Tony Hawk Answers the Web’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED

published on July 2, 2020

hey I'm Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and this

is the wire and autocomplete interview

and go ok let's complete the

autocomplete first one is can Tony Hawk

I'm guessing can Tony Hawk do a 900

still skate yes I can still skate I

still skate often actually I would say

three or four times a week especially

since Co vid and no travel

I've just been either home or at my ramp

or actually in backyard pools and just

located my fingers last weekend so yeah

I'm still skating cam Tony Hawk's Street

skate the short answer is kinda I went

through a big street phase in the early

90s because there were hardly any vert

ramps around skating was all about

Street handrails and ledges and things

like that and I did as best as I could

until I rolled both my ankles twice so

severely that it was sort of risking my

sense of being able to skate at all

again and so I just sort of focused in

on transition and ramp skating been

doing it ever since

so yes I have some dormant Street skills

I can do the handrails I can do a few

kickflip variations but not in the

traditional sense that you see

especially on TV or like X Games can

Tony Hawk kickflip yes I can I was about

13 years old when kick plus were

actually invented by rodney Mullen and I

learned them shortly thereafter I still

do them they're not beautiful I don't

catch them very high but yes I can kick

a loop and so I feel justified when I go

and ask kids do a kickflip because I

walk the walk

alright can Tony Hawk still do a 900 I

do one a couple years ago I think that

if I was really motivated and I had the

right incentive I don't mean like

financial I just mean in terms of like

emotional incentive to do it I could

probably throw him down if you're gonna

go try a 900 the incentives to go do it

and make it and so I know going into it

if I'm gonna go try 900 I'm definitely

gonna take a few knocks along the way

and I have to be fully prepared for that

it takes so much out of you just to

attempt it there's no reason to just

test it out

Kent Tony Hawk's Singh I'm gonna leave

that for you to judge because I did the

math singer I was voted first out in my

group I don't know if that means I can

or can't sing it's probably not a good

sign but I think I can I come from a

line of musicians in my family so my dad

he knew how to play a lot of different

sermons my sister was actually a backup

singer for Michael Bolton and for the

Righteous Brothers John Denver and the

Pet Shop Boys and so I feel like I had

enough I don't know hereditary skill to

do it can't Tony Hawk's sir yes I can

serve I've been surfing almost as long

as I'm in skating I don't put the effort

into trying to go out when it's good

because my schedule is crazy and so if I

were to actually be chasing swells I

would have to compromise a lot more in

my life I that is one excuse but I went

to Kelly Slater surf ranch couple weeks

ago got pitted so yeah I can surf Ken

Tony Hawk's snowboard yes been

snowboarding since they first made

snowboards first time I went

snowboarding was in 1982 so I've

definitely been snowboarding longer than


where was Tony Hawk born and raised San

Diego California my dad was in the Navy

and he was stationed in San Diego and he


lucky me we just ended up here and

stayed let's see where did Tony Hawk go

to high school well it's funny I say I

stayed in San Diego mom my parents

actually did move around San Diego while

I was in school so I went to my freshman

year at San Dieguito high school now

known as San Dieguito Academy moved to

Torrey Pines High School in my sophomore

year and graduated there San Dieguito

was rough back then honestly and that's

why I asked him move schools I was a

skater I got picked on a lot which we

now know is bullying I would literally

get hassled in the hallways just because

they knew I skated I was already really

small and

kind of nerdy and then the fact that I

skated was just like not to you that

dude sucks it got a little bit better

Torrey Pines but I can't say it was the

most pleasant experience all right where

does Tony Hawk live now Encinitas North

San Diego it's a metropolitan area but

it's not crazy like Los Angeles where

it's just gridlocked traffic all the

time I just love that there's a very

strong surf skate culture here and there

always has been and really the reason I

loved it so much as the kid is because

one of the last skate parks in the US

was right here and that was where I

developed most of my skills and really

honed my style

all right where has Tony Hawk been

really is that really an auto-fill that

comes up where has Tony Hawk been maybe

they mean just in terms of in the public

eye where I've been been right here

doing my thing

skating raising a family you know maybe

I'm not on Punk'd or maybe you haven't

seen me on talk shows recently but I've

stayed the course just doing my thing I

think that maybe people will start to

learn a lot more about me in this coming

year because thanks to my master class

and thanks to the thps remaster but um

where have I been just raising kids and

skating that's where I've been

is Tony Hawk I can already sense that

one of these says is Tony Hawk alive the

rumors of my death are greatly

exaggerated by the way he's talking a

hawk a nice guy what a strange question

ask Google it's just a matter of opinion

it does the Google dude I don't know do

I have any sort of Yelp reviews on

myself how would anyone know that I'd

like to think I'm a nice guy I have a

great relationship with my kids I love

interacting with fans and I get to

skateboard for a living and that I think

in itself is what makes me friendly cuz

I get to I live my dream is Tony Hawk a

good skater again a matter of opinion

I would say if I had to judge myself I'm

very good for my age all right is Tony

Hawk a vegetarian I am NOT a vegetarian

I do lean towards plant-based foods my

friend said it best was and he said um

hey Tony I know you kind of lean towards

vegetarianism but I bet you'd have a

steak and he's right I would I love

barbecue – all right is Tony Hawk a

Boomer I am NOT a Boomer

I am Gen X my older siblings are boomers

and you know it's funny is somehow this

is an insult it only means that you were

part of the baby boomer generation and

