Top 10 Crypto’s of 2018 – $BTC $EOS $ZIL $WAN $ICX $YEED $QKC $ETH $NEO $TRX

by birtanpublished on September 28, 2020

What's going on man so today we're gonna look at my top ten crypto currencies of 2018 I like to start off by saying this is not financial advice guys do your own research take everything I say here the grain of salt do not make financial decisions based on the information that

I give you here I am not liable to anything that you do let's get into it so total market cap right now is 422 billion we got a Bitcoin dominus to 38.8% Bitcoin donnas remaining around the same level for a couple of days this

Is not really dropping or increasing we'll see what it does we got the biggest gainers of today so we had yose right now it's up 12.5% we also have TRX up 27% see right now the market is retracing TRX is still saying up I think

That TRS not listed on two exchanges today so before we start there's a reason why I chose these specific crypto currencies right this site right here classifies crypto

Currencies within different classifications right so you see number one see smart contract platforms they take the majority of the market caps as you can see all the other ones down here differ so some are still some are still

Smart contract platforms in here like icon right but still like these smart contract platforms are dominating day to day that's where all the money is at this is why pretty much all my picks are smart contract platforms they're pretty

Much the safe bets for me so we're gonna start off with eel so eels has been doing really well right uses another smart contract platforms it's like its main selling points that is trying to hit 1 million transactions per second

Main end is launching in June so look out for that when they quote when it gets close to when that maintenance launching like this thing is definitely gonna have some hard core price action I think this this smart contract platform

Has the ability to overtake a dealer's market tech market cap if they do it right you know so we'll wait and see about that all right so this can't be a proper list without Bitcoin in here the reason why I chose Bitcoin is that

People who don't know anything about cryptocurrencies and hear about it they hear about Bitcoin when they first scan in they buy Bitcoin they use Bitcoin and buy other stuff when Bitcoin starts moving and you see some serious price

Action for Bitcoin is very easy for people to transfer their money into Bitcoin all you have to do is just sell what they have and they get their money back in Bitcoin in two seconds right so once you see people

Moving like people will just start shilling bitcoin and saying oh this is this move and it's move it's definitely gonna drop the market caps of a lot of other cryptocurrencies and everything is gonna funnel into Bitcoin that's how I

Feel like what's gonna happen after people get bored a Bitcoin and will funnel back into the old coins Bitcoin is working on getting their lighting Network running too right so when they announced that the main net of

The light network is up you'll see some serious price action for Bitcoin so my next one is silica so silica is another smart contract platform and Zillah cos unique selling point is that it's the first blockchain to implement a working

Sharding solution like silica when it came out of the I seal him off 30x that was just insane insane gains from the ICO that's ridiculous man you know they got a big they got a big announcement their main net is launching June 1st so

Close to that time you'll see some serious price action move for silica I definitely think this is another one just to look out for and just be aware of my next one is weigh and chain I like to pronounce it as one chain because it

Just sounds cooler I don't like saying when chain so one chain is another smart contract platform so they seek to create a new distributed financial infrastructure connecting different blockchain networks together to exchange

Value so another big news for Wan chain is that in June 30th when their main net 2.0 launches and I think they have six ICS coming on the wine chain protocol and I think that they're making it so that one of the eye seals

People can only use a wand tokens to participate in the ico so that's pretty smart on their part next one we got is icon so icon is another smart contract platform so the icon projects is building one of the

Largest decentralized networks in the world utilizing cross chain interoperability so again this is another one this one is sholde hard by ian Bellini he loves this token he loves the people

Of icon he's always promoting them and and trying to help them or whatever right so the main that comes online April 30th us in a couple of days right now so it's April 24th right now you'll see some serious price actually move

From four icon as you see it closer to the date look out for this one so the next one is a crash or a crash is another smart contract platform it's a trust-based multi-dimensional blockchain built with the vision of digitized

Everything into reality and everything in any blockchain networks this one is coming out of the ICO soon their tokens will be released in may sometime the company right now is just working on a kyc process for the

Investors the special thing about this is that the ICO price was what was less than I was less than a penny the last smart contract platform that is similar to this and was around this price at IC o time o silica and like I

Mentioned before silica came out of the IC o 30x when things are this cheap people are like yo I can afford this that's what I've seen you know you can you can challenge it or not but I think people will buy this because the coin no

Tokens are just very very cheap and it's another smart contract platform that aims to connect everything together so my next one is a theorem a theorem is another smart contract platforms if theorem has the first mover advantage so

A lot of different tokens are built on the etherion protocol and everyone's using it to sort of to transfer onto their own main net what's one they launched what a theorem is working on scaling right now so when they can get

Their scaling solution going and they got situated you'll see some serious parts actually moving for that some news that's coming out for theorem is that I'm in May third in Toronto they'll be having a Def Con so around that time to

Look out for some serious price action for that too because you'll see some big announcements so my next one is Neos O'Neal's on another smart contract platform and Neil token holders get gas when they stake their tokens and Neil

Wallet so Neos you unique selling point is that isn't aiming to be one thousand transactions per second a lot of protocols right now I've already built on Neil platform a lot of ice seals are coming out of Neil it seems to be

Getting adopted really well especially in Asian networks so some news is coming off from for Neos that Neil is gonna be listed on carbon hood on May 30th so look out for that and it's summertime the main that goes live for Neil

So once the main net goes live you'll see some serious parties action for Neil my next one this is a surprise to a lot of people's Kranti are EXO Tron is a blockchain based a centralized protocol that aims to decentralize the Internet

So the unique selling point for Tron is that Justin son as the founder ease he's been on Forbes 30 under 30 twice he's also Jack miles protege Jack Ma owns Alibaba Jack Maya's net worth I think is around

40 billion but anyways like anytime there's something big going on with this cryptocurrency Justin so I'm just starting to start sending out tweets like left and right and the price goes up this guy hyped up the coin like at

Every single day all day they got a lot of money invested in the project Sudan has two billion dollars invested in development of Tron so you'll see some very big announcements coming in new future happening with Tron they're

Putting a lot of effort to get their protocol up and running and their incentive icing a lot of developers to build on it Franz Meena is coming online on May 31st so look out for some serious price

Action went Ron's main net it's coming close so my last one a lot of people don't know about this right now I'm bringing it up right now so people have a chance to know about it or get into it if they

Want to this is not financial advice so core chain is another smart contract platform and a unique selling point for Cork chain is that they are aiming to reach 1 million transactions per second they're using the same charting

Mechanism as silica Wood subtle differences I have a really detailed review about this whole crypto you might want to check it out on my channel just look for core chain on there and the reason why this is on here right now to

Speak just because the hard cap is really low the team is allstar and what's unique about this that all the major youtubers are already shilling this cryptocurrency right now you see like am valina and michael supo they're

Always talking about it so I think a lot of people are gonna get into it there their telegram has been just growing like crazy within a week it's got like 20,000 people like boom with nothing and with with zero marketing so this just an

Organic growth I can tell that this is gonna sell huge this is just based on my research my analysis and just from what I see you know so the ico starting from they said in between May to June also look out for that it's a very

Interesting project with a lot of upside to it I think it's gonna be huge remember where you heard it though so to conclude this was crypto PD as top 10 crypto currencies of 2018 you can like comment or subscribe or not you know I

Don't give a you

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