Tidal VS Spotify 2019 (Honest Review)

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

What's going on guys welcome back to the channel in this video I'll be reviewing and comparing Spotify and title now I made recent videos comparing Spotify to Apple music and Spotify to Amazon music in in those videos a lot of people requested I compare Spotify to title now

Title claims to be the superior music app with the best music quality and the best interface and I'm gonna dive in in this video and figure out if that's actually true so I downloaded the title music app and I've been using it

Exclusively for quite some time now to really dive in and understand everything about the app and decide what I like and don't like about it I've also read a lot of reviews online and comments from other users comparing contrasting or two

To see what people actually like and what they don't like so I had the full analysis everything you need to know about both apps before you choose one now one thing I want to add is this video like all of my other videos is

Totally unspun surd I am not being paid by Spotify or by title unfortunately for this video so this is really just a true honest comparison to give you guys the inside information for which is the best music app out there

Okay so just a really quick brief intro here for those who don't know title is a much newer music app that claims to have the best audio available now since they were just created in 2014 they've also been bought out by jay-z since then so

They're owned by jay-z now and they're competing with Spotify directly even though Spotify has been around 8 years longer and as a result they have 20 times more users as of today they are still competing very heavily in their

Up-and-coming trying to overtake Spotify in the near future and I both have approximately the same library with music so Spotify and title both have between 30 and 40 million songs which is honestly so much that at that point it

Really doesn't matter they basically have every song you're gonna look for so guys if at any point in this video you decide you like it or find any value please go down and click that subscribe and the like button so that more people

Can see this video and gain the same value out of it that you did okay so let's talk about the interface right now so here we are on the title app and so I've been using this for a while like I said and one of the things

I noticed is every time I open it up I always get Kodak black right there dying to live so no matter what it always ends up being the same thing on the top so I'm pretty sure those are you know recent releases and stuff like that but

Overall it's not going to be things that are necessarily tailored to you so the algorithm on this is what I've noticed to be a weakness in this app now there's plenty of pluses but definitely one of the things is it's definitely geared

Towards if you're interested in rap and mainstream music so if you go through and you go to explore like I said alive it is not tailored to you so it's a new stuff top stuff title rising is gonna be artists that are on

The rise and so it's not necessarily tailored to your specific type of music that you like so Spotify is definitely on the contrast there I'll talk about that in just a second so you can talk about genres and modes here so you can

Choose so you can say you know I really want some metal you can go there and you'll find you know new albums you'll find you know all kinds of different stuff there so it's definitely very useful if you're looking you can find

The music you're looking for but I guess what I'm saying is it's not going to be the best algorithm to tailor the music to what you want so that's one thing I noticed also you hear you have tidal rising like I said that's gonna be

Up-and-coming stuff and then Title X is something that's really cool it's gonna be a lot of you know shows and you really feel connected to your artist this is where people between this and tidal rising you'll see a lot of

Exclusive stuff that artists might release here before other places so since it's owned by jay-z he and several other major artists like Kanye sometimes we release music too here before any other app out there okay so from the

Main music page here we are you'll see at the bottom it says hi-fi that's something important to note because not every song is available in hi-fi most of them are because that's essentially the same quality as a CD like I said before

So if you go down to the actual bottom left here it'll say you can stream to another you can you know whatever device you might have right now I don't have any other devices on there but this is now as of recently compatible with

Android TVs now if you get under the options on the bottom right you'll see you can add it to your collection your playlist whatever the usual options but then you also have credits now credits is something really cool because like I

Said this is an app where you feel more connected with your artists and so when you actually go to credits you'll be able to see so just swipe back down and we're in credits right here so you can see the credits for

Who produced it who was in it the author's blah blah blah all the different songs and over there you also have the info so you can learn more about the albums and if you're really interested in that you can find out a

Lot more about that there's also on Spotify as well but it's just something that's very available on tidal here there was something else to note they have about a quarter million music videos out there so you can go to videos

