Tiger of Sweden 8.000 USD unboxing – Males’s vogue clothes

published on July 3, 2020

yeah I have a million visits just

thought to make a great news so you have

some group beets and apples and mints

and a grapefruit hey guys looks

delicious so we roll cheers guys I'm

ready to do the unboxing rasmus I'm

totally ready

we have $8,000 worth of Tiger of Sweden

so it's gonna be awesome and I just

heard that there didn't every man is on

his way it's the delivery man I'm

rolling with the owner we need to unpack

whoops so far coming from a brain called

Tiger Sweden this is not sponsored

sorry the language I think we have how

many items do we have 14 myself you know

enough accent so I think we should grab

a juice breakfast yes and get to it

cheers Cheers

we have to do some different light light

settings what's up Merson what are you

doing I'm sharpening the knife now ready

to get to work

it's one box yes guys Cheers

so yes that some tubes to make some sort

of things

now the rag is finished let's hang all

the accents from the order resins

bio-port sounds good


no it's the back I can see you have

clean the sofa area that's the way you

clean wow you have a cup of soup so I

can see this is exciting

it comes in carry bags very high end

that's a spicy what do you do with the

trash I'm going forward to unpack from

the transport bags i opening a stove be

careful rasmussen now it's gonna be

interesting to see if it fits

but then that you'll be able to see in

episodes coming out later and if

something here doesn't fit will of

course return it and check out how fast

we will get our money back so stay tuned

so let's check out the back

here we have a travel back and this one

it's a key book that's enough space to

two belongings if you're traveling for a

week or day it's very nice and neat so

you can have one set of closing I like


polished shoes super nice maybe you

should wear them for wedding or

something or if you just want to look

very very smart at the work we also got

some cufflinks it's a very minimalistic

design it's not too loud so I like that

here we have another belt it looks

accidentally a little bit oversized

extremely oversized but it's a part of

the style we have the rope here it's

like a fur it looks a little bit like

rasmus fur jacket isn't it nice pretty

cool right so Rasmus I think I will have

to prove one what do you think we don't

have to find out I actually like both

colors it's definitely a keeper

so business we're ready for unboxing I'm

a tuxedo we already made a video what's

that love you we have one more here

and it's a grayish color blazer pretty

dope and what do we have here this one

is a real tuxedo here we have jagged

that's not nice laughs nice for inside

can't wait

don't showed yet a password I don't

think it's going Restless and can you

hand me my juice thank you looks good Oh

looks flashy same cut which one do you

like the most it's all different styles

but I definitely like the black one and

the army one now you just need a girl to

marry refuse you just need the bride for

that jacket that's the last one oh this

is a classic one this one is definitely

also one of my favorites yeah I could

wear for work every day

what are you doing marasmus we had an

agreement yeah you could not wear until

next episode it looks so fun okay cool

try this one on

look we can't show anymore we can't show

anymore what about the tuxedo dress was

the black one really hope it's the right

size they're happy with the dress listen

I just feel like I need to open a

champagne slow down all right

nope knit an opener

per minute I thought it was gonna

explode why don't you hang the tuxedo

and get yourself together Rasmus we have

a turtleneck I think this one will try

to pair with with the tuxedo little bit

we have a white and we'll try to pair it

with maybe the navy blue or the gray

blazer I'm just looking forward to

trying the jackets on this leather

jacket it's pretty cool

and I like this one as well and it's up

to this is all for today this is one of

the most expensive unboxings we have

ever made

that's right but it was really fun we

had three big boxes from Tiger Sweden so

now we're looking forward to try it on

and give you our opinion about the

pieces yeah and there you should stay

tuned for some awesome episode where

we'll try the clothing on it's looking

very sharp on you Rasmus thank you you

look royal I think I'm a little bit

wrong I'm looking for princess

that's right Rasmus you shoot in that

suit it looks right it looks very nice

on you we will shoot a lot more from

this unboxing we'll show you the pieces

on and therefore we will only say stay

tuned to watch more videos see you guys

next time


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