Top 10 Best Survival Gear Essentials List You Must Have

published on August 3, 2020

survival gear isn't just for adventurers who like to delve deep into the wilderness it's an insurance policy and stocking up on essentials is an important step to protecting

Yourself and your family when it comes to preparedness and surviving any disaster that might come your way there is no shortage of survival tools supplies and prepping gear you can buy

But finding the best survival gear is not an easy task which makes upgrading your equipment a real challenge in today's video we're going to shine a light on some of the most essential

Pieces of outdoor survival gear everyone should seriously consider having in their backpacks we're going to concentrate on survival gear aimed at aiding those engaged in outdoor activities

And not those forced from their home by natural disaster although some of these products would be very useful in both types of situations hatchets have proven their usefulness

Over the years time and time again they're great for splitting smaller pieces of wood chopping branches limbs and even small trees when necessary they're helpful when you need to clear

Country road of debris and you forgot your chin so again some people even prefer them to large chopping knives that's why the you can hawk was made this tool is similar in dimension to the

Hammer hawk but it is a little lighter and made with 1095 instead of 1075 top samus differential heat streak gives a tool that will be strong and hold its edge very well the handles are made from a new material that mixes layers of

Cheat hand and rubber to provide maximum grip the portion of the tank between the handle and the bit is fronter allowing the user to choke up for detailed cuts so this can do all the chops of a

Hatchet and some of the chops of a knife it comes with a two-piece leather sheath so that it can be carried multiple ways with safety in mind it's sure to become the go-to hatchet in your collection

Introducing the new three-in-one utility light from onetech the most useful utility tool available on the market today now when you need a flashlight you get the toughest brightest and best

Available and when you need a lantern you simply slide it open to reveal the cobb led so bright it can fill an entire garage with light and if you're caught in an emergency

Simply press the button and your lantern instantly turns into a flashing sos safety beacon plus the utility light comes with a magnetic base for hands-free use so now you can use the flashlight

Features the lantern or the emergency sos feature and keep both hands free whether you're working on your car or truck around the house at your campsite or stuck in a roadside emergency

This is the one tool you don't want to be without and like all our one-tac products this light is built to last drop it on the ground and it keeps on working caught in a storm and need a

Signal for help you don't have to worry no matter how extreme the conditions are or what your situation might be you can always count on the three-in-one utility light to get the job done

In fact it can even survive getting run over by a truck that's what i call military tough and it gets even better the three in one utility light has a 200 times zoom

And is 22 times brighter than a regular flashlight there is nothing like it on the market today this is the three in one utility light by one pack here we have the contour bivvy your

Perfect high country solution for overnight adventures it packs up to this size and only weighs one pound five ounces so it's a great alternative to not bringing a full tent

But still getting the protection you need it works great if you use it with a slumber jack sleeping bag as it has these unique arm ports so you can still get up cook food read a book while still

Staying protected within the bivvy system a unique feature about this bivvy is that it has this hoop construction giving it some structure lifting it up off of your face

It also has this mesh panel which helps promote air flow keeps bugs away and prevents that claustrophobic feeling you can get when you're wrapped up in a bivvy a nice feature in case the weather does

Turn sour on you is this flap over you can either leave it flapped over or you can create this tunnel air hole type setup so that you can still breathe and

Maintain airflow and avoid condensation while you're sleeping throughout the night dual zipper feature is great you can unzip it from the bottom or the top giving you lots of options

Depending on how you sleep the contour bivvy is fully waterproof and taped seams and has this great durable base layer and this unique highlander kryptek pattern on the top so

It provides concealment and protection from the elements the slumber jack contour bivvy is your back country solution for all four seasons hey guys we're here to talk about one of protectlife first aid kits

This 200 piece version is perfect for home camping workplace survival or wherever you want to go and keeping it in your car or in your backpack the bag is very compact

It is about nine inches by 65 inches and about 35 inches thick the inside pockets are clear and neatly organized with pockets and places for everything to be stored while they are full as is they could fit

A few more of your own supplies if you want to personalize your kit okay now as you can see the bag is comprehensive and has everything from a light stick to emergency blanket and compass

You get lots of adhesive bandages of different sizes and shapes and you also have some cotton tip applicators it's clear that great thought went into this kit many items have instructions or

Illustrations on them that's a good thing when you need them and they generally last for three to five years nice you will also appreciate the first aid brochure which is always handy when you're faced with

Emergency situations just to name a few more items you get an abdominal pad triangular bandages a disposable raincoat some sterile gauze pads ipads an instant

Cold compress one roll of pbt conforming bandage first aid tape scissors tweezers whistle and even a face mask for cpr back to the bag itself it is the perfect

Size to fit in a bag or glove compartment so practically you can keep it anywhere it's shocking how much stuff fits in such a compact bag it has everything i could think of for

The first aid kit and many other things i hadn't thought of in fact it was designed by a team with emergency safety service background also are fda approved they truly thought of everything for you

So this kit is a great size for everyday emergencies overall a great value and perfect for traveling for your car or around the house the emergency safety charge by onetech

It is one of the most impressive devices i've seen it is a four mode crank charging flashlight emergency siren radio and usb charger all in one yep this is a crank gyro self-charging

Unit that means no batteries needed seriously this is a bulletproof life-saving tool that will never let you down i'm talking total confidence here just crank charge

And go with a super powerful dual mode flashlight that can last for hours on a full charge you always know you'll have light no matter what your battery situation is

Or how long you're stuck without power a safety charge has a built-in siren to alert help for miles in any direction whether you're stuck in a bad situation lost on your own in the wilderness or separated from your group

This could literally save your life next is the fm radio that auto tunes quickly to local broadcast for much needed weather news or emergency info when you need it most

The usb in or out feature is a real life saver if your phone dies or any other electronics need power this little beast has enough juice to fire up any device anytime by using the crank gyro unit to keep you charged up

I find when i'm outdoors especially early or late in the season weather can change fast and this can get dangerous so i constantly like to keep updated with local reports the emergency safety charge in my

Opinion is the ultimate must-have survival tool next to fresh water and a knife when it comes to life-saving features one tech has thought of it all and put it into one handy

Compact lightweight easy to use device you really should have a few of these one at work the house in your rv boat truck your car and of course your backpack the lifestraw flex with gravity bag is a

Compact lightweight versatile water filtration system the durable bag holds a gallon of water making it perfect for hiking and camping travel and emergency preparedness the lifestraw

Flex features a membrane microfilter that removes parasites and bacteria such as e coli giardia salmonella as well as microplastics it also features an activated carbon filter

That reduces heavy metals such as lead as well as chemicals like chlorine for an improved taste the membrane microfilter filters up to 500 gallons and the activated carbon filter lasts up

To 25 gallons replacement filters are available the flex filter is versatile it can be used with the gravity bag with the collapsible squeeze bottle as a straw with a plastic bottle

And with a hydration bladder the gravity bag is made from a high quality laminated nylon and holds a gallon of water fill the bag from a fresh water source roll three times and close

The convenience strap makes it easy to carry and hang from anywhere you

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