And they're not always music videos sometimes they're live concerts they're right here a title exclusive it could be some song some music video whatever it might be it's going to be a lot of times exclusive to title now that's something

I've noticed because they claim they have podcasts and if you actually go to podcasts let's see if we can actually find pot shows in podcasts there aren't actually that many podcasts on here right now a lot of the main ones that I

Would listen to are not on here these are just specific ones made by tidal or jay-z or whoever else is using this app so once we go over to search one thing I will say it's a slight negative is that you can't do any voice searching which

Is a little bit inconvenient so when you're actually in the Rabia one thing I noticed is that here let's pause this you can't actually like or dislike song so it can't optimize your radio for you as you're listening is the radio it

Literally is just whatever they think is similar to this song alright guys now let's hop on over to Spotify now as I said I made other videos about Spotify and there's so much here on this app it's a huge app I'm not going to go

Through everything so what I will go through some of the top features and functions on this app that I maybe didn't mention in the other videos now if you want to find out more go check out those other videos there's really so

Much about the app for Spotify that that I can't I don't have time in this video to mention it all so here we are in Spotify and just one thing to mention first of all is the taste breakers that's something I didn't show you last

Time because I didn't do the year review from Spotify it actually tells you your top songs of 2018 and taste breakers is something that's really cool they make a playlist of songs I've never heard of a single artist on this entire playlist so

You have something like 80 songs here that they sent me and it's a great way to you know learn about a lot of new music on there I'm a huge discovery option that I did not mention in other videos something that I did mention

Other videos that is really cool about this is you have a lot more podcasts on Spotify so right there it says you can search podcast or whatever and there are tons of podcasts from people that are very famous so Tim Ferriss now another

Cool thing is the on tour section you can find out when artists are on tour you can also follow artists much more closely here so I follow Neil Young so whenever he puts out you know new releases or something I'll actually

Learn about that I'll see it it'll pop up in my feed and I'll be able to follow you know any playlists that he makes and stuff like that so another cool thing is you can fade between songs I think that's a very professional thing so if

You go over to settings there in the top right you can actually go down and there's gapless playback and I say this and I think every video but it is such a cool feature in my opinion they also have so many different settings that you

Don't have like car view is a very cool one that I think is very safe so when you're using bluetooth in a car it'll pop up and look very simple it won't let you go to all the in-depth options and the words get really big other cool

Things is actually behind the lyrics so not every song has that but you can also like I said you can like and dislike songs in a radio which is very cool you can also report explicit content so there is a user feedback system that

They have if some songs are not appropriate so the way music is actually stored on a digital device is with ones and zeros now if you're listening with title is lossless quality and you'll have either 16 or 24 bits meaning 16 or

24 ones and zeros for every piece of audio now if you have sixteen ones and zeros you'll have somewhere in the range of about 65 thousand possible volumes you can have at any given point so if you're listening to Spotify on the flip

Side they actually compress their audio which means they cut out things that they think are similar and they try to compress the data into something much smaller that represents the overall picture of it so it's gonna sound

Relatively similar but the clarity is gonna be much more decreased can you actually hear the difference between Spotify quality and title quality of answers absolutely yes I've tried it and I actually hear it myself so you will

Definitely hear not only a slight volume increase between the two apps and I think that's just a normalizing volume that they deal with in the app but you'll also be able to hear a clarity increase when you're going from Spotify

To title now that's just with the title hi-fi okay so just three quick things I want to talk about the desktop versions of these starting off at Spotify you see the right bar there I blurred it out but that has all my friends that I follow so

My friends that I follow I can see what they're playing real-time and I can listen to what they're playing real-time so I'm actually using them as a DJ for me or I can click on the playlist they're listening to and find out new

Music through that way the second thing that's really cool about the desktop version is also in the mobile version I just want to point out that you can actually use only one account at a time online you can actually use three

