Top 3 BEST Graphics Cards UNDER $50

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

Hey how's it going guys Jack and Maddie with the Theresa residence today we're gonna be testing the top not one not two but three graphics card under fifty dollars for those who are on a tight budget this is the perfect video for you but before we get into testing these

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Sponsoring this video let's get right into the video shall we alright guys so you all said a loud and clear via a poll we did on YouTube that you wanted to see a video where we test this on the top graphics card under X

Price points so expect other videos like this in the future if this one does well we're be checking out three graphics cards right here so I'm gonna go ahead and grab these if I can so these three graphics cards were bought on eBay and

We're gonna go through each individual one talk about what they're made of and then be testing it in this PC which Jackson will tell you a little bit more about so for the system that we're testing with that we wanted to make sure

That there is no bottlenecks well at least with the CPU so we have a 3600 rise in 3600 that is in 16 gigs of ram so there's there's gonna be nothing holding these graphics cards back so how about we go ahead and talk about each

Car and exactly how much we paid for it and then just dive into some testing shall we alright so the first card that we have running up is a $43 card this is an Rx 460 this is actually a generic like HP card that would have came in an

OEM pre-built system so nothing fancy as far as shrouds go but you know get a little heatsink gonna really keep fan on there but 460 is a really good value this is actually the cheapest one that we got but the 460 honestly we've used

Them in recent builds and they still work I mean there's still a graphics card so don't expect you know insane performance levels but for under $50 this is a really good deal so like all the other graphics cards this card has

Two gigs of vram and just to go over the port's real quick in case it's important for some of you guys we have one display port one is DBI so you could have up to three monitors assuming they're not gonna get

An active splitter and of course you have two really good ports right here having hdmi and displayport now our next most expensive graphics card is this r9 270 now this one has a special place in my heart not the specific one but this

Was a card that I had in one of my first systems that I upgraded and it's a really capable card this thing does come with only two gigs of ram and it is using a blow or style design it does require more power hence the extra power

Connector compared to the other cards that we have right here but this thing should perform pretty well at 1080p low settings in terms of the display out we actually have two DV eyes that shows the time of this card coming out and we have

A DisplayPort and HDMI so you get an extra connector if for some reason you want an extra output for a multi-monitor setup but if you're on a budget you're probably not working with that this will probably be good enough though for most

ESports titles and we're gonna throw it at it and when we actually get to testing and this is the most expensive car that we bought and probably one of the most popular cards that people think of when they're buying a cheap graphics

Card this is a 750 Ti more specifically one from EVGA we paid exactly $50 for this now keep in mind all these cards that we bought on eBay we had to do a little bit of hunting to get it so don't want anybody to find these for exactly

This price point you have to pay a little bit more you could robably pay a little bit less but mainly this is a guide for how much you should pay for a card like this semi GTI is a legendary card and still recommended in a lot of

Budget builds more than enough for 1080p low settings on some newer games and maybe medium settings for eSports titles but we will only really know exactly how well this thing performs in 2020 when we slap it in this PC over here and see

What kind of performance we can get so how do I go ahead and test the cheapest one first this little guy right here and then work our way up to the most expensive and see exactly how these graphics cards perform in 2020 alright

Guys there is the 460 installed one you know but the 460 s it does not require any external power so you know this looks kind of weird in this like really high-end system but I mean we're gonna go ahead and test this thing at a couple

Titles we're gonna do Rainbow six siege to test all the games in terms of eSports performance with the built-in benchmark we're gonna be running the built in benchmark in shadow the Tomb Raider to do the worst case scenario in

Triple-a titles and then we're going to dive into fortnight on a multiplayer match and just see exactly kind of numbers we get it's not gonna be as scientific as the other two benchmarks but we're gonna get an idea of how

Four-night runs because well I know you all care about that sort of thing so let's go ahead and test this alright guys now we have the RX 460 installed and we're gonna be testing Rainbow six siege now we're gonna run the built in

Benchmark on the high preset because that doesn't seem to max out totally the vram on this graphics card so it's gonna give the best chance for these cards to perform decently so we're gonna run the built in benchmark and see exactly how

This performs now keep in mind Rainbow six siege is kind of like our game to test how this card will work in eSports titles because relatively you're going to get similar results across the board and honestly this ain't half bad now

100% there is a GPU bottleneck here 100% load on the GPU right now but we're getting 60fps we just barely dip below 60 to about well now we're dropping a little bit lower in here but it looks like the settings are not too bad

Especially if you want to write like 1080p low medium setting you definitely get a constant 60 FPS but I mean this is pretty solid in some areas we're getting well over 60 70 80 is chef PS let this round out real quick and see what the

Averages are but I mean it's not too bad alright guys so it looks like we got an average of a 76 fps a minimum of 40 and a maximum of a hundred and six not too shabby so let's go ahead and test the other

Games real quick alright guys the next game we're gonna be testing is the shadow of the Tomb Raider we're gonna be running this on low settings because this is gonna be a very demanding game for all these graphics cards I'm gonna

Give it the best possible chance so we're gonna go ahead and run this benchmark this one is really long so we're just gonna time-lapse through this kind of cut through it but um yeah we're gonna see exactly how this thing

