Top 20 MUST HAVE FREE Android Apps December 2017!

by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

Yo what's up guys it's Suraj from tech devoted and welcome to probably the last best apps video for 2017 this time around we have got 20 apps and they've actually invited my friend thermic from Android tricks to share his top picks so we're doing 10 each do check out his

Channel he does a lot of Android tricks and tips and stuff like that so I'll leave his channel as well as all the apps we talked about link below but without wasting any more time let's jump right into the video my first pick is

Called easy scroll what this app does is it automatically Scrolls for you so when you install it a floating widget pops up on the side and you can just swipe up or down and it will automatically start scrolling in that direction it's pretty

Nifty for apps like Twitter Instagram and Facebook where you gotta do a lot of scrolling well thank you so much for having me you're the first step on my list is autoinput face and lock is the next popular

Feature which every device will start having but for now of those who have an old device they can check if their phone supports the google smart lock feature if it does then setup the face unlock and then install auto input in here you

Will find an option to dismiss the keypad which will allow you to open your phone like the 1 + 5 t as you can see the way you I do not have to swipe up on the lock screen of my 1 + 3 t bacon camera is a manual camera app that's

Rather simple to use now for anybody unfamiliar with manual camera apps these apps basically let you manually adjust all the settings like exposure white balance etc as opposed to the auto mode built into your stock camera app that

Adjusts everything automatically now while bacon camera just like a dozen other manual camera apps supports things like RAW format histograms time lapses panorama etc what really sets it apart is it's free and it's good and that I

Don't get to say about a lot of the apps out there it's definitely worth the shot the latest version of Android supports a lot of new features but one thing which you are going to hate for sure is the Android or your images to get the good

Old images on your device you will have to download emoji changer then give it the root access and there you will find an option to change the emojis to whatever you want honestly the iOS 11 beta 2 emojis are

The best so go ahead and install them as you can see the way oh this looks way better and way familiar than the Android or your emojis a browser as the name implies is a super app that lets you try out other apps without actually

Installing them well it doesn't have every app that's on the Play Store it's got the more popular ones like Facebook Twitter all above my show etcetera so it's got the essentials covered from pretty much every category and the goal

Again here is to just have one app for the basics instead of having multiple apps and the experience honestly is not half bad it's of course stripped down but I can totally see myself composing the Facebook post or booking my next

Ride or ordering food through a browser I often don't include wallpaper apps on my list but this application is shortly going to help a lot of you in some or the other point of life we all need stock images for presentation thumbnails

Posters etc and any vault which you download from this application is free to use even for commercial purposes it is an awesome application and it has a lot of varieties which you can download the link is down in the description box

Below lawnchair launcher is a launcher that aims to bring you pixel like features at absolutely zero fee it's got things like Google now integration custom I can pack support which is by far my favorite feature then we have

Dark customization and so much more it even has the popular Google now pixel widget so no complaints here and as I said it's free so it makes that much more accessible I am a big fan of oneplus devices and I usually love the

Stock walls which they provide on all your smartphones this application is your go-to place for getting wallpapers of any one plus devices right now I am rockin the wall of the 1 + 5 t on my device and it looks brilliant as you can

See it over here unless you've been living under a rock by this point you probably already know Bitcoin prices been skyrocketing lately and if you still haven't hopped on board or don't know how to buy a Bitcoin Zeb

Bay is just the right app for you the app is pretty straightforward and contrary to what a lot of you may have thought buying bitcoin is no rocket science so open it up register with your phone number set up your PIN and now you

Can go ahead and press buy and purchase Bitcoin now obviously you don't have to buy a complete coin you can buy a certain amount of bits and the app directly lets you type in the amount of Indian rupees that you're willing to

Invest so you don't have to do the math and calculate how much one bit is each time so for example if I type out file AK Indian rupees the app will tell me it's roughly 0.6 of a Bitcoin so you just enter the amount you want to invest

And press by now now that first the Buy button will be grayed out because you have to verify your account before you can actually make a purchase so to do that simply hit check status from the top and it will walk you through the