Offline but online use one at a time because the others act as a remote for the first one so if you have a laptop setting up somewhere playing music you can control that with your phone so the third thing I

Want to talk about is on title another title app on your desktop it's not actually that exciting I'm not going to go into any details there but if you go to the web player or if you go to read title com you can actually find a lot of

Interviews and playlists made by different artists or interviews of different artists so it's another cool way you can become more connected with your artists you learn more about them and that's something a title definitely

Brings to the table as Spotify does not so now let's move on to finding new music I'm just gonna talk basically on this one so like I said on Spotify you have taste breakers you also have the year-in-review so it tells you top songs

That's not really discovering new music but taste breakers definitely is discovering new music so they also have your daily mix which you go over you have six different daily mixes based on what you listen to their different

Genres that is something that by far Spotify owns the game on that they also have release radar so the find artists that you like and tell you what is new based on what you like you have discovered weekly you have so many

Different programs like that that can really break down what you like in different categories and show you what you're probably going to like from artists that you haven't even heard yet so not only can you go to an artist

Radio or a song radio or an album radio but you can also go to a playlist radio which is something that's really cool so if you make a playlist of a bunch of songs that you really like this ends up working out a lot like Pandora how you

Can add a whole bunch of different seeds say I like this song and this song in this song find something that's like all three of them and it does that very well now discovering music and title is a little bit different than on Spotify so

It's not so much discovering different music that you didn't know existed yet as much it is discovering new music as it comes out so as I said this is a lot of mainstream music you can definitely tell it's owned by jay-z and generally

The rap industry as a whole because a lot of the music out there is very mainstream music so if you're into that this is definitely a great way to find new music they'll have exclusive releases where you can find the newest

Music there another way you can find new music like I said before is if you swipe that way it'll tell you suggested tracks based on you know what that music that you're listening to is there's Title X there's billboards you can have artists

Made playlists so a lot of artists that are exclusive ones on here so maybe like jay-z who owns it or some of his friends so maybe of Kanye so an artist that uses title a lot and tries to encourage people to use title will make you know

Their own playlists and stuff like that now the actual pricing is pretty simple the way it works is Spotify has an actual free version so if you don't pay for Spotify at all you'll have an ad support

Version you listen to ads but you don't have to pay for this disservice at all so that's one thing you can also do family plans for about $15 a month you can do a student plan for somewhere between five and six dollars a month you

Can do a student plan that also comes with hulu for about the same price or you can do the standard plan which is about ten dollars per month now these prices change from time to time but over the course of the past few years it's

Been approximately the same now title on the flip side has been ten dollars a month for the standard / low quality version of the app but if you pay a full twenty dollars you actually get high fine music and on your desktop you get

The Masters version available so you know the pricing there is a lot more expensive if you use title but if you're really interested in music quality and if you're really interested in in mainstream music and stuff like that

Then it's definitely you know a good option so which one is actually the best for you well if you were somebody who's interested in the social aspect so maybe sharing playlists making collaborative playlists seeing what other people

Listen to then Spotify is definitely the one for you and likewise Spotify is the one for you if you are interested in a very small niche music and you want to find more of it the algorithm of Spotify is way better for finding new music

That's not mainstream also if you want to see the free version if you want to follow artists or if you want more podcasts so there are three other great reasons to use Spotify so on the flipside if you're talking about title

You know title great if you're an audiophile if you really have high quality speakers and headphones and you really hear the difference and you really care a lot about that then you definitely want to go title it'll be

Worth the extra money for you likewise if you're interested in mainstream music and you want to feel like a VIP like you're connected to your artists you're getting the first release you're gonna hear the newest songs before anyone else

Then title might be the one for you if you're a big music follower so you really want to see like the earliest release ever then definitely titles another one if your artists are some of the early release artists on tidal

Thanks for watching guys if you enjoyed this video please be sure to click that subscribe button right there if you want to see another video just like this one click right there and for my most recent upload click right up there

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