Top 3 Altcoins To Watch In 2020 – The Next Ethereum

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

it's finally here the video you have all
been waiting for
I have been nagged by the last I have
been targeted for months to make this
today I am going to be talking about the
etherium keep watching

what's going on everybody Alex back with
another cryptocurrency video and today
we're gonna be talking about the next II
theory I'm I'm gonna be talking about
some undervalued all coins some
opportunities to get some 20 30 50 X
gains and now first off let me just let
you guys know this is not financial
advice okay these are just my opinions
that I am spreading on the internet now
and a lot of you are gonna think Alex
what gives you so much credibility why
do you think you know the next aetherium
well let me show you so back in the day
when aetherium was worth a measly $10 I
was mining and buying a lot of it now
not now but at one point it was worth
$1200 that's a ridiculous amount of
multiplications I made a lot of money
off of etherium there was times where I
was watching my wallet increase hundreds
and not hundreds of thousands but
hundreds and thousands of dollars by the
minute by the hour and one weekend my
money went from you know 20 15 K to like
4050 K okay and I'm gonna show you proof
okay I'm gonna show you proof that I was
purchasing aetherium and mining it look
old coin based transactions boom I was
buying this wasn't buying but this was
mining it look it was at $10 I was
mining in theory money money money
you see mining a whole bunch of it
mining they started increasing in value
they went up to 50 bucks you see here
then I started getting serious and
purchased $2,200 of it right there boom
another one started purchasing another
250 another 2,500 alright let's keep
another thousand another 500 another
2,000 another thousand another 1400
another a hunch that I was getting
serious I was getting see I was buying
up heat there look another three three
kegs that someone sent me all right and
I was going and the reason why he sent
that to me is because I was giving him
cash and he was purchasing the etherium
for me and it even got to a point where
there was a limit on my bank account and
I started going into my girlfriend I
told her to make a coin base and we
started purchasing on her account
right I put a large lump sum of cash
into ëthere ium before it was valued I
picked that coin
okay now I'm not saying that I'm gonna
perfectly be able to do it again and
again this is not financial advice at
that point I put my whole life savings
into it it was a gamble I took it and it
worked out for me chances are if you two
do that now it's probably not gonna work
out for you okay I'm just being honest
with you guys and you guys know I try to
keep it as real as possible so don't
come over here saying I put my whole
life savings into the coins you talked
about in this video and it didn't work
out and you lost all your money okay
these are just opinions that I'm telling
you guys about of course I've done my
due diligence
I've talked I've really dulled deep and
understood these before I put my mama
and I put my money where my mouth is I
got a good amount of mine not my whole
life savings like I didn't understand in
the back in the day I didn't really
understand trading now I get it but I
put a good percentage of my overall
portfolio into these coins okay don't
put your whole life savings into
cryptocurrency I repeat don't put your
whole life savings into cryptocurrency
it's very very very risky okay I just
want to get that out there okay as if
you have already subscribed to my
channel my name is Alex I talk about
everything cryptocurrency internet
entrepreneurship everything that is the
future of entrepreneurship is in this
channel do me a favor hit that subscribe
button as well as the push notification
bell so you can get videos like this all
the time who knows it might make you
money in the future but this is not
financial advice okay guys so let's jump
right into it what's the next aetherium
what's the next undervalued
cryptocurrency that could potentially
make you some money I'm gonna go over
three of them I'm throw a little bonus
one at the end of this video that didn't
make it into the top three but I still
think it's a great coin and I do have
some money into it and I'm of course
gonna leave the best coin for last what
the one that I think's the most likely
to be any theorem you know a theorem
killer right just like this where
outpaces every other cryptocurrency on
the market including Bitcoin and all
that good stuff so the first one now I
fought with these these are all like
equal in my opinion but I got to do the
top three so the third coin is Raven
coin maybe you saw the top ruin it for
yourself who cares but I'm going to talk
about all the details if you understand
I'm gonna give you the reasons why and
that's that's what you should be looking
for right that's the knowledge of course
you can look at the top there and look
what I'm of my top three coins but look
guys I'm gonna jump into it so Raven
coin kept it simple okay that's why I
like it
okay they're not making huge promises
like all these other coins talking about
you know artificial intelligence and
micro data and all this crazy stuff they
keep it very very simple all they did
was copy Bitcoin but they made it even
more decentralized so it's a very steam
punk punk vibe so you know just like
back in the day steam punk you know
community kind of brought up Bitcoin
they're doing the same type of thing and
all they did was decentralize the mining
