TOP 15 ESSENTIAL Samsung Galaxy Z Flip TIPS! | The Tech Chap

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hey guys Anton the tech jack but I
wanted to share with you a few things
that you may have missed or maybe not
known about some things all new galaxies
that flip and if I've missed anything
please do share it in the comments below
and if you'd like to see more of these
videos then don't forget to hit that
subscribe button so at number one and
this is a super quick one but did you
know that something actually bundles a
case for the flip in the Box it's a
pretty basic clear plastic cover
but given the flip cost thirteen hundred
pounds or nearly fourteen hundred
dollars any extra protection is
appreciated number two and while one of
the headline features of the flip is the
new ultra thin glass screen according to
Zach from jury-rigged everything in
actually scratches very easily in a
similar way to the plastic screens found
on other folder walls so it turns out
the flip does use utg or ultra-thin
glass but then it also has a thin
polymer film on top which is why it can
scratch like plastic still it does feel
nice to use in the fold and the crease
is definitely less noticeable number
three and while we're on the subject did
you know that Samsung offers a one-year
screen replacement for a relatively
affordable ninety nine pounds or 149
dollars that price is only for the first
break though and after that it'll
probably cost you a small fortune to fix
number four and because the flip ships
with Android 10 we get new and improved
gestures I mean first of all switching
from nav keys to gestures frees up that
extra space at the bottom of the screen
but now we also get swiping from the
edge to go back on Android 9 like I
still have on my galaxy fold I have to
swipe off from the bottom to go back
which is annoying given the size of the
phone so particularly for the tall flip
this makes it so much easier to use at
number five and did you know the flip
supports fast 12 watt wireless charging
which is pretty impressive actually
considering the battery is actually
split into two it only works when a
folder but it is pretty cool just to
flip it close and place it on a cheap
wireless pad plus it also supports
reverse wireless charging so you can
then top up other devices like the
Galaxy buds number six and you've
probably already seen the fact that you
can use a tiny one point one inch cover
screen as a camera viewfinder which i
think is a great idea but in practice is
a bit useless given how small it is and
the idea is you can then take a selfie
with the good quality rear cameras but
what you can also do is jump into the
camera app when it's unfolded and tap
the little gray icon in the top right
corner to turn it on and so then whoever
you're taking a photo of can then try
and well squint to see them
in the cover screen viewfinder number
seven and while we're talking about the
cover screen firstly did you know that
you can actually swipe right to check
notifications and swipe left to control
your music plus if you're getting a call
you can actually swipe right on the
cover screen to answer it so you never
actually have to open the phone now if
you do want to use the flip like a
proper flip phone then go into settings
tap accessibility then interaction and
dexterity and then turn on open phone to
answer you can also toggle weather
closing the phone ends the call or not
number eight and let's talk about Flex
mode or using the flip halfway open like
this the best use so far I've seen is
with the camera app this splits between
the screens then you can take photos
selfies video chat all hands-free number
nine and let's talk about gaming and
surprisingly despite the fact that this
is the tallest phone you can buy most
modern Triple A games support it really
Call of Duty mobile looks incredible on
the flip filling the whole screen in
asphalt 9 the menu screens do have some
pillarboxing outside but the game itself
is full screen most games though
particularly the older ones just aren't
developed for the taller screen so we do
get pretty chunky bars other side or if
you're using in portrait mode just one
big black bar with a bottom number 10
and sticking with games for a second
after watching border works video gaming
on the flip I had to give this a try
myself and downloading a gba emulator
from the Play Store and then downloading
a few roms online it's a lot of fun
playing classic games in Flex mode on
the flip with the bottom half of the
screen acting as the joypad all the
buttons and the screen on top it's kind
of silly but it brings out the nostalgic
factor of the flip phone or you can use
it in landscape mode and then the extra
screen space comes in handy for the side
controls I'll put a link to the app in
the description if you want to check it
out number 11 and I actually mistakenly
thought the flip had stereo speakers
during my hands-on video but in fact
despite the 1,300 pound price tag we
only get mono sound from one bottom
firing speaker the top here piece one is
just a calls which given how wide the
phone is when you're watching videos or
gaming in landscape having the sound
come from just one direction is actually
a little bit distracting moving on to
number 12 and this one's a little bit
more techie but Samsung phones usually
come with either a Qualcomm or Exynos
processor so for the Galaxy S phones
including the latest s 20 we get the X
nos 990 here in the UK what's
interesting though is that I bought this
flip from Samsung
UK store myself and it's using a
Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 plus which is a
overclocked version of the eight
by five and not Samsung's own Exynos
chip it doesn't make a huge difference
but generally Qualcomm chips offer
slightly better performance and battery
life so that's good news
number thirteen and this is a nice and
quick one but using the edge panel you
can tap on any app to quickly put it
side-by-side in split view which
actually works really well on this
taller screen watching a YouTube video
and making notes or Google Maps and
whatsapp I think this is the first phone
where I actually want to use two apps
like this number 14 we're nearly there
guys I promise now you've probably
already seen the new single take feature
mention but did you know it also works
with a selfie camera over 10 seconds it
captures video boomerangs portraits that
uses filters and then you can swipe up
and see the full portfolio to be honest
I don't know how often I would use this
but if you love a good selfie with your
friends then this could be fun it's a
bit like one of those photo booths you
get parties and finally number 15 here's
a couple of quick tips to make using the
flip a bit easier first long press on
the home screen go to settings and
enable swipe down for notification panel
now you can swipe down from anywhere on
the home screen you don't have to reach
all the way to the top also if you want
to turn off Samsung daily which is a
little newsfeed left of the home page
just pinch in and tap the toggle icon
now I already mentioned about gestures
but another tip is to go to the display
settings and turn on dark mode which
should help with battery life plus it's
a little easy on the eye also then go to
advanced features and turn on reduce
animations to speed everything up a bit
there's also a one-handed mode to make
things easier to use
well one-handed obviously and finally by
default holding the power button
actually opens bigsby which I find kind
of annoying so in the settings menu go
to advanced features tap on side key and
then change press and hold to power off
so now acts like a proper power button
so what do you think of the galaxies
that flipped you reckon you'll be buying
one yourself or maybe not for that crazy
$1400 price tag let me know what you
think and also if you've got any tips of
your own in the comments below thank you
so much for watching guys if you want to
see more from me then don't forget to
hit that subscribe button I'll catch you
next time
right here on the tech jab what are you
doing research no it's the most
pointless but very cool use of the floor
flipping phone this was definitely worth

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