceries literally with your card so that is

That's kind of my point here is that if you have it in the bank bank account you know in a savings account you're gonna have to transfer money you're gonna have to move it over into a account where you can actually spend it using your credit

Card that you'd have to pay off or you'd have to move it to your debit account or your checking account where you would use a debit card but in this case it's literally one account where you're accumulating it and you could just

Unlock it on the app and spend immediately with your card now that is powerful and 8% is extremely powerful you're getting 5% back moving on to the next piece for crypto comm the last one that I will cover for this interest

Earning concept is that they do have credit available now where you can literally take out loans against assets that you have on the wallet and this is in the form of stable coins so it's not fluctuating in price like Bitcoin going

Up and down or anything like that it's not volatile it's literally collateralizing and and taking a loan out in a stable to summarize literally you can just deposit your crypto on their crypto comm wallet you can

Immediately take out a loan if you need to and you're staking their MCO token with the TUSD and PACs I believe and that is a credit line that you can open up pretty much immediately in the event of emergency that you need to use you

Can do that so with you know your collateral that's Bitcoin you have 8% your MCO I believe it's 8 percent and then ripple is also 8% so an immense amount of value coming out of this crypto comm app and all you have to do

Is literally just hold your cryptocurrency on there and that is a big ask to a lot of people I understand that but in times that are uncertain for a lot of people it's important to have access to liquidity it's important to

Have access to credit it's important to have access to all of these aspects of Finance that in the event that things do get worse and they probably will you want to have immediate ability you purchase things using that debit

Card if you're earning 8% you have the ability to really really really supercharge your holdings right now during this downturn of course you have your exchange and you can have the ability to invest but I think that right

Now the most important component here personally is going to be the earning aspect of holding that position and earning interest on that position and having the ability to pull credit if you need it and the ability to purchase

Using their simple debit card at the grocery store or for whatever your family may need whether it's toilet paper or toothpaste just something that has the ability to earn high interest and use this card to

Pay immediately with the second way to earn crypto during a downturn like this is going to be masternodes I did a series on this that a lot of you guys tuned in to once upon a time that was in 2018 which is crazy to think that it was

That long ago but it is a very powerful way now of course I'm a big fan of divvy I've worked with them a lot I work on you know their podcasts and multiple multiple aspects of the community there to contribute because I love what

They're doing with Divi and I think that their one-click masternode is what it takes for people to be able to simply set up a master note and start earning passive income now masternodes online masternodes dot online was the resource

That i partnered with during the series they are still fully active fully going on so I will be leaving a link to master notes online in the description below as well as Divi you guys can check out and the important part here is you are not

Looking for things that are giving you thousand percent ROI that is where you have red flags anything that says a thousand percent ROI five hundred percent of ROI stay away from okay what you're gonna want to do is you're gonna

Want to see that there's volume so there's liquidity for the rewards and you're gonna want to check to make sure that there's an actual decent ROI something like you know 5% to a 30% is realistic in

This space based on my experience based on other people's experience that I know that actively participate in masternode ecosystems and if you guys are completely brand-new to masternodes be sure to check out the series that I did

Literally from start to finish of setting up 15 different master nodes and working with the developers directly two years ago they're almost two years ago now and it is a very powerful way of participating helping a network with its

Governance and helping you know setup this node on your laptop your machine and you can earn these rewards daily every other day and they add up over time and you can eventually upgrade you know your node to different sizes that's

One of the really really beautiful things about Divi is you can simply upgrade that node all the way from you know a copper all the way up to a diamond and you can literally just keep upgrading as you're getting rewards you

Can reinvest over and over and over again and you can really start to earn some substantial returns and you're participating in the network you're helping and you can really really supercharge those passive gains in

Crypto and also beyond that the team at Divi is a rockstar team they are solid they aren't going anywhere they just bought a bank not too long ago called redo v4 payment remittance in Costa Rica so they are in it for the long haul

They're doing amazing things and I highly recommend not only checking out the one-click master node setup and you know also checking out their blog and things like that there's a lot of really great resources out there they're one of

The best if not the best master node available right now that has been consists of all out there highly recommend them as well and I definitely would suggest checking it out as a potential way to earn those beautiful

