Top 100 Cryptos Explained: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, BCH, EOS, Stellar, LTC, Cardano, Tether, TRON

by birtanpublished on September 21, 2020

Hello the significance I hope you're doing fine and welcome to this video in which I am going to be looking at the top 10 cryptocurrencies according to the market cups so I'll be basically looking at what they're trying to do try to explain them a little bit and then

Provide my personal opinion about them as always thank you very much for watching this video and I do plan to make more videos like these probably at another 10 cryptocurrencies next time from 10th to 20th in terms of market cap

And I'll be keep on going like this if people like this content so we're gonna begin with Bitcoin the most popular currency out there it's the original cryptocurrency it's basically a form of the electronic cash it is a

Decentralized meaning there is no central authority digital currency without a central bank or a single administrator Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency I mean most of the people only know Bitcoin that has a

Cryptocurrency and it does and it is the one that has the most adoptions on transactions on the network are verified by the network nodes through the cryptography and everything is recorded on a public distributed ledger also

Called a blockchain so originally it was released in 2009 9 Bitcoin has been absolutely dominating the cryptocurrency market up to 2017 where its dominance pretty much decreased

It's currently still I think believe it's almost like 50% so it's still way you know the most popular currency the one that everyone knows position as of this video is simply obviously the first one at the market cap is 106 million and

Then my personal opinion not a financial advice it's a Bitcoin it has been around for a very long time because of the current infrastructure you know I love shops actually accepting Bitcoin it's by far

The most well the most adopted cryptocurrency I do believe with time he'll probably lose dominance but it's gonna be a very long time before that happens and it's still basically the safest choice in

Terms of cryptocurrency telling every cerium a cerium is an open source public blockchain based the shifting computing platforms unlike Bitcoin which is basically just money this is actually

Operating system that features smart contract functionality and provide in decentralized virtual machine also known as a serial virtual machine so ether is the cryptocurrency that's basically generated by the

Assyrian platform and ether can be transferred between accounts and used to compensate basically the participating mining nodes so most of the people think cerium is the cryptocurrency it's actually sir running on the Assyrian

Platform that's the cryptocurrency it cerium was proposed in 2015 and it was developed in 2014 and went live in 2015 it's probably the cryptocurrency that kind of moved the ball market in 2017 is the one that made everything popular

Again it is currently also the most popular ICO platform currently on the second price in terms of market cup and the market up of 32 million now my personal opinion is serum is one of my main holdings I think that it has more

Use cases than Bitcoin and it does have the first mover advantage against other block chains I've seen it I still think it's on the best choices in terms of cryptocurrency then we have ripple which is a specialist funds transfer system

Currency exchange remittance in network that was created by ripple labs it is built upon a distributed open source internet protocol ledger so basically blockchain and the decentralized native digital asset also

Known as XRP which is the token that's on the ripple Network the actual network is kind of decentralized it can operate without ripple company but there are some controversies around it people saying that it's basically too

Centralized I was released in 2012 and it supports tokens representing either fiat currency crypto currency and commodity a repo is actually already used by some banks currently third in terms of market cap

With a market cap of 12 million my personal opinion is even though vehicle does have some promising partnerships and it is one of the most adopted Kryptos I do feel like there are some better options most due to the

Centralization or decentralization that ripple has and also the fact that it is basically already valued at quite a lot of money I only have Bitcoin cash which is pretty much similar to Bitcoin in many regards

Disappear – pure electronic cash for the internet it is a fully decentralized with no central bank and requires no trusted third parties Bitcoin cash is very similar to Bitcoin if only few minor differences mostly concentrating

On scalability at the time of implementation supposed to deal with issues that Bitcoin had mostly hydrants action costs and the speed of the transactions however since then that was kind of fixed so it was released in 2012

For 17 as a fork of the Bitcoin meaning Bitcoin holders got free Bitcoin cash coins since then the value of the token did decrease significantly currently valued at 9.5 million with a position for 4 in terms of the market cap so ever

Since Bitcoin fix scalability and fees through the Segway and the Lightning Network I kind of feel like Bitcoin cash lost its purpose and since it has this adoption and a Bitcoin I personally do not see a reason to get it my personal

