Top 3 Reasons Why Crypto SUCKS

by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

What's going on everybody Alex back with another cryptocurrency video and today I'm gonna be giving you guys the top three reasons why cryptocurrency sucks okay cryptocurrency is a pretty difficult place to actually make money as a

Business and I want you guys to completely understand all the implications of what I talk about you know and my goals and journeys in this space right so keep in mind guys facing a whole business strategy on blockchain

Technology and a speculation that eventually it's going to come to fruition is a very risky game at some in some cases a gamble I want you to understand that right coming from an entrepreneur that tries to keep it as

Realistic as possible you know being realistic God's gonna understand okay this is one of those things as sink-or-swim is that it's not simple you know there's a lot of fundamental changes that can have in cryptocurrency

I'm not trying to spread foot I'm just getting you guys you don't know the foot is it's basically just like false information I'm just trying to give you a realistic perspective this is why I build my skill set and I'm doing other

Things I'm not just completely invoking myself in the cryptocurrency about them getting bearish guys like a I know a lot of people are thinking like oh I'm gonna sell all my cryptocurrency or something

Like that that was never you know a thought of mine I'm just simply giving you guys realistic perspectives okay that's what you get on this channel your realistic perspectives so I would say the first you know reason why

Cryptocurrency sucks and my complete and total honest opinion is the fact that you know people in this market that are smarter than others are willing you know more than willing to take advantage of

Them right so we have people that understand the concepts of the internet a little bit more than the average person so you'll see things like spam comments right so you could even go to my videos I get hundreds hundreds of

People spamming the internet right those typically say something like oh this guy made 100 K off of Bitcoin and I followed him and he sent me free money all you have to do is contact them at some random name at gmail and then they won't

Put the dot-com they'll put like a space car right and the reason why they do that is because they're manipulating the YouTube algorithm to get you know passed of all the filters all the spam filters right so these people just go on

Blockchain on the internet right they use blockchain because we've hits more anonymous and it's a lot harder for their organization to track somebody down you know if they're using blockchain technology it's probably an

Encrypted email you know there's a lot of things that these people can do to take advantage of you right so someone might not know you know they hit Windell din because you know make it 100k I mean it doesn't sound too good to

Be true but some people are still you know our curious they email this person and next thing you know they lose all their cryptocurrency there's so many ways for some reason and cryptocurrency it's a little bit exaggerated being that

It's an unregulated market nobody knows what to do right nope you can even see it in Congress when they're trying to pass regulation it's almost a joke it's a joke some of the regulations that they pass it sounds like they don't even

Understand what's really going on and that's that's you know the first point in crypto currencies that there's a way to take advantage of you they will take advantage of you and keep that in mind you know be

Careful where you put your money in cryptocurrency no go the most legitimate see because this is already extremely volatile and risky this is a gamble guys I want you to understand it so that's my first reason

You know why cryptocurrency sucks right if you guys all transparents the second reason why it sucks is because you know guys this is a small market it's a very small market okay it only has 200 billion dollars in it

Okay so being that I am an entrepreneur and the purpose of an entrepreneur is to set yourself up for the best chance to actually make money most entrepreneurs wouldn't go in a market that's worth two hundred billion dollars okay

Very risky it's um it's all it's called first-movers okay we are in the first mover's market right and a lot of people you know a lot of money they say you know what one of the sayings they say is you never want to be the first person

You want to be the second person but you want to do it better than the first person why because sometimes first mover's they don't you know win and you know it not happening whatever dream and they followed and they end up losing

Right whether it's you know through success personal fulfillment money whatever the case is it's risky to be the first guy that's basically what I'm trying to tell you guys you know I am that is my personality type you know if

I was to categorize myself I'm a dreamer you know creative kind of destructor that is my type of you know I would say personality types when it comes to cryptocurrency right so if you are not that type of person if you're

Conservative right if you're the type of person that's why most of these guys are not involved with cryptocurrency and as time goes by cryptocurrency develops more credibility that's where we see more people does that make sense to you

Guys I've read this book and I can't recall it off the top of my memory right now but basically it talks about the different personality types right you got the first person they're called the

First movers and then you got the first adopters the people that kind of catch on to the wave quickly but they weren't the first people right and then you got the kind of like the regular public right the regular public they catch on

Like when everybody catches on like for example I'll say like a 30 year old that when you know cellphones were already a year in and they saw the use and functionality of the cellphones like the majority of people they thought it was

Worth their investment so they invested into the phones and then you have the last adopters which are the people that just never kind of there's still it there you know flip phones right now they haven't got around to the real

Technology or they're not applying it in the way they should be you know they're kind of they're kind of like last adopted right for whatever belief system they hold that's their choice we are in the front of the spectrum okay

Now with great risk comes great reward so this is the reason why I do it I want you to do you want it you're gonna have your own reason you got to have your own set of principles so when cryptocurrency drops in these

Low numbers you know you can literally overcome that that's the whole points having faith right and all that comes from more knowledge and it comes from understanding where your basis is building that foundation of knowledge so

