Top 20 BEST Smartphones of 2019.

by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

20-19 has seen the highest number ever of interesting and capable smartphones and so make me video about my favorites has been the toughest one I think I've ever had to make so starting with eight runners-up devices that I think are really good but didn't quite make the

Top twenty pixel fall I'm a big fan of the design and in some specific cases the camera is unbelievably good but there's just too much missing no ultra wide camera very mediocre battery and a bizarre lack of storage

The Nokia 9 is a lot of fun to use it's got this Penta camera setup and it takes fantastic RAW images which can be tweaked afterwards I'm also a fan of the design sadly the phone uses an outdated chip

And it shows plus there are five cameras here but still no Oldroyd and no telephoto now before I started using this phone the ZTE axon 10 Pro I specifically said I think it's got really solid hardware but I'm not sure

It's gonna do enough to differentiate itself and having used it that's about right it's solid in almost every regard but just gets buried under the absolutely hurricane of equally affordable phones that do more galaxy

Fold and you've probably heard a lot of bad things about it but there's also a lot of good when things work when you play to the strengths of the phone like when you're playing a game in full screen or multitasking three

Applications at once it flies ahead of what is possible with a normal form factor it's just at this stage it's not a phone I can recommend to anyone but the most adventurous user it is expensive it is incredibly bulky

There's a crease running down the middle but more importantly I don't think either display is quite right for most things the front feels too small for media consumption and the large one has an aspect ratio that's not very well

Catered for on Android the Sony Xperia one it took me a long time to decide where to place this thing because I kind of liked it I love the way it fits in the hand and the super tall display is something I got used to quite quickly

And really liked for feed based applications like Instagram that said the camera system is just not as reliable as Samsung or Apple's and the battery life is just weak I really like the LG G 8x thinkyou it comes bundled

With this secondary display and it kind of feels like a less stylish alternative to the Galaxy fold but one that is far more affordable it has the same productivity perks and is nearly as powerful but the cameras are just a bit

Underwhelming and of course if you're going to use this accessory it can be a little unwieldy xiaomi me note 10 and to be clear i was super impressed with this phone it's priced reasonably and has got one of the

Best cameras on a phone ever it's just it's a little bit niche it pairs this magnificent camera with a mid-range chip and an average speaker resulting in advice that's almost perfectly suited for camera enthusiasts but you can do

Better if you're more into gaming video or music and finally the last runner up is the Oppo Renault – it feels great for a mid-range phone but you can get more power for the money and so whilst the design and the camera they are really

Solid in my personal priority list performance comes first the company did also release the Renault ace which looks amazing but as of filming this video it's looking like China only okay top 20 and I've decided the best way of doing

This is to categorize because whilst there isn't gonna be one phone that's the best for everybody if you decide what category of phone you're looking for then I can say which ones win so we've got best phones for gaming best

Value phones and then finally best all-rounder top-tier flagships if you're buying a phone with gaming in mind then there are three phones that I think Excel firstly the xiaomi black shock 2 pro was supremely powerful designed like

Something out of a sci-fi film and not as expensive as you might think at just over 500 pounds or 650 dollars we've got the rogue phone – and there's one word you could use to describe this thing stacked it's got the fastest hardware

Quite possibly the largest battery on a mainstream phone and an insane 120 Hertz fluid display it's geared for gaming and so ultimately if that's important to you you can't do much better than this but if it's not important to you you'll feel

The compromise in the camera department and the phone is also massive to the point where you could see some people finding it uncomfortable and that leads us to the red magic 3s which i think is the best value gaming phone right now

Spec wise it's not quite as high reaching as the rock phone – but it keeps the things that matter it doesn't have the ludicrous 120 Hertz refresh rate of that phone but it still goes above and beyond the norm with 90 it

Doesn't have the gargantuan 6,000 milliamp hour battery I though but it has a pretty massive five thousand milliamp hour cell and you're getting all of this for around half the price in the UK and the US I realize in some

Regions the rock phone is cheaper so depends on where you live now for the value category and mind you I'm not talking cheap cheap phones I'm talking phones I think pack the best features into a fair price point and so

First up Google's pixel 3a which to me makes a whole lot more sense than the pixel for for most people it's got similar clean Google software a similar Google camera it's kind of like the pixel for slightly less good at

Everything but a lot cheaper and with a better battery life the Excel model in particular has incredible endurance eight hours plus of screen on time so also for around four hundred US dollars my personal pick would be the redmi k20

Pro a phone that's good enough that you don't feel like you've just saved a few hundred dollars it is just as fast as it's more expensive counterparts with even some design Flair of its own for an extra 50 US dollars you can bag yourself

A real me x2 Pro which is even better it dials performance up from just as good as a lot of flagships to actually better it's using a brand new 64 megapixel camera sensor which I'm generally quite happy with it's one of the fastest

Charging phones out there we're talking just over 30 minutes for a full charge and it even has a fluid 90 Hertz AMOLED panel I did also teste standard real me x2 which is cheaper but weaker and the conclusion is that if you're going to

Buy one of them at the pro is the one to go for if you add another $50 on to that you get the Asus zenfone 6 having not really paid too much attention to zenfone devices before this the 6 was a massive shift and it kind of brought it