so how how bitcoin is basically working
now is that you got these huge mining
farms that are not necessarily directly
a controlling Bitcoin but they're
controlling it with their mining hash
power with the power of ASIC miners so
you know they have control than the
network in that way and they wanted to
decentralize that so they made sixteen
different hash algorithms so that
there's no centralization it makes it
really hard for centralization of mining
so if you want to mine this coin I would
recommend it cuz it's gonna be a lot
easier than mining Bitcoin for that
reason right so that's all they did they
kept it very simple Bitcoin is working
right now I know a lot of people don't
like Bitcoin but it is the most valued
coin now for a reason and they just they
wanted to keep it as simple as possible
so they got a great community behind
them they kept it simple and there's
it's working right a lot of people talk
about Raven coin that's why I had to put
it on my top three man I'm not gonna sit
here and tell you that you know and pick
a super crazy technology coin because I
don't believe any of that you know 95%
of these coins are not gonna be here in
ten twenty years okay just like the
internet boom all these websites talking
about all these grandiose ideas that
never been never was executed I want
something that's gonna be executed now
and they have done that and that's why I
like this coin okay I have a great
community so I'm just gonna touch on
that lightly these three coins I'm going
to touch on lately for the sake of the
length of this video if you want me to
dive deeper into these coins do me a
favor leave a comment below and ask me
about what coin you want me to talk
about and I'll go over I'll make a video
on it okay so the second coin
chain-linked they kept it simple stupid
you know just save to keep it simple
kiss right they kept it simple and you
know all they did was solve one problem
and they didn't try to go crazy so a
problem that we have right now in
cryptocurrency is that we have these
great smart contracts right these
complex smart contracts that execute
automatically without a trusted you know
central authority but they can't hook up
to real-world data simple as that you've
got these huge you know facilities data
centers that we can't utilize any of the
information to execute smart contracts
that we've never seen before
so these you know they say 90% of smart
contracts are not utilized with
real-world data now we can do that they
have API is external API is that you
could hook up to smart contracts to make
them work if you don't know what smart
contracts are they basically like
regular contracts but on the blockchain
they execute without a central authority
like I trusted you know let's say you
had a deed right let's say you owned a
house and you have a deed there's no
like custodian somewhere that has a
building that could potentially burn
down so where you lose your deed and you
know you don't technically own your
house anymore this is on the blockchain
it can never be you know discarded in
any way unless you turn off the internet
plus it's automatically executed so you
don't need a government or like you know
the police or something like that to
make your contract valid it's
automatically valid it's artificial
trust that's why the blockchain is so
valuable right that's why I talk about
it all the time we don't need anybody to
execute you know what we agreed upon
what we agreed upon is set in stone on
the blockchain and now we can hook up
real world data that we you know from
Google you know all these places they
have these huge partnerships for this
reason they make it a lot easier with
API is not stuff I'm not gonna jump into
it because very complex if you want me
to talk about chain link leave a comment
below I will talk about it and for the
number one pick the number one pick and
I'm gonna explain I'm gonna dive a
little bit deeper into this one of
course basic attention token I've talked
about it before my previous videos they
have something called the brave browser
and I recently read a book called life
after Google that I highly recommend you
guys read here
life maybe that's the name pretty sure
that's the name yeah life after Google
you have to read the book for this
reason because it talks about the
current stage of the internet what's
going on right now basically is that
Google owns like 95 percent of all the
data in the world like all the computing
powder power they are like they have a
huge monopoly on our attention I don't
explain right think about it they give
away all these free services Google Docs
Gmail chrome you could just what do you
think about it even if you want to learn
something right now what are you gonna
do you're gonna go straight to Google
all right they own our attention or
YouTube right you're watching the video
on YouTube now right and I'm saying I'm
not saying this is a bad thing I'm not
saying you know it's completely horrible
and you know our lives are ruined it's
not that bad but it's very inefficient
right so right now think about it with
quantitative easing money is virtually
valueless it has value because you can
go buy something at a store of course
but over time it's gonna lose value
because the government's getting greedy
man they're printing money out of thin
air you know with credit all this time
I'm not gonna jump into it it's not
macro economics 101 but we all know that
the government can make money at will so
money is virtually not valuable it is
valuable but I believe that attention is
a little bit more our time is a little
