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by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

Alright alright what's going on everybody wanted to make sure that the sound is good before we jump right into it so I have the chat open on my screen if you could let me know that you can hear me I will go ahead and get this thing started

I can hear myself that mean we're good welcome to Brandon Kelly experience today we are looking at crypto calm and their new slogan mantra ethos time for Plan B ultimately I think as I mentioned before we are literally living in one of

The most exciting moments in humanity this is a 2000 year shift of currency from one status quo to another this is literally going from fiat currency slave labor debt paper to software equity which what today in today's world the

Most prolific of any software with regards to global equity and accessibility and affordability and scalability is that of blockchain technology Bitcoin being the granddaddy of them all and the longest proof of

Work proof of concept and longest working prototype disseminating built on and expanding the capabilities and utilizations of blockchain technology and so it is indeed time for Plan B you know back in the day they did a little

Contest on Twitter where they say you know you can your second part you know why is it time for Plan B and I said because plan a won't abort itself you know this is a choice that will have to come from the

People and the people have spoken bitcoin is alive and well eight thousand damn things as we speak right now you know and this is what we're gonna talk about we're gonna be talking about the transition we're gonna be talking about

The cool things that's happening over at crypto calm you know as well as well as some point-of-sale advertisements contest promotions you know and a little bit of the technical analysis using the boss method you know that we've all come

So near and dear with so if this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby you are now rocking with the best my name is became known as the crypto trader

I'm the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out every day I graced this microphone with my voice is another day you can profit as a result we got 20 people rocking out with me inside the first couple minutes

What's going on everybody good to see you good to be seen I need to go ahead and share this video real quick – ah number one Bitcoin group in the world hashtag one bitcoin type it in on facebook if you haven't done it yet come

On in the doors are always open twenty thousand of my best friends come together seven days a week to keep each other empowered and in profit in the marketplace and so this is where we do it the number one Bitcoin group in the

World we have a free $50 promotion that we're sponsoring with crypto calm you can literally just click that link in this post to win and then we want to share this video as well so we want to get you know this message out to the

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We're giving away $50 as well as a ongoing promotion I literally just click that link right there and we'll get into that promotion towards the end of this video so let me make sure you guys can see it because I don't think you can

Main presentation screen boom boom boom boom I need this one as my bad my bad my bad sometimes I forget that I gotta click it over so yeah number one Bitcoin group in the world this is the post right here

That I just put up free Bitcoin giveaway you click that top link to subscribe click the second link to win $50 free from crypto comm just with signing up for the point of selfies at MC o Visa card that they have and then we have a

Link to today's free Bitcoin video for time for Plan B right make sure we get this thing lined up right there you go so what's going on with my people in the chat good evening that the Dark Horse Max your Valley Claudio what's going on

Loud and clear wholeness and balance of operations to the couches spoken to build it thank you for joining me BK did you see the pump I am sure you see which one I just dumped a bunch of profits and CRO and flexible earning at

Twelve percent that's what I'm talking about my hands low that's what I'm talking about man this is money on money right now uh you know it feel good earn at 12% especially in a market where you know you don't know if Bitcoin go jump

Up the 92 Laight down to 76 right I said I can't see the link what's going on what's going on just loading no video are we good oh let me make sure you guys oh that's probably old because I didn't click over

So yeah so this is this is the website right crypto calm if you don't know now you know this is a one of the coolest black chain startups of the last two or three years they basically rebranded Monaco MCO converted

It over to crypto calm and build out a plethora of cool software tools and you know almost built like a whole community around this brand of empower in the world through accessibility and ease of use software to make acquiring and using

Blockchain technology as a currency very very very accommodating right and so one of the things I wanted to talk about was if you follow him on Twitter this is actually a tweet that they did from San Francisco I used to live in the Bay you

Know shout out the Daly City let's to shout out to the four one five out that way you know it was too expensive man they wanted like fo five grand for for one-bedroom downtown I couldn't do it couldn't do it you know couldn't do it

But I did it for a while then I had to go back I had to go to that land after that say say a friend Miami and now boss walking on the west coast down in Los Angeles the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus spreading the word that 2020 is time for

