TOP 3: Best Sony TV 2020

by birtanpublished on October 3, 2020

Sonne is a pioneer in the field of TVs and it shows they usually have the best interpolation and their TVs have technology to produce amazing image quality and even upscaling there are so many choices coming out from Sony TVs that you may need to take some time to consider all the various possibilities to see which one would work best for you and your budget in this video we're breaking down the best three Sony TVs on the market this year based on price performance features sound and situations they'll be used in we'll be taking a look at Sony TVs in every price range it's whether you're looking for

The best value Sony TV or a premium model will have an option for you so if you're interested in finding out which Sony TV will be best for you stay tuned as always all the links to find the best prices on all the products mentioned in this video will be in the description below so for the most up-to-date information along with updated prices be sure to check out the description the products mentioned in this video are in no exact order so be sure to stay tuned until the end so you don't miss anything we'll start with the sony bravia a 8h our choice for best 4k OLED Sony TV for

Around $2,800 for a 65 inch screen Sony's bravia a 8 H looks magnificent thanks to the combination of an excellent OLED panel and Sony's x1 ultimate processor making it Sony's best 4k OLED TV the bravia a 8 H's design features a sleek silver trim running around the screens outer edge it sits on feet that extend from the bottom corners at 90-degree angles and do a good job of supporting the screen while keeping it flat to the ground leaving practically no gap between the TV's bottom edge and your furniture and like most any other TV the a8h can also

Be mounted on the wall the a8h pairs the deep contrast and true blacks of OLED displays with 180 degree viewing angles and Sony's triluminos color enhancement the new processing chip offers pixel level color and contrast enhancement along with object based processing for HDR improvements in upscaling but the biggest change is the addition of ex motion clarity Sony's pixel by pixel motion smoothing that delivers fast action with perfect smoothness the audio has support for Dolby Atmos and uses the glass of the OLED panel to produce sound audio comes directly from

The source so that dialogue appears to come from the actors speaking for a more immersive viewing experience far-field microphones are embedded in the bezel so you can use the built-in Google assistant without having to into the remote control or press a button instead with the mics enabled you'll just be able to speak turning the TV into a Google home smart speaker complete with the ability to look up information and control other smart home devices if you'd rather pare it to your existing smart speaker it's also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google

Home speakers as well as Apple AirPlay to the sony bravia a 8h delivers a killer OLED panel with Dolby Atmos and smart home integration making it not only Sony's best 4k OLED TV but also one of the best available on the market next we'll be looking at the Sony x9 50 h 4k LCD our choice for best value Sony TV if you're looking for bang for your buck the x9 50 h 4k LCD is Sony's best value in their television lineup and you can get a 55 inch for around $1,200 it features an advanced sound system wide viewing angles and different feet that can be placed at the bottom corners

Of the set or closer to the center for a smaller footprint this 55 inch 4k TV delivers a stunning HD our experience with deep blacks high peak brightness to overcome glare an impressive color gamut for accurate color it has full array local dimming to enhance its contrast ratio making it a great choice for dark room viewing the x9 50 H also upscales a lower resolution content from cable TV well and has a fast response time and low input lag which gamers will like to hear like the bravia a 8h the x9 50 H also features Sony's x1 ultimate processor giving an object-based super

Resolution which is designed to intelligently analyze and enhance the image the extra processing power also makes for a better user experience Sony's own menu system has been improved and the entire UI is clear and easy to use with plenty of information to help you understand what you're changing and Netflix Amazon Prime video and disney plus are all on board to scratch that 4k w vision streaming itch along with Google Play movies & TV that delivers pay-as-you-go 4k content with HDR 10 and sony has been sure to make Hulu HBO now and Showtime anytime available if you

Live in the US the x9 50 H's audio system supports Dolby Atmos as well as acoustic calibration for your room that uses the microphone in the remote to analyze test sound sent from the display and adjust the settings based on the results of the test the overall sound is weightier with punchy air delivery and stereo signals from the TV tuner are clear and well projected if you're looking for value you should take a closer look at Sony's x9 50 h 4k LCD TV this gorgeous LCD panel delivers a great balance of features at a very affordable price point last we'll be

Looking at the Sony Master Series z8h 8k TV our choice for best premium Sony TV sony's master series z8h is an 8k LED TV that retails for around $7,000 for a 75 inch screen and is the perfect choice of prices in an issue and you're looking for the best Sony TV money can buy the 8k resolution delivers unbelievable detailed visuals while the x1 processor works in the background reducing on-screen noise and improving pixel clarity the processor analyzes and processes data for scenes rich in depth texture and detail even images that were recorded in 4k and full HD are up scaled

Close to 8k resolution the true luminous color display powered by the picture processor x1 ultimate gives you more colors than a conventional television by analyzing and processing data in every image to make colors natural and precise so pictures are closer than ever to real life you'll find the forward-firing speakers of the z8 h push into the room with distortion free volume and excellent dynamic range the z8 h adds embedded tweeters in the frame vibrating it and producing some of the sound for the TV the embedded tweeters create a vertical dimension that tracks the

Position of objects on the screen so if someone has shown speaking in the top left of the screen the sound of the voice will appear to come from that area of the screen when all is said and done the overall effect is dramatic and how it enhances your immersion in whatever you're watching and like the sony bravia a8h the z8 h also uses embedded far-field microphones for hands-free use this gives you simple voice integration simply speak and activate the TV with a trigger phrase like any smart speaker Google assistant is integrated as part of the Android TV operating system and

The Sony z8h acts as a smart home speaker giving you full voice interaction and smart home control of any Google home device the 75 inch Sony Master Series z8h 8k TV looks stunning as an advanced sound system smart home integration and the highly developed components to give you a jaw-dropping super high-resolution experience if you're looking for Sony's best premium TV the z8h is it alright guys that's all for now if you enjoyed this video please go ahead and leave a like if you're new to the channel and you like the video consider

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