bit more valuable and Google is hoarding
all of it they own like 95% of the
Internet they're hoarding all of our
data and these huge large data centers
with micro data and using it to kind of
tell a story about the person they know
your voice they know where you've been
they know what you like right and what
they're doing is they're taking this
attention and they're selling it that is
their main income think about it you're
getting google docs think about like
word right they have Google Docs that
they give it to you for free but you
have to purchase word the way word makes
money you know is by buying their
software they're giving it to you for
free they give you everything for free
Google sheets Excel spreadsheets right
they're giving it to you for free
everything they give out for free so
they can take your attention harness the
information and then sell it to the
highest bidder that is what's happening
right now so in my opinion you know
coming back to the quantitative easing
and the printing
of money the real money right now is
hoarding attention okay and basically is
breaking up that monopoly there
decentralizing all of it how with the
brave browser okay guys if you've heard
of you talk about the brave brother and
press I was not playing maybe didn't
explain it well enough for you guys but
the brave browser is decentralizing the
Internet okay it's and that's next
infrastructure it's one of the parts of
the infrastructure and what they do is
they block advertisements it's up to you
so you can either get paid for it or you
can block it right now your watching
advertisements for free you can get paid
for watching them now right so instead
of getting nothing out of that
transaction exchange right you watch an
ad for a minute instead of getting
nothing at least they pay you like 20 30
cents you're getting paid for your
attention as this gets more popular
that's gonna turn into some more money
right so for example I just pull this up
bravery rewards I don't even use this
computer that much because I'm always at
work you know they paid me out 20 bucks
not only that but they're saving my time
by blocking trackers right if you come
here they saved an hour of my life
they're saving my time and my money guys
if you have a cell phone they say like
you spend an extra 20 bucks and data a
month just from advertisements and
trackers and all these inefficient
things you have to load the brave
browser uses one tenth of your total
resources compared to Chrome so if you
want your computer to run more smooth
stop using so much energy right um it
gives you all these type of benefits so
they can't track you and that's why I
love the brave browser and that's why I
love basic attention token right now you
go on Twitter you can tip people with
the brave token right with a basic
attention token and you know they're
jumping out with all of these new John
McAfee is going crazy on this point and
the system and I recommend everyone
download the browser for that reason
they're decentralizing our attention the
way it's supposed to be and look there's
a whole bunch of statistics look 50
percent of mobile data adds and trackers
cost so much is $23 a month right like
so many ads are so efficient nowadays if
you're buying advertisements there's a
like 30 percent chance that it's fake
traffic there's just so much in
efficiencies with the internet right now
they're just basically decentralizing it
that's how to me that's the simplest way
I can put it basic attention token
is making it a lot easier for the
internet to run for sure so definitely
check that out definitely check out life
after Google give you a better
understanding of it you know I'm not an
expert in this in no way shape or form
so read that book so that you you can
really understand I'm gonna read that
book like six times only ready like one
time so as I read it more I'll be able
to talk about it better you know and
stuff like that and so for the bonus
coin just to throw it out here just some
you know extra knowledge over there I
got I like us man
I like us okay they're basically like
another aetherium but they can scale a
little bit better but it's not even at
us so we'll just click in this random
corner what's wrong with me yo si oh
right here this coin yeah let's see
their website so okay so they can't even
rank or they either go alright so yeah
OS man it's just a lot more scalable a
lot more transactions the the guy that
made this was a part of steam it
steamin is one of the largest
transactional you know platforms it's a
social media platform on the blockchain
I like how he made that he came over
here this is like another aetherium
right scale it does the same thing you
could have decentralized applications
under it they're making the programmable
language a little bit more as they use
javascript and stuff like that stuff
that you know developers are used to
right now you don't have to learn a
whole nother language just to get into
the blockchain and it's just a lot
they're making they're solving the
problems of aetherium and i think this
is the best one when it comes in that
terms okay so i'm going to talk too much
about iOS I mean do your own research
like I always say guys do your own due
diligence that concludes it for this
video if you like the quality this
content do me a favor hit like if you
don't leave some constructive criticisms
subscribe for more video updates and
like I always say if you don't get with
it you will get left behind thanks for
watching this video guys catch you in
the next one

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