Tidal vs Apple Music iOS (Honest Review)

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

Welcome back to the channel in this video that's right I got my headphones back on and that means today is another app review so I'll be reviewing and comparing Apple music and title a little bit differently for my other comparisons before because in this video i'll be

Using iOS so by popular demand a lot of people requested that I review title and compare it to Apple music take them both head-to-head figure out which one's better and use an iPhone to do it so right here I have the newest iPhone I'll

Be showing you guys these two different apps with four different criteria to figure out which one's actually the best app for you before you start subscribing to one or paying money or anything like that

So the four different criteria first of all I'll be looking at the interface and the features of both of these apps to figure out you know which one's easier to use which one has cooler features better things within the app secondly

I'll be looking at the music quality of it because honestly title is known for quality so we can't ignore quality thirdly we are going to be talking about price and then of course the fourth one is possibly the most important and that

Is the ability to find new music because if you are like me it is really important to find new music before you get sick of the old stuff so you don't run yourself to the ground so guys this is gonna be a big video there's a lot to

Talk about with these two big apps both claimed to be the best in the music industry we're gonna find out which one is actually the best one for you so as always this video is totally unspun surd I'm not being paid by Apple music or by

Title I'm just gonna present to you my honest opinion based on my use of both of these apps and I'm going to present you the facts for both these apps and on top of that also several other features that I've been reading online were

Complaints by other people and we're gonna figure out like I said which ones actually the best one for your needs so let's start off with title right here now as you can see when you just open up the app it goes to home right here I've

Been playing a song before and one of the first really cool things I want to show you before I explain anything else I'm just gonna show you this so I don't forget you can open up any song right here by clicking the three dots and you

Have these other options where you can add it to your collection you can share it play it next bla bla bla or you can go to track edit so this little thing right here you can actually choose different parts of the song and you can

Say I wanted to start there and I want it to end right there and while it's doing that so you could say next and while you know it's in that little gap right there you can change like the fade in the fade out

The tempo so if I want this to play like 16 percent faster if I want a higher pitch for whatever reason I can do that and I can save it I can save it as you know my edit number 2 ok so now let's talk a little bit more about the rest of

This app so on the top you have this little you know scrolling window right there where they show you you know pop into spring and you know things like that so when you first start off it's not necessarily tailored to you so one

Sort of negative on title and I think I said it before is when you first sign up for this they don't ask you what you're interested in and instead they sort of just feed you like the mainstream stuff now over time a lot of people said that

You know after several months of listening to this you really start to get a more tailored experience but overall I've seen that this seems to be much more mainstream that's something I noticed before and so if you're really

Interested in a lot of mainstream stuff there's really no customization needed you already have you know the newest music the hottest music you can go over and explore and find you know like the charts and all kinds of stuff like that

So it's definitely great for that I really do like how Apple music on the other hand is more customized right off the bat so when you first sign up for it they ask you what kind of genres you like they ask you what kind of artist

You like and they sort of start off tailoring from the very beginning so they say you know you said maybe you like some some rock or maybe you like some indie stuff whatever and they start off right off the bat with things that

You might be interested in and of course you're gonna monitor what you're clicking on and what you're listening to what you're liking or disliking and it's gonna be tailored based on that over time so both of them are going to be

Optimizing the app interface and the experience for you over time but I think Apple music does a better job of asking those initial questions to really just find the right ballpark to start in something I really like about title

However is that you have things like tidal rising so if you go over to explore and you have tidal rising this is gonna be like up-and-coming artists or you can do Title X and overall you're gonna find a

More like a more of a connection with your artist so as we go over you'll find search and you can search your artists now one small drawback of course is that you can't have the voice search and I'll show you that with Apple music of course

There's a big benefit there that you can use Siri so with this one not quite so much so you can add the artist or you can add songs or anything like that as a favorite right there by hitting a little heart it adds it to your collection you

