Top 3 Free Screen Recorders for YouTube

by birtanpublished on September 28, 2020

Welcome back to the channel I'm Michael Bryan and in this video I want to show you guys the three best screen recording apps that you can use for your YouTube channel totally free now there are also upgraded versions for these and I'll talk about those later on in the video

But assuming you want a free application that you can use to record your screen on your computer for your YouTube channel these are three great apps out there now I'm not gonna present these in any particular order it's not gonna be

Like three two one and skip over to one just to see what the best one is for you know just overall because I really think that each of these could be better for a different users so I'm gonna explain each of the three and who would be best

To use them so for example the first one I think would be best if you are somebody who's working with a group of people or maybe somebody who just doesn't want to fuss around to computer and you wanted something as simple as

Possible before I get any farther into this video I want to say if this is your first time here and you're looking to grow your influence on social media so Instagram YouTube Facebook snapchat whatever it is consider going down and

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So jumping right into that the first one I want to show you guys is called tiny take now tiny take is totally free and it's definitely the easiest out of these three to actually set up and use for the first time and it's very very intuitive

A very simple interface but there are some limitations to this and I'll explain those in just one second so some of the really convenient things about this one that make it so easy is you just click on this giant green button

Right here and it gives you a bunch of options if you want to capture a region of your screen you can easily do that you don't have to capture the whole window and edit in post proc and you know crop it down to size instead you

Can just say you know let's capture a region or a capture the full window capture the full screen whatever you want to do or have a webcam coming in so really really simple very intuitive right there and it's very easy to use

Now to really see some of the limitations with the free version you can go down and click go premium and they make a nice little table right there to show you the different versions they offer and what benefits there are

For each of them so using this with the free version does limit you to five minutes personally I think that's not a big deal for a lot of youtubers starting off if you're making tutorial style style videos where you're gonna be

Showing like an Excel workbook for 15 minutes at a time you could probably break it into three different cuts anyway and it really wouldn't be hindering your video by any means now if you really want to have that longer

Recording limit so if you want 15 minutes or 30 minutes or 60 minutes you might want to upgrade to one of the other versions of course the other two apps I'm going to talk about later on in this video I actually don't have any

Recording limits so if that's the case skip forward a few seconds and you'll be seeing the next one I'll talk about so also you have this for personal use only is what they say so so you can't be using it for commercial use look into

That one a little bit more before you actually start using that if you have any questions about whether or not you are commercial the storage limit is two gigabytes not means there is cloud storage for this so you can actually

Save your videos online and this is where I think this one really shines if you have a team of people if you're working with two or three different creators and you have one communal channel you might want to upgrade to

Like the standard version or something where you can all take screen recordings on your own computers or just save all your clips into onedrive like this it just makes it a little easier to use now since I just accidentally said onedrive

That also points out that you can instead use you know Google Drive or onedrive and save all your files there for free if that's something you want to do instead and have more than two gigabytes of course you also have an

Online web gallery with this so overall this is a decent app to you and I really like how simple it is that's the reason I think tiny take really shines is the simplicity on this the next one is actually flashback

Express which has a few little hiccups and I'll talk about those in a second but it's sort of the next step up from tiny take so tiny take is a really easy one to use this is a little trickier to use but you don't have the recording

Limit you're not limited to five or 15 minutes without upgrading and then this also doesn't really push you know a bunch of different tiers of subscription towards you instead they have one premium version which is a one-time buy

Of I think it's about fifty dollars and that doesn't actually change how you record anything so you can use this and have the full recording features but then the upgrades just gonna give you their editor and the ability to save in

Any file format so I save an mp4 anyway so it's not a huge deal to me I use this one for free all the time and it's really no problem so when it pops up you'll see right here it can say record your screen or open and recording and

Then see some tutorials over there I recommend checking out a few tutorials if this is your first time using flashback Express which I assume if you're watching this video it would be your first time using it so just click

On record screen and here you start to see my first complaint is that everything opens up in a new window and sometimes if you close out or minimize a window it'll disappear and you don't know where it is and then you open it up

Again and it says the window is already open so it's a little weird like that and also when you're recording this is a pro and a con so if I just start recording and I say record it'll be recording my screen and this will