Performs all right guys so as you can tell the average FPS was 45 which is not too bad for low settings again this is the worst case scenario for a Ravis card like this

So you could run this on like 1600 by 900 and get better results but overall not too shabby the last thing you were to be testing with this grabs card is for now we're gonna try to dive into the same location each time to get somewhat

Of a controlled experiment but it's like a perfect we're just going to try to see exactly what kind of frame rate we get as we play in the game it's not gonna be as scientific as I'm engine before but we're give a shot cuz you all like

Fortnight's so let's do that alright guys in for tonight real quick we are running on pro settings everything on low but view distance on epic so these are the settings we are running with right now so we're gonna

Hit up high on that and dive into a team Rumble and try to stay consistent with the drop that we go to just to keep the variables kind of limited so let's see what kind of results we can get all right guys we are diving into agency

That seems to be the most consistent place we can go right now and the framerate is not too bad you do see some like a rubber banding affecting we were having some arenít issues right now so I apologize for that but we're gonna dive

Into agency and see what kind of frame rate we get right now dropping in right well over a hundred which is pretty solid I mean for pro settings having over 100 FPS right around 90 give or take is more than playable for fortnight

I'm just gonna run around for a little bit see what kind of results we can get and then from here we will transition to the other graphics cards yeah now we've settled in we're like well over 100 FPS which is pretty impressive and the GPU

Is getting maxed out so that is definitely good sign overall so it's not like the CPU is carrying the work or anything what we had one stutter right there this would be one case where you might want to lock the framerate to

Let's say 60 or like a hundred depending on what kind of frame refresh rate you're using on your monitor but I mean overall is pretty playable oh I see someone hello nice what smooth moves all right I mean

Fortnight it's definitely playable I mean I have no problems playing on this graphics card especially if you paired it with a budget or CPU this would be a good little budget for tonight PC you can do it for like honestly around 200

Bucks and get very similar results regardless of the CPU were using right now so oh we're all very impressed with this setup how will we go ahead and try the r9 270 and see if this card has any more to offer than this a little rx 460

All right guys we were installing the r9 270 maybe if I can find the and there it is huzzah CP reaches we are now testing out the r9 270 we are back into Rainbow six and we're on high settings of course somewhere somewhere in here we

Go we're going to go to run the built in benchmark and see what we get why did it lose it we're seeing pretty similar results to what we have with the rx 460 which of course you probably should see since these cards are very

Similarly priced on eBay it really wouldn't make sense that one's majorly better than the other which is probably what you'll see with most of these tests that we do besides maybe the 750 Ti could be a little bit better than both

Of them because overall that one should have a little bit better performance since it's a little bit more expensive that should be what you see but honestly though I mean the game's fully play but we saw pretty much above 60fps the whole

Game so high aesthetics is pretty pressing he could drop them down to get even better results but we saw a minimum of 46.5 average of 73 in a max of 99 FPS let's go to the next game okay guys we are now testing out shadow of the Tomb

Raider and we're back on low settings this is the 270 once again let's go ahead and run the benchmark it's gonna be a long one so let's go ahead and go time lapse mode

Okay so only 270 we saw an average of 40 FPS this time so we did lose an average of about 3 FPS over the 460 which honestly was to be expected a little bit this card although it is a little bit more beefier and I guess better-looking

It is a little bit of an older card so because of that you're gonna see a better-looking card but you're not gonna see better-looking performance and because of that so far we're kind of recommending the 460 especially the fact

That you don't have to have external power and it's overall smaller card and it probably uses a lot less power – so overall it's just been a better card so far now notice for tonight guess what it's for tonight we're on the same board

Oh a pro settings once again with the 270 we're doing some team round we'll try to lay in the same spot hopefully are a little bust plane train thingies in the same place and we can land there alright let's see if we can land in the

Same spot here see if I remember how to link is it eating space to jump space to jump yeah at space right 3 2 1 or go to the agency sadly I'm not gonna laying on the roof again but yeah I mean right now we're seeing almost 100 FPS and oh I did

It I think I hear footsteps well there's the other chest and we guy was there chest then we go so as you guys can tell I mean we're over a hundred FPS constant I mean honestly it even raised the settings if

You really wanted to but obviously probably wouldn't have a 3600 in the system so you'd probably be working with something a little bit lower end so maybe you'd see a little bit less FPS but with this though at least where

We're seeing plenty in this budget card is really not slacking at all let's let's see if we could finally kill some before we stop game boy you should be able to oh no don't worry dude this is easy five oh god oh wait

Hold on me get the banana oh my teammate : oh he did huzzah oh alright guys that was for tonight and you know how for tonight goes let's test another graphics card here it is we're doing guy the 750ti the legendary the

Myth the man the legend Nick okay I'm having the same issue is it's hard to that little slot it's like hard to find there it is ready watch this boom secure watch this here we go almost there okay why did I use this one suppose I'm gonna

Playing ready set go boom power on weight flip the switch oh here we go whoa fortnight alright ladies and gentlemen we're gonna be testing the 750ti the last card we're gonna be testing