Plan B let's get the twenty started right more to come hashtag time for Plan B you know this is one of just the cool things that they're doing like you think of a bus and how many people actually see that bus you

Know down downtown LA they might not even know what bitcoin is much less have it you know but then it starts to get their mind working with what is plan a you know plan a is the current debt death and destruction known as the USD

Why is the USD so bad for personal wealth right well it's a simple thing called inflation and if you don't know what what inflation is just think of it as a balloon the bigger you inflate a balloon what's going to happen

Eventually that balloon is going to pop and there goes the value that you thought you had that is essentially what we have going you know going strong since the great 60s since Alan Greenspan spanned out that green

Back through the use of digital protocols and fractional reserve lending and you know all the derivatives Wall Streeters has come to run the world by you know essentially what it did is it deflated the purchasing power that you

Have right so inflation is actually deflation of your consumer purchasing power and so these guys are leading the charge with regards to providing a point-of-sale product for you to actually use anywhere visa is accepted

You know on the Bitcoin side right this is on the blockchain their coin is on the blockchain and they have all these little bitty cards running around the world right now I got one of them and it's really really cool this app

Connects to it a card connects to their CRO token and the mcl token you can literally you know trade it for different coins you can you can uh you know trade it from your wallet to your card from the card to the

Wallet back the theory of Biman's ripple I think they have a hundred coins that are accessible and then you can stack it you can stock it to where you actually earn up to eighteen percent you know just by storing the coins on your

Platform so you know my man um Michael said he made money probably using a boss method you know and now he just threw it in that which is a new bank account paying twelve percent if you don't know interest rates are about to go negative

Which means essentially you will have to pay you will have to pay the bank to keep your money you know and this is actually a talk right now look negative interest rates and negative interest rates yeah

11 trillion buns globally trade at negative interest rates like this is happening right now you know exam and so again we use all of this to our advantage we need to understand the playing field to better

See where we should be with regards to the game in general when you look at the coin that they have the CRO token itself this is a top 24 coin this isn't you know on the on the 3rd you know page 3 page 4 Craigslist I used to say that's

How you get aids back in the day you click that bottom button you know on trading view and you go down shopping there you know page 4 page 5 coin 564 you think you got a winner will it look all good you know until you get burned

You know and sometimes it ain't no coming back from that so we stick to the top because we understand when money flows money is water they teach us and trickle-down economics that it comes in through the top so as long as we stick

To the top we have a very very good chance to maximize our likelihood of gaining that money when it flows and guess what we got this tool called the boss method right here it's quite amazing as to simple moving averages a

Seven and a 77 and you can see on the 7 and 77 right here you know we would have jumped in and jumped out like double that's a good two or three times and maximized since December guys on crypto calm itself that's 34 percent jump back

In right here and we still in there riding this thing north of 17 percent right now right so this isn't indeed the real deal now you can see why I've done so many videos on this company because they literally have a product a process

And a I'm sure they got a patent on it too that's literally change in the world so it's cool when you when you click on different sources you know in the different community listings and

Articles that they have I guess they just had an AMA with the CEO this was back a couple days ago and so one of the things that they mentioned was the different cards that they have again that auto different options they have

You got Amazon Prime on their private jets I've never been on a private jet I haven't even and so one of the things I wanted to mention that I've talked about before where DS syndicate events and they actually have one coming up to

Essentially what they do what does they send the kid event well a syndicate is you know crypto comm is an exchange so when you look at all the coins that they currently offer when they go offer a new coin they basically give you a discount

To go buy that coin on their exchange right and they call it a syndicate so essentially back back in January I think they did AOS at like half off so at the time AOS was like two dollars or something right

And crypto yeah it was like two dollars a couple months ago when they did this and crypto comm was selling it for 50% off using their token so essentially it's free money again free money to use the utility token that they have driving

This whole machine in the background and that's why this chart has been literally off the charts because it works and when you have a point of sale product that leverages blockchain technology and they have these different business models

