TIKTOK FOR BUSINESS (What You Need to Know about TikTok Social Media Marketing)

by birtanpublished on August 28, 2020

Hey everybody welcome back to the channel in this video I'm talking about tick tock for businesses now this is something that is kind of a strange subject definitely a new subject and in recent past if you go on YouTube and look up tick tock you really only find

Like code eco videos that are kind of cringe reactions to the videos on tick tock because originally tick tock started off with a lot of the very very young people so like the Generation Z or like the Generation alpha maybe like the

Very young people and some of their videos were a little bit cringy but now that it's really growing and expanding as a platform it's really undeniable that there is definitely a lot of marketing potential there for businesses

So if you are a business and you are considering any kind of social media marketing and you're ignoring tick tock then I think you really need to watch this video to better understand the potential for tick tock how many users

It has and how you could be using tick tock to make more money and a more successful marketing plan so in this video I want to break down essentially what is tick tock why you might want to use it and how you should expect to use

It if you decide to use tick tock in your marketing plan now starting off with what is tick tock it's actually the fastest growing app in 2019 it started 3 years ago as musically now it's tick tock and it now has well as of

Quarter as of hue 1 in 2019 it had 500 million users so now later in 2019 I'm sure it has well above 500 million it's really hard to get an exact number on it because it's growing so rapidly but I believe in q1 from my statistics I'll

Link the sources down below they gained 118 million users in quarter one of 2019 so that's what I saw which is an unbelievable number which is on track to become one of the biggest social media platforms out there yet and because it's

Growing so fast there's this massive deficit for creators so people that start creating on tick tock draw so much faster than they would on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter or any of these other platforms that are starting to get

A little bit more saturated so tick tock in itself has a lot of growth potential has a large user base combined those two and you have a very large opportunity for marketing for businesses and I'll get into what kind of businesses should

Be considering tick tock in a minute as a quick aside this is my first video in a quick miniseries about tick tock so I will be talking about how to set up a tick-tock profile for businesses I'll talk about

How to monetize on tick-tock and I'm also going to talk about how to make tick tock ads so three more videos if you are interested in seeing those make sure you go down and click the subscribe button in the Bell icon and then after

This video head on over to the channel to find those videos but let's talk a little bit more about what tick tock really is now tick tock is essentially for those of you who have not used it kind of a mix of I would say Instagram

Stories and vine so you kind of have the scroll the infinite scroll concept of vine and you don't have to really follow people it's kind of just for use type stuff like there's gonna be stuff that you know that the algorithm chooses and

Shows you based on what you're interested in based on what's popular right now and that's what you're gonna find in the infinite scroll and it's a little bit like Instagram stories in that they're kind of like little

15-second Clips you can have little filters on there they're almost all videos obviously I guess you could technically have 15 seconds of a photo but nobody nobody does that they're all videos and so you can either make the

Videos on the app itself or you can make them in like Premiere Pro and then upload them from your phone and I'll talk about both of those in this video as well but it's really just kind of this mashup of different apps that we've

Seen before in kind of a new layout or new style and it's definitely very addicting anybody that's tried this you can say is so easy to just keep drawing it just keeps scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and unlike Twitter or

Instagram there is no spot that says you're all caught up you're good you're done and then you get off the app know for this you can just keep going like forever so because of that people spend more and more time on this app it's

Really spreading among the younger people and starting to move up and I mean I'm saying this I'm 23 right now so even some of my friends are starting to use tick-tock I have it just because I'm starting to learn about it for marketing

Purposes but it's definitely something that is becoming more viral as far as social media goes now when you're using this app I'll show you how to set it up but what businesses should really be considering tick tock when you're

Looking at your marketing plan so I think the first group and probably the most obvious group would be the influence or marketers so people that are basically just out there to be popular and then they're going to make

You know money from sponsored posts or things like that where they're advertising for like makeup or they're advertising for a watch or something like that so they grow a large a influence people follow

Them and because they have a large network companies will come and say hey if you wear our watch we'll give you you know $5,000 or whatever right so because of that like those people would be great for tick-tock because they can grow very

