by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

have you ever stopped to think about what you'd actually do if you found yourself in a threatening situation do you know how to defend yourself no matter who you are you should have a personal defense plan

The goal of being prepared for self-defense is to incorporate tools and protective steps into your daily schedule without creating a state of perpetual panic that being said it's worth the

Investment to always be prepared but when you're in the market for new self-defense gear you'll quickly find there are a lot of options out there that's why we put together this list of the best self-defense gear and gadgets

On the market we've spent many hours researching to narrow this list down to the very best of the best at a variety of price points from small and practical

To ridiculous and over the top you're sure to find something to help keep you protected this is the schrade schf22 fixed blade boot knife constructed from a drop forged single piece of solid high carbon

Sca-1070 steel machined and finished emerges the awesome strength of the schf22 fixed blade boot knife perfect for survival and tactical situations this grey garb knife offers rock solid

Performance regardless of environmental conditions the schf22 is housed in a discrete platform with multiple carry choices including boot

Belt thigh or torso the sheath sturdy steel clip and two sheath slots provide plenty of attachment options rapidly deploy the knife with just a press on the sheath's spring tension release lever

The 4.5 inch blade sports a tanto point a superb advantage when maximum penetration power is desired use the trailing fine edge to cut and slice take advantage of the schf22's hollow

Barrel to store critical gear the removable end cap doubles as a glass breaking tip and its rubber o-ring ensures a waterproof seal the handle's textured gripping surface

Provides solid traction under harsh environmental condition with the handles detent groove facing upward slide the knife back into the glass-filled nylon boot sheath until the release lever drops into the

Detent holding the boot knife fast a solid single piece machine boot knife with powerful penetration power crafted from premium materials and built for a lifetime this is the schrade schf22 extreme

Survival boot knife available bootknife models are the schf22 with tonto point blade and schf21 with spear point fine edge blade introducing the 9119 millimeter based on

The time-honored design of the 1911 the 9119 millimeter delivers the comfort and control of america's favorite pistol in a compact design to keep it where it belongs right by your side built to run the most

Popular defense caliber in the world the 9119 millimeter keeps true to 1911 ergonomics with the crisp g10 trigger oversized ambidextrous safety and textured main spring housing for intuitive controls on this familiar

Platform the 9119 millimeter is built to exacting standards and is outfitted with a three-inch precision brooch barrel full-length guide rod flat wire spring

And external extractor for enhanced reliability and control over the nine millimeter cartridge measuring less than six inches long and four inches tall the hyper compact 9119 millimeter is the

Definitive everyday carry with a low profile design that eliminates discomfort and any reason you thought you had to leave it at home upgraded with premium ameriglo tritium

Sights for lightning fast target acquisition thinline g10 grips for secure handling the 9119 millimeter comes with a standard capacity of six plus one and an extended magazine for

Seven plus we are taking a look at the williams tactical pen this is james williams design specifically to fly under the radar and be used as a

Self-defense tool first and foremost this is a pen so you can see it does right very well it's got a fischer space pen insert basically to use it you just grip it in your hand

And use it as a trauma instrument to get away that's what it's designed to do and it's designed specifically to be non-aggressive it looks like a stellar executive pen it writes well it

Fits nice in the hand you can see it right there the cap doesn't have to be screwed on it snaps right on with an o-ring and it does have a pocket clip you can

See it in my shirt pocket here as well as in my pants pocket just to give you an idea of how it rides it is 1.2 ounces and it's made from 6061 aluminum that's aircraft-grade aluminum

So it's going to be nice and strong one last thing i wanted to mention about that pocket clip there is it is removable if you don't want to roll with it you can untwist that and remove that

Pocket clip there you have it again this is a james williams designed tactical pen and it is great for everyday carry the mission at ideal conceal was to make a pistol

That could be carried the same as a traditional smartphone this would be the ideal conceal in its holster basically to use it you open it depress the

Safety which the handle will deploy and then it's actually ready to be used to reload it or load it you simply open it that way place two shells in there close it latch it

Because this gun also has hard sights on it which some of the other very small pistols did not have we wanted to have people have a way to site it in the future this area here will be

Able to carry a small laser so we're doing all the things that are necessary to make a really great pistol but also to conceal it very easily

Got it in my pocket bring it out it's that easy

this is the schrade sch110 liner lock folding knife a single glance is all it takes to recognize that with a total length of 7.76 inches the karambit blade sch110 stands apart

From the crowd the sch110 was perfect for tactical and self-defense tasks rapidly deploy the fiercely sharp 3.15 inch talon shaped blade with either hand by way of ambidextrous thumb studs the

Blade is crafted from black coated 9 cr18 movi high carbon stainless steel corrosion resistant and ready to perform slice after slice while displaying excellent edge retention characteristics

A steel liner lock secures the blade in the fully open position the rugged black g10 handle boasts precisely positioned jimping and finger hole assuring a firm grip in the face of situation variables when

Using the sch110 spine side blade jimping provides added leverage for increased cutting power to close slide the liner lock to the side with your thumb

And rotate the blade back into the handle where it nestles sandwich between steel liner wall with a closed length under 6 inches an overall weight of just over 6 ounces

The sch110 is easily carried in a pocket or clipped virtually anywhere via the heavy duty belt clip an additional belt clip screws and allen wrench are included supporting expanded ambidextrous

Reversible carry options a black carambet blade folder for tactical and self-protection made from premium materials and built for a lifetime this is a schrade sch110 liner lock

Folding knife introducing the guard dog accufire the first keychain pepper spray with laser sight conveniently sized the accu fire goes where you go

with a patented design the spray gets full exposure compared to other flawed designs that cause leakage precise protection when you need it most

The accu fire is equipped with a built-in laser to give you the aim you need in high stress situations when you need pepper spray most your target may be missed

Bridge the gap between uncertainty and confidence you

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