Working in the backend finance they at the same thing they did you know you have air drops for different different coins to just get distribution into economy well finance does the same thing they would do these air drops they would

Do these free giveaways if you trade X amount you know of this coin through this time it will give away you know ten thousand coins to the top ten thousand people something like that so essentially this is another version of

It to where they're actually doing one I think coming up with Adam Aton right and this is actually going to be inside the next week or so there you go we are having a Adam at 50% off and BTC

At 25% off yesterday during a trading competition right-eo s and stellar they've already done that as well so when you look at the charts it's like you can literally make money you know and when you know

What equities to hold using the boss method it's almost like free money right and these guys are you know some of the biggest players in the game that are supporting the community and facilitating the transition and doing it

And that's why I'm doing this doing this video right my man big michael said not to mention inflation at two to three percent just for holding you as the in your bank account exactly Michael I'll tell you a secret I went to the

University of Notre Dame they lied to the general public it's much higher than two to three percent it's literally four to five percent sometimes up eight to twelve percent depending on what part of the world you live in if you live in

Southern California downtown San Francisco your inflation rate is probably above 8 percent you know I'm saying and that's why they have to pay these guys two hundred thousand dollars a year because they got to turn around

And give it away just to keep living in San Francisco you know versus if you're in somewhere like San Antonio Texas your inflation rate is probably below two percent because maybe you're in a part of town where or El Paso Texas maybe

You're in a part of the city where's nothing really growing like that you know the same 2,000 people been there 2000 years and and that's what they like they just liked it the same way you know they don't know rose they buy in those

Schools they you know building a football stadium so that inflation is not as relevant as not as as big so across the board yes it's 2 to 3 percent across the board for the world but you have to remember

Some places are much much much more expensive much much more accelerated with regards to that inflation rate you know as it stands right and so yeah we can look at Adams chart to like Adam and that's something I wanted to do on this

Video cosmos this thing is actually I think this thing is setting up on a continuation this was actually one of the points we had in our profit package back about a month ago and this thing that's the top right there it's setting

Up to make a new cycle like basically that was our first little pop right there if you take it to right there that basically gives you a capstone of it that's our first little pop we're consolidating on the 3/2 and so once

Bitcoin and I'm doing another chart on BTC within the probably tomorrow once Bitcoin gets another pop to break 9200 you can see this thing it's like a snake man just constricting down here once it pops back up there stands on top of it

It's literally off to the next level a lot of this is based on Bitcoin but you can see in the background when like companies like this it's like it's already in the ether right there's no accident that Adams chart looks like

This and crypto comm is doing a 50% promotion inside the next month on it right everything is connected but when you use these metrics you don't really have to guess where the connection happens anymore the only thing you

Should know or you should care about is should you buy it and I've given you a method to tell you yes or no that is more than 80% accurate on average 7 is a 7 above the 77 yes it is buy it when it goes below salic BAM 30% you can't beat

It let's say you was up here let's say you was up here right is the 7 below 277 sell it get out John bagging it right there you just saved 10% you know oh but wait BK wait it went down right there okay

Okay so what you save 10% on the fall and maybe you lost the percent right there but it's like what actually and I teach my people in the trading group this is why we have the resources on Bossa Bitcoin calm the profit package

This is why if you serious about making money that's how you do it right there sign up for some of the tools and resources or even jump in on the community and post the atom chart and say hey guys what do you think but

Actually I teach my people that once we get that once we get that intersection right there that's like a whole that's like a yellow light you don't you shouldn't be buying it down there cuz essentially we're underwater so you want

To wait until we get above the line so technically your first buy would have been right there and then you're right and clean and clear you know and you can literally just swing it on up a lot easier right you can literally see like

And these are longer holds and this is on the 343 so if you want to go on a 77 obviously you'll trade a lot more but on the 343 like you hold this thing for three and a half weeks 21% hold it for another two and a half

Weeks 26% hold it for another let's see where this one was 17 days 12% maybe you missed that training you just let it ride you know you was at work you couldn't jump in Oh BAM got right there 40 days 33 percent right and they gave