Quickly and really their audience is all that matters the size of the audience it's not so much about the click-through rate and stuff like that for them because one drawback with tick-tock right now is it's a little bit tricky to

Monetize so you don't really have links all over there like you can on YouTube you don't get paid for ads like you would on YouTube and you don't have like the link and bio setup that you have or the swipe up to you know go to the links

That you have on Instagram so it's still a developing app in some sense how you can monetize it they're starting to at least from what I've heard right now they have a beta rolling out with the link in bio so people can start linking

Out to different websites different sponsors different affiliate links and once they have that it should be better for the affiliate marketers so tick-tock right now is definitely the Wild West of social media and people don't really

Know what works what doesn't work so far all we know that really does work is the simple kind of goofy you know again very very simple videos of people just kind of doing dumb stuff but we don't know will educational videos work will like

Inspiring videos work well marketing type stuff work and so we suspect that it will be working very well in the future as more and more people start to move to tick-tock but right now it's a very large young audience and a lot of

These people may have never even had Facebook so very big divide in a lot of the older generation people with what they think social media is in the newer generation with what they think social media is and so because of that I want

To ask you guys right now go down and comment and let me know what you think of tick tock do you think it has a massive potential and is the next big thing with social media marketing or do you think it's kind of just a craze a

Fad that is really hard to make money on and will ultimately end up fading away so comment that down below I'm interested to hear that but also another statistic I thought was interesting talking about how younger people are

Using this I believe it's 41% of users on tik-tok as of earlier this year we're between the ages of 16 and 23 so a massive group of youth on this audience on this platform here now the other group of people that may be

Interested in putting their business out there on tik-tok would be anybody selling an online product or an online service for that matter because it's pretty easy to get people excited about it and then they can go and just buy it

Online and yes there is no linking right now no direct linking but if you're talking about like a watch or something like that it can be very easy to just show it and make your videos entertaining and people eventually start

Looking up your watch and you can gain a little bit more traction so it's a relatively low effort platform the videos are each 15 seconds but up to 60 seconds if you splice a couple together but still 15 to 60 seconds is a really

Short video and it should be fairly easy to make with all the filters on there all the music that they have on there and they really make it as like almost idiot-proof as possible so creating should be so simple and should require

So little effort that all you have to do is be creative and think about something entertaining and funny in a short little skit and somehow implement your brand in there and suddenly you have an effective ad that can go viral and people can

Watch it and at the very least you gain a lot of exposure for your brand now the third group would essentially be the larger companies that are just looking for exposure and maybe you're not showing like a specific product so

For example I saw Walmart on there recently now that was a paid ad but I'm sure they have a lot of non paid ads as well or not just I guess non-paid to post really is what they would be and so big businesses like Walmart are really

Starting to capitalize on the potential of this new platform and so let's go into the app right now I want to show you guys what I'm talking about because there are also paid sponsorships like paid post you can have on there and I'll

Talk about that in another video actually how you can set up your own tik-tok ads which is obviously a very powerful way it's such a large platform right now you can definitely get a lot of exposure and the ads are something

That you should definitely be considering okay so here we are on tick-tock and you'll see that it kind of has this very interesting layout here where instead of having like a traditional feed that we have on

Instagram this is like a full-screen video and you just swipe up and down to go to other videos and they kind of automatically go to the next one anyway and you'll see here also they're not necessarily just

People I follow it's not just my friends that's where it kind of comes a little bit more on the vine side where it is a lot more browsing with random things so I have no idea who made this video but I'm watching it and so it's the for you

Page on the top there's also following there if you follow people you can go and see like that's Nate's thing right there he was in Manhattan in a helicopter I guess but so there's this kind of two different sides to the app

And for the most part people spend a lot of time in the for you page and like I said before as far as statistics go on average people spend 55 minutes a day on this app and I would argue most of that is almost definitely just swiping

Through the for you page so going down you'll see that you have hashtags on these they all have music on them they have kind of stupid little like very very short captions people don't really read the captions as much but for the

Most part like see this girl right here is probably selling some kind of workout right so she's probably like you watch that you subscribed to her she shows you a workout every day and maybe you buy a fitness plan from her so that's a great

