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by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

hello everyone and welcome to cloneville is HP and today it's masterclass time and I know that stacking cakes is sometimes the bane of your life a lot of you asked me what the best ways to do it is obviously crimson doilies makes a lot

Of stacked cakes here in the bakery and we've had lots of years of epic fails and massive successes so I'm going to teach you everything that we know here at quandary is about how to stack cakes

And you might think that stacking cakes are simply a case of putting one cake on top of the other well down that road lies disaster guys that you definitely don't want to just do that cakes really heavy so anything that you put on top of

It it's going to be wearing it down slowly over time you might find that stacking one cake on top of the other works just fine for two minutes or three minutes but after say half an hour to an hour you might discover that the bottom

Cake is absolutely annihilated and that is no good especially if you're making a wedding cake or something really special so it's really important to support your cakes and also we found at crumbs and doilies that having a central pillar

Through the entire cake is vital especially if you're transporting the cake any length of distance if you're assembling the cake on site and you don't have to move it too much then you could probably forego this bit but if

You have to drive your cake anywhere or anything like that or even move it from one room to another I highly recommend following all these steps so with that in mind and I know to talk about the cake boards so as you can see we've got

Three cakes here and they are all on what's called a cake drum but what you can't see in the two smaller cakes is the fact that they're actually ice directly onto a thin cake board such as this and this cake board has a hole in

The middle and the reason that we ice our cakes directly onto a thin board like this is not only because it helps us to handle it better so we can have something between the cake and our hands moving it around but also it's something

Solid to sit on top of the pillars which are going to support your cake so it's really important that you do that this one has a hole in it in the middle and you might be thinking how do I get a hole in the middle of my cake board well

There's a number of ways but the first thing to do is to cut a piece of greaseproof paper at the same size so I'm just gonna draw around one of my cake boards here and then cut that out using some sharp scissors and then with

Your circle you can just go ahead and fold that a number of times and obviously that is gonna now be the middle in that corner and then using a scissors again just cut a tiny piece out of the middle and then if you open it

Out you have a hole in the middle and then you can use that to put back onto your cake board to mark in the middle of your cake board and now there's a number of ways that you can make a hole if you have if you have to do a lot of cakes if

You're you know making cakes like this regularly then I highly recommend clamping some together and using a drill to go through all of them that's actually also quite satisfying if you just do one at a time you could do this

With a really sharp knife obviously be very very careful or the point of some scissors here crumbs and doilies we have this amazing thing which I believe is for actually probably something to have clothes maybe belts but it punches the

Hole out so I'm just gonna do that all right so that's a nice hole and if you are doing lots of cakes

I'd recommend having one of these for every size of cake that you're ever gonna do just just to be the template because it really does help finding the middle of your cake it's just very useful to have moving on swiftly so now

We need to put the central pillar in now obviously the biggest cake is going at the bottom it's gonna be my big cake and I have ice that directly onto a cake drum and that is gonna be the cake board so this doesn't need to be lifted off

The skateboard ever I also have a paper template here which I made earlier and to find the middle of this because we want to put the pillar in the middle obviously because we're then gonna use that as a Center for everything else so

Just go ahead and put your template right on top of the cake which is chilled by the way make sure your cakes or chills are they're much easier to handle and then put your pillar right in the middle and it's a good idea as you

Push down to twist as well it helps to make it continue to go in straight and once you've hit the bottom you can carefully take away your paper template and then you have your nice straight pillar in the middle and that is going

To stabilize everything so you can move this bad boy around now the next thing to do is to put the supporting pillars in and these are gonna take the weight of all the other cakes so this is very very important there's a lot of things

You can use some people like to go and use like bobbity straws and if you can get hold of those for free then by all means do they're pretty good these are actually specifically designed for this purpose so they are I got these from a

Cake decorating website and they're super strong and sturdy and they're really useful for this now hopefully you have given your cake a nice even level layer of buttercream or even sugar paste and if you put a spirit level on it it

Will be nice and straight but you know sometimes that's just not possible guys because working them so give it a level as possible when you're decorating it then have a good look around just to see if there is a higher point or a lower

Point so you want to look for the the highest side if you have one this one's actually pretty good because that's gonna be the height that we measure all the supporting peles against so grab one of

Your pillars or your Baba tees rules and we're going to put three in so using your central pillar is like the middle of a triangle and remembering that your cake is slightly smaller than this one put your first pillar in just somewhere

In between the edge and the pillar so again just twist it as you push it down to help it to stay straight and once you hit the batter obviously you have now got a very large dowel in your cake which you don't want to have

Because this needs to support stuff so I've got my edible pen here and I'm going to mark a little line just above the surface of the cake because what we want is for the next cake to be supported by the pillars rather than the

Cake because you don't want to have any danger of it kind of squishing in any way so here we go okay so with that marked now you need to remove this pillar very carefully so I would also twist it back the other way just so you

Don't like drag any massive chunks of cake out in the process because this is now going to be our template for the other two pillars and I am going to be using a pair of secateurs which are these guys these are the things you've

Probably got in your shed for your gardening and they were also really handy for cake decorating if these are pretty sturdy things and scissors don't always cut it if you don't have literally cut it if you don't have a

Pair of secateurs you could use a little saw like a hacksaw or something but these are really handy and quick so now you then need to mark the dowel with this one to get them all the same length so now we have three identically sized

Pillars which we now need to put in the cake so put your first one back in and then put the other two in evenly spaced like a triangle but all my three pillars in now before I move on to stacking I want to make sure