that was the generation of families that

came back from the war and then everyone

was having babies that is what the baby

boomer generation is people there's your

lesson in generations I was born in 1968

not boomer

it's Tony Hawk British no but there is a

British comedian named Tony Hawk's I

think he truly despises my existence

because people get him confused they get

his name confused they send him fan mail

on my behalf they actually invited me on

a morning show in London a long time ago

and surprised me with him as a guest as

well and then he got to basically chew

me out his Tony Hawk going to the

Olympics I was planning to go to the

Olympics to be a commentator of sorts

but not to be a skater representing the

United States of America there are much

more qualified skaters and trust me you

don't want me being there just because

you know my name I'm 52 and I'm a vert


that's a park discipline and we have

such talent in the US and they deserve

to be there so I'd much rather be behind

the mic explaining to all you what

exactly they're doing

it's Tony Hawk you'll be feted yes I am

good be fitted right foot forward and

I'm not very good at skating switch so

I'm not gonna say I'm ambidextrous and

yep I may be foot it is Tony Hawk

sponsored by bands yes I am and here is

proof Dalton I'm wearing right now my

first ski she was vans in 1979 that I

insisted my dad buy for me because I saw

an ad for them and the skateboarder

magazine and I was like skateboard shoes

I ride skateboards

I want those I've been through various

sponsors since then and came back to

vans and I'm thankful does Tony Hawk hmm

wear a helmet for the most part I wear a


especially when I'm skating bigger ramps

and that's kind of my thing

beer amps if I'm out cruising Street

skating skating smaller stuffs generally

I don't and I'm sure that some people

would complain about that but it's more

about my experience level I encourage

people are learning to skate to wear a

helmet because you never know what's

gonna happen and a lot of times you can

fall back very quickly if I'm on a big

ramp and we're in a helmet and it saved

my life

plenty of times if you're gonna skate

vert you probably know where element

does Tony Hawk still compete not in the

traditional sense every once in a while

I will jump into an event if there's

sort of a legends division or maybe

there's like a best trick thing and I

feel like I might have something that I

can contribute I'm actually I'm in a

really good place because I get to pick

and choose which events I want to go to

because I'm not really trying to earn

points I'm not trying to keep my status

up like that does Tony Hawk have tattoos

I do have tattoos I have this one right

here which is a dr Wu tattoo of a

skateboard and some planets and then if

you can see closely it has initials of

my wife and all of our children sort of

sprinkled out throughout here and then I

have a kind of a falcon head tattoo on

my ankle that is not the finest work

I'll show you you see that not the most

intricate work but the funny thing is is

that I got it because I thought it'd be

cool I used to wear low socks all the

time and so you know any video or

pictures you'll see this hawk and then I

started getting burns on the sides of my

ankles from the socks and so I ended up

just wearing long socks after that and

now you never see it does Tony Hawk have

fake teeth yes many these four right

here I've knocked him out a few times

each I chipped them really badly and I

chipped him again and then there was

just sort of a little piece hanging on

one side and then I end up getting posts

right there does Tony Hawk longboard um

no not really

I prefer skateboards that I can maneuver

quickly and that I can do tricks on if

you longer it it's cool I think of a

more of a mode of transportation and I

have seen some people that do tricks on

them but you know

whatever gets you moving and if you're

on a skateboard as cool with me just

went out my brother I do I have an older

brother Steve Hawk and he is the one who

gave me my first skateboard he was a

surfer still as a surfer actually was

the editor of Surfer magazine for a

while that's first skateboard that he

gave me somehow I held onto it all

through the years and he and I donated

it to the Smithsonian a few years ago

which is very cool we got to fly to DC

together and hand it over

what is Tony Hawk pro skater that is our

video game franchise the first one was

released in 1999 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

we kept releasing them almost every year

stopped for a while I wasn't working

with Activision and then just recently

we have decided to remaster Tony Hawk's

Pro Skater one and to literally 20 years

later we're releasing it for all the new

systems what Tony Hawk game is the best

there are all these subjective searches

how is that something that anyone can

decide it's all up to the eye of the


I would say the one that got the best

reviews was Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 I

think it still holds up as one of the

top 10 best reviewed games of all time

what skateboard does Tony Hawk right you

want me to go get my skateboard so this

is the skipper I ride it's a bird house

Falcon eight-and-a-half inches

independent trucks and bones 60

millimeter skatepark formula wheels this

thing has been used I think exactly

three days I will probably end up giving

it away in a couple weeks for like an

auction item or something like that they

usually want the whole skateboard which

would make a lot of skaters cringe

because once you get used to your trucks

that becomes what you rely on and that's

sort of your signature on how you turn

and once you break in your trucks you

you hold on to them forever I'm so used

to giving my boards away the complete

boards that I've just gotten used to

getting new trucks all the time and I'm

actually more used to new trucks than if

they're broken in what shoot is Tony

Hawk wear when I skate I wearing the

Vans old-school high tops just like I

did in 1984 but if I'm shelling I'm

wearing the slip ones like Spicoli thank


you for joining me for the wired

autocomplete interview it was very

thorough it was very cathartic and I

appreciate you including me doing your

searches sir John

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