Top 100 Cryptos Explained: IOTA, Monero, Dash, ETC, NEO, Binance, NEM, Vechain, Tezos, ZCash

by birtanpublished on September 12, 2020

Hello the coins and welcome to another video in this series in which I am looking the top 100 cryptocurrencies we're basically trying to explain them and also give my personal opinion now in the previous episode I looked at the cryptocurrencies from the first place to

The 10th place on this one I gonna continue with another 10 so from 11th to the 20th place in terms of the market cap now oh that's my personal opinion obviously as always thank you very much for watching and I hope it's gonna be

Useful I will put a link to the previous video in the description below and this one we're gonna start with iota which is an open source distributed ledger that mostly concentrates on machine to machine economy with micropayments being

The main thing I was very unique since unlike most of the cryptocurrencies it doesn't actually use blockchain it uses something called the tango which is a type of da G now the main difference is that there are no transactions fees

Making it perfect for small machine to machine payments iota they raised a lot of money for the development for the ICO at the end of 2015 and they did have several main huge partnerships if you wanna know more about them just Google

IO the partnerships and you're gonna see a very nice list that is very optimistic for the project so that currently they're on the 10th place and there was a market cap which is almost a billion and a current price out of today which

Is 34 viger's 69 cents my opinion so others very unique they do have great more partnerships and a very promising future if it's being developed and led properly I would say it's most one of the most solid choices from Syst

Today I do hold quite a loyal to myself and I like this project very much then you have Manero XMR which is an open-source cryptocurrency that was created in April 2014 under the name bit Mineiro that focuses on privacy

Decentralization and scalability so just like Bitcoin when there is basically just a payment system you doesn't have any small contracts running on top of it however unlike Bitcoin Manero is focusing on privacy and innominate

Anonymity something that Bitcoin doesn't really offer at also plenty of users would consider one or to be only true another cryptocurrency and one of the few ones that forces all transactions to be

Anonymous unlike the other cryptocurrencies that claim to be anonymous where you just have the option for anonymous transactions and not all them our position 11th market cap 1.6 billion price currently almost $100 so

My opinion one that's one of the most solid choices if you're looking for anonymous cryptocurrency now if you do believe that privacy coins are the future and will have these cases in the future the Monaro is in my opinion on

The most solid choices then have – which is a peer-to-peer digital currency that was created based on this Satoshi Nakamoto obviously the original creator of Bitcoin in January 2014 of the original name X kind so it was later

Rebranded to dark coin and then – in 2015 they are introducing some of the improvements over Bitcoin but it is another payment system amongst improvements are masternodes a base can encourage people to hold the coins

Privacy lower fees and quicker almost instant transactions on a quitclaim however – doesn't have the mainstream popularity and use cases meaning you really can't really use – anywhere to pay for stuff which is obviously a huge

Disadvantage so it's currently on the 13th position if you're wondering why I missed one is because Tron can I moved to the Tron that was in a previous video lost somebody so it would be in this video now but this is still I get next

Ten markup 1.5 billion price 182 my opinion I don't really see the appeal in – it doesn't offer enough improvements over Bitcoin and he doesn't have the mainstream appeal of Bitcoin and if you're looking for something under the

Most I would say more narrow is better then you have a serum classic ATC which is a form of a normally cerium unlike so just like normal serum it's an open source public doctrine based distributed computing platform an

Operating system of smart contracts unlike a cerium III on classic doesn't have many industrialized applications or ICS using it which is why the valuation is currently much lower I was created as antiserum hard fork during

Famous doll Huck you can just go work there's a lot of interesting read about the subject it is currently developed by IO HK who are actually developers of Cardno as well that I mentioned in the previous video so currently there are

Twenty twelve price market cap was three billion price twelve point 71 cents my opinion I personally find a cerium a far better option since it actually is used currently also the fact that a serum is developed by Cardinal

Developers means that I personally think is always going to be a second priority project because Cardinal seems to be more technologically advanced so I just don't like easy and classic at all then you have neo which is also called unsure

So it was formerly called unsure and it's often called Chinese is cerium and that's because they're both smart contract development platforms that are attempting to bring doctrine to the masses now neo does offer some

Technological advances over Syria including usage of several programming languages so it does well have more appeal for the developers it just have a different contents of mechanism and also gas generation which encourages holding

All you need to do is hold you and you will get gas as a result which is always good it's also currently the second most popular decentralized application platform so they do have already taps running on it and it's already used to