Into the limelight better cleaner software a huge five thousand milliamp hour battery and a pretty good camera that can flip around and be used on the front too if I had to pick faults I would say the quality of the LCD panel

Isn't the best the other option at this price is the dual screened Nubia set 20 and whilst a dual screen is pretty low on my list of priorities for a phone it doesn't come at the cost of much the phone is really powerful battery life is

Good to those if you know I need a lift or install $20 or the oneplus $75.99 but for a lot of people that extra price premium isn't justified versus real me and read me very similar specs I would say that with oneplus you do get a

Software advantage it runs oxygen OS which feels cleaner and lighter than its competitors and you're also likely to get updates more promptly and for longer than some of these other phones I'm also going to slide the iPhone 11 into this

List of strong afford phones and I get it is not a cheap device and considering its external hardware a not so high-end display thick black bezels all around it it might actually start looking like a really

Expensive phone if we spec for speck compared it against any of the Android phones I've just showed you it's not going to come out too well but Apple have built a phone that just works it has one of the best camera systems of

Any phone in any budget including an ultra wide camera that's just as good with video as it is with the photos the build quality the audio quality they're fantastic too but it ultimately comes down to software the iPhone 11 is

Currently the most affordable way to experience all the latest iOS features as they were intended and put simply if you're currently on an iPhone and you're happy this is an easy recommendation if you're currently on an Android phone and

You're happy I'd recommend read me real me or want plus now for the big guns the all-rounders the flagship the phones are tried to do everything in no particular order so starting with Samsung in their entire liner I think there are three

Devices that have earned a place in this list the first one being at the galaxy s 10 plus I can safely say that this has one of the best smartphone displays on the market if you haven't actually seen one in person I'd recommend you go and

Try it Samsung's new one UI software is much better than the Samsung experience software it replaced and the camera started off good but has been consistently getting better with updates

So much so that I would say it's kept track with all the phones that are released after it also its Samsung recently announced the second version of their software skin and it looks great but they've called it one UI – I would

Say this battery life on the s10 plus is pretty good but is actually the main reason why I don't particularly recommend the standard Galaxy S 10 this phone's battery doesn't seem to hold up that well over time you've also got the

S10 5g which is a lot more expensive but it's better phone all round you've got a larger display a beefier battery faster charging and more plus of course 5g and then the note 10 plus which in most regards is pretty similar to the s10 5g

With the benefit of the s-pen and all the cool stuff that enables but the drawback of no headphone jack and a slightly smaller battery also very deserving of a spot on this list is at the oneplus 70 Pro when this company

Started they were in the league of their own in terms of offering the absolute best hardware at a much lower price but recently this whole category of Price flagships has become congested one-plus they're no longer one of the

Cheapest phones to have the best hardware but they're becoming one of the better ones you've got really light fast up-to-date software plus a lot of love has gone into this display it's dazzling and as is becoming a bit of a trend this

Year as he flew it 90 Hertz refresh rate besides even though far from the cheapest now the one plus 70 Pro is still cheaper than a lot of its counterparts you might remember the vivo next three that waterfall display phone

I think it's amazing with one caveat you've got to be one of those people that really likes coke displays if you do fall into that group then this curve is so dramatic you'll find yourself letting out a little sigh of admiration

Every time you pull it out your pocket plus it's got a great 64 megapixel camera a really sizable 4500 million power battery and a price tag that's still a couple hundred dollars less than Samsung or Apple's finest the iPhone 11

Pro max is missing a couple of things I would like to see on a pro phone like a USB C port for better compatibility and at 120 Hertz or even a 90 Hertz fluid display but it is refreshingly gimmick free everything that is here has a very

Clear purpose and works really well compared to the standard iPhone 11 the main differences are the addition of a telephoto zoom camera fairly minor and matte finish pretty minor too but also a better display major plus compared to

IPhones of the past battery life has gone through the roof it's gone from slightly below average to literally record-breaking and because of this 2019 is the first year where I can also confidently recommend the smaller sized

IPhone the endurance is finally good enough that I could see this lasting still a full day even two years down the line then we've got Huawei I loved the p30 Pro when it came out it's got this crazy hybrid 50 times zoom so powerful

You can literally spy on what's happening down your street and at night time the camera comes into its own even eight months later there are very few phones that can come close to the nighttime images this captures the only

Thing I'd say here is that other point of filming this video the u.s. ban on Huawei is still in place meaning that their future at Google is a little uncertain so my advice is if you decide after watching this video that Huawei

Phone is what you want then just wait I would not buy another phone for a month or so because there's a good chance we'll see some sort of statement or just clarification on the situation it's actually looking likely right now that

Huawei we'll be allowed to work with Google again which would make the p30 pro of really excellent choice but in my opinion not quite as good as the mate 30 pro this is ironically considering the

U.s. ban my favorite phone all year in terms of hardware camera battery if the phone I would be using have there not been any complications for starters I love the way it looks I thought it looked pretty good in the renders but

It's better in person the asymmetrical design on the front is a little less to my liking but the May 30 pro has everything top-of-the-line camera almost as capable in the night as it is during the day it's got the new keren 990

Chipset and when you combine its aggressive battery management twin eight large four thousand five hundred million power cell or this is an easy two days of use thanks a lot for watching and I will catch you in the next one


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