Top 13 Galaxy S10 Features (New Samsung One UI)

by birtanpublished on August 28, 2020

What's going on guys welcome back to the channel in this video I'll be showing you the all new Samsung one UI now if you're looking to get an s10 or one of the new Samsung phones so maybe the note or anything like that then you might be dealing with one UI now essentially what

It is is Samsung since I started has been putting a skin on Android so it runs Android but on the surface it looks a little different it feels different it has some different features and so in this video I'm gonna show you 13 of my

Favorite features of one UI some of them are specific to the s10 although most of them are pretty generic for any phone running one UI so before I get too into this I want to say you're probably seeing a lot of other videos

Out there where people tell you how great it is with one hand everything is down at the bottom they tell you about dark mode and then they tell you how bad TouchWiz was and like all the other ones from before so in this video I'm really

Not aiming to do that I'm really just gonna show you 13 of my favorite features some of them are specific to the s10 although most of them you can probably use on the note or a lot of the other phones that might be using one UI

The first one and again not in any particular order but you can go down to device care within settings and you can actually optimize your phone really quickly which is one quick button so rather than going in and changing you

Know your brightness and all these other settings to optimize your battery and maybe other settings to clear your cache and free up some RAM even though this is a very powerful phone it's great to just optimize everything with one quick

Button there it'll also make sure that everything's secure if you're running background apps it might close them and overall she's gonna make your phone run more smoothly so it's gonna be quicker and it's gonna last longer number two is

The palm swipe option where you can literally just swipe your palm across the screen and it'll take a screenshot on the bottom it shows you that you took a screenshot you can go in like edit it circle things whatever and then share it

With other people whatever you want to do you know it's cool that you can just hit you know take a screenshot by swiping your palm instead of having to use the button number three is the edge panel so if you swipe over from the edge

You'll have a panel right there and you can you know you can really customize this to have whatever you want you can have multiple edge panels so right now I have those are apps that I chose to put right there I can swipe over and get

Into some quick tools where I have like a flashlight I have like a ruler a surface level and a bunch of things like that you can also go into the Galaxy store and get quite a few more some of them will have shortcuts to websites or

Maybe little games or whatever you want there's a lot of different options to have on the little sidebar number for of course a lot of people say this but I can't not say it I have to point it out there is night mode on here so if

You go into your display settings you can turn it into a dark mode easier to look at you can also add a blue light filter and sort of how I want to tie that into another thing is if you go down to advanced settings you can go

Into big speed routines and you can actually change like different times of the day different locations maybe if you're connected to Bluetooth and you can change a lot of things on your phone and so for example if you say every time

You know it's like 10:00 p.m. or something and you want to go to bed or you want to get ready to go to bed you can tell it hey go into night mode where the screen gets you know everything gets darker turn the brightness down you know

The settings look black on the background and a lot of other apps do as well and maybe you want to turn on a blue light filter so you know bigsby routines are really cool and I sort of just want to tie that into number four

Right there is something that Samsung's one UI is able to do right now hey guys so before we get to the next one I want to really quickly say if you enjoyed this video or literally find any value in it at all please remember to go down

And like and subscribe so that more people can see this video and gain the same value out of it that you did so before we go to number 5 owner show you really quickly if you swipe down this is what everyone talks about where it's

Easier to use with one hand in pretty much any setting you're in if you just swipe down you can reach everything with one thumb so definitely cool there a lot of people mention it and it is really a nice feature about Samsung's one UI so

Next we're gonna go to Bigsby key this is number five now I know a lot of people don't like the Bigsby button but what is cool about this is actually you can change what it's going to do so you can say single or double press will do

Bigsby now you can't get rid of that but what you can do is change whichever one is not Vic speed so either single or double press right here I say single presses to open big speed double press you can open an app or you can do a

Quick command so you can open up like a baked speed routine or something so I just have an opening snapchat whenever I do that now speaking of that you can also customize quite a few other buttons so if you triple tap the on button you

Can actually go into like emergency mode it'll send an SOS to somebody where it sends a picture from the front and the rear camera and it's also going to send them like a quick little snippet of audio and it'll drop a pin and show that

Person where you are just in case anything bad is happening of course if you double tap that lets show you right now if you go into camera and you double you can change the setting where you can double tap the on button to open the

Camera so all you to do is go down and go into quick long and that's essentially gonna tell you like hey you can you can open your camera by quick launch if you double tap it but be careful if you triple tap it

It is an SOS and I have done that quite a few times so be careful who your SOS contact is don't make it like your mom or someone who's gonna freak out every time they see that so number seven it's up in your quick settings right there if