Raise money through ICS position fifteenth market cap 1.2 billion price $19 sum up and you know it's one of the safer blockchain choices I think the valuation is quite low compared to the likes of Cardinal yozora

Cerium classic and it rewards holding to I hold still a fair amount of neo I think it's a very good project to hold long term especially since it rewards in the gas finance coin B and B so bindings coin is a cryptocurrency launched by the

Biggest crypto currency exchange in the world violence I basically the aim of BM B is to support the exchange the coins have several use cases lower fees for stuff existing in exchange withdraw higher referral bonuses for holders it

Is as a market so you can trade bonus for other coins and you can also contribute to the ICO launched through violence using the bonus coin in the future it will be a fuel for the decentralized version of

Violence so balance exchange has been the most reliable and user-friendly for a long time which was reflected in the baby prize which has been actually doing very good even in the bond market when compared to other out points position

Sixteenth market cup 1 billion price $10 it does seem to be like one of the best exchange related coins and also one of the safer outcomes in the bear market in my opinion keep in mind however that the fee reduction will be lowered in the

Future so it's not gonna be us demanded as it was in the past nem also known as xcm name is a smart asset platform that's built for performance and very high customized ability which allows the users to modifying them blockchain to

Fit their needs the project is aimed at businesses because of the customization aspect and the smart contract capability they recently started to have this interest applications and I see us running on the

Platforms obviously their competition of the likes of aquarium net was released in 2015 and unlike the most cryptocurrencies at the time then developers wrote everything from the source code instead of just forking

Bitcoin like most of the cryptocurrencies dead position 17th market cup 917 million price $0.10 it's certainly a solid option for people looking for more stable investment but I think platforms like Dragon chain all

Stratas have more potential in terms of growth and the likes of this area Mineo are further in development and also slightly safer so even though I like them I don't hold any and something I do hold is beaching also known as bet

Region is a global enterprise level public blogging platform that aims to connect doctoring technology to the real world for the smart chip used to track items through their life cycle they do have several main partnerships with

Companies from different industries including luxury goods agriculture logistics and food drugs and I think partnerships are the main thing that the be chain is famous for so we chain was launched in 2015 and it is also the

First luxury company to make a deal or the Chinese it's only a local government but it's still the government nevertheless holy wheat generates retain soul tokens in a similar way as neo gas so it is

Rewarding to simply hold it position 18th market cup 890 million price 1 cent region is my biggest holding actually serum and I hope you know I can be rewarded by holding it they seem to be doing very well so far the partnerships

Are among the strongest out of all of the production projects and I do love the fact I simply by holding it I get something in return I like it very much I said it multiple times and I still believe in it then you have tasers xdd

So tell us is trying to create a self-governing blogging platform featuring smart contracts another one it's similar to a serum in many ways but they do have some improvements in theory obviously the improvements included

Building governance system formal verification and a different consensus mechanism called delegated proof of stake kind of like what our cast a covert arc in our last video the beta version of the platform has been

Released a few months ago they raised 231 million in the ICO making it the third biggest I surrender of the money raised they did face some issues from the SEC earlier this year but that seems to be sorted out for now position 19th

Market cap 825 million price 136 tell us came to be one of the few upcoming next-gen lock change similar to ears or card ah no but I feel the current evaluation is based too much on hype and not enough on actual delivery of the

Product so I don't have any tests and I don't turn on getting any and then we have a Z cache the last one for today it's a decentralized an open source cryptocurrency that does offer privacy and selective transparency of

Transactions basically Bitcoin what with privacy option through something called x zk snark the payments are published on a public blockchain but it also gives users the option to make their address either shielded or transparent so unlike

Manero the privacy is the privacy is optional which means that people don't really consider it with truly anonymous currency simply because you know just because you hide

The transactions mean it's easier to track the hidden ones because some of the other ones are available on the blockchain it does also like the use cases of Bitcoin I mean you come early buy anything with it position 20 market

Cup almost 700 million price 149 per coin Zika shark has some decent qualities but I feel that malaria offers more in terms of anonymous anonymity average going offers more in terms of simply being used for payments so I

Don't recall 10 easy cash and I don't earn either I'm selling video thank you very much for watching and I hope it was useful so I'm going to create another one for cryptocurrencies like from twenty twenty first place to the eighth

To the 30th place in the next video and another week or two as always thank you very much for watching I hope it was useful subscribe for more and I love you Cheers

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