Can also go to a radio so if I want to start a radio I can hit play and it's gonna start playing through you know a Neil Young radio right now another drawback is so you can add things to your collection from the radio but

There's no way to actually like or dislike songs within the radio you can block them and say you know I don't want this artist or I don't want this track coming up in my in my music again but that's not exactly what I'm looking for

So something that is cool that was if you actually swipe left or right as you saw I just did right there over here it's gonna show you the cue and what's up next and if you go the other way it's gonna suggest different tracks so it's

Gonna say hey you know you like this maybe you might also be interested in some of these other songs or artists or anything like that okay so once you go over to my collection you have my mix and playlists and albums and all that

Other stuff but let's talk about my settings right now so if you go to settings this is actually really cool because you have regular crossfade which I know I say this in all my videos but I really do like this feature so if you go

To crossfade you can choose anywhere from you know with 0 to 12 seconds and that'll be between songs those sort of just fade right into the next one within explore you can actually go down and choose genres or moods which is really

Cool if you want to you know find some dance music or some indie or whatever you're looking for at the specific time you can also go down like I said and you can find shows and podcasts so you might have you know live concerts or something

Like that and videos you might have some podcasts in here they don't have the most like they don't have the best selection of podcast I wouldn't choose title for the podcast so Apple music of course is gonna be a little bit more

Baked into this phone because it is an Apple phone so it makes sense are gonna have Apple music on there they're gonna have it more compatible with like Siri and things like that and so if you open up Siri you can not only tell it to play

A song for you but you can also go and identify songs and start playing them on here so let's let's do an example of that right now hey Syria what song am i listening to right now okay so there you

Have it I found it right there and you can actually go and open up the artist open up the the song the album and you can play it directly within Apple music with no problem at all so searching is definitely cool and Apple music as well

Because when you go to search you can not only find you know artists or lyrics or anything like that you can also search your library for any songs that you might have saved or maybe you already know that it's a specific

Version of a song that you have in your library what I don't like is actually your settings aren't really in Apple music so you know if you want to get to your settings you actually have to go back over to settings and then go into

Music to get into the settings that you want for Apple music so kind of annoying right there but within settings you do have an EQ you have a volume limit those are both very good so some good things on the other hand because there is a

Social aspect to this you can follow other friends and see what they listen to so when you go into the for you tab it'll show up right now I'm not connected to any friends on here but if you are it'll show up and you can find

Out what they're listening to if you open up and you know anything and you find a song that you might want to listen to there is actually like the 3d touch thing that Apple has so if you press harder on on a song it actually

Shows up with the list of things that you might want to do so you can love or dislike which is going to optimize the app for you it's gonna show more of the songs that you love and less of songs that you dislike and it's gonna tailor

You know the radio stations or the for you section based on that now when it comes to actually finding songs first of all tidal has about 57 million songs from their website from what I've seen and Apple music has somewhere in the

Range of 45 to 50 million songs so both have a huge huge library and it's very unlikely they're gonna come across songs that you can't find on one or both of these platforms so as I said title eventually becomes more tailored to you

But when you're finding music at first it really is going to be based on you know what they're showing right here so what's the most popular going to show you may be like master quality if you're interested in that they're gonna be

Showing you some like featured playlists that they like if you go over to Explorer you can go into you know top stuff and you can find charts and a billboard and things like that so you can be finding a lot of very popular

Stuff and find a lot of new music like that you can also of course go over and find suggested music if you're looking for new music so another option right there so definitely plenty of ways to find new music on

Title now for discovering new music in Apple this is definitely way easier to do in my opinion so I really do think that when you're first getting started off when you first sign up for both these apps it is easier to find new

Music that is more interesting to you with Apple music like I said when you start off they ask you questions about what music you want and so because of that they're gonna be a little more tailored from the very beginning showing

You which songs you might be interested in what artists you're more interested in and so when you're finding other music you can also search by litter excu can like and dislike songs now when you go over to the Browse feature you are