Beautiful master node rewards there's also a bunch of other master nodes on there if you guys are interested in getting a little bit more aggressive with your risk profile on master nodes I recommend going a little bit more

Conservative with things like a Divi master node and things like a nulls master No but I do think that you know it's worth researching do your own research check out master notes online that's problem

That's part of the reason why I brought it up is just so that you guys can see the index there it's like a coin market cap or an index of all of the master notes and their statistics last and of course most certainly not least we have

Grow your base and that is the platform that I am a co-founder of so I'm slightly biased here but it is an opportunity to sit down learn about digital assets and earn them by going through and completing basic assignments

Now as we covered interest earning once we covered reward earning which in a way is similar to interest these are both very passive ways of earning income now I do recommend you know looking into other industries outside of

Cryptocurrency but for the sake of this video for the top three ways so we have crypto calm being interest earning we have master notes and then we have grow your base where you can go and you can earn digital assets and build out a

Portfolio of these various different types of digital assets whether that's tokenized real estate with realty or all these different types of NF tees and on fungible tokens on the etherium blockchain EOS blockchain Steam

Blockchain Tron all these different block chains you can collect those collectables gaming NF tees digital art all these different aspects you can collect those and start really building a portfolio for as the market turns

Around and I think that this is a great time to accumulate especially let's say you are earning interest on crypto comm and you're earning rewards on the divi masternode you could use you know a lot of the momentum from that to not only

Earn these various digital assets that are on grow your base that are fantastic built by amazing teams we could also buy digital assets you know you get by real T tokens via the grow your base platform and earn rental income via these tokens

And I think that there is a lot of really powerful things in the pipeline that I haven't brought out yet because I I've been very much focused on this market downturn I know a lot of people have DM me about losing jobs and things

Like that and I really wanted to make this video to not not just plug grow your bass if I don't want to do that I do just feel like we could help and I do feel like these other amazing platforms that are

Trucking not long hard like Divis going strong crypto comms going strong we're going strong with grow your base we're not slowing down we're gaining momentum and all three of these platforms are a fantastic way to learn and earn during

This this downturn here now there are a lot of other aspects to a downturn that you can address that you can go after that you can take advantage of and you can you can really turn turn this into a positive situation but it's easier said

Than done and I understand that a lot of people are very upset and they will be getting more and more upset in the coming weeks and months but it's important to look at where an opportunity is and learn about that

Opportunity and take this time where we're Quarantine amor all social distancing we're all staying in our homes and things like that learn about new types of assets learn about new ways that you can put your money to work and

Learn about how you can make money for your family in the future so that is it for my overview of the top three ways in my opinion you can earn crypto during a downturn recession like this with an economic slowdown where people are

Getting laid off while they're sitting at home and I wanted this to be a very positive video I want you guys to feel motivated to go out take an advantage take advantage of an opportunity that you see and learn about all these

Different types of digital assets learn about earning and really just focus on taking advantage of these opportunities now all of that being said that's my review of the three different aspects in addition to that completely in the

Financial sector as someone that's you know done FinTech for years there are massive opportunities if you guys are looking for a job there are massive opportunities in the lending business loans skyrocket during this time in

Downturns and they need people that have zero experience entry-level people that they're paying thirty to fifty dollars an hour depending on where you're based to process loan applications this is a

Well-known hack I guess you could say in the finance world and the event that you get laid off you go and you call the lenders in your local area you call lenders big-time lenders small-time lenders whoever they may be

Mortgage companies real estate lenders things like that and just call them up ask them if you can help out with processing applications because usually in times like this the Fed is pulling their levers moving interest rates

Around and and people flood in to apply for refinances mortgages and things like that so that is a complete different track that I wanted to mention to people that really are in distress that is a really really powerful way that you can

Go and find employment quickly and if that's what you're what you're really really looking for and you need to find a main source of income you should always set up different income streams and diversify the outside of

Cryptocurrency that is a big option for anyone watching this video they will be hiring in a area near you and that is it for this episode I hope you guys liked it and I hope it helped least someone watching and slappa like if you feel

Like this was a good video and definitely leave a comment in the description below and let me know what you guys think about the current coronavirus situation and there's going to be another amazing video coming out

Because I am social distancing I am at home so I'm going to be dropping another video real soon and definitely stay safe guys and I will see you on the next episode a crypto

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