Way for somebody to capitalize and start making money on here now going across the bottom so home is where this is right here the following and for you you can go over to discover and see some different hashtags so it is very similar

To Instagram in the general infrastructure of the app you'll see right here having different hashtags you can go and check them out so if we want to say like Christmas ball and right there you can add it to your favorites

You can also hit the little record button and add something to that hashtag then we go over to little plus much like Instagram this little plus is going to be just like us we can make a video right now making it super easy to do as

Well so if we just hit the record button it's like recording what I'm saying right now you can add filters on it later you can add music to it later and it's just overall really really easy to do so right now it's doing that we

Can add effects and I'm not going to go through and show you guys how to actually like make this whole post right now because you can go through here and see what effects there are they might change they might add new ones so we're

Gonna exit that over we have inbox right there inbox will tell you again a lot like Instagram you have direct messages in the top corner and you also have the typical notifications therefore who followed you

Who liked your stuff who commented and then lastly you get over to your page your profile and you'll see that you don't I don't have a clickable link yet which is one drawback but overall it looks really really similar to Instagram

In a lot of ways so talking about the type of content people make for tik-tok it's generally not as refined as what we see on Instagram or even on YouTube especially where YouTube's turning into like the new TV like people don't watch

Cable as much as they watch YouTube now and then instagrams like the perfect life tik-tok is definitely more on the vine side when you're creating stuff of just like goofy simple things that are really low production quality like

People don't go out and buy a fancy DSLR to do tik-tok stuff most times people are just using their phone for that and so that kind of gives you this amateur aspect there where it's like a lot of lip-syncing a lot of like funny videos

Just people jumping around doing stuff and it's so simple that pretty much anybody could really get into it and start becoming like tick tock famous right so as you start putting stuff out there if people like it it grows on

Their algorithm more and more people are exposed to it and you can start getting the snowball effect as you really start to grow your influence there so some drawbacks now the first one like I said is you don't have links the second one

Is you also don't have locations so if you're like a local dentist I don't know if putting your content out on Tech Talk is really going to help you that much of course maybe you can have locations I haven't found it yet maybe they're gonna

Update that eventually and have that kind of like how Instagram has it but at least for now that's not something that I've been seeing now another drawback is you are limited to 150 characters per post so like you really can't put much

Below there in the description but that kind of relates to it's mostly just video people don't care about like that's 150 characters is almost definitely going to be like at least 50% hashtags so most of that's going to be

Getting exposure in different places people don't spend a lot of time reading what the caption is for the video now another thing to talk about here is if we go up to the top right you can go to analytics because I have a business

Profile and I'm actually making a separate video in the future to show you guys how to set up a tik-tok business profile so starting from nothing how to make your profile make a business profile

And make it as effective as possible and I'll dive through here and show you guys what the analytics actually show you in that video but for the most part it looks again really similar to Instagram so I think a lot of the engineers the

Software guys at tic toc probably had a pretty good look at Instagram figured out what worked what didn't work and they use that when making this app which is why we see so much parallelism to the Instagram app and of course Instagram is

A great platform Instagram it works really well a lot of people actually make a full-time living on that there's so much money flowing around Instagram that tik-tok right here it makes sense that because it's a new platform looks

Like Instagram getting a large user base like Instagram it really is worth considering you know this might be a good idea a good opportunity because it's such the Wild West right now if you start on tik-tok you can grow so much

Faster because nobody really knows exactly how to grow on tik-tok yeah nobody knows you know can you have educational content can you have marketing content can you have like a lot of influence or type content or is

It mostly just like the goofy simple videos and so right now people are kind of you know morphing it a little bit pushing the boundaries making kind of goofy content that can be educational goofy content that can be a little bit

More like inspiring like there's different content out there Gary Vee is somebody who is trying to be a pioneer in the marketing side of it and so I recommend maybe you go check him out if you want but overall guys that's what I

Have to say about Tech Talk for businesses do you think it's a good idea or not is it just a craze or is it the next big thing for social media comment down below I actually really want to hear it from you guys this is a really

Interesting and very new topic and I will be making many more videos on this in the future so if you like this one make sure you go down and subscribe as always guys thanks for watching I'll see you next time

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