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published on July 2, 2020

okay honey go ahead and try on something

right don't be such a prude

well they she ain't pregnant are you

honey class this is Margo Richmond all

the way from Kansas City well ain't no

stinky droll hello Mike do it Maggie are

you okay what are y'all doing in lakita

my daddy takes pictures for Life

magazine you might have even seen the

picture he did for Marilyn Marilyn

Monroe well who else


he's right my friend you wish people

would like you don't care people like me

it's a matter if I change my hair I'm

still the same girl I always lost I'm

gonna be with you the whole time

iris tearful horn is that you I've never

seen you all dolled up I hardly

recognized you

you look beautiful

you came hey iris

that gorgeous Belinda said thank you I

know why don't you say hey back cuz I

might throw up Maggie we know you're new

but it is essential you stay away from

iris – you're bored something's wrong I

know I can always tell when you're lying

I'm not lying honey you think this girl

is your friend come on what's wrong with

you what is wrong wrong with me



you're the only girl in this town he's

not phone




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