Opinion though let me have years.years offers a operating system like set of tools and services for the creation hosting an execution of the commercial great great the center's applications now is just like ether is the calling on

The serum network year's coin is the native currency within the eos network now years has been offer branded as a serum killer and the basically tries to do what is serum does but in any study better way with some of the major

Differences and more centralization ladies have an idea in 2017 and it was officially released in 2018 the team has been previously involved with pitchers and steam there are currently taps being developed

On ears I'll be speaking also I see us as well position fifth market cup 4.6 million now my opinion is already worth a lot based mostly on the speculation and why it might be widely adopted in the future I'm not a fan of

It personally mostly due to central in my opinion I would rather get Mori cerium than my years my opinion only go then have stellar which is a distributed hybrid blogging platform that aims to facilitate cross asset transfer of value

Now obviously exo-m is the native currency on the platform like in most of those block chains they're aiming to be an open financial system that gives people of all income level access to low-cost financial services it's in many

Ways very similar to ripple there are basically direct competition both with slightly less centralization it was released in 2014 and just a ripple they already have some of the usage and adoption their biggest advantage is a

Partnership with IBM you could pretty much called sterols elements a IBM coin if you want to do because they work very closely with it position six market cap four million my opinion and jitter evaluation I'll be in partnership and

Less centralized approach I value star more than the ripple I think it's a very solid choice one of the best ones in this top ten then you have light cone that has plenty of similarities to Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash

And it's essentially the centralized electronic cash system just like those two there are some small differences mostly were fees processing speed and how the coins are created also right coin is one of the most adopted coins

After Bitcoin and can be easily accepted where bitcoin is accepted if the merchant wants to do so was released in 2011 which makes it home the oldest cryptocurrencies out there but light going has been quite quiet and also the

Virally creased quite a lot currently valued at 3.2 million and var end on a position of seventh my opinion sub like Windows have smaller fees and it's faster the Bitcoin but I feel it doesn't actually offer enough

Differences to survive long term so not big fan of life going then we have Cardinal which is a platform composed of a settlement layer 200 crypto currency transactions and a computing layer which is built to handle

Smart contracts Cardano team claims they're developing the most advanced smart contract platform with several improvements over existing ones that develops are in today development started in 2015 by one of

The cofounders of the cerium the most significant milestone for Russia achieve in 2018 and little fact is that the team also works on a serum classic market up 2.9 million currently at the eighth place now my opinion karana is showing a

Potential of plenty of promising features but I do feel that the current valuation is inflated since the project is at the very early stages of development I like in modern years but if I had a choice I would probably still

Invest in Syria moderate then we have Tedder which doesn't really belong in that list what I will talk about it anyway there is a cryptocurrency that represents real currency on a blockchain market is basically a stable money on

Abduction designed to always hold the value of the real life fiat money they do have two tokens ul DT and you are RT now USD T is the most popular one and it's basically USD dollar on the blockchain the verdict was founded in

2015 and is closely connected to the exchange but Phenix they recently made an audit to ensure that they do have corresponding Fiat deposits and it wasn't a great but I did provide some information position ninth market cap

2.4 million obviously only useful during bear market where you're basically using its to store your blockchain funds and then I said that doesn't increase in body but overall I don't really see a reason to hold it and last but not least

Strong TRX which is at the center of entertainment and content sharing platform which is a blockchain and peer-to-peer technology Tronics is a basic unit of accounts in the Tron ecosystem is basically a currency that

Pays the creator for the content and it's offered referred as the ticker symbol TRX the aim of the project is to reward the content creators in a way more efficient than a simple income from ads the main network recent event life

For the project is at the very early stage of development still market cap 1.5 million position 10th in my opinion there is a lot of competition in this segment but shown is the most popular one I do feel the

Current valuation is a bit too high for the development stage though so I personally would not invest into it it is a very promising project though so want to definitely keep an eye out for that was it if you liked this video give

It a thumbs up and I will make more videos like these as always thank you very much for watching and I hope it was useful and I do love you Cheers goodbye

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