That everything else needs to be pillared so the middle tear of my three-tier cake also needs killers so they basically support the top case so once you have your three pillars before you put them into your cake just stand

Up against each other and make sure they are all the same size and if they're not just give them a little trim but these are all perfect so you might have seen already when you put your pillars in that some of them raised

A little bit higher than the cake and that's absolutely fine that means that your dowels are level and maybe your cake isn't don't take it personally because we're gonna fix it all up and it's gonna look finely so what you need

Next is royal icing and I like to use royal icing to stick each cake to the next cake just because it dries really firm and yes I could really solid glue you could use buttercream but again if that

Softens it's not gonna really have the same sticking power so royal icing will always be my preferred option and you don't have to use a lot but I would I would say this is to make it a little bit stick so that it actually doesn't

Sort of ooze out the sides of your to sandwich cakes and I'm just using a flat pallet knife to put it on and I'm going to put a little bit on over the top of each pillar first of all just spread that around but

Make sure that you don't go past the area where your next cakes gonna be otherwise it will look really really messy but I think that's it so now comes the scary bit I mean it's kind of scary but once you do so you need to get this

Cake off this cake drum I'm gonna use a palette knife this one is a cranked palette knife just to give me a little bit of extra leeway and I'm going to run that under the entire cake just to loosen it so once you've loosened it

From the board gently slide your fingers underneath so get rid of your palette knife and grab it with both hands and take it over to your cake and just feel with your fingers for the hole in the bottom and

Find your central pillar line it up with your hole and just lower it down gently it'll burst through the top but don't worry and once it's halfway down just gently release your fingers and let it fall

So just tidy up any little bits that might have kind of burst out when you lowered your cake down and it's time to put the next one on we're gonna do it in exactly the same way but before you do just check that your central pillar

Isn't really high you don't want it to burst out of the top of your top tier because that's gonna really ruin things so mine's alright but if it's higher than the top then obviously just use your second toes again to just lick that

The next bit so it's exactly the same now that went well I'm just pushing down using a little piece of greaseproof paper make sure it's not crinkled at all just so that I don't have fingerprints

At the top of my cake and just to kind of stick it on even further that looks pretty good now there's a lot more to go on if there is fixings and holes to fill and drips to do let's get cracking hello welcome

Back so I've got my cake and I've put it onto a turntable now the reason I didn't start with this on a turntable is because well not only do I not need an extra five inches of stress and height to add to this equation

Also the turntable is a little bit wobbly so that is also stressed which I don't need so I have completed the stacking and then transferred onto the turntable and this is gonna really help with this last bit so it's not just the

End to just put it on put one cake on top of the other as you can see we have some gaps and we have some raggedy edges and I'm going to show you two really neat tricks to fix those after make them look really good the first one is the

Simplest and that is simply the filling so I have some yellow buttercream exactly the same color as this top tier in a piping bag and I've got a nice Brown nozzle this is a number four but you could probably get away with a 2.5

Or a three or anywhere between really and I'm going to start by filling that gap a little bit and then the next bit is really simple you want to use your finger or a paintbrush to smooth that out make sure

You keep a clean cross next to you all the time so you can just wipe your finger or your brush it's a little bit like Ceylon when you do your bathroom sealant but it tastes a lot better so just use your paintbrush to smooth out

That bit of extra buttercream you put on and remove any excess that is an incredibly satisfying thing to do I think you'll agree when you give it a go it's just so so fun especially when your tears are the same color and you get a

Completely flawless smooth join oh it's just really satisfying but there is another way of joining the two pieces and covering up any wrongdoings and that is by doing some piped beading and it's really simple and you use the same bag

With the same piping nozzle again and it's very straightforward you start with a blob pull it over and then you have a little fish and then start your next blob in the middle of your tail of your fish carry on

and once you're confident with it you can do all of that in one move and that is beautiful I think you'll agree and it really really easy and if

You wanted you can even use like a small star nozzle to make it a little bit more fancy but I quite like the simplicity of this I put one last trick up my sleeve and that is to give the middle tier a drip just to tie all these colors

Together and just make it look even more awesome and I've actually done a drip cake masterclass how-to on my channel so please go and check that out I'll tell you how to make all the right consistencies of ganache and white

Chocolate and how to color your white chocolate be this amazing color pink and I'm going to go ahead and drip it right now so I've pipe all the way around with

These lovely drips and now I'm just gonna fill in that gap between the drip and the edge of the cake actually loved this cake it's really rocking my world so hopefully that has answered some of your questions about how to stack cakes

Yes it can feel like the most stressful thing in the world but I promise you if you've done it a couple of times it won't do all that stressful anymore and once you have all these little tips and hints under your belt you should be all

Right so I look forward to seeing some of your stacked cakes over on Instagram and please use the hashtag cupcake Gemma or cupcake Gemma bakes so that I can see your work if you have any questions about this masterclass then please do

Pop them in the comments box below and I'll do my best to answer them and if you have any other suggestions for masterclasses things you'd like to see me go in deep on then please also pop that in the

Comments box below so that's that I hope you enjoyed that I hope you've enjoyed how much my cake is matching my apron and if you are making a cake in the same colors and you want a matching apron – then head over to cupcake jvcom to bag

Yourself one of my cupcake generations and I'll be back on Thursday at the usual time but this one's going to be great because it's going to make this cake even more awesome because I'm going to show you how to do chocolate paint

Or straight so please tune in I will see that bye

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