Verification process now to make this a bit more rewarding for you go ahead and purchase your Bitcoin through my link in the description that'll give you an extra hundred rupees worth of coins on your first purchase there are a lot of

Gallery applications on the Play Store and some of them have be extra features or some of them are filled with bloatware ads this application called focus go is 1.4 MB application which is only one purpose of showing your images

Which you have on your SD card there are no fancy features but it is clean ad free and well organized get current wallpaper is a straightforward app that extracts the current wallpaper from your home screen and lets you share it to

Different apps or just directly say with your gallery this app really comes in clutch when somebody asks you for your wallpaper but you don't remember where you got it from the next step on my list is called 17 strike and it is all-in-one

Tracking application which tracks parcels from across 220 carrier companies if you order a lot from websites like Bangor their best wish etc it really comes in handy you can track multiple packages

And get notified on their updates the best thing about this application is that it is free and it does not have any add in the application launch board is an app that aims to completely replace your app drawer now while that's a bit

Of a long shot I do think this app is pretty nifty especially if you've got a lot of apps on your phone so what this is is like a standalone app a search bar you can put it on your home screen like a widget and every time you need to open

An app just search up the name on last board now additionally you can also favorite your most used apps by long-pressing the app and selecting a set as favorite thus saving even more time it's a nifty app that are used from

Time to time people have been talking a lot about the iPhone X gestures lately especially the swipe up to whom gesture which they say feels very natural if you are on Android it's not really hard for you to try it out

Just download the all and win gesture and set it up so that every time you swipe up it will go directly to the home screen as you can see it over your sleep in seconds is an app for those of you nocturnal people that are up at 3:00

A.m. flipping bottles not knowing how to sleep this app is seriously magic all you got to do is open it plug in your headphones and choose the sleep mode you can choose between night sleep power nap and flight sleep it plays some sort of

Music that just magically puts you to sleep it's hard to explain in words you really have to try it out the next step on my list is the game which I have been playing a lot lately it is a badminton game with decent

Graphics and amazing controls you can either play practice match or tournament and you will have to beat your opponent with some tactical thinking on how he will not be able to play the short which you play it's a fun game link is in the

Description box below up next is retro music player and first off I have no idea why they went with the name retro because the design is by no means retro but this music player is actually pretty functional and has quite

A few tricks up its sleeve the moment you launch the app it asks you to enter your name and and this I feel just adds a bit of a personal touch I haven't seen any other music player do this and the design of

The app is actually pretty modern / minimalistic and I really like it they also have three 3s which are light kinda dark and dark it's also got a sleep timer so you can set the app to stop playing music after a certain amount of

Time and then we have my favorite feature which is the equalizer this gives you complete control over the track you listening to and to make it sound even fuller you can add things like reverb so all in all it's a pretty

Cool music player that I do recommend checking out the next up on my list is called hooks it is one awesome application to get notified about everything you want you can create hooks for anything you want be it Bitcoin

Price drop websites ranking or one which I would highly recommend is to create a hook to get notified about my videos which I upload on YouTube YouTube seems to not send notifications a lot of times so if you have this application you will

Always get notified about cricket score football score YouTube channels etc alright guys wrapping up my list is buckets bucket is a pretty straightforward bucket list app adding an item to bucket list is as simple as

Hitting the plus icon and typing out the details you can give your item a title a category target date etc to make it a bit more interesting you can even give it an image and if you stuck in a block and just don't know what to put on your

Bucket list you can even check out the inspirations tab that the app has this basically shows you what other people are putting on their own bucket list so in case you like something you can add it to your own let me know your craziest

Bucket list idea in the comments down below my craziest one is to make a trip to the United States exclusively to sharp shoes maybe I'll be able to turn that into reality one day but do let me know what yours is in the comments down

Below I'd love to strike a conversation this is another awesome game which I have been playing recently here you have to control the spaceship like figure and make it reach to its endpoint within the given time limit so that's pretty much

For this video guys from my side if you like my content go ahead and click the link in the description box below I am sure you'll find something interesting over my channel but that what wraps it up for this list guys if

You like this video give it a like if you didn't let me know why I didn't like it has been Suraj thanks so much for watching take it easy and stay devoted

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