You go over all the way you'll have your navigation bar which you can change into just quick little gestures or the actual navigation bar personally I like having the navigation bar because if you're swiping up for home but you're also

Swiping up for Samsung pay or Google pay then I find it a little more annoying number eight is when you go into camera settings you can go down and essentially turn on like shot suggestions so it's gonna tell you like if you're for some

Reason if you're not good at taking pictures and like they're always crooked or anything like that or you're just like really anal retentive and you want to make sure that your pictures are always good you can literally turn it on

And it's gonna suggest like how to take different pictures you can have seen optimization where just like the you know it's essentially like a really good auto mode where it helps you take pictures and the pictures are going to

Look great like pretty much no matter what you do it's it's like foolproof to make a picture not good now on the flip side I'm gonna tie this in with number eight right here if you go over to pro mode this is what's really cool where

You can take pictures and if you're taking like star pictures or something you can totally adjust like the aperture and the white balance and the ISO and if you're not a photography person don't worry about that if you are you probably

Already know like the power you can do with that without getting a third-party app so really cool you also have a course food mode right there if you maybe post food pictures on Instagram I don't know just does anyone does anyone

Do that that was something that people did like five or six years ago I don't know let me know if you still if you post food pictures on Instagram let me know in the comments below but of course there's also an Instagram mode which

Once you take a picture it's going to send it right over to Instagram and so if you want to follow me on Instagram I'll put the link right there and you can see my awesome picture of this soda number nine let's go on down to advanced

Settings and what you can do here is actually turn on dual messenger and I think this is really cool because if you have maybe like two different snapchats or a few different Facebook accounts you can't sign in to Facebook with two

Different accounts unless you turn this on they'll allow you to use like different context lists and things like that you can also have a dual-sim in the s10 as I mentioned before so just more cool ways you can have one

Phone to do more than just one thing so number 10 is the ability to have like mini apps I don't know how else to refer to this but if you're using like messenger or if you're using YouTube or something like that you can literally

Just while your videos playing go down to the bottom left right there and it'll make it like a mini mode you can go to home and essentially what you have is a video playing in the corner of your screen and then you can go and open like

Other apps or whatever you want to do and it's essentially going to be doing like you know just playing that in the corner if it's maps it's gonna show you like your next direction in the corner and it's just a really cool little

Feature if you want to get it back you just go and jump right back into fullscreen so speaking of apps number eleven here is the quick app option where you can go and tap and hold on an app from your home screen and of course

They're gonna give you like you know you can go to app info on or whatever but you also have the quick little options below that so it'll say like create a message for messenger or if you want to go to like Google Maps you can tap and

Hold that and you can quickly navigate home or if you look at maybe like gallery you can tap and hold and you can search gallery if you want to quickly take a photo or a video you can go and tap and hold that so each app has its

Own specific quick options right there but it's definitely a really cool way that you don't have to go and open apps and go to certain things like your quick options are gonna be right there and they're probably what you're going to be

Opening the app for most of the time now one of the deeper settings here if you go down to accessibility first of all I want to say the accessibility is very impressive for anybody that might have like a disability with hearing or vision

Or maybe dexterity they really accommodate a lot of different people that might have different disabilities that can't use a phone it's easy as maybe you and I can use it but one of the things I really like with in here is

If you go down to advanced settings within this you can go to flash notification and so we've seen on other phones in the past where you can have like the camera flash will notify you but you can also have the screen flash

So it shows you a little animation right there where kind of flash is yellow and this is great for anybody that maybe it's the edge Lighting's not quite enough for you or maybe if you're like you know you're in a meeting and you

Just want it totally silent but you still want to be replying to phone calls or texts or I don't know whatever you whatever you might be using you might want to have this on it'll just flash and they'll tell you like hey you got a

Notification it catches your eye cool setting to have so number 13 I had to mention this and this is the ability to really easily find settings so in the past sometimes phones really bury their settings and make it hard to find

So here of course they have them very nicely organized it's really simple compared to some of their older ones you can search on the top and find the settings and let's just say you're looking for like the always-on display

And you think oh that's gonna be in display and you go down you realize it's not actually there at the bottom they might say hey are you looking for something else and you say yeah I'm looking for always on display they'll

Refer you to where you need to find that so guys those are my thirteen favorite features of Samsung's one UI of course there are so many more features in here let me know down in the comment section below which ones you guys like which

Ones I didn't mention that are your favorite features as well as how to find them so that more people can use those features when they're using their smart phone made by Samsung so thank you all for watching guys I'll see you next time

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