It to you half off you know I'm saying on the next run so it's like it's like this is the real time and again with Adam atm I'll tell you there's three parts to any cycle break out break down flatline we are entering the flatline

Phase right now right more than likely at flatline phase is gonna be ending right there and so say all that to say this everything is connected Adam is a good coin to be looking at but

When you have some of the top software blockchain startup companies in the world they call them SAS software as a service whereas the CRO is their utility that's kind of the guts the blood of blood of the engine it's a it's a new

Business model but it works and it's and it's building a community and they're using really really innovative point-of-sale advertising to get the job done right so one of the things if you're definitely interested in getting

Set up with crypto comm we do have a promotion running on the boss of Bitcoin page right here click on promotions use this referral code right y'all if you do that and you type in BK right there you give $50 and I get $50 it's pretty cool

You know and it's literally just that simple you go in and you set it up and you I think you have to stake 500 MCO and then they throw you $50 for doing it and then on top of that you have these other different unique opportunities to

Get set up with some new blockchain technologies that are going to literally change the world right so all of that goes to say this is definitely time for Plan B why is it time to plan B BK because plan or time to plan B why does

It have to plan B because plan a will not abort itself they are still in Washington printing fake money you know call it the Federal Reserve well it's not federal and it has no reserves right and that green piece of paper in your

Wallet has no value the only value it has is the willingness for someone else to accept it the minute someone changes their mind they change their work change of values change your mind change your work right

It's literally just that simple so there you go it's just that easy to get paid guys this is kind of like an informational video I didn't want to make it too much along the technical side I think Adam you know is definitely

Set up setting up for a continuation breakout and again part of the reason behind the scenes is because this is happening right it's going to be a lot of money coming into Adam and so I think you know one of the thumbnails I thought

About doing when I was looking at CRO and the token and we talked about it in the group that's been running man it's like 30% 40% in a couple months it's like the little engine that could is like nobody really knows about it but it

Just thinks it can it thinks it can and they have a really good team I've talked with their team you know they're over in Hong Kong making noise man I used to work in the financial industry I'm actually I'm probably get back into it

Somebody go give me a nice cushy salary to sit there and tell them what I know about black training about how to make money in the digital space for these big hundred million dollar products and I'm gonna take their money and say thank you

Very much I will be back in that space very soon but these guys like you know it's like the underdog that you know they're not really a underdog because they're literally doing it better than anybody else in the game you know but

It's like they it's so early in the game that nobody even knows who's keeping score or much less who's winning the game and these guys are winning the game because they keep working they keep grinding you know and and the charts

Don't lie men lie women lie numbers don't lie and when you have you know equity returns of you know 40 percent plus you know inside of 40 days that's pretty amazing and it just you know those that pay homage and respect to

What they're doing as a result so again boss of Bitcoin comm you click on that promotions tab type in BK for free $50 promotion and that is the same link that we share in the Facebook group so if you just click on that link right yeah it'll

Literally take you to the exact same set up you know type in BK on the promotion and you'll be good to go right so there you go guys thank you so much for joining me I appreciate each and

Every one of you how many people do we have rocking out with me 45 I am we get him back up there man I appreciate you you know I'm says man it's been a long time coming so if you can attack let's do this let's get let's show y'all some

Love I pulled a typo to chat up so we could we could get you guys some prime time if you in the chat shot your country I'll let the people know what city you rockin in from and then I'll do another chart real quick

Interesting interested in charting Z cache or et Cie and mi man set et Cie right after that so let's do that et si I haven't done in theory implies some time but it looks pretty good right and it's crazy it's like this is

Literally the year on an underdog when you look at Bitcoin cast nobody was talking about Bitcoin cast including me you know going into 2020 right but when you go back in the 2017 that's all people were talking about was Bitcoin

Cast you know and I told you win it before it even before the first coin was minute it was between 10 and 30 percent of bitcoins value right so instead of it being point O 3 it was like 0.13 to 0.23 BTC you see them Sam so this little run

Right here granted it's a lot but it's nothing compared to what it was back when this thing first came out right this thing was like up there up there right and so now this is literally like the very beginning of a macro reversal

