TOP 10 BEST RED DOT FOR PISTOL | Best Pistol Reflex Sight

by birtanpublished on August 11, 2020

red dot sights for pistols are becoming widely accepted and one of the hottest topics in the industry more and more shooters are mounting reflex sights on their pistols

Instead of iron sights and that is because they are very efficient a quality red dot sight will transform your handgun into an extremely accurate weapon these sights will

Increase your shooting performance by speeding up your target acquisition times and improving your shot accuracy moreover a red dot sight will highlight your

Target in such a way it will actually be harder to miss than to hit them modern red dot sights are small enough to fit in a regular holster and light enough not to interfere with

Your pistol's balance but when you're in the market for a new red dot sight you'll quickly find there are a lot of options out there that's why we put together this list of

The best red dot sights on the market perfect for those who are looking for reliable sighting solutions for their self-defense pistols despite their price differences all the models we presented are effective at

Highlighting your targets and increasing your accuracy this is the viper the viper red dot has a super low profile which makes it the perfect solution for handguns with cut out slides

On this style of handgun the viper's low height allows the dot to co-witness with iron sights a six moa dot is easy to pick up and gets you on target fast

The fully multi-coated ultra clear lens offers a wide unobstructed field of view power and illumination controls are easy to access and adjust the viper is built with every situation

In mind having waterproof and armor tech protection and shockproof construction one moa windage and elevation adjustments move the dot to your point of aim

Take your pistol to the next level with the viper red dot which comes standard with the vortex vip warranty trijicon's new specialized reflux optic sro is a game changer

Created in response to rmr customer requests the sro is made to be pistol specific and even more user-friendly when shooting with the sro the crisp aiming dots show a mica beacon through the large clear lens

The larger window made it easy to pick up the dot when driving the gun toward the target and the dot was easy to track during recoil during an injured shooter drill i

Repeatedly slammed the sro against a metal barricade to wrap the slide it was unphased and maintained at zero a testament to the sro's durability tritican markets the sro solely as a

Handgun site however we mounted the sro on an r15 and we're hitting targets at distance with the type of accuracy you'd expect from the rmr or any other top quality red dot sight

The tritican sro is not intended to replace the rmr which has earned its place at the top of the heap of red dot sights however the sro is a worthy contender and definitely worth consideration

Especially for the concealed carry crowd only time will tell if the sro steals any of the rmr's thunder in the law enforcement and military arenas the leupold delta point pro reflex sight

With its low profile and versatile design is a favorite for concealed carry competition shooters and military and law enforcement professionals the delta point pro reflex

Sight offers a bright crisp reticle and an exceptionally wide field of view with unmatched edge to edge clarity one moa click windage and elevation adjustments

Allow for simple and precise zeroing motion sensor technology preserves the ample battery life by remaining dormant until the slightest amount of motion is detected an optional integrated rear sight offers

Additional speed and redundancy for confident target acquisition no matter the shooting scenario and the rugged aluminum housing protects all of these features including the magnetic lift top loading

Quick access battery compartment while still keeping the delta point pro waterproof to 33 feet today i have the new mini shot m spec fms and lqd reflex sight kits both of these kits are

Ideal for shotguns pistols and ars they can be used for tactical hunting target shooting and law enforcement as well as a variety of other uses an upgrade to the mini shop prospect series these sites are ip67 waterproof

And have aluminum housing with steel protective shields making them more durable than their predecessors both the fms and the lqd kits include two mounting options a low profile mount for use on a shotgun

And an ar riser mount the new mini shots now have ambidextrous digital switches low power consumption allowing for a 300 hour battery life instead of 20 hours an easy one moa windage and elevation

Click adjustments and a 3 moa red dot reticle other notable upgrades from the prospect series are 10 brightness levels instead of 5 and a 12 hour auto shut off feature

The mini shot shorter length and lower profile allow you to still use your iron sights and it also fits more pistols and that's just a little bit about what the new mini shot m spec

Fms and lqd reflex sight kits are the aim point of crow offers a great sense of confidence as a rugged side the electronics are completely insulated against hard use which should give everyone peace of mind about its

Durability the crow makes much more sense on the slide of a handgun than the micro models and as it's a closed system it is more durable and protected than open systems great for edc and in law enforcement or

Military applications looking at the specs for this site it is obvious aimpoint is hoping to win another military contract with it aluminum housing fully enclosed site night vision compatible

No forward optical signature beyond 10 meters using night vision a mounting setup similar to the academy rail submersible etc the site has 10 brightness settings and it always turns on at level 7.

The simple plus minus brightness controls are inset rubber buttons on the left side of the site hit either one to turn the side on hold the minus button to shut off the dot we are really excited about the

Introduction of the aimpointer crop p1 currently it stands alone as the smallest fully enclosed mini red dot sight romeo one is a three minute of angle open red dot sight

You can see it here in its rx configuration this is our p320 rx you can see it comes standard with suppressor height front and rear sight which allows you to get that good co-witness

Through there if you didn't have these on there there is an etched out groove in the back of that romeo one which would allow you to use that as a rear sight apparatus several great things about this site

Firstly this is a magnesium housing which makes it extremely lightweight and durable so the glass is actually etched inside that magnesium and then glued into place making sure that it's really durable so

Sig sauer put 40 000 rounds on this site to make sure that it reached the durability specifications we were looking for we wanted this to be a game day player

And go through the the uh the rugged stuff you were going to put it through and this will do it another thing you'll notice right here on top is a top mounted 1632 battery cap great thing about that is if this

Battery dies you don't have to remove it from your weapon system in order to change that battery out you just go in there change it out and it's going to return to your zero and your latest brightness setting so no

Need to re-zero just because your battery died another great thing about this is the way this red dot is projected onto the onto the medium it's actually projected onto a red notch medium without getting

Too far into the deep grass with the uh the science behind this is being projected onto this medium not glass itself it's not projected onto something porous so you're not going to get that splash

Effect that you might get from other red dots another great thing too is right over here on this side tactile raised buttons for those changes in

In brightness settings so really easy to get to low light no light scenarios they stick out they got good friction on them i know where these are i know what they do now if you already have if you wanted to

Get something different it's also available with standard pick rail attachment and with the mono lock attachment so there's several different ways you can put this site to use for you

It also comes with adapter plates for most of our popular pistols don't forget all these or almost all of these come with a motak technology so that's going to be that after two minutes of of being idle

It's going to shut itself down save that battery life as soon as it detects any movement it's going to come right back on to the last power setting you had it on the last brightness setting

Finally all of our optics come with a lifetime warranty on their body and a five-year warranty on their internal electronics


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