Actually go away and I have to hit ctrl s or ctrl shift s to stop my recording now when you're done recording it pops up and asks you if you want to review it you want to save it or you want to just get rid of it which is pretty nice that

You can actually review it before you save it especially if it's a longer video because sometimes longer videos take a lot of space up on a laptop and they might take you know a little while to actually save and open and delete

Later and move them around and copy so it's better just to preview things before you actually save them I like that about this app quite a bit so here you'll see you have three different options you can record the full screen

The region or just the window pretty nicely you have those options right there and then when you actually go down you can choose the different inputs and actually I just want to go over and show you right here scheduling is pretty nice

That you can schedule recording for the future if you're wondering why you might want to do this let's just think of maybe if there's like a high school football game that's going on you know on their website or whatever and it's

Gonna be airing live and you want to go to the game but you want to record it maybe your son's in the football game or something you can do a scheduled recording so that when you come home later it'll

That just something I don't know maybe that's why you'd want to use that I don't actually know of any other reasons to use a scheduled recording but it's a cool feature that have nonetheless so who would be best to use flashback

Express in my opinion I think flashback Express offers you know a very similar range of function as the next I'm going to talk about although having the editor in here is pretty nice if somebody's on a low budget and you want to spend fifty

Dollars as a one-time buy and you're gonna be doing a lot of screen recording maybe longer screen recordings you know longer than five minutes I recommend using flashback Express and maybe paying that extra fifty dollars to use the

Editor with flashback Express right now I haven't tried the editor yet but if anyone out there has tried it please comment down below and let me know what you think of it what are the pros and cons of the editor and is it actually

Worth the extra fifty dollars now if I was just starting off I would probably try spending $50 on this before going out and subscribing to like Premiere Pro and paying you know like hundreds of dollars a year for that so lastly I

Think the one that I use the most and I've actually been using for this entire video to record everything is OBS studio it seems to sort of be like an industry standard a lot of people like this for the versatility now it is much less easy

To use compared to the other ones it's it's not as simple and you're gonna have a little bit more of a noisy interface so you have to know what you're doing I actually made a tutorial about how to use this I'll link it right up there if

You want to use OBS I recommend almost anybody who just wants to record your screen so say your any skill a very large professional or a very very early beginner OBS is a great program to use when you're trying to do live streaming

Or just screen recording and it's great you won't have an editor you won't have the really simple interface on there but there is a lot more versatility there's more it's a more powerful program in my opinion where you can record your screen

And it works really really well now if you're using a laptop like mine so I have the HP Spectre right here just really quickly I want to show you I had a black screen issue with my laptop where it would not show up with what I

Was trying to record and all you actually have to do is go down and so if I say OBS right there you have to open the file location and then when you right-click on the actual program you can instead decide to run on

The integrated graphics so the problem with this was that there was a second graphics processor on here if your laptop has that make sure you go and check and try to run with the other graphics processor it might make your

Program work a little better and not just record a black screen so to conclude out of these three different apps I think the first one tiny take was great if you're trying to just really simply get into it they say they can

Record a 4k I haven't actually tried to record a 4k on my screen yet but it's really nice how you can very easily you know just open it up and start recording right away there's no setup like you have a lot more setup with OBS for

Example there's almost no setup with tiny take and it's great that you can have that online you know very well integrated storage if you're working with a team now a flash back Express is pretty great for anyone who wants to use

Their editor maybe you have to upgrade the extra fifty dollars to do that but I think that's probably a good investment if you're just getting started off and you don't already have an editor and maybe if you don't have a free one yet I

Recommend maybe checking out the flashback Express editor thirdly we have OBS which i think is almost anybody else out there if you don't know if you're in a doubt between which of these three to use I recommend OBS is your go-to –

Check it out that's the one I've been using for a long time and I've had almost no problems with it whatsoever it's a great program and as I said none of these have watermarks these are all great free programs to use but let me

Know which one you decide to use for your YouTube channel let me know in the comments below thank you all for watching guys and if you've been watching this far and haven't subscribed yet please go down and consider clicking

The subscribe button thank you for watching I'll see you next time

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