Of the entire market right the market is like 90% down you know on on the past year-and-a-half 18 months right so again one thing you should know again this goes with all the coins is when you have all three moving averages come together

Like what we did in ATC right about young right once you see that 231 start to flatline especially when you see that 77 and that seven pop above it with some volume that's when you need to look at buying it

Right like right here was your chance to buy with little to no risk I would have put a stop loss at the bottom of that loop right there none of them candles hit that thing so you would have been in it the whole way up right and so now

Essentially you have a situation where this thing is started to run right but you have this gap that it's filling and this is where things started to go crazy this was basically the area to chart where the floors became the ceiling

Right and so that's where it's going to run in the turbulence which is what it's doing right now and it normally doesn't clear it on the first time it normally hits it up here and then it comes back down sits flat hits it again goes up

Comes down stands on top of it and starts running your ceilings am so this is just like the first little test I think for this area and you can go in and kind of plot you know those different intersections and there that's

One that's one and that's one and it's basically like turbulence you know I'm saying is like dr. Chuck and it has to get through all levels before it's clear because when it was breaking down those were like the different turbulent zones

You know where it was like shaking on the way down use it on Sam and so it is literally going to have to do the exact same thing before it stands on top of it so when was your chance to buy it your chance to

Buy it was back there you see as soon as that 77 one above that 231 that's when you want to look at jumping in with that seven on top now more than likely is gonna stay flat you have a pretty good chance you know of running another six

Percent higher but then again it'll probably come down and cool down before it continues to escalate but I think if you're looking at investing then yeah ATC or mining et Cie is not a bad coin like is literally the exact same as

Aetherium museums and for like a fraction of the price and that's why I like ATC much much much better you know as an investment vehicle basically because now you're buying time for the asset to accumulate in

Value as opposed to a speculate when and where that will happen right so there you go let's see who we got rocking out wit me right now if you haven't done it hit that thumbs up button we got 22 people rocking out with me right now

Live on the air 32 something like that it thumbs up button I appreciate each and every one of you if you just joining us you know subscribe right now join the money team you know and we gonna keep this thing on wheels and keep on rollin

Baby shout out to the Dark Horse who wanted to see theta we can't do it but I will try to get to that in a future video you talk game a crypto thank you for joining Maryland good to see you shout out to the terpenes down there

I remember Dominique Dawes you know she went to Maryland you know whatever happened um he now knows that when he listened it hit me up girl I remember you Alaska was going on Napa Valley boss

Walking on the west coast Philly in the building and South Carolina California SoCal may be one of them so there you go everybody thank you so much for joining me I do appreciate you guys is good to jump on here and help you again crypto

Comm jump on there and get set up if you haven't done it already $50 promotion on boss abit Bitcoin calm just click on that little promoters tab over there in the corner and you will be well on your way to making some

Real-deal money in the markets with that being said everybody we do have the two products available again on the profit package if you jump on over to basta Bitcoin calm and just scroll down these are the two products like the literally

$50 for the first month for the profit package this is our most popular option especially for people just literally just starting to trade you know we have a community I think 20 or 30 people and I is really insightful I try to make

Videos every day if not every other day to give you the insight we come out with the top seven coins that says every Wednesday I actually send it out every Friday you know and then and I think it's very useful so

Profit packages available $50 for the first month VIP trading group is a kind of like the shark shark tank you know we ain't we ain't gonna be no wheels we go stay trim we go stay fit and we go eat they Gus as often as possible that's the

VIP trading group where you have some of the top crypto traders in the world posting their insights and intellect with regards to the charts as well so those are your two options everybody and we do have the free crypto trading

Communities Bossa bitcoin calm Facebook and the trading view as well be be Kelly 1203 click that link right yum and you'll be able to follow me on that site so thank you very much everybody for joining me

We got Philly LA and South Carolina in the building as will that being said everybody is that time of day signing out boats boy BK no matter where you say Brazil tube a telephone I ate all the way back out to jerk money good night

Good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you feet time hit that thumbs up button one time do that for me you appreciate my till we meet again stay cryptic y'all like a boss

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