That you don't make an emotional decision okay this is another reason why I wanted to make this video is to give you guys you know the real deal like the real deal actually exactly how

To do it less is more it's not about doing everything you know all the rules and finding decentralized applications and going crazy it's about having a solid foundation and the holistic perspective of what's really

Going on and we'll see what everybody's doing and make actions accordingly okay so I'm rambling here but let me come to my next and final the worst reason in my opinion why cryptocurrency sucks now it's it's kind of like good and bad

In both ways right so it just depends on how you look at it cryptocurrency he's fighting the most the biggest pool opponent in the worth hurt in the world okay we are going against the superpower of the world

Understand it there's a way that life has been grand for hundreds of years you have people at the top that don't want that changed and they technically have all the power okay so we're playing chess and places

Life is chess right everybody's trying to invoke there are a few points on life and being we know decentralization of cryptocurrency stay with me here okay stay with me it's gonna make sense so decentralization is not a deputy kid to

Find decentralization the whole point of it is giving power to the people so this is a psychological you know this is psychology guys as a psychologist as a viewpoint on life right and we're just applying it to code and making it truth

For code okay understand that so being that you know this is a viewpoint that other people don't share the people in power they want to stay in power they want to keep the power you know in their generations

Of family they owned all the cards they have all the leverage they have military they have wolf leaders right have influence they have money okay if these people wanted to take I mean this is not fun this is not

Negativity or kids cryptocurrency because you have to understand it right if they they want to take the over they can take over right they have all the guns in the world they have all the money in the world

Now bitcoin is run on knows where our nodes nodes are basically places on the blockchain that regulate the economy okay now there's some people that claim if you take down for massive notes the biggest nodes in cryptocurrency you can

Compromise the security of the system there's a lot of different operas this can go wrong cuz you know there could be a comes out makes an artificial entity no artificial intelligence comes out and it create quantum computers now if you

Understand how blockchain works okay it's a public ledger want some computers and come out they can act have an algorithm they'll completely compromise you know the security of Bitcoin now there are coins

Coming out with quantum resistance right there are you know actions being taken to basically stop all of this to decentralization oh if they take down Bickham where there's other coins that are ASIC resistant not as centralized

And proof of work that it would be a lot harder to compromise those points like Ravan point right it puts the power to the people so that you know these governments can't just take down three notes there's gonna be millions of notes

That they have to take down Ravan for now there's a lot of you know like there's a lot of solutions to these problems don't get me get me wrong but guys but the whole overall gist here is that we are going up against the giant

Okay so that's why cryptocurrency sucks there's a lot of other markets that you can definitely get into and build a business long term that are a lot safer the reason why this is so risky is it doesn't you know

It's the world government guys will you want me to tell you alright it's just the truth now just to give you some security and some assurance you know blockchain is something we've never seen it before

Everything I'm saying now is the same thing that they said about the Internet right like why would the government let the Internet happen but it happens and there's nothing they can do about it we are a huge driving force you know where

We're forced to be reckoned with there's 200 billion dollars and you know this technology for the most part has survived some crazy stuff like China banning the coin that's a very fundamental piece of news China has the

Most volume out of any country in the world and cryptocurrency and the fact that they banned it they banned it and it's still here and I even went up to $20,000 the market cap surpassed you know got close to cold is a very strong

Argument for you know the possibility of cryptocurrency being you know if we're one percent correct guys if one percent of them world's money is captured with cryptocurrency that's like a $200,000

Bitcoin per Bitcoin so understand it's a very educated argument a lot of smart people developer you know developers guys that spend their life coding on the Internet the top line developers in the world you know are still joining the

Blockchain movement these are all good signs you know Mark Zuckerberg big Pepito obviously they created their own point right for a reason now that doesn't mean we shouldn't have a balanced perspective and I don't

Understand what we're going up against here you know this is a you know I kind of want to make this video to give you guys like when complete thoughts but sometimes making these tutorials I can't really get out what I really feel about

You know cryptocurrency and my actual experiences with this you know this project here it's definitely a project guys keep that in mind always but yeah I mean that's it for the video you know the first reason these guys are out

There to take advantage of you through spam comments do any you know way possible you can get taken advantage of cryptocurrency right you know the second one being that this is such a small market and there's much

More opportunity in other places race you want to keep that perspective and then the third one we're going up against Giants guys we're going up against Giants so keep that in mind when you're investing in cryptocurrency if

You have $100 do not invest into your name and that's all your assets maybe you should hold that hundred dollars right you know don't put your whole net worth and cryptocurrency is risky as hell but

If it pays off we just changed our whole family's generation of wealth for the rest of our life I don't even know if I explained that correct but guys is the decentralization of

Conscious thought but that's it for this video guys if you like the quality's content hit like if you don't leave some constructive criticism subscribe for more video updates and like I always say and I embody it if you don't get with

This technology you won't get that fine catch you guys in the next video thanks for watching

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