Gonna have you know music based on what's new you can find the charts music videos and different genres stuff like that you are not gonna have any podcasts on here because Apple has their own podcast app now when you go over to

Radio you actually have a live radio right there which is really cool it shows get a little live icon right below the album so cool that they have a live radio right there you can also see other suggested stations featured stations and

Things like that you can make your own station as you can on title as well for any song or any artists or any album that you want so talking about audio quality between these two different apps unfortunately Apple music does not have

Lossless quality they don't have flack they don't have hi-fi so essentially what that means for those of you who don't know a whole lot about audio is it's gonna be a little bit compromised so the audio quality is not going to be

Quite as high they're cutting out some of the data so it's gonna sound essentially the same but it won't be quite as clear it won't have quite the same quality now some people argue that you can't hear this and if you're using

A cheap setup so maybe if you have like $20 Wireless you know airpot knockoff so you're definitely not going to be able to hear the difference but if you are using like a really high-quality set up a lot of people think that they actually

Can hear the difference and maybe you can maybe you can't let me know down in the comments section below if you can or cannot hear the difference between these two different qualities so on title of course you aren't gonna have the

Lossless quality if you're using your phone it's HiFi which is 44 point one kilohertz which is you know really good sample rate and you also have 16-bit audio so is gonna be better than a standard 8-bit if you want to use master

Quality you do have to use your laptop now not every song is available in master quality but there is a decent library out there with master quality which is 96 kilohertz and 24-bit so definitely much higher quality now

I'm not sure if you can actually hear the difference between master and hi-fi if you can that then you your ears are absolutely amazing for me I definitely can't hear that difference I think hi-fi is definitely good enough for my ears so

Talking about the prices Apple music has essentially four different options so if your listening just on your own and you only want the account just for you it's gonna be ten dollars a month for Apple music if you want to do a family plan

It's 15 dollars a month and you can have up to six different accounts on there so six different simultaneous streams definitely a great deal if you have enough people interested in that then of course you can also do a student plan

Which is five dollars a month if you're a student that's a great deal right there and you can also do the regular single plan for a full year which is only a hundred dollars so you're saving $20 on the year so not a bad idea there

They have four different options based on how many people are involved or you know what your current status is in life now on title on the other hand there are only two options and it's gonna be either premium or their master audio

Quality one and so essentially premium is just gonna be like ten dollars a month if you're using an iPhone and you want to get it through the app store it's gonna be 13 dollars a month they have that 30% commission that they're

Charging so a little bit more expensive a little bit of a gouge right there that's kind of annoying and of course that is not going to give you the hi-fi now if you go to master quality it's 26 dollars a month on Apple if you

Otherwise get it of course you know minus 30% which is the normal rate if you get it through your laptop or something like that then it is only going to be $20 a month but still $20 a month is what you're going to be paying

For the high quality audio so which one's actually better for you I think if you're somebody that really wants to be connected to your artists if you really want to give back to your artists and really support them big-time then

Definitely go a title because it is gonna be more expensive but you are getting higher quality audio you are you know the artist is getting paid more so they are getting a better premium off of their music that they're putting out so

They really are you know kind of getting rewarded for that and then of course they're gonna give you some you know some premium content some earlier releases on title sometimes depending on the artist of course and you're going to

Be more connected with your artist overall now if you're somebody that doesn't really care as much about the quality doesn't really care as much about like the artists interaction and you just want like the you know the

Music maybe a social aspect to it and maybe you just want something that's really convenient Apple music definitely packs a punch with convenience there because you know it's baked into your phone you

Already have it you already have Siri on there and if you have anything else that's Apple it's gonna be so convenient to just switch between different devices with Apple music so Apple music in that sense is definitely the way to go let me

Know it out in the comments section below which one you actually like better which one are you guys choosing for your home for yourself for your family whatever you're looking for let me know in the comments section below as always

Guys thank you for watching I'll see you next time thanks for watching guys if you enjoyed this video please be sure to click that subscribe button right there if you want to see another video just like this one click right there and for

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