We're trying team nvidia here same high settings rainbow 6 siege let's run that benchmark ideally this might be close to the same results that we got with the other cards but i mean this was the most expensive one so hopefully it's a little

Bit higher but i mean honestly it looks about the same maybe a little bit worse we'll let the benchmark totally run through and they'll actually compare the numbers but overall i've seen like kind of a common trend here where like all

These cards are about the same so it's a matter of like finding the best D on which one you're looking for we're doing a low wattage build maybe the 460 makes the most sense and it

Really is just a matter of finding the best deal we'll let this finish out though but the G of U is definitely maxing out at a hundred percent and it's performing pretty well temperatures are staying pretty nice at around 70 to 71

Degrees Celsius this card was a little bit dirty when it showed up and we did clean it out so it might need a little bit of extra love some new thermal paste she's definitely somebody should do with your new graphics cards if you do get

Them but let's see what the final results are looks like we had a lower average an average of 68 a max of 87 in the minimum of forty three point three that was kind of disappointing for the most expensive card so let's go and test

Two other games real quick all right guys now okay what's up lads okay what's up lads we're gonna be testing shadow of the Tomb Raider crib all right ladies and gentleman now we're gonna be testing

Shadow of the Tomb Raider on this 750ti again worst case scenario on low settings and this benchmark isn't really long so we're going to go run around the circle a few times and then just see how this benchmark is

alright guys so now the benchmark is done looks like we have an average of about 35 FPS which is definitely lower than all the other graphics cards we tested so take back what I said he takes

It back why did he take no no take that was that was before research no take-backs but 35 yeah not not too hot for the most expensive graphics card so let's dive in a fortnight real quick get a little bit

Of a gameplay footage there and then you know we'll wrap this video up all right guys we are in fort and I see I went I went bright through at that time and then let him bother me we're going to dive into fort night on pro settings

Once again and we're gonna go to the agency and just see what kind of performance we can get in the menu we're seeing 505 FPS more than playable that would recommend alright guys let's go to the agency and we'll see what kind of

Frame rate we're getting I mean I'm expecting basically this trend we've seen throughout all these benchmarks this is gonna be a little bit less than the rest of the cards we didn't experience a lot more stuttering at the

Start of the game but we'll see how it is and we actually lay in here but I mean it's still gonna be a good card but I would most definitely not pay more than an RX 460 if you can get an arts 460 I would most certainly not pay more

Than the r9 270 or the RX 460 because well obviously this is not performing as well as those cards so just keep that in mind all right it's good again someone laying on the roof right above you Oh show have a good guy no not like that

Giant cat buddy yeah buddy yeah Wow so as you can tell the frame rate is pretty solid across the board really cannot complain we're gonna try finds I made a kill that I mean if it's anything like the last time it's gonna take like

20 years to find somebody so we're gonna just get climb and climb in climb and potentially find somebody hello anyone out there you don't know what's coming to him oh that was a major lag spike we noticed that with the other one as well

Kinda like it killed if I can get to him Oh blastin dude that's what happens but hey I mean stay above 100 FPS so I mean this card is not bad by any means for fortnight but I would definitely definitely look at the other options if

You want anymore like stable experience but again these cards are all around $50 so I can definitely expect that you could find this card probably less than that maybe around 40 bucks on other use markets and

Still get very favorable results but anyways guys that was fortnight more than playable as we're getting dropped in on my Batman oh god okay kill Batman that's good yeah for tonight more than playable to set up not nearly as good as

The arcs for 60 or r9 270 but I mean nonetheless still a pretty solid overall use case how about we go ahead and wrap this video up real quick what is this game for tonight as a creator creating content is almost second nature once the

Idea hits my mind I almost go into autopilot doing scripting recording and editing until it's complete however getting it seen on the crowded space that is YouTube is a whole other challenge with two buddy though you get

Access to a wide range of tools like tag optimizers in search ranking results to help you optimize your content to succeed on YouTube want to give it a shot click the link down below to learn more

Alright guys so as you can tell these graphics cards did pretty well for the price considering that they are below $50 I was not super disappointing with any card sent me to see I was a little bit disappointing though 750ti

I shouldn't a limit more research before I said that it might be better but the 750ti actually is an older car and although it's a TI Cardon is kind of a legendary card for its time the rx 460 in the 270 both actually passed it up

Just a little bit not anything insane to the point that if the somebody I was like 10 bucks cheaper I would I would still just say go at somebody TI feelin like a super tight budget but if you can spend a little bit

Of extra money you might as well go with one of these two guys here and if for some reason you're stuck deciding between these grabs cards or some other graphics cards be sure to head over to our twitch stream at some point sucks to zero every Monday Wednesday Friday and Sunday blends here are tech questions with some help you know somehow we're gaming for gaming or graphics cards falling over you know that happens but anyways hope

You guys enjoyed this video if you do want to buy any of the Grouse cards mention this video links in the description down below those are affiliate links that do help us out that they are bills we make sure we don't get

Rid of people around here you know nice things but thank you guys again for watching don't forget to Like comment and subscribe you'll see you guys maybe in the next one don't add that in yeah don't mean you could know that and then

Just like add a bleep over yeah I believe over that

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