by birtanpublished on August 5, 2020

disaster can strike at any time and without proper preparation you leave yourself and your loved ones vulnerable a fully stocked bag of emergency gear allows you and your family to quickly evacuate to a shelter or other secure

Location without forgetting any basic survival supplies and tools a bug out bag is insurance against the unexpected and thanks to its innocuous size and

Expert packing can be stashed away and carried with ease perfect for the car household or on outdoor excursions a bug out bag is there when you need it but

Finding the best bug out gear is not an easy task which makes upgrading your survival kit a real challenge we've rounded up some of the best bug out gear and tools you can easily stash in your ready bag

So check out our recommendations for the best emergency equipment and arm yourself with survival gear that can help you stand up to even the most disastrous situations


The m21 12 gd designed by kik carson has a high carbon stainless steel blade in a desert tan titanium nitride finish the three inch deep bellied spear point blade is excellent for penetration and features

Our exclusive patented vasterations for superior cutting of fibrous materials textured g10 handles enhance grip and form an open build frame which is easy to clean and built to sustain heavy use it also has a stainless steel locking

Liner which when used with our auto lock safety automatically turns the folder into a virtual fixed blade the auto lock safety mechanism features easy one-handed closing

The carson flipper enables a smooth fast one-handed deployment and the hilt acts as a blade guard crkt knives and tools are fully backed by our limited lifetime warranty the carson desert tactical folders have

Been specifically designed to blend into the desert environment the lr35r is another flashlight from phoenix that pushes the envelope a jaw-dropping 10 000 lumens of light is one thing

But doing it from a flashlight this small is another this flashlight produces a very wide 90 degree beam and can throw that light a maximum 547 yards

powered by two 21-700 batteries the lr-35r is usb type-c rechargeable and includes a battery level indicator so you can quickly check your light's

Battery status the lr35r has five brightness levels plus strobe intelligent step down protection does help with the excessive heat but we do recommend that you use the

Turbo for only a short time activate the lockout function when transporting you don't want this light accidentally going off in your pack

Ip68 rated dustproof and waterproof underwater to two meters heavy duty and high volume the seeker is our ultra lightweight water storage solution for camping hiking or any backcountry adventure

Available in two three and four liters the seeker features a simple leak-proof 42 millimeter screw cap that is easy to fill and backcountry water filter compatible featuring lash points designed for

Hanging attaching and easy carrying made of ultra durable abrasion resistant tpu and rf welded seams for superior durability and elasticity the two and three liter crush down when

Empty and pack away in the included storage bag you can freeze it and use it as an ice pack when you're car camping or pull it out at base camp we need to refill or get cooking

The 4 liter includes dual baffles for low profile storage and a bale handle that the seeker flattens and rolls into when empty 100 bpa and pvc free and backed by our beyond

Guarantee so whether your journey takes you on a drive along the pch or backpacking in the sierras the seeker provides ample water storage when running out

Is not an option so

Today at crkt we are taking a look at the leon ma designed eaton tool this is one of our very most popular products of all time and with good reason basically it is a glorified

Spork a spork on steroids if you will you've got your spoon there as well as your fork tines right there you got a bottle opener that works very nicely right here we have a cut out for your

Hand so you can grip it nicely and the thing about that is it's going to cut down on the weight significantly this tool only weighs 15 ounces so if you're looking for something for backpacking or

Just something light for your kit for your car kit or camping this is a great little tool you've got a little flathead screwdriver there kind of a chisel point on the end right there and then

You've got three metric wrenches you've got a 10 millimeter an eight millimeter and a six millimeter comes with a carabiner so you can clip it to your backpack clip it to your pants your gear that

Sort of thing now i love this tool i have a black one myself i take it camping all the time and highly enjoy it comes in black as well as your orange i believe we call that tangerine is the official color name on that one

Fuchsia which is to say pink and we have a yellow one as well the colorful ones have a little bit more high visibility so uh you're less likely to lose it in camp tg hellfox gloves are designed to

Prioritize safety without sacrificing control of weapons and tools thoughtfully placed neoprene panels allow for natural movement giving the wearer a full range of motion

And complete control additionally the palm panel is reinforced to withstand extra wear and tear the fingers and palms are made of polyurethane so they're durable

But still easy to clean the hard molded knuckles are resistant to impact and provide a high level of durability a lightweight microfiber loop serves for hanging the gloves up or attaching them to any pack

Or kit the wrist strap adjusts and secures with hook and loop closure for a customized fit if you want to ensure complete control and dexterity the hellfox gloves also

Come in a fingerless version we stand behind our products 100 these gloves are backed by our tg satisfaction guarantee if they don't meet your expectations we will provide a refund or replacement

Guaranteed recurve 2p is the lightest most spacious two-person backcountry tent out there at a minimal pack weight recurve provides early season hunters and anglers with a shelter that is roomy

Yet extremely packable for those looking to be nimble and push further into the backcountry evolving the traditional a-frame shape with a new architectural concept recurve's ultralight hybrid design

Balances the lightning quick setup of a single wall tent with the ventilation of a traditional canopy mesh recurve's tall tub floor is built with ultra premium 10d coated nylon ripstop

Guaranteed to keep your pack light and your nights dry integrated no seem mesh sidewalls provide plenty of airflow for greater temperature and condensation control while keeping bugs away

Recurve's efficient pole structure leverages premium dac featherlite poles for an absolute minimal pack size and weight the unique t-bar structure supports an angled ridge pole

For an asymmetrical design that disperses ample headroom evenly and accurately for both partners shave an additional three ounces off pack weight by leaving the poles behind and set up recurve using only guy lines

Or trekking poles for the same lofty interior self-equalizing carbon fiber corner struts increase stability and volume with an easy tensioning system using dyneema core guy out anchors

Recurve's ultralight 7d nylon rip ripstop fly is coated in a durable silicone water repellent efficient doors and vestibules offer easy access